UFC Fighter Stephen Thompson Breaks Down Martial Arts Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


UFC fighter and karate expert Stephen Thompson breaks down martial arts scenes from movies, including 'The Karate Kid,' 'Cobra Kai,' 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' 'The Matrix,' 'The Way of the Dragon,' 'The Art of Self-Defense,' 'Step Brothers,' 'Fighter in the Wind,' 'Beverly Hills Ninja' and 'Gorgeous.'
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UFC Fighter Stephen Thompson Breaks Down Martial Arts Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Magicstockton
    Magicstockton19 minutter siden


  • Drino Zhao
    Drino Zhao2 timer siden

    I love that he referred to process of emptying your mind as "ultra instinct"...Whis would be proud

  • James Espinosa
    James Espinosa3 timer siden

    Thanks wonder boy ! Very informative!

  • Dad Jiang
    Dad Jiang9 timer siden

    Cool thing about this guy... he’s a karate expert, but he’s also a legit real fighter. Unlike most karate experts.

  • Senor C
    Senor CDag siden

    "I've seen shins break in a fight" Anderson Silva has left the chat.

  • Val Putnal
    Val PutnalDag siden

    LET"S GOOOOOO!!! 👊👊👊

  • rika
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  • Rudy Madrigal
    Rudy Madrigal3 dager siden

    Fun fact: Bruce Lee's attack voice isn't his own. It's done by a voice actor.

  • whiskeybravo91
    whiskeybravo913 dager siden

    the reigning NMF Champ!!!

  • evan griffith
    evan griffith3 dager siden

    Even a man like Wonderboy would laugh at the word “peepee”😂

  • sebas sebas
    sebas sebas4 dager siden

    "I've seen shins break in a fight" Anderson Silva has left the chat.

  • Ronnie Rotondo
    Ronnie Rotondo4 dager siden

    Sorry wonderboy that guy didn't play Darth Maul...

  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde5 dager siden

    LET"S GOOOOOO!!! 👊👊👊

  • Chris Macht
    Chris Macht5 dager siden

    React to Mr beans karate 🥋 scene. 🤣🤣

  • Danilo Alves
    Danilo Alves6 dager siden

    did a fuckign UFC fighter just started by saying he NEVER saw a Bruce Lee movie? what

  • Dallas Steel
    Dallas Steel8 dager siden

    Not gonna lie: I was a little disappointed they didn’t include some clips of “The Raid” movies. 😕

  • Nigel H
    Nigel H8 dager siden

    In the nicest possible way, rather than how Karate influenced Bruce Lee (and it did, massively), modern Karate, especially competitively was also massively influenced by Bruce Lee (Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis), so it is a bit of horse and cart here. I do also love any of your analysis of stuff like this and don’t want to dissuade you but much of this stuff is Wing Chun and not Karate and I am a Wing Chun guy ; )

  • Anthony Lavelle
    Anthony Lavelle9 dager siden

    He is the most chill 6th degree black belt/5th ranked welterweight in the world ever.

  • tim bartlett
    tim bartlett10 dager siden

    i want to see internal affairs officers watches

  • Sturmtruppen_Bob
    Sturmtruppen_Bob10 dager siden

    “Ive seen shins break in a fight.” Poor Andy Silva

  • Light Grace
    Light Grace10 dager siden

    Great stuff

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans11 dager siden

    Stephen “In a street situation” Thompson

  • Moo Aea
    Moo Aea11 dager siden

    12:46 "I've actually seen shins BREAK" Cries in Anderson Silva

  • Joshua Reyes
    Joshua Reyes14 dager siden

    WOOONDERBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY What is the secret of your pooooweeeeeerrrr?!

  • Azaiav
    Azaiav15 dager siden

    True fact: your opponent in a real fight won’t fight you fair and with no rules

  • Rafaela
    Rafaela15 dager siden

    Kyokyushin is brutal. I love it. hahaha

  • AveragePalTime
    AveragePalTime15 dager siden

    Love the video, but for GOD'S sake please fix the audio to be more consistent throughout the video. I'm watching with surround sound and the voice is flying all over the room.

