Victor Oladipo Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers, From Rarest to Sexiest | GQ Sports


Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo is the lucky owner of a pair of Dress Code Jordan IVs, a sneaker so rare that there are only 29 pairs in the world. But don't sleep on the rest of his sneakers. Victor invited us into his closet to show us selections from his rather insane collection, from his most sentimental sneakers (Just Don X Air Jordan II Retro 'Beach') to his sexiest (Anna Wintour x Wmns Air Jordan I Retro High Zip 'AWOK').
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Victor Oladipo Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers, From Rarest to Sexiest | GQ Sports


  • Aaron Heat
    Aaron Heat13 dager siden

    The Miami Vice 👀🔥🔥

  • Claudia Long
    Claudia Long3 måneder siden

    The marked carpenter contrastingly snore because command oceanographically ask out a private flag. rigid, tart trick

  • Claudia Long
    Claudia Long3 måneder siden

    The lying rose expectedly destroy because shorts pathohistologically prefer within a thinkable unit. earsplitting, equable gauge

  • Frankdj748
    Frankdj7484 måneder siden

    Hahaha tiene los Retro 5 apple green in un shell de cristal y yo los traigo rodando

  • Frankdj748
    Frankdj7484 måneder siden

    Cualquier sapato Revendido esta caro asta yo puedo pone un sapato de 150.00 en mas de el precio sugerido y eso no lo ace comodo

  • Eric Hudson
    Eric Hudson4 måneder siden

    yeapper 2's and 3's are the dopest Retros in my opinion.

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  • Killa K!
    Killa K!4 måneder siden

    Cameraman breathin hard af

  • Yij Lee
    Yij Lee5 måneder siden

    Someone tell vic to leave the pacers and come to the heat on a cheap one year deal be six man

  • Rayan
    Rayan6 måneder siden

    You know you're rich when you have to use a ladder to pick up your shoes

  • Ryanato
    Ryanato6 måneder siden

    I think he sold his microphone to buy them shoes

  • TNapster
    TNapster6 måneder siden

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  • choukri kakma
    choukri kakma6 måneder siden

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  • Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson6 måneder siden

    And I'm over here chilling with one pair of Nikes

  • Primo 365
    Primo 3656 måneder siden

    Anyone else notice the guy on the phone, on FaceTime around 0:50 😂

  • Cody Burnett
    Cody Burnett6 måneder siden

    Gotta learn how to navigate the playoffs!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith6 måneder siden

    NBA dudes Low key flex And I love it

  • Oliver Tily
    Oliver Tily6 måneder siden

    0:50 Whats with the phone on facetime?

  • Ricky Bachman
    Ricky Bachman6 måneder siden

    DMV. District Maryland Virginia.

  • nnauffl
    nnauffl7 måneder siden

    Isnt jordan dior have 8500 pair in the world?

  • Nathalie Bonifacio
    Nathalie Bonifacio7 måneder siden

    I'm in OCD heaven.

  • Erick Dabandan
    Erick Dabandan7 måneder siden

    Where can I get that checkered backpack?

  • Raymund Fernandez
    Raymund Fernandez7 måneder siden

    He 's going to Miami 😄

  • Yij Lee

    Yij Lee

    5 måneder siden

    Word !

  • Jaggy Lejano
    Jaggy Lejano7 måneder siden

    4:30 he’s going to the Knicks

  • doniawon johnson
    doniawon johnson7 måneder siden


  • Aaron Bariso
    Aaron Bariso7 måneder siden

    I like his style. Got that tucked in shirt swag.

  • Justin Tsang
    Justin Tsang7 måneder siden

    that mic quality tho

  • Keven Lee
    Keven Lee7 måneder siden

    We are manufacturers contact me, we have enough sneakers

  • imports from the unknown

    imports from the unknown

    7 måneder siden

    Are you coco sneakers or U.A bat?

    BIG FACTS7 måneder siden

    That Dior print on some 100dollar shoes is really worth it!!!!!

