Tyler Seguin Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports


Tyler Seguin was one of two people with tattoos on the Dallas Stars when he joined the team. Now, almost half the team is inked up. Coincidence? Join the NHL star is he breaks down all of his tattoos, from the first one he got when he was 16 to the triangles on his shoulders representing him and his two sisters.
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Tyler Seguin Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports


  • Alex martinez
    Alex martinezMåned siden

    Yall need to gey OBJ on here. That man is inked up

  • Ioannis Faraos
    Ioannis FaraosMåned siden


  • Gabriel
    GabrielMåned siden

    I know nothing about hockey but interested in tatts. Nice surprise to see Brampton represent!!

  • Priscilla
    PriscillaMåned siden

    Didn't know he was Greek. When he reached down to adjust his belt 💦🔥 😏

  • Chelsea
    ChelseaMåned siden

    i can't wait to see our babies names on his back aw

  • Linda Charlie
    Linda Charlie2 måneder siden

    His tattoos are so beautiful

  • Ceara Blyth
    Ceara Blyth2 måneder siden

    Loyalty? His girlfriends will say otherwise.

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham2 måneder siden


  • helmlll :p
    helmlll :p2 måneder siden

    why are tattoos so attractive

  • rickysnow400
    rickysnow4002 måneder siden

    His tattoos are terrible.

  • D J
    D J2 måneder siden

    he's so fkn hot

  • outdated
    outdated2 måneder siden

    one chest done always makes me laugh uncontrollably

  • outdated


    2 måneder siden


  • Sara Amélia
    Sara Amélia2 måneder siden

    oh boy

  • Starlise Jun.from.17
    Starlise Jun.from.173 måneder siden

    He’s hot 😳

  • LoomisPC
    LoomisPC3 måneder siden

    Hahaha, he definitely loves himself. Good on him XD

  • lauren kay
    lauren kay3 måneder siden

    was at the parade in 2011 ugh

  • Christo BlaCk
    Christo BlaCk4 måneder siden


  • Esra Ozbek
    Esra Ozbek5 måneder siden

    He's cute

    CALLEN COLEMAN5 måneder siden

    Very awesome Tattoos, 5-3-1, what does it mean!

  • BookAchu57
    BookAchu576 måneder siden

    Let's pay $10M/ssn for anybody with a Boston Cup who calls it a sports town. No love for Dallas, as is his normal play. Thx, Tyler

  • bray
    bray6 måneder siden

    why are all the comments women 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniele
    Daniele6 måneder siden

    I discovered Tyler Seguin existence today through a fic about a tweet lol

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Rebecca Johnson

    4 måneder siden

    The Texas tweet?

  • Riley
    Riley6 måneder siden

    We gonna need to change that favorite one to Cup Champion with the stars

    CHiLL-FEVER7 måneder siden

    The 3 triangle sibling tattoo concept is sick af.

  • MedTHC Ontario
    MedTHC Ontario7 måneder siden


  • Ara S
    Ara S7 måneder siden


  • Bruins Fights
    Bruins Fights7 måneder siden

    Boston never should’ve traded him

  • Russel Furtado
    Russel Furtado8 måneder siden


  • Ken Porter
    Ken Porter8 måneder siden

    Y’all gotta get Jordan Clarkson on here, his tats dope

  • 15 Minute Dances
    15 Minute Dances8 måneder siden

    Wow, thought he was post malone

  • Cameron Bradd Sporting channel
    Cameron Bradd Sporting channel8 måneder siden

    Hockeytown is Detroit not Boston

  • IceYeti Gaming
    IceYeti Gaming8 måneder siden

    Girls: see the title oolala

  • Cole Woodard
    Cole Woodard8 måneder siden

    Get Ovi for the essentials videos, that would be hilarious!

  • Sophia Hostert
    Sophia Hostert8 måneder siden

    Brent Burns?

