YG Shows Off His Insane Converse Sneaker Collection & More | GQ Sports

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Be careful not to look directly into YG's flashiest pair of shoes, his $600 Saint Laurent glitter derbies. They've been known to have a blinding effect. However, it may be YG's Converse collection that steals the show. Join YG as he shows off the superlatives of his collection, from his most underrated shows to his most sentimental sneakers.
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YG Shows Off His Insane Converse Sneaker Collection & More | GQ Sports


  • Olly Sombrero
    Olly Sombrero15 timer siden

    He'll make a lotta drag queens jealous with that "collection" He's fabulous at the very least. ...but he's also... hella hard??

  • _Norman_
    _Norman_18 timer siden

    Weird title...

  • juwan hh
    juwan hhDag siden

    In the right corner I have those same red white gum bottom nike air force one high tops

  • whataderk
    whataderkDag siden

    On bloods!

  • Gilbert Nicholas
    Gilbert NicholasDag siden

    This dude is kinda strange 🤔 😳

  • Jason turner
    Jason turner3 dager siden

    Basically he doesn't know how to dress 🤣

  • Kiri Samuel
    Kiri Samuel4 dager siden

    Yg 4💯 🔊

  • Dedrick Davis
    Dedrick Davis4 dager siden

    Some Black leather pants, Some BELL BOTTOMS

  • Rob Reptiles
    Rob Reptiles5 dager siden

    Let me go dust off my beeper ice creams.

  • Bibi D.
    Bibi D.6 dager siden

    Them boots booty cheeks

  • J C
    J C7 dager siden

    Those baby blue Cortez doe!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Terence Williams
    Terence Williams8 dager siden

    Dude needs to fire his stylist ASAP

  • colyn thompson
    colyn thompson8 dager siden

    These niggas gaf 🤦‍♂️

  • Ohivonne
    Ohivonne9 dager siden

    Every shoe kept getting worse LMAO

  • L Aaa
    L Aaa12 dager siden

    Why do ppl pay money for thgs that are just for showing a price tag

    DANNY D13 dager siden

    YG 400 🔥

  • Green Leaf
    Green Leaf13 dager siden

    At g-eazy lookin different these days

  • Brandon S.
    Brandon S.13 dager siden


  • Hernandez Markie
    Hernandez Markie14 dager siden

    That fit he described for the stripper boots I would pay to see it

  • Bronzey Evergreen
    Bronzey Evergreen14 dager siden

    Wat are the name of those Converses on YG feet doe?! 🤔🤔

  • H.C
    H.C14 dager siden

    If you can’t dress just tell us you can’t dress 😒

  • Mark James
    Mark James15 dager siden

    YG 400!

  • Danajah
    Danajah15 dager siden

    YG’s collection is unique 😂

  • Dayvon Johnson
    Dayvon Johnson15 dager siden

    He got no swag it all😂💯

  • Deebo Major
    Deebo Major15 dager siden


  • Ch R
    Ch R16 dager siden

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  • Cesar Flores
    Cesar Flores16 dager siden

    How you gonna Just dodge the cortezez like that smh

  • JOEMAINE Carter
    JOEMAINE Carter16 dager siden

    Interview a str8 mess❗

  • J Oso Flawless
    J Oso Flawless16 dager siden


  • Maitrik P
    Maitrik P16 dager siden

    Why is there Converse in the title? And why is this posted on the Sports channel?

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia17 dager siden


  • Scoreboard Tv
    Scoreboard Tv17 dager siden

    I thought Dennis rodman frm 🌲 top said sum 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Bronzey Evergreen
    Bronzey Evergreen17 dager siden

    Wats good wit them powder blue cortezes doe? 🤔🤔 I should review this for my youtube channel 🩸🔥

    NIANG WIN17 dager siden

    When your crush asked you about how you spend your day 4:38

  • Pushink Studios
    Pushink Studios19 dager siden

    We need more YG content 😂

  • Christopher Burgess
    Christopher Burgess20 dager siden

    Naw YG is not a trendsetter he need to stop please like WHAT ARE THOSE frfr 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aundra Hildreth
    Aundra Hildreth20 dager siden

    It's all about them gator boots

    GHOST NEMESIS21 dag siden

    Bro I don’t care how much you paid for those they ugly asf. Sorry homie let’s be honest

  • Sebastian Santiago
    Sebastian Santiago22 dager siden


  • Tayee In tha cut
    Tayee In tha cut25 dager siden

    Brooo 2013 yg never dressed like this

  • Ahhmzz Briightt

    Ahhmzz Briightt

    22 dager siden

    Illuminati is a MF..

