Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports


Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid, two past and present legends in the world of hockey, sat down to have what can only be described as an epic conversation. The Edmonton Oilers superstar and The Great One have wide ranging talk that covers everything from the first time they met, what playing for the Oilers if like, their lives off the ice, their biggest regrets and much more.
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Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid Have an Epic Conversation | One-on-One | GQ Sports


  • Hekkatonkkhirez
    HekkatonkkhirezDag siden

    Worst roast ever...

  • Mike Benson
    Mike Benson4 dager siden

    I knew a guy who played with him in L.A. ( son of a woman I worked with ) said if you weren't part of his inner circle of players he didn't have much use for you. Greatest ever ? Probably, but one of the reasons he never won a cup after leaving Edmonton was that everywhere he went, he thought he was in charge. Guess it went to his head a little, which is understandable

  • KickzFromDa6ix
    KickzFromDa6ix7 dager siden

    I started laughing when McDavid Said “what’s it like to win here”

  • WarrenFlatt
    WarrenFlatt11 dager siden

    I thought the first time they met was when they took the past, present and future picture with Crosby? that was before the draft...

  • Wayne Johanson
    Wayne Johanson24 dager siden

    Gretzky sure has gotten old.

  • Max Cohen
    Max CohenMåned siden

    It's awesome to see how much Wayne inspires a player as amazing as Mcdavid just by talking about the game.

  • Jordan Gebhard
    Jordan GebhardMåned siden

    Wayne is a remarkable human.

  • newfie lad
    newfie ladMåned siden

    gretzky was a Pissy pants spoiled little girl on the ice. Nobody was allowed to touch the little princess. He wasn't "great" he was protected like a little fragile egg shell. Then turns his back on Canada and moves to the states. McDavid and Mariner are 10 and 5 times respectfully the player he was because they get hit by the size of men as big if not bigger then gretzky's cement heads on most nights. Yet these 2 still put up better numbers facing much biggerand better players overall.

  • Tony Chen
    Tony ChenMåned siden

    The Past Goat, the Present Goat. Oh man oh man.

  • Korean Ramen
    Korean RamenMåned siden

    14:02 Just by looking at connor's face you can see how dedicated he is and how much he loves the game. Wayne says hes gonna lift the cup and mcdavid looks like hes imagining it and you can see just how bad hes wants it.

  • Neil Goldring
    Neil GoldringMåned siden

    8:11 "Its not the prettiest city in the world 🌍" lol, Take that Edmonton 🤣

  • Reid Pitser
    Reid PitserMåned siden

    9.7k likes, nice

  • gdiggedy9
    gdiggedy92 måneder siden

    These two gents are crazy humble! We'll never ever see a sit down like this between Jordan and Lebron...lol

  • D P
    D P2 måneder siden

    No offence to mcdavid this is alittle bit like putting the cart before the horse.

  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell2 måneder siden

    Wayne Gretzky was such a big part of my childhood it's mind-blowing. So many things in my life that cause moments of nostalgia, and the name Wayne Gretzky is one of them

  • Andrew Arychuk
    Andrew Arychuk2 måneder siden

    Connor saying Calgary and Edmonton are the same take it back *sniffles* yeg for life

  • mrlime0 mith man
    mrlime0 mith man2 måneder siden

    chief keef

  • owen daboss
    owen daboss2 måneder siden

    Gretzky said some interesting stuff

  • Michael Greco
    Michael Greco3 måneder siden

    Wayne looks more Russian the older he gets lol

  • Wizard66
    Wizard663 måneder siden

    Wayne is God!

  • Yippie-ki-yay
    Yippie-ki-yay3 måneder siden

    99 and 97

  • Act Nasty
    Act Nasty3 måneder siden

    Horse girl gums

  • PlayerIdentity
    PlayerIdentity3 måneder siden

    I got the chance to meet Bobby Orr once, it was this thing we had, Jr Hockey day, He taught me all he know, I am 14 now... I met him when I was 5.

