What a $500K Seat Gets You at the Super Bowl | All Access | GQ Sports


Super Bowl LIV is being held at the Hard Rock Stadium where the Miami Dolphins play. There's really not a bad seat in the house if you're lucky enough to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers. But what do you get if you're really willing to pay the big bucks? We sent Clay Skipper down to Miami to find out what perks you get to enjoy if you're willing to shell out up to $500K for a suite.
Starring: Clay Skipper
EPK footage of Hard Rock Stadium courtesy of Miami Dolphins.

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What a $500K Seat Gets You at the Super Bowl | All Access | GQ Sports


  • patchandboo
    patchandboo4 dager siden

    Or you can rent a stadium and watch the game on the Jumbotron

  • Muiz
    Muiz4 dager siden

    Imagine spending all that money to get the best seats at the Patriots vs Rams super bowl. Lol it was so boring all that money would have been wasted. Your getting the best view at nothing.

  • Mustang Plushies
    Mustang Plushies5 dager siden

    If you see Kevin Hart, don't give him any booze.

  • patchandboo
    patchandboo7 dager siden

    Massage feature? Do not expect too much

  • Dusty Gamer16
    Dusty Gamer169 dager siden

    I only disliked becuase you put an ad in the middle of the dolphin montage

  • Larry7714
    Larry771419 dager siden

    It’s so weird to see life pre covid

  • Tina Toofer
    Tina Toofer20 dager siden

    They better let me hold the trophy if I'm paying that much for a seat

  • Drew Shenberger
    Drew Shenberger21 dag siden

    Would you rather buy a really nice house, or a ticket to a football game?

  • Michaël Seetzen
    Michaël Seetzen22 dager siden

    Patrick Mahomes can go to the super bowl in a sweet for the next 1000 years

  • amarja barnes
    amarja barnes25 dager siden

    Imagine paying all det money and they always losse 😂

  • Nolan Rasmussen
    Nolan Rasmussen27 dager siden

    Prep early hehehehehehehehe

  • Honcho Luis
    Honcho Luis29 dager siden

    500k way too much and your farther away than the 35k ones

  • IEnVy
    IEnVyMåned siden

    Man has a Premium membership to expensive food and drinks and gets a bud light 😂. Keeping it simple

  • Perry B
    Perry BMåned siden

    8:10 idk why but that man had a ton of charisma he could be super entertaining on yt

  • VoltXxShot2
    VoltXxShot2Måned siden


  • DanielTV
    DanielTVMåned siden

    Let’s be honest the dolphins suck

  • Easy Money Sniper
    Easy Money SniperMåned siden

    Imagine that and then the team you want loses 🤣

  • Brooks White
    Brooks WhiteMåned siden

    I sat in the box seats but for the price it’s not worth it

  • marioni bruno
    marioni bruno2 måneder siden

    Jesus is Coming

  • Man16 man16
    Man16 man162 måneder siden

    The only way I would pay 500K is if I'm promoting my business every commercial break it has because then I would make back way more than my 500K.

  • Chuck Liddell
    Chuck Liddell4 måneder siden

    Realistically, who is paying money to see a Dolphins game

  • Gokul Nair
    Gokul Nair4 måneder siden

    For $500k I'm gonna definitely eat allllllll the food of atleast worth $100k 😂

  • RT-Viz
    RT-Viz4 måneder siden

    scuh click bait the seat you said your self was like 30k

  • nunchucks
    nunchucks4 måneder siden

    They better bring me into the locker rooms and treat me like a make a wish kid and run out with the players for 500k. A whole rookies salary my guy.

  • Pablo
    Pablo4 måneder siden

    For $500k I would expect at least a couple of hours with the cheerleaders, just saying

  • Matt
    Matt4 måneder siden

    You absolutely planned that walk by at the end! Haha not upset at all.....

  • Lord Joseph Stalin
    Lord Joseph Stalin4 måneder siden

    Bruh why design it like a living room I can buy a comfy chair and a big tv for a total of $1,500 and I can invite a couple friends over

  • Carzey
    Carzey4 måneder siden

    This cost more money than GQ have subscribers.