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith8 måneder siden

    You should do a video with Ryan reaves

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler8 måneder siden

    Sorry to tell you Ty but Seguin is a 100% French name. You got that Quebecer DnA and you think youre greek lmao

  • Hilary Malacrida

    Hilary Malacrida

    8 måneder siden

    My last name is Italian but I'm actually mostly Scottish and French lol last name doesn't mean anything, also lots of Greek people in Quebec lol

  • Bruin 704
    Bruin 7048 måneder siden

    The stanley cup tattoo is his favorite!? *sad Bruins fan noises*

  • laking67
    laking678 måneder siden

    Most of the views are ladies #pantysoup

  • Aleš Drhlík
    Aleš Drhlík8 måneder siden

    Do OBJ!!! His tats are legendary! Specially his legs oh my 🙏🏼

  • Debbie Gross
    Debbie Gross8 måneder siden

    I'm surprised he didn't mention the tattoo of the actual Stanley Cup. He tried to have it removed but it's still there. Can be seen in video of The Body issue

  • kperry1969
    kperry19698 måneder siden

    Stars forever!!!!!

  • Leafs Forever
    Leafs Forever8 måneder siden

    Guess who Tyler seguin’s biggest fan is ?? = Tyler Seguin !

  • Kasra Fathi
    Kasra Fathi8 måneder siden

    Looks trashy

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    Erased Laser Tattoo Removal8 måneder siden

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  • D R
    D R8 måneder siden

    Grabner’s tattoos are better.

  • Magnolia Rose
    Magnolia Rose8 måneder siden

    He should have saved an arm for when he has children...

  • Gus Montclair
    Gus Montclair8 måneder siden

    Societal simpery at its best

  • Charles
    Charles8 måneder siden

    He's the straightest guy ever, he's so tacky

  • doyouevenlift 1744

    doyouevenlift 1744

    8 måneder siden

    What? Lol

  • JSL2001_ 2001
    JSL2001_ 20018 måneder siden

    Wtf dose everyone think they made tattoos popular in their circle 😂..

  • Jeffrey Hall
    Jeffrey Hall9 måneder siden

    ugly fkn loser

  • The Random

    The Random

    3 måneder siden

    You must be real insecure about how you look. This man can get any girl. What about you?

  • D T
    D T9 måneder siden

    I scrolled down to the comments for theories on the "5-3-1" manager tattoo... cmon youtube. No one is even talking about it :(

  • doyouevenlift 1744

    doyouevenlift 1744

    8 måneder siden

    What do you think about it?

  • cbjgirl23
    cbjgirl239 måneder siden

    I love the three triangles and their meaning!

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson9 måneder siden

    Sorry to tell ya Tyler but you only have one chest I used to like this guy but I find him real arrogant for a while now

  • Dano91
    Dano919 måneder siden

    brent burns pls

  • Jack Meh off
    Jack Meh off9 måneder siden

    the millennial tattoo craze.. enjoy them in 15 years slick

  • xSMOKEx
    xSMOKEx9 måneder siden

    Where he has that stanley cup writing, is a painful area to get a tatt.

  • Rich Seguin
    Rich Seguin9 måneder siden

    Lol. My sons name is tyler seguin an hes 22 years old. He races motorcycles an wenever we travel and stay at a motel they all think its ty the hockey player.

  • Bill Souza
    Bill Souza9 måneder siden

    Real good player that should be a really great player. All world talent but doesn't seem to try hard enough. Could be a top 10 player in the NHL.

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira9 måneder siden

    Hey look a athlete that actually has good tattoos. As a athlete making millions u shouldn’t have crappy tattoos

  • Scottish Unicorn Glitter
    Scottish Unicorn Glitter9 måneder siden

    It would have been good to have Burnzie on + if he was traded to the ⭐️ that team would be sick

  • Jacob Villegas
    Jacob Villegas9 måneder siden

    Do antwon Dixon

  • Jacob Villegas
    Jacob Villegas9 måneder siden

    Do antwon Dixon

  • Jacob Villegas
    Jacob Villegas9 måneder siden

    Do antwon Dixon

  • Jacob Villegas
    Jacob Villegas9 måneder siden

    Do antwon Dixon

  • Jacob Villegas
    Jacob Villegas9 måneder siden

    Do antwon Dixon please

  • Elaina Lowe
    Elaina Lowe9 måneder siden

    He’s so hot my god.