  • PlayerIdentity
    PlayerIdentity3 måneder siden

    Gretzky, the guy that will pretend he's not Wayne Gretzky so he can say: Wayne Gretzky? I say Howe is better than him! Never change Gretzky! Humble...

  • PlayerIdentity
    PlayerIdentity3 måneder siden

    I guess he is a bit old now to be the younger but I would want to see Brett Hull and Alex Ovechkin.

  • Anthony Kish
    Anthony Kish3 måneder siden

    Wow. One had his talent used to the fullest extent and the other having it wasted with scrubs.

  • alwong604
    alwong6043 måneder siden

    99 was the most skilled player on an Oilers team that was ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY stacked.

  • Jeff Mooney
    Jeff Mooney3 måneder siden

    The Chicago/Detroit rivalry was great.

  • dratte37 dratte37
    dratte37 dratte373 måneder siden

    you suck mcdavid

  • Robert Stamm
    Robert Stamm3 måneder siden

    Hope they can surround him with talent to win a Cup.

  • bxxx9
    bxxx93 måneder siden

    Only reason no one will break Gretzky's scoring records is cause they don't allow bodyguards anymore

  • bxxx9
    bxxx93 måneder siden

    Why does Gretzky look younger than McDavid? Guess when you get to be the best at the time PLUS having body guards with refs refusing to call anything on you takes less of a toll then actually playing the game hard 😅

  • Chief White Buffalo
    Chief White Buffalo3 måneder siden

    Back in the day if they let me play u never get to far really when I hit u u be carried off the rink with a clean hit . Fast u hahaha I dont think so .u never went up agaisnt me i can stick handle with both sides u can never do this n i can shoot with both very well . So u were lucky that all nothing else

  • Chief White Buffalo
    Chief White Buffalo3 måneder siden

    Never was the greatest not even close

  • Del Bur
    Del Bur3 måneder siden

    Wayne's a great storyteller.

  • Judith Lindsey
    Judith Lindsey3 måneder siden

    gaming with kev

  • PaperGoose
    PaperGoose3 måneder siden

    Imagine having the "two best players" in the nhl but cant win a cup

  • Nataku
    Nataku3 måneder siden

    Wanna win a cup? Move to an American team. Canada hasn’t won a cup since 96

  • Michael McMahon
    Michael McMahon3 måneder siden

    I feel like this guy interviewing them doesn’t watch hockey.

  • brett stabler
    brett stabler3 måneder siden

    Honestly Wayne Gretzky sucked at hockey if you put him in a game today at his prime he would suck

  • Pugger21
    Pugger213 måneder siden

    Oilers hay day vs Oilers the disgrace. I wish Mcdavid got drafted anywhere but Oilers. Today Oilers are a disgrace.

  • Teeny Weeny
    Teeny Weeny3 måneder siden

    Connor really is one ugly dude... not even gonna lie 😬

  • Secret Lady
    Secret Lady3 måneder siden

    TWO of the BEST !!!😊

  • L B
    L B3 måneder siden

    I miss watching #99 play. I prefer that era to the new NHL.

  • Elvisisalive
    Elvisisalive3 måneder siden

    McDavid is the Rocky Dennis of hockey players.

  • ällistySSiili
    ällistySSiili3 måneder siden

    Today in Edmonton McDavid and Draisaitl 80's Gretzky and Kurri

  • Rod Belding
    Rod Belding3 måneder siden

    We need to get Connor out of Edmonton somehow. #freeconnor

  • Pvt Parts
    Pvt Parts3 måneder siden

    Looked like McDavid an Putin 😄

  • C X
    C X3 måneder siden

    average/slightly boring conversation between two of the game's greatest players

  • Emily Nickel
    Emily Nickel3 måneder siden

    Why do people compare these guys its ridiculous

  • Ryan Dittmar
    Ryan Dittmar3 måneder siden

    Wayne is trying to keep Connor in Edmonton

  • Brok Homz
    Brok Homz3 måneder siden

    So Wayne, what’s your favorite...... Edmonton.