  • King Gjp
    King Gjp25 dager siden

    Ysl so what .. bro them shoes ugly

  • Dominique Evans
    Dominique Evans26 dager siden

    Them boots outta there blood 🤦‍♂️

  • Jesus Franco
    Jesus Franco26 dager siden

    I was about to close down the video feelin good about my boy YG, then he pulls out the 89' Madonnas and its like wtf

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • treceway


    25 dager siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/jKaBaJuQ3Kygx64 subscribe I’ll show love back 💙💪

  • Abraham Garcia
    Abraham Garcia27 dager siden

    Those are fake b

  • Maurice Stacker
    Maurice Stacker27 dager siden


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    Yupoo Sneakers28 dager siden

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  • Daniel Alexandre
    Daniel Alexandre28 dager siden

    He got no taste in shoe's...

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • Mount Clear
    Mount Clear28 dager siden

    Bro u starting to look real suspect 🤔😮😵

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez29 dager siden

    What shades is he wearing?

  • gaurav gyawali
    gaurav gyawali29 dager siden

    Yg keepin' it real as always..

  • Mark Marcua
    Mark MarcuaMåned siden

    YG style dope asf!!! Lotta y'all don't see that cause all rappers look the same. and y'all think thats how everyone should look😂😂nah YG different and his style better fr

  • Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    19 dager siden

    Mark Marcua thank you I was looking for this comment, f***ing haters👎🏽🙄💯!

  • Jsmoove TooSmoove
    Jsmoove TooSmooveMåned siden

    Stop hating on YG yeah his style different, so what? At least he's being himself and not pretending to be someone he's not

  • Mark Marcua

    Mark Marcua

    Måned siden

    Telll em!!😭yg like the best dressed in the game

  • James Aston
    James AstonMåned siden

    I think YG finally got out of the hood

  • Darren Kloc
    Darren KlocMåned siden

    What kind of Cortez are those👀😤

    ROSELAWN CAPOMåned siden


  • Dwayne Herndon
    Dwayne HerndonMåned siden


  • UrflyESt
    UrflyEStMåned siden

    What in the Studio 54 😨

  • Blood Money
    Blood MoneyMåned siden


  • Retrograde Beats
    Retrograde BeatsMåned siden

    The red hood wrangler ranger

  • the realest ninja
    the realest ninjaMåned siden

    Complex should have done this not GQ Sport

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • Alan Wide
    Alan WideMåned siden

    Comment secrion got mad cuz he dont pull The typical american jordan .

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 317Måned siden


  • emz
    emzMåned siden

    Those are trash you can get them in h&m for like £15

  • Ivan Padezanin
    Ivan PadezaninMåned siden

    Why is this on GQ Sport? You trying to get less views so people don't see his goofy lookin high heel cheeta boots

  • King Cole
    King ColeMåned siden

    Lol I was thinking Stacy adams

  • Peter Griffus
    Peter GriffusMåned siden

    Does Anybody Knows what his favorite color is???

  • Slv D
    Slv DMåned siden

    Cons are ugly af !!!!

  • Arnold Jenkins
    Arnold JenkinsMåned siden

    what this has to do with sports?

  • Jason Card
    Jason CardMåned siden

    What’s the name of those glasses?

  • JackFaulkhead


    26 dager siden

    @Jason Card what are they

  • Jason Card

    Jason Card

    26 dager siden

    @JackFaulkhead I found them

  • JackFaulkhead


    26 dager siden

    dont know but i need em

  • Vladimir Zamanskii
    Vladimir ZamanskiiMåned siden

    He looks like an African dictator.

  • MadeinLosAngeles 512
    MadeinLosAngeles 512Måned siden

    Someone tell this fool he needs to give Kat Williams those cheetah print boots back 😂

  • BondsCustomKicks
    BondsCustomKicksMåned siden

    This was awful lmao

  • Hasan Bleda
    Hasan BledaMåned siden

    When is the last time we saw his eyes

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • Chizqiyah Abiyah
    Chizqiyah AbiyahMåned siden

    1 Corinthians 6:9 KJV Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

  • Rajiv PaulChoudhury
    Rajiv PaulChoudhuryMåned siden

    Fantastic show. Yg speaking facts.

  • Yolson Meristal
    Yolson MeristalMåned siden

    Whoever was picking the red carpet pics needs a beat down 😭 Ik YG and Pharrell had better red carpet looks 😭

    JESUS LOVESMåned siden


  • Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar

    6 dager siden


  • IsmaiL


    6 dager siden

    Get out here

  • Michael Ellis

    Michael Ellis

    12 dager siden

    Do girls have more sneakers then men or no.