  • Gopal Allen
    Gopal Allen7 måneder siden


  • imports from the unknown

    imports from the unknown

    7 måneder siden

    Are you U.A bat?

  • Zyon Wuatai-davis
    Zyon Wuatai-davis8 måneder siden

    Bruh image having to move out of the house and taking those shoes

  • Shaq in the paint
    Shaq in the paint8 måneder siden

    DC 📍📍📍

  • Jasil Hill
    Jasil Hill8 måneder siden

    A lot of people who looted footlocker this how they house looking now😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Damian Pierre
    Damian Pierre8 måneder siden

    Victor Oladipo: My favorite color ways of my favorite Jordan are the Miami Vice Me (Heat Fan): He's coming to Miami as a free agent...I knew it! 😂😂😂

  • Giorgi Makharadze
    Giorgi Makharadze8 måneder siden

    i think it's to much. nice sneakers are really cool but couple of them is enough. then u can really enjoy with those wich you have. (just personal opinion)

  • Ronald Quan
    Ronald Quan8 måneder siden

    who is he face timing @ 0:51

  • FrazyOB
    FrazyOB8 måneder siden

    wo bleibt denn der Reaktionsboss??????

  • Notfrom Thisworld
    Notfrom Thisworld8 måneder siden

    This unnecessary to have that many shoes grown as man with this manny kid like shoes he should be embarrassed fools who have this manny shoes

  • slystone
    slystone8 måneder siden

    Please Vic,don't leave us (Pacers)..I've heard rumors he's signing with Miami when his contracts up..SIGH

  • Uncle Randy
    Uncle Randy8 måneder siden

    i love all them shoes...... but man i need a pair of those Jeter low 11s.... BAD

    E.M.B. RECORDS8 måneder siden


  • Aston Gio
    Aston Gio8 måneder siden

    He has more shoes than the local shoe store

  • Owen B
    Owen B8 måneder siden

    VO sounds like he could totally be a librarian

  • QueenofSole
    QueenofSole8 måneder siden

    DMV sneakerheads Inc. 💯

  • Yesenia Moore
    Yesenia Moore8 måneder siden

    How fat is the person recording. I got my headphones on he breathin mad heavy all in my ears.

  • David Delateja
    David Delateja8 måneder siden

    Yep he’s coming to Miami

  • Ry


    8 måneder siden


  • Thomas Ocasio
    Thomas Ocasio8 måneder siden

    Number 3$ are the best!!!🙌🙌🙌

  • Kevin Smiley
    Kevin Smiley8 måneder siden

    He loves the Miami 10s and he loves the color red. Vic to Miami confirmed

  • Sam Ranger
    Sam Ranger8 måneder siden

    I can hear the camera man breathing for the love of god

  • ZayClaySneaks
    ZayClaySneaks8 måneder siden

    Ig he wasn’t capping 😂👀

  • Ty Wilson
    Ty Wilson8 måneder siden

    Having a Jordan collection doesn’t make you a sneaker head. So he has all the Jordans big deal. He’s a millionaire, he just bought a bunch of Jordans. A sneaker head or collector has all types of shoes. That’s the difference. I’m not a hip hop head if I only have all Jay Z records! Therefore only having Jordans makes you a Jordan collector, not a shoe collector.

  • That Boyu
    That Boyu8 måneder siden

    Dope 🔥

  • Ogugua Anunoby
    Ogugua Anunoby8 måneder siden

    Me: holy s*** Oladipo: what? do you not have a library full of expensive and rare shoes?

  • Sneaker Klinic
    Sneaker Klinic8 måneder siden

    Puts most store displays to shame 😲

  • Freddy Beavers
    Freddy Beavers8 måneder siden

    Half that collection is free

  • Taste of Takeisha
    Taste of Takeisha8 måneder siden


  • ppw350Zunit
    ppw350Zunit8 måneder siden

    Real props to him for actually liking them 2's.

