Watch Expert Critiques Athletes' Watches (NBA, NFL, Soccer) Part 2 | Game Points | GQ Sports


Join watch expert James Lamdin as he breaks down and critiques the watches of some of today's biggest athletes, including James Harden, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Usain Bolt, Anthony Davis, Andre Iguodala, David Beckham, Paul Pogba, A-Rod and Deontay Wilder.
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Watch Expert Critiques Athletes' Watches (NBA, NFL, Soccer) Part 2 | Game Points | GQ Sports


  • Timothy A Cowin
    Timothy A CowinMåned siden

    Icing a vintage watch should be a crime

  • Big Toast
    Big ToastMåned siden

    None of these watch’s are worth the money. I can find a $300 Watch and the quality will be the same. They got these guys brainwashed. All they paying for is the name.

  • Brian
    Brian2 måneder siden

    Personally I think the best panda chronograph is the Hamilton classic intramatic chrono - it also costs about $20,000 less. Also I never really got the hype behind the Daytona. It’s iconic yes, but are you going to pay a premium for just being iconic? For 30 years the Daytona literally just used the Zenith El Primo movement on a different dial, yet costs $10k-$40k as much as the Zenith and that watch is also very iconic. Also the Daytona got famous for the people who wore it, whereas the El Primero got famous because it was literally the highest standard watch for decades and nearly bankrupted the company because it was the best ever made

  • Miroslav Marinov
    Miroslav Marinov3 måneder siden

    A bunch of people with no taste. All the same watches in different variations. A waste of time watching this video.

  • Gloriosusmaximus
    Gloriosusmaximus3 måneder siden

    Wo ist der Reaktionsboss?

  • Perico De Lospalotes
    Perico De Lospalotes3 måneder siden

    All are literally horrible, maybe am I too classic? Oris Sixty Five, Rolex Explorer II, Montblanc Star Date and Star Roman... those are my kind of watches.

  • Jasper Li
    Jasper Li4 måneder siden

    He can pronounce all the watches correctly but he can’t say “Romain”

  • Trek Haak
    Trek Haak5 måneder siden

    He calls them football players. He has my respect

  • Vidheyesh Prabhu
    Vidheyesh Prabhu5 måneder siden

    And casio edifice looks better most of those watches..... ok maybe pigeut kinda looks good...

  • Will
    Will5 måneder siden

    What an excellent video

  • Nai Xo
    Nai Xo6 måneder siden

    I feel that most of them are wearing theirs for the sake of symbolizing the "I have made it" milestone in their respective careers rather than personal taste, its hard to believe they all have the same "personal tastes". Also, I do agree (along with the presenter since it is painfully obvious he dislikes customizing the classics) that adding diamonds is just ugly.

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek6 måneder siden

    Is this guy sitting or standing???? I can't tell

  • benjicool2808
    benjicool28087 måneder siden

    all the money in the world, but absolutely no originality

  • Tapatio Armani
    Tapatio Armani7 måneder siden

    This is the second time not mentioning Omega, why you hatin??? smh!!!

  • Hung Ton
    Hung Ton7 måneder siden

    Boring choices mostly

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus7 måneder siden

    I bet most of these athletes know nothing about watches or being stylish and just use them as accessories to say "Look at me!". It would explain why their watches look ugly and get vandalised with diamonds. The only exceptions seem to be David Beckham and Tom Brady, who actually know how to look stylish rather than idiotic.

  • Lukas Evangelidis
    Lukas Evangelidis7 måneder siden

    Seiko gang

  • GilxSullinger
    GilxSullinger8 måneder siden

    Rolex rolex and more rolexeses

  • Mauro Jasso
    Mauro Jasso8 måneder siden

    So everybody wants every watch, got it

  • Alexander V.
    Alexander V.8 måneder siden

    Tag? lol Don’t make me laugh 😂

  • E


    3 måneder siden

    What's wrong with tag?