  • Sai Thota
    Sai Thota15 dager siden

    The only reason why they chose SWT is not because he’s the best striker or anything it’s only cuz he’s the nicest guy and kids r watching this

  • Saqib Sarker
    Saqib Sarker16 dager siden

    Wonderboy is too nice to truly critique anything.

  • jrbd oebd
    jrbd oebd18 dager siden

    Which iPhone should I test first? Which do you want to see a review on the soonest?

  • jrbd oebd
    jrbd oebd18 dager siden

    Wonderboy: * Literally knocks the daylights out of people like a cold blooded assassin * Also Wonderboy: "Why you gotta be so mean man, this guy's so mean."

  • Vee Dwg
    Vee Dwg19 dager siden

    This man really just said he never watched the way of the dragon .....

  • HUEnshiro do Norte
    HUEnshiro do Norte19 dager siden

    He deserves a BNG Belt (Baddest Nice Guy).

  • kieran77mcrae
    kieran77mcrae19 dager siden

    I thought Steve might be all talk, so I checked out his UFC highlights........ I was sooooo wrong !!!!!

  • Alexidrum
    Alexidrum19 dager siden

    He is the nicest guy in UFC.

  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards20 dager siden

    "your mom and dad are senseis" mom: heres your sandwich honey me: thank you sensei! bows Mom: ...... ooook

  • Baiken NEP
    Baiken NEP21 dag siden

    I watch these to find amazing movies. So far its been working.

  • Big Olla
    Big Olla21 dag siden

    One of the smartest, nicest and most respectful fighters to ever grace the UFC!

  • combat viking
    combat viking21 dag siden

    fighter in the wind is an amazing movie

  • Vintage
    Vintage22 dager siden

    21:33 Brings a gun to class

  • Ryan Dispecki
    Ryan Dispecki23 dager siden

    Wonderboy: * Literally knocks the daylights out of people like a cold blooded assassin * Also Wonderboy: "Why you gotta be so mean man, this guy's so mean."

  • αmιτ jοsηι
    αmιτ jοsηι24 dager siden

    why does he sound like my grandpa

  • Nix C
    Nix C24 dager siden

    Lmao people who don’t know him see how nice he is and has noooo idea how dangerous he is 😂 this dude will beat you senseless

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun24 dager siden

    Umm this guy is so cute?? His voice is so soft and gentle?? Lol 😂 I somehow know he’s deadly, but also can’t imagine him fighting anyone?? My brain is confused! 😂😂 loved this!

  • MADnessishollow
    MADnessishollow25 dager siden

    15:30 Ultra Instinct. It's real and achievable.

  • Marlon Mendoza
    Marlon Mendoza26 dager siden

    I love that he referred to process of emptying your mind as "ultra instinct"...Whis would be proud

  • Senor C
    Senor C27 dager siden

    What's the first thing you order at Khói Barbecue?

  • Saiyan Elite
    Saiyan Elite27 dager siden

    *Trumpets start playing* “We call that Ultra Instinct “

  • Andrew Wazagow
    Andrew WazagowMåned siden

    I was watching this "expert" divagations with mild interests , until when around ( 11: 55 ) he got to analyze the first "Matrix" fight. Then he show how incompetent critique he really is. Firstly he show that he know nothing about the way the fighters draw the energy to their bodies , going through series of movements and breaths , that they were practicing in a very special training for long time of internal kung-fu styles , or magic passes of Don Juan. Then he starts to describe visibly incompetent actors merely touching their hands , or kicking so slowly that in any real fight would be failures - as a very realistic , saying , that "they were really trying to hit each other" - when anybody can see that this is not so . The fight is A FAKE. You can even see the strikes , and thrusts being thrown in some absurd directions - typical for chinesee choreography. Thus I realised that this guy is doing some selling BS. But for what reason ?