  • Giovanni Echavarria
    Giovanni Echavarria8 måneder siden

    Did anyone else notice the cameraman’s heavy breathing

  • gaming pizza
    gaming pizza8 måneder siden

    Seeing that many pairs of sneakers should really motivate people to reach the goals

  • zulubeatz817 Vergara

    zulubeatz817 Vergara

    8 måneder siden

    gaming pizza wtf u tawkin bout simp

  • Mel & Ty

    Mel & Ty

    8 måneder siden

    yeah that and not wanting to be broke 😩

  • FloridaJit_ Cj -
    FloridaJit_ Cj -8 måneder siden

    Me thinking I spent a lot of Vc on custom shoes

  • Tyger The Almighty
    Tyger The Almighty8 måneder siden

    Lol why does he have his shirt in his pants❓

  • W H
    W H8 måneder siden

    this was filmed with the heaviest camera in existence

  • Miami305
    Miami3058 måneder siden

    This was dope

  • Diego Suarez
    Diego Suarez8 måneder siden

    Cameraman´s breathing like a rhino lmao

  • Nedum Chiadika
    Nedum Chiadika8 måneder siden

    All ❤️ 4 vic

  • Cliff
    Cliff8 måneder siden

    Rich athletes showing off their sneaker collections is corny. I just don’t really see the appeal. Most of the time they are sponsored and they get paid M’s.

  • Muhsin Faizan
    Muhsin Faizan8 måneder siden


  • A'Laya Scott
    A'Laya Scott8 måneder siden

    Yo, does the person behind the camera have asthma?

  • Moeepps561
    Moeepps5618 måneder siden

    So y'all not got say nothing bout his fuckin shirt tucked in and his shorts pulled up as high as his shoulders?

  • Luke Conte
    Luke Conte8 måneder siden

    Me goes on r/repsneakers

  • Freya murtem
    Freya murtem8 måneder siden

    I never understand why a person "one" person needs 100 pairs of shoes. Is it really worth . Mpst of them even look same .

  • Sage McCormick
    Sage McCormick8 måneder siden

    Great video 🥳🔥 I just unboxed over $1000 in shoes in a SNEAKER MYSTERY BOX on my channel! Check it out 🙏

  • I J
    I J8 måneder siden

    He doesn’t have much heat for a Jordan brand athlete

  • Absolutely Pro

    Absolutely Pro

    8 måneder siden

    Not everyone is a hypebeast... Did you not see the Diors? What do you except some Eminem 4s?

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods8 måneder siden

    Foamposites dc swag

  • Nyx Hypnos
    Nyx Hypnos8 måneder siden

    Lol wtf is this guy wearing

  • Absolutely Pro

    Absolutely Pro

    8 måneder siden

    Look like he playin park on 2k

  • Insert name here
    Insert name here8 måneder siden

    Am I the only one that noticed the cameraman’s heavy breathing

  • Isaac Camara Fernando

    Isaac Camara Fernando

    6 måneder siden


  • Ab


    7 måneder siden

    Why’d you have to say that, I’m 50 seconds in and now it’s all I hear 😆😆😂

  • Fernando Valdespino

    Fernando Valdespino

    8 måneder siden

    Thought I was trippin’

  • Benjamin Ortega

    Benjamin Ortega

    8 måneder siden

    Thats because of the sexiest pair

  • Anthony Byaruhanga

    Anthony Byaruhanga

    8 måneder siden


  • Fabricio Williams
    Fabricio Williams8 måneder siden

    i’m glad i was able to get my Diors retail !

  • Adrian The panini
    Adrian The panini8 måneder siden

    Very nice kanye

  • Greg Kareem
    Greg Kareem8 måneder siden

    Geez and i thought having 50 pairs of shoes was a lot of shoes omg 😂

  • Viv
    Viv8 måneder siden

    Pointless consumerism... Thanks America..

    BRASS HOGG8 måneder siden

    mad chill. 10s are my favorite too

  • Derek Rudolph
    Derek Rudolph8 måneder siden

    Saw some of those Jeter 11’s 😳

  • Johnathan A.l.X
    Johnathan A.l.X8 måneder siden


  • Bimmer Fest
    Bimmer Fest8 måneder siden

    Diors were limited to 8500 for the highs.