  • Saucerthansauce
    Saucerthansauce4 måneder siden

    What a bargain

  • the receipts
    the receipts4 måneder siden


  • tt tt
    tt tt4 måneder siden

    Rich ppl are struggling to use money

  • Martijn Blom
    Martijn Blom4 måneder siden

    not for me, i need to leave the stadium with clothes and my whole body smelling like beer.

  • Taylor Mssika
    Taylor Mssika4 måneder siden

    That's not an iPad

  • naresh james
    naresh james4 måneder siden

    That’s not even an iPad

  • yashne bricks
    yashne bricks4 måneder siden

    i'm paying 500k and um lets see here ummmmmm ill take a bud light.

  • ED
    ED4 måneder siden

    Who watches NFL anyway when the players are stupid and political...

  • Loappp Dhhskkklka
    Loappp Dhhskkklka4 måneder siden

    It gets you poor.

  • Zennon Core
    Zennon Core4 måneder siden

    Well that is a waste of money.

  • Илья Гриневич
    Илья Гриневич4 måneder siden

    I teach children for 350$ per month in Belarus. 500k here can change the unbelievable amount of lives. but someone spends thousands for a seat, free food, and beverages. smth wrong with people.

  • PlayMaker v8.0.22 hufano
    PlayMaker v8.0.22 hufano4 måneder siden

    Rick : its a high profit ill give you $200 thats it not even a single dime

  • Lucius Malfoy
    Lucius Malfoy4 måneder siden

    Thats daylight robbery at it's finest haha

  • Matt21
    Matt214 måneder siden

    That’s half a million. Just let that sink in.

  • Glen Doucette
    Glen Doucette4 måneder siden

    Super bowl is not worth that amount of money no sporting event is

  • Denis Keks
    Denis Keks4 måneder siden

    2:33 can we just stop and praise that black booty . Get em shawty

  • P K
    P K4 måneder siden

    This vid was fire

  • ted cruz kidney hunter
    ted cruz kidney hunter4 måneder siden

    For $500k they better let me make a play and run the ball once

  • ZT
    ZT4 måneder siden

    Bruh even the cheapest seat be my whole life savings

  • ThinkVlog_ 4Life
    ThinkVlog_ 4Life4 måneder siden

    I was slapped by my wallet a few weeks ago for looking at the price of the Canon eos R and It just slapped me again for even looking at this video :)

  • BNack
    BNack4 måneder siden

    I can get this experience for 300 bucks, ever heard of PSVR?

  • Marcos Cano
    Marcos Cano4 måneder siden

    I’ve been to all the expensive seats and experiences in the stadium so many times

  • STLF
    STLF4 måneder siden

    > free bar with high end alcohol > orders a bud light

  • P00kyLikesFoxies
    P00kyLikesFoxies4 måneder siden

    could dress up a bit more than the 1 dollar t shirt for this |?|

  • Bodybuilder X
    Bodybuilder X4 måneder siden

    cool chef

  • BaKeDCrAcKer
    BaKeDCrAcKer4 måneder siden

    Did you guys even watch this? at no point did anything cost 500k, he said it was 35k for the vip experience. Click bait at its finest.

  • BaKeDCrAcKer


    4 måneder siden

    YY Y your right, except those are a booth for 500k, it’s a 500k skybox not a single seat how they portray it in the click bait title.

  • YY Y

    YY Y

    4 måneder siden


  • d3viltheory
    d3viltheory4 måneder siden

    even if it wanked me off too I wouldn't be paying that!

  • Andre Lopez
    Andre Lopez4 måneder siden

    35k but the title said 500k

  • Round like a Ball
    Round like a Ball4 måneder siden

    Gets the $$$$$ experience. Wears a sloppy T-shirt. I don't know if I hate it, or respect it. :-)

  • luke covill
    luke covill4 måneder siden

    The USA is a disgustingly wasteful country.

  • Christo Mc
    Christo Mc4 måneder siden

    Whoever made this video has severe ADHD

  • Joe Kowalski
    Joe Kowalski4 måneder siden

    Corona. It gets you Corona.