    WSCNSN D3ATH TR1P3 måneder siden

    Poor guy had to ask what is it like to win in Edmonton because he knows it's not happening again

  • Hugo Williams
    Hugo Williams3 måneder siden

    Gretzky is so humble

  • Vasco joseph luis Da gama
    Vasco joseph luis Da gama3 måneder siden

    Conner would have been perfect in Toronto only because he wanted to play for the Leafs, his true love. :)

  • Intellect
    Intellect3 måneder siden

    4:23 You can see Connor really wants to know the feeling because he never felt it before... And most likely won't feel it for a long time. Very sad.

  • Mike Gike
    Mike Gike3 måneder siden

    Also being Waynes age...I can imagine 40 + years ago having Wayne and Gordie doin the same inteview. The N.H.L., over the many decades, have produces some of the most down to earth athletes around.

  • deanasplund123
    deanasplund1233 måneder siden

    Chiarelli setback Connor's dream of hoisting the cup by about 3 years. Thank you Peter, hope you're proud of yourself. Feel bad for Connor 🙁

  • amp innovations
    amp innovations3 måneder siden

    Is Wayne coked out?

  • amp innovations
    amp innovations3 måneder siden

    Wayne sounds drunk and or aboriginal

  • Jeff Krueger
    Jeff Krueger3 måneder siden

    totally respect Gretzky's career and who he is, buttttt..... could not finish this vid as wayne has become an unaware baby booBer who cannot shut the F up and have a "conversation" instead just talks and talks about himself/ Connor has a LOT to offer, let him speak!

  • brettfavreify
    brettfavreify3 måneder siden

    I feel old. I watched Wayne play junior hockey in my hometown. He turned his wingers into 50-goal scorers.

  • Drdoog07


    3 måneder siden

    Technically you are old

  • yup yup yup
    yup yup yup3 måneder siden

    he can play olympics now baby!!

  • Bob Moffitt
    Bob Moffitt3 måneder siden

    Gretsky will ALWAYS be better than mcdavid. mcdavid has to "juice up" on performance enhancers to be able to keep up. Unlike Gretsky who has natural talent!

  • WiCkeDsHoX
    WiCkeDsHoX3 måneder siden

    Edmonton needs better goalies and defenders they are pretty stacked on offense

  • Barry Luft
    Barry Luft3 måneder siden

    Not sure about the church part. I think its just hockey and Oilers in Edmonton.

    N1GHTM4RE3 måneder siden

    LEGEND meets future LEGEND

  • fvtown
    fvtown3 måneder siden

    Love seeing both these players chat, but this is the weirdest interview set up and editing ever. Instead of having the players build rapport and interview each other, have an off-camera interviewer shout questions at them without a mic and at a different volume

  • fvtown
    fvtown3 måneder siden

    It is clear that McDavid is indifferent about the actual city of Edmonton itself hahaha

  • Tik Fung
    Tik Fung3 måneder siden

    You are in the wrong team, go somewhere else to win Stanley Cup.

  • Radzik Lvp
    Radzik Lvp3 måneder siden

    13:00 Leetch to Wayne. "Msg on a Friday night is the best time for a game" Wayne is like "ok" Just the way he talked about that made me chuckle. Lol

  • Radzik Lvp
    Radzik Lvp3 måneder siden

    Wow. All I gotta say is if your feeling down and need somebody to talk to Wayne is the man ,he will lift you right up.

  • Presly Bensmiller
    Presly Bensmiller3 måneder siden

    Gretzky my papa went to super with you before you were famous his name buddy bensmiller

  • Catrina S
    Catrina S3 måneder siden

    Walter Gretzky lives in my hometown of Brantford. I have met him quite a few times. He will chat your ear off for a long time, such a humble, proud father. He goes to the local hockey games and cheers young guys on.

  • steelpenguin1
    steelpenguin13 måneder siden

    He’s a great player right now. Time will tell if he’ll be a legend. For now he is on the right path. I still think Sid viewed as the better player when their careers are both over. Sid has three cups and will most likely win one...possibly two more.