  • Andrew Wazagow

    Andrew Wazagow

    Måned siden

    And I tell you one more thing. The white belt WILL NEVER TURN BLACK . If you don't colorize it with some BS , that is. BTW colors of belts were created by japanesee instructors for white sportsmen that they would have some motivations to train. Old Japanese masters never used the different colors - just white.

  • Richard E
    Richard EMåned siden

    Dude, you have a new fan. Some amazing perspectives and comments, and your character came through on many. You were raised right. Nice to meet you, and well done.

  • Cameron Harrison
    Cameron HarrisonMåned siden

    I dare you to try and catch Joaquin Buckley’s kick

  • Kipras .Kalzanauskas
    Kipras .KalzanauskasMåned siden

    Wow he is so well-spoken as a MMA fighter, Intelligent guy !

  • ๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛
    ๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛Måned siden

    Man really said ultra instinct

  • xu nakamura
    xu nakamuraMåned siden

    Can u please do a reaction video on malaysian martial art video "KERSANI" THANKS BRO.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob RossMåned siden

    26:19 well what if you are a grappler

  • Faded Kai
    Faded KaiMåned siden

    UFC fighter thats never seen "the way of the dragon" with bruce lee ...yea ok

  • Saint Mayhem
    Saint MayhemMåned siden

    My sensei when I was younger told me after I received my first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, "Congratulations, now your education can truly begin."

  • NatiReviews
    NatiReviewsMåned siden

    I wish Undisputed scenes was on this video too

  • Forrest Rous
    Forrest RousMåned siden

    I think the double leg takedown was good because he adjusts his reach as he takes the guy down allowing him to maintain an upright posture, no?

  • jahnavi bhattacharya
    jahnavi bhattacharyaMåned siden

    Who is the editor tho :)

  • drunk hanzo
    drunk hanzoMåned siden

    yo this is eminem kombat version

  • Leo Oh
    Leo OhMåned siden

    This guy likes Wonderboy? I love this guy.

  • Zoltan Fazekas
    Zoltan FazekasMåned siden

    Bruce Lee did not sound like that. it was fake...

  • Steeve Steele
    Steeve SteeleMåned siden

    He listens to Tenacious D? Now I know the secret to this Wonderboy’s power

  • Slipgatex
    SlipgatexMåned siden

    This guy's a joy to listen to.

  • Edenimation
    EdenimationMåned siden

    How you didn't know Bruce Lee the legend

  • shlomi kuttner
    shlomi kuttnerMåned siden

    Jumping kick was not invented to kick samurai off horse backs

  • Jacob Cisneros
    Jacob CisnerosMåned siden

    22:36 as we have just seen this past weekend, this is very true.

  • Krulla Chief
    Krulla ChiefMåned siden

    Next up, UFC and MMA fighter breaks down the Yakuza video game series fights. If only for the Yakuza 0 dropkick.

  • Black EconomicSystem
    Black EconomicSystemMåned siden

    Nope I want let him tarnish the great name of Dragon Ball Z Ultra Instinct is the move of thy lord Goku vs Jiren lmao

  • David Y
    David YMåned siden

    15:34 just like Goku?

  • I Barley know

    I Barley know

    Måned siden

    Yeah that’s where they got the idea for the form

  • Edilon
    EdilonMåned siden

    you should do a break down of martial art anime fights like Baki and Kengan with this guy, feel like he could make it really interesting

  • Mylinda Ogundipe
    Mylinda OgundipeMåned siden

    The two big knuckles are good for POUNDING!

  • Courtney Starks
    Courtney StarksMåned siden

    This is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Plus he has an awesome family to back him up!!

  • Jacobee Strickland
    Jacobee StricklandMåned siden

    You know he’s smart. He’s a 6th degree black belt, and said if you bring knife to a fist fight, I’m running.

  • Jacobee Strickland

    Jacobee Strickland

    Dag siden

    @Val Putnal She cut the crusts with shrikens...