  • sk3tx
    sk3tx8 måneder siden

    that’s definitely not royal oak jumbo. it has a seconds hand and “automatic” text

  • Jigglypuff's Fury
    Jigglypuff's Fury8 måneder siden

    I'm surprised Deontay Wilder doesn't get exhausted wearing all those heavy watches.

  • David Carrillo

    David Carrillo

    3 måneder siden

    They are part of his training regiment so his hands don’t get tired in the ring. It’s a tax write off lol

  • Alvin Arellano
    Alvin Arellano8 måneder siden

    only andre igoudala and arod's collection seems to be refined, subtle, and looks good. everybody else seems to have the same stuff. richard mille watches really just don't do it for me.

  • Pau Dang
    Pau Dang8 måneder siden

    Quote of the video "This is the watch everybody wants"

  • alejo bravo
    alejo bravo8 måneder siden

    When for 2Pac watch?

  • Karen S
    Karen S8 måneder siden

    i love these videos..this guy is so knowledgable

  • LigerShark
    LigerShark8 måneder siden

    This watch expert was the kid who used the urinal with his pants all the way down.

  • Jack J
    Jack J8 måneder siden

    I love Richard milles

  • above6ft 29
    above6ft 298 måneder siden

    G-Shock gang😩

  • Theo Samma3a
    Theo Samma3a8 måneder siden

    Most of those watches are worn simply because they are part of a sponsorship deal, or to show off wealth. I saw only a handful where I thought "ah yeah, this person has a refined sense of class about them".

  • Arthur’s Tube
    Arthur’s Tube8 måneder siden

    That's President braclete on the GMT your wearing looking very good.

  • Fitrohza G.N.
    Fitrohza G.N.8 måneder siden

    Make a review for world leader's watches please

  • HHstutz55
    HHstutz558 måneder siden

    Iguodala and A-Rod for the win. I understand if these dudes want to ice out a President or something along those lines, but I don't get icing out a sports watch... it's like wearing Gucci shoes to play basketball

  • W H
    W H8 måneder siden

    Love this guy talking about watches

  • Tex Avery
    Tex Avery8 måneder siden

    icing the watch is the worst thing u can do to a watch

  • Andrés Cevallos
    Andrés Cevallos9 måneder siden

    So... No Gshocks?

  • Simon Wissem
    Simon Wissem9 måneder siden

    We need Marc Gebauer

  • greekatso
    greekatso9 måneder siden

    Richard Mille watches just don't do it for me.

  • Harry Bate

    Harry Bate

    2 måneder siden

    They're not timeless you won't be able to wear them in 10 years because you'll look so weird

  • Vidheyesh Prabhu

    Vidheyesh Prabhu

    5 måneder siden

    They look like they styled by a child.

  • Os_1985


    5 måneder siden

    Finally someone else who thinks the same

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh9 måneder siden

    Nice watch with crappy diamonds all over it : exists ‘Expert’ : Classic

  • Nathan Carrille Music

    Nathan Carrille Music

    8 måneder siden

    Classic, how many times do I have to say it, we have seen it before and we will see it again

  • Gerald Gillum
    Gerald Gillum9 måneder siden

    hey guys i dont know anything about watches, but i found a victorinox infantry at my grandfathers stuff. is this a good watch? the internet does not know much about it, so i hoped some watch enthusiasts could say somethin bout it. everythin helps. and english is not my first lang. :)

  • David Moss

    David Moss

    8 måneder siden

    Gerald Gillum probably not

  • Swiss Watch Gang
    Swiss Watch Gang9 måneder siden

    James Harden is a baller watch collector!

  • Pedro Molina
    Pedro Molina9 måneder siden

    Tudor is just a Rolex without the Rolex name.

  • Pedro Molina
    Pedro Molina9 måneder siden

    Tudor is just a Rolex without the Rolex name.