  • Modi Ramdev

    Modi Ramdev

    13 dager siden


  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • AP Two Tone
    AP Two ToneMåned siden

    Ain't those female boots?

  • kangol Blu

    kangol Blu

    Dag siden




    Måned siden

    Look like sumtin my chunky azz sister would wear 🤣😂🤣😄😁

  • DANiel Qarizada
    DANiel QarizadaMåned siden

    Bro doing to much! Look like a fruity fire ball lol

  • Rudy Stone
    Rudy StoneMåned siden

    His fashion style make me sad 😹😹

  • SelfMade 128
    SelfMade 128Måned siden

    Mannn What are thoseeeeeesee?!! FoH YG loll

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • Namara Nkuuhe
    Namara NkuuheMåned siden

    Those cheetah print stripper boots ain't it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Veggie Freshingtin

    Veggie Freshingtin

    12 dager siden

    @Official MrBourgeois lol

  • Official MrBourgeois

    Official MrBourgeois

    12 dager siden

    Those look like they belong to his little daughter

  • Baby Productions

    Baby Productions

    15 dager siden

    Women shoes

  • Veggie Freshingtin

    Veggie Freshingtin

    16 dager siden

    big facts lol its like what do you wear with them shits lmao

  • Officer Ricky

    Officer Ricky

    18 dager siden

    My grandmother here watching said it's something she would rock to Bible study

  • Jimmy Sanchez
    Jimmy SanchezMåned siden

    Why he looks kinda like lil romeo?

  • Yaku Astro
    Yaku AstroMåned siden

    He got the OG Ice creams. Big respect for having those

  • Maitrik P

    Maitrik P

    16 dager siden

    When your crush asked you about how you spend your day 4:38

  • California King

    California King

    26 dager siden

    drop it like it’s hot

  • Randy Bailey
    Randy BaileyMåned siden

    This foo just weird af 🤨

    RICHARD GARCIAMåned siden

    I respect he wears what he wants

  • 80 cent 80 cent
    80 cent 80 centMåned siden

    Tattoo rap art star ⭐️ friends my name is 80cent

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • Jay P
    Jay PMåned siden

    He just doing the opposite and rockin his own style 👌

  • Cesar
    CesarMåned siden

    Yg athlete? Still dope but idk if it should’ve been posted on this channel

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • A.Ffirmative
    A.FfirmativeMåned siden

    he matches his sneakers with his hair

  • P Bender
    P BenderMåned siden

    I Respect his confidence but, he need a stylist 😂

  • Gfazo Balmain

    Gfazo Balmain

    13 dager siden


  • Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    18 dager siden

    Officer Ricky u don’t know shii about fashion!

  • Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    18 dager siden

    neno thanks !

  • Officer Ricky

    Officer Ricky

    18 dager siden

    He dress like he was styled by a 2 year old

  • Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    Astrid Romero-Castellanos

    19 dager siden

    Kevin Collins my man can dress, he got his style dats what makes him attractive ❤️’

  • tones17
    tones17Måned siden

    Yg I don’t respect ur fashion game at all. Terrible sense of style👎

  • Jay B
    Jay BMåned siden

    i dont think anybody is rocking any of those shoes he got lmao ima have to pass on all those

  • Big Dino
    Big DinoMåned siden

    Shout out YG supporting Pharrell , this a lowkey support of black empowerment, Pharrell get a deal to Gucci etc. or some big fashion corp we can all grow as a community if our people can be in certain positions to show how we progress... he lowkey pushing Pharrell Ice Creams to the fashion people lol

  • Big Dino
    Big DinoMåned siden

    So men wear high heels now? Well i done seen it all

  • Fabio Roberto de Mendonça
    Fabio Roberto de MendonçaMåned siden

    YG got the worst style ever. ever.

  • youngfig1


    Måned siden

    No Russell westbrook

  • Kevin Collins

    Kevin Collins

    Måned siden

    It is pretty bad.

  • Streetvybz Customs
    Streetvybz CustomsMåned siden

    I taught this was Dennis Rodman

  • treceway


    25 dager siden


  • Ayoub Hellal
    Ayoub HellalMåned siden

    And that Cortez was left alone after all these stories 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Alexis Leon
    Alexis LeonMåned siden

    Dam yg flexin i seent so many people sneaker collection and have never seen that pharrell willams dice sneaker

  • treceway


    25 dager siden