  • ITSQ
    ITSQ4 måneder siden

    Ill pay 500k just for the food

  • BLK BLLT Gaming
    BLK BLLT Gaming4 måneder siden

    Yeah but that chef was a baddie, she could serve me up any day ;)

  • Lunchables are fire
    Lunchables are fire4 måneder siden

    I’d rather pay for a house a 72 inch tv and a Lamborghini than watch my team lose in a okay seat

  • Lunchables are fire
    Lunchables are fire4 måneder siden

    watching the dolphins regular season they should pay you to watch the game in those seats

  • Elisha Reddick
    Elisha Reddick5 måneder siden

    Dude looks like Jay Cutler a little

  • Hero1504
    Hero15045 måneder siden

    These white folks outta they mind

  • - Jonti -
    - Jonti -5 måneder siden

    NFL tickets are stupid expensive. Could watch a Premier League game for about 30bucks

  • Maki
    Maki5 måneder siden

    im paying 500k better come with a 2 floor flat in miami

  • Will Yapipeitdown
    Will Yapipeitdown5 måneder siden

    And for $0 I can watch the highlights of the super bowl the day after, which includes WAY better angles than a stadium seat, and be in my own lazy boy with my own food. What's the catch? Nothing! It's just plain better.

  • Connor Baird
    Connor Baird5 måneder siden

    did anyone hear the driver say "dolphines win"?

  • Azure Rax
    Azure Rax5 måneder siden

    I could start a business with that money..

  • Kirby fnaf
    Kirby fnaf5 måneder siden

    I'd rather just have a party at house

  • tufgbh w
    tufgbh w5 måneder siden

    This guy does not know football lol.. it makes so much sense that he's a jets fan..

  • Trafford Havens
    Trafford Havens5 måneder siden

    If I’m paying 500k I better be getting part ownership of the stadium 😂

  • K.H 136
    K.H 1365 måneder siden

    for 500k i should be able to choose who wins

  • Rusted Tooth
    Rusted Tooth5 måneder siden

    What a waste. I could go to a good amount of real football games in europe than this garbage. Unnecessary features.

  • Andrew O'Hara
    Andrew O'Hara5 måneder siden

    expecting the dolphins to win? What year is this supposed to be?

  • yassine jgalli
    yassine jgalli5 måneder siden

    This guy Spend 1000000$ For the Luxuries Seats 500000$ For him and 500000$ For The cameraman

  • Jhon M
    Jhon M5 måneder siden


  • Leon
    Leon5 måneder siden

    500k you kidding right???

  • Shirina Akhter
    Shirina Akhter5 måneder siden

    My living room has a couch tv coco cola fries chicken fry amd theh r all free

  • Djibril Cissé
    Djibril Cissé5 måneder siden

    $500k could feed 2 families for a lifetime

  • John Rocker
    John Rocker5 måneder siden

    Nothing says "GQ" like a shaggy dude wearing an ill-fitting t-shirt...

  • Luke Bassett
    Luke Bassett5 måneder siden

    I want half the stadium for 500k

  • Egor Ruban
    Egor Ruban5 måneder siden

    звягин ты шо творишь

  • Super Invandrare
    Super Invandrare5 måneder siden

    How did a black man afford that 500k Seat?

  • Sus Gold
    Sus Gold5 måneder siden

    You can get a good vip experience at a Applebee’s washroom for 25$

  • Daniel Lohvinenko
    Daniel Lohvinenko5 måneder siden

    500k just to see ur team lose

  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees5 måneder siden

    Pays 500k for a seat Wait I don't even like this sport

  • Apples & Oranges
    Apples & Oranges5 måneder siden

    You are dreaming

  • chasephillips00
    chasephillips005 måneder siden

    This didn’t age well

  • Greg F
    Greg F5 måneder siden

    Or you can buy a house

  • John Hung
    John Hung5 måneder siden

    I'd expect a BJ for the entire game for 500k!

  • thraxx lukee
    thraxx lukee5 måneder siden

    funny thing is this is actually one of the worst stadiums 😂

  • Shame
    Shame5 måneder siden

    thos girls at the end MMMMMMMMM

  • Marvel James
    Marvel James5 måneder siden

    Still a waste of money

  • Vídarrson Harfágri
    Vídarrson Harfágri5 måneder siden

    Video ends at the best part

  • Bojan
    Bojan5 måneder siden

    iPad but it's a... Samsung

  • John The Giant Slayer
    John The Giant Slayer5 måneder siden

    You should atleast get to interact with the players if you are paying that much money

  • Anders Bakmand
    Anders Bakmand5 måneder siden

    No experience in life is worth 500k