  • HouseTunes
    HouseTunes9 måneder siden


  • Kalani Kukahiko
    Kalani Kukahiko9 måneder siden

    Well I just learned the proper way to say Richard

  • Ralsawmkima Malte
    Ralsawmkima Malte9 måneder siden

    Wilder's Royal Oak was so iced out he could probably use it as a disco ball.

  • Szymon Kula
    Szymon Kula9 måneder siden

    Felipe Massa has a watch made after him 😂😂😂

  • Sam K

    Sam K

    9 måneder siden

    Szymon Kula so?

  • Buchs Paul
    Buchs Paul9 måneder siden

    Great video! Neverthless Carrera Heuer is not the first name model on Heuer watch.

  • Todd Gaak
    Todd Gaak9 måneder siden

    I see this "expert" still doesn't know how to pronounce Patek.

  • Falo
    Falo9 måneder siden

    All i can do is WATCH.

  • jep
    jep9 måneder siden

    All these watches are very nice & most of them definitely have a nice story behind them. But it’s like, it seems when you get to that level in that circle everyone wears the same watches 😂

  • Pure Oz.
    Pure Oz.9 måneder siden

    Crab Lord in 15 years. Correct or incorrect?

  • StarMichaelAOZGW nothing
    StarMichaelAOZGW nothing9 måneder siden

    Take a shot every time he says "classic"

  • Why Me
    Why Me9 måneder siden

    Wow, I am so envious! Omg a rich person wore an expensive watch! So impressive! I am floored!

  • craigblykins
    craigblykins9 måneder siden

    Nice review! The Gold Day-Date with Lapis dial you are holding is a grail watch for me. Beautiful!

  • Re spect
    Re spect9 måneder siden

    We can't see the last watch.

  • Ruairi Murphy
    Ruairi Murphy9 måneder siden

    Need to do virgil next

  • Lloyd Banks
    Lloyd Banks9 måneder siden

    Floyd ????

  • Daniel T. Müller
    Daniel T. Müller9 måneder siden

    Good one, James.

  • southpawlibra nine
    southpawlibra nine9 måneder siden

    Lol watch expert

  • iamsheep
    iamsheep9 måneder siden

    Is it just me or does his mouth doesn’t look like he’s saying his words? It’s not even out of synch...his mouth movement are just weird lol

  • Suncy Am
    Suncy Am9 måneder siden

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James... this two beasts got an interesting collection too, would be a good idea to do a second episode

  • Loïc Rey
    Loïc Rey9 måneder siden

    This dude is too good, he participated in me getting into watches

  • Piyush Mandoth
    Piyush Mandoth9 måneder siden

    do footballers too

  • TheSpore35
    TheSpore359 måneder siden

    he pronounces names like the Sims

  • V G
    V G9 måneder siden

    Watch expert: the AP royal oak offshore DOES NOT have a helium valve. also it's not DLC but PVD for the Tudor

  • Mr. McCoy

    Mr. McCoy

    8 måneder siden

    Victor Gomez it looks like a helium valve, but I assume it’s to rotate the inner bezel?

  • ivan tan
    ivan tan9 måneder siden

    That bakelite gmt on his wrist tho *drool*

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado9 måneder siden

    People with no taste buy Richard Mille.

  • David Moss

    David Moss

    8 måneder siden

    Luis Mercado I agree

  • pooldar
    pooldar9 måneder siden

    Tom Brady wears the cheapest watch

  • Joseph Hermanowski
    Joseph Hermanowski9 måneder siden

    Anyone want to just give me a Rolex ? Figure I should just ask and introduce that type of energy into the world

  • Jack Koto
    Jack Koto9 måneder siden

    No Aloha shirt. No views.

  • N R
    N R9 måneder siden

    For me, watches like these are beautiful and one my goals is to get a Patek but knowing me 😂 I think even when I have the money for it, I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Been Classified
    Been Classified9 måneder siden

    gotta love how down to earth this dude is with the way he talks, dresses, all with thousands upon thousands of dollars laid out in front of him.