  • CpnStbn12
    CpnStbn123 måneder siden

    All the canadian stars have zero personality, 99, 97, 87. I have to think it’s the cameras , do they really act so bland and robotic in real life

  • Eric Chaboyer
    Eric Chaboyer3 måneder siden

    Is Wayne baked!?!

  • Robert Fraser
    Robert Fraser3 måneder siden

    The greatest ever, the greatest today, In the room at the same time. Yet nobody could afford a microphone. Brilliant

  • Nathan Payne
    Nathan Payne3 måneder siden

    I'd be kinda speechless too talking to Wayne, like he's the Godfather...

  • shawn cordeiro
    shawn cordeiro4 måneder siden

    wayne said it " you guys will win the cup " interesting

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy4 måneder siden

    Don't forget Mark Messier. He was a great Hockey player.

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy4 måneder siden

    Its great to see two great Hockey player setting so close to each other and mingling.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones4 måneder siden

    I’m not even an oilers fan but have to admit it’s pretty neat watching the greatest athlete of all time chatting casually with the current greatest. It’s a little unfair they’re both oilers. A couple really classy dudes though, hard not to like them

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac4 måneder siden

    Funny how Messier won a league MVP and Cup in Edmonton (Then another in New York) after #99 was long gone. *Spoiler Alert* also,in today's NHL with salary cap restrictions and free agents not wanting to come to Edmonton (Unless you over pay them millions) i would wager to an absolute certainty the Oilers won't win a Cup with McDavid.. There's no Grant Fuhr on the horizon coming to bail the Oilers out in the net either. (Plus McDavid is made of glass)

  • Ali Nur
    Ali Nur4 måneder siden

    This is the year oil country! Stanley cup here we come

  • bryce land
    bryce land4 måneder siden

    McDavid the richest and homeless looking man I know 🍻💪🏼

  • Keenan Rayne
    Keenan Rayne4 måneder siden

    Went to a oilers signing in edm before, signings start at 1pm but I showed up at 5am for McDavid and even then I wasn’t guaranteed an autograph.. too many people in front of me.

  • Jacob Perry
    Jacob Perry4 måneder siden

    Who wanna bet that Gretzky jinxed Mcdavid’s chance at the cup

  • Mr Impossible
    Mr Impossible4 måneder siden

    Calgary is a nicer city tho 😉

  • Geeks of Liberty
    Geeks of Liberty4 måneder siden

    The difference in authenticity is glaring in this interview. Connor, still making a name for himself, seems like he is walking on eggshells on what he wants to say or not say in this interview. Gretzky on the other hand, nothing to prove, zero shits given. Love him. Connor will get there one day :)

  • Infinite Horizons
    Infinite Horizons4 måneder siden

    I wish Gretzky would replace Bettman

  • Alec Pavey
    Alec Pavey4 måneder siden

    2:14 what happened to wayne's thumb?

  • hockey3761
    hockey37614 måneder siden

    Gretzky is such a gentleman, perfect embassador to any sport

  • Абай Бөрібек
    Абай Бөрібек4 måneder siden

    Русские блогеры переведите пожалуйста.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith4 måneder siden

    learned alot about McDavid , i have not been watching nhl much execpt for OV updates and goals the last few yearS , i still got my Wayne Gretzky cards 80 - 81 , now i wish Jagr would come back to play with OV .

  • J.K
    J.K4 måneder siden

    McDavid couldn't carry Wayne's jock strap !!!

  • Tyler Heinz
    Tyler Heinz4 måneder siden

    theo fleury and johnny gaudreau or teemu selanne and patrik laine. takes notes gq

    DHARMYOG_COM4 måneder siden


  • Why Is this weird
    Why Is this weird5 måneder siden

    Wow the 🐐 and the oncoming 🐐!!!

  • James2K
    James2K5 måneder siden

    mcdavids parents are my neighboors I saw him yesterday lol