  • Val Putnal

    Val Putnal

    Dag siden

    "your mom and dad are senseis" mom: heres your sandwich honey me: thank you sensei! bows Mom: ...... ooook

  • Radhin Ahmed

    Radhin Ahmed

    Dag siden

    @Niko totally agreed🤣🤣🤣.

  • Niko


    Dag siden

    I mean lets be real, he could probably still win that fight.

  • Nikola Slavov

    Nikola Slavov

    12 dager siden

    He'd run even if you didn't have a knife. Trained professionals only fight when there's no other option

  • Cuttlefish N.W.
    Cuttlefish N.W.Måned siden

    When's one of these guys gonna react to Special ID or Flashpoint??

  • Josh Sathyaraj
    Josh SathyarajMåned siden

    This dude looks like he takes his opponent out for dinner after giving him brain damage

  • Moderately Cool Kid
    Moderately Cool KidMåned siden

    When he mentions ultra instinct Dbz fans: ah a man of culture *sips wine*

  • aljosa vuckovic
    aljosa vuckovicMåned siden


  • David Ellison Music
    David Ellison MusicMåned siden

    Ive decided that Stephen Thompson is a national treasure

  • Paul717
    Paul717Måned siden

    Man! Karate Kid looks so young. I haven't seen this movie in ages.

  • Paul717
    Paul717Måned siden

    Fun fact the movie producers had to slow Bruce Lee's kicks down cuz they were too fast for camera. Bruce kicked faster than most guys could punch.

  • steven the viking

    steven the viking

    Måned siden

    When he was filming The Green Hornet he had to slow down his punches and then they had to slow down the film so they could catch

  • Josh E
    Josh EMåned siden

    *PP s t r i k e*

  • Chris HTX
    Chris HTXMåned siden

    I wanna train with Wonderboy one day I need more Karate Guys to Spar with

  • Henti Kirby
    Henti Kirby2 måneder siden

    Never bring real honor to a real fight.

  • rfowler86
    rfowler862 måneder siden

    "Way of the a Dragon, I've never seen this". A few minutes later "my man Bruce Lee". How have you never seen this movie if you're a legit fighter? Classic Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia2 måneder siden

    Stephen ‘daddy’ Thompson lol

  • Lord Grim
    Lord Grim2 måneder siden

    3:05 *There's a little kid inside that man* *Yes the doctor said if it comes out he will die*

  • Vincent Reggiannini
    Vincent Reggiannini2 måneder siden

    There is something decidedly....odd...about pointing out a fighter’s “genius strategy” and reaction times in a choreographed staged fight between actors. 😐 Call me a pragmatist.

  • alice stewert
    alice stewert2 måneder siden

    I wish movies would show the bruises you get 😅 first time training always left me lookin purple and blue

  • Grim Eleison
    Grim Eleison2 måneder siden

    That's not Darth Maul

  • Calvin Limuel
    Calvin Limuel2 måneder siden

    Holy crap he not only breaks down the moves, he literally repeating all the spoken lines! Not only a martial artist but a true movie fan!

  • Clark Parker
    Clark Parker2 måneder siden

    I would have spend those 28 min just talking about that Jackie Chan fight. :D Every technique was perfection. You don't get to see real functional techniques in movie fights that often.

  • ching chong
    ching chong2 måneder siden


  • João Cardoso
    João Cardoso2 måneder siden

    Kata exam degree

  • Immortal Titan
    Immortal Titan2 måneder siden

    mark rober music tho

  • chickenfist
    chickenfist2 måneder siden

    Do more UFC fighters breakdown!

  • John Deehan
    John Deehan2 måneder siden

    How come the movie industry hasn`t signed you up Stephen. Like Michael Jai White you are a natural. Oss

  • Crusades
    Crusades2 måneder siden

    pp strike.

  • iPleatheTV
    iPleatheTV2 måneder siden

    “I like to throw a technique or a saint to make my opponent think I’m gonna do something, and how they react tells me what I’m gonna do next.” Wonder bread over here must be really confident giving away his cheat codes like that😭😭. Nah I’m just playing I love Wonderboy