  • tr3prom
    tr3prom9 måneder siden

    Wilder ain't the champ no more lol

  • GB
    GB9 måneder siden

    9:26 the guy is wrong, the coating isn’t DLC it’s PVD, which is a lot less durable

  • Dávid nagy
    Dávid nagy9 måneder siden

    “this is a classic that everybody wants”

  • Helmster
    Helmster9 måneder siden

    rishard mill

  • Kfyhh Ggjgcf
    Kfyhh Ggjgcf9 måneder siden

    Should have did flyod

  • Sayf Adas
    Sayf Adas9 måneder siden

    Rishard millie

  • Yash Tripathi
    Yash Tripathi9 måneder siden

    Yea........ I think I’m gonna go with the Apple watch😂👍

  • Bartholomew Lyons
    Bartholomew Lyons9 måneder siden

    If bought as an investment to be later resold or bequeathed - then ok. But otherwise, impractical most of the time and unreasonably expensive for my liking. More like handcuffs that tell time

  • Simply D
    Simply D9 måneder siden

    Should show the price also

  • IntermediateGamer
    IntermediateGamer9 måneder siden

    Amazing thing is, all these watches tell the time, date, day, calendar, world time etc. WITHOUT any electricity. All mechanically hand made. Their like little art pieces on your wrist.

  • Da'jion Sydnor
    Da'jion Sydnor9 måneder siden

    Do DDG GQ on the rocks

  • Robert Meyer
    Robert Meyer9 måneder siden

    Who wears a Hublot or a AP Offshore has no taste



    9 måneder siden

    Robert Meyer isn’t the offshore similar to the royal oak

  • ThomasLaang
    ThomasLaang9 måneder siden

    mostly very "one track mind" choices...

  • Phil Seddon
    Phil Seddon9 måneder siden

    I've never heard an American use the term "built like a brick shithouse". Always assumed it was a UK thing. Haha

  • Miguel Santos
    Miguel Santos9 måneder siden

    Where´s Floyd?

  • BTT T
    BTT T9 måneder siden

    Ill stick to my Fitbit 2 and Nixon watches lol

  • Q
    Q9 måneder siden

    Manager of Manchester City? How long ago was this filmed?

  • LeSkip Bayless

    LeSkip Bayless

    9 måneder siden

    El Generalísimo “Former” you idiot

  • lutho cutshwa
    lutho cutshwa9 måneder siden


  • Poo
    Poo9 måneder siden

    If you wear your watch on the hand you write with you look like and idiot. Real watch wearers will know.

  • Anton Slizzardhands
    Anton Slizzardhands9 måneder siden

    I like these videos, they should be longer IMO.

  • Pelaaja
    Pelaaja9 måneder siden

    Just a thought... You might wanna leave paid brand ambassadors like Bolt, Beckham and Brady out next time 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • shino88
    shino889 måneder siden

    Watch expert!? so is he a watch maker/repair man...or just some guy who researches models and buys them. If the latter is the case, anyone could be an expert.

  • Jaspal Riat
    Jaspal Riat9 måneder siden

    Putting all that ice on these beautiful watches absolutely kills the entire look of what the watch is supposed to look like!

  • Nevan Kiernan
    Nevan Kiernan9 måneder siden


  • Tomas T
    Tomas T9 måneder siden

    11:20 *former* heavy weight champion*

  • Reginald Austin

    Reginald Austin

    8 måneder siden

    @S Gibbo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • S Gibbo

    S Gibbo

    9 måneder siden

    Straight to the comments when he said that. Poor guy deontay. Maybe his watch was too heavy as well

  • 8rick1ane
    8rick1ane9 måneder siden

    basterd rich people

  • AlexdagoatDayala 23
    AlexdagoatDayala 239 måneder siden

    Casio watch gang