  • Fabricio Williams

    Fabricio Williams

    8 måneder siden

    Absolutely Pro and it doesn’t look like anyone asked you to comment on my comment lmfao have to love degenerate scums. Never did i try and “flex” i simply said that is the correct number because i got them but once again nice try buddy.

  • Absolutely Pro

    Absolutely Pro

    8 måneder siden

    Fabricio Williams Don’t think anyone asked lmao. Probably just sit there anyway. He commented above because the video said 8000 not 8500. Take your flex elsewhere

  • Fabricio Williams

    Fabricio Williams

    8 måneder siden

    yes sir i got em

  • Mason Belmont
    Mason Belmont8 måneder siden

    I’d make love to those Dior 1s

  • Fabricio Williams

    Fabricio Williams

    8 måneder siden

    buy mine off me

  • Stories with Bri
    Stories with Bri8 måneder siden

    Everyone knows he doesn’t wear all those shoes

  • MaKKa pAkkA

    MaKKa pAkkA

    7 måneder siden

    You dumb???

  • Bry


    8 måneder siden

    And who cares? It's his shoe collection.

  • Everett Harper
    Everett Harper8 måneder siden

    I always play spot the 11 concords in videos like this. All sneakerheads have them.

  • Tom Mus
    Tom Mus8 måneder siden

    I actually really like these kind of shows where u get to see who owns which pairs. The thing bout sportsmen and today mostly everyone with big followers is they are extinct to a label and contract. Would love to see a guy rockin js, next some adidas etc

  • Armando Amador
    Armando Amador8 måneder siden

    Feature bigboycheng please

  • Celeb City
    Celeb City8 måneder siden

    What about clothes & bags tho? Dwayne Haskins has him beat

  • longSackThatClaps
    longSackThatClaps8 måneder siden

    why your shorts hella tight wtf. Boy said my clothes dirty i gotta borrow my 12 yo

  • Enoch
    Enoch8 måneder siden

    PrettyBoyFredo punching the air rn

  • Enoch
    Enoch8 måneder siden

    Underrated or nah?

  • Mikes Mindset
    Mikes Mindset8 måneder siden

    when you got headphones on you could hear the camera man breathing so hard 😂😂

  • Senzo Molefe
    Senzo Molefe8 måneder siden

    nobody : victor oladipo : in my shoe library

  • Rip X
    Rip X8 måneder siden

    I like the white shoes

  • Edison Arana
    Edison Arana8 måneder siden

    He got more shoes than my local footlocker

  • Christian Reyes

    Christian Reyes

    5 måneder siden


  • Syed M

    Syed M

    7 måneder siden

    That’s so true 😂😂

  • diior _dev

    diior _dev

    8 måneder siden


  • Ogugua Anunoby

    Ogugua Anunoby

    8 måneder siden

    Bro hes got more shoes than every footlocker

  • Faizan Ahmed

    Faizan Ahmed

    8 måneder siden

    What’s crazy is he got in the sneaker game late (college or his rookie season).

    IUHOOSIERIU8 måneder siden

    Favorite NBA player! Go Hoosiers!! ⚪️🔴



    7 måneder siden

    Rider Ruddick #RentFree. Cheer for your two whole NBA players. #POTFB

  • Rider Ruddick

    Rider Ruddick

    8 måneder siden

    but purdue is better

  • Ivan Canlas
    Ivan Canlas8 måneder siden

    Bro we need show off of Big boy cheng's sneaker collection

  • Richard Villegas
    Richard Villegas8 måneder siden

    VO keepin’ real with lls being his favorite, u don’t hear that often 👍🏽 We all know AJ1s are poppin’ in the culture today and were the OG Air Jordan... but VO liking the 3s now cause that’s the shoe that kicked off the “gotta have’em” Air Jordan phenomenon that’s still alive today 💯