    GOTHBOI9 måneder siden

    That wolf looks a bit wonky

  • muhammad issop
    muhammad issop9 måneder siden

    Ontario GANG!!!

  • will smith
    will smith9 måneder siden

    very basic hockey bro ink. luv the opportunity to see him shirtless tho.

  • Inc Inc
    Inc Inc9 måneder siden

    eh... some of them are tacky.

  • El_Bartto
    El_Bartto9 måneder siden

    nice tattoos

  • julyflame
    julyflame9 måneder siden

    “my one chest done”

  • Meghan Tarantino
    Meghan Tarantino9 måneder siden


  • rushilb6
    rushilb69 måneder siden

    Dats my alternate 🙌🏼🔥

  • Aidan Murphy
    Aidan Murphy9 måneder siden

    Brampton 😇

  • Rashaun Weimer
    Rashaun Weimer9 måneder siden

    Do Von Miller

  • Cole Lemay
    Cole Lemay9 måneder siden

    Who wants there nipples to be blacked out

  • Brett E
    Brett E9 måneder siden

    athletes get the worst tattoos.

  • Katelyn Riley
    Katelyn Riley9 måneder siden

    He one of sexiest Players 😍

  • Lea Marie
    Lea Marie9 måneder siden

    I'm with Ryan Whitney on this: you look good NOW but how will you look at 70 with sagging old skin? You'll look ridiculous.

  • Jason


    9 måneder siden

    Lea Marie nah. They will be the history of his life, his passion, his family. His tattoos are part of him and even though the skin will sag and they will face, those marks will live forever

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam9 måneder siden

    I was never a big Seguin fan until I started watching videos of him on the internet. Unlike most hockey players, he has tons of personality and seems like a really fun and interesting person. I love people like that.

  • Simon Barnier
    Simon Barnier9 måneder siden

    this guy is so full of himself.. blegh

  • Sandy
    Sandy9 måneder siden

    Oof 🥵

  • Ladder
    Ladder9 måneder siden

    wow he got a 905 shooter tattoo big nelk fan I guess

  • Uncle Nolte
    Uncle Nolte9 måneder siden

    Tyler thinks he has two chests. Got it.

  • aabbtthag0345


    7 måneder siden

    Nick Nolte 😂😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Kelly
    Alyssa Kelly9 måneder siden

    the ring around the nipple kills me

  • Rachell McFly
    Rachell McFly9 måneder siden

    God he is beautiful 😍

  • smileyysides
    smileyysides9 måneder siden

    “theyre all painful” yes but very addicting

  • jump312
    jump3129 måneder siden

    5 players 3 lines 1 goalie. 5 players 3 lines 1 goal.

  • MH


    6 måneder siden

    More like 1 team or 1 game, I think

  • David Goaternak
    David Goaternak9 måneder siden

    Love his fav tattoo is a Boston one

  • Shannon Hynes
    Shannon Hynes9 måneder siden

    The fact that his Stanley Cup tattoo means the most to him makes me want to cry omg. I can't speak for all Boston fans, but I miss you so much on the Bruins 😭

  • Travis Fiya

    Travis Fiya

    2 måneder siden

    This aged well LOL

  • Ethano L’ebreo

    Ethano L’ebreo

    8 måneder siden

    Kevin Haughey should’ve traded Horton instead, but by then he was the more important player

  • Kevin Haughey

    Kevin Haughey

    8 måneder siden

    Agreed! Trading Tyler Seguin is the worst move the Bruins have made in a long time.

  • Eustass Insane

    Eustass Insane

    9 måneder siden

    I'm a Tampa Fan and also miss him in Boston. Seguin in a Bruins Jersey fitted simply perfect...

  • James Kilgour

    James Kilgour

    9 måneder siden

    You probably can speak for all Boston fans on seguin though

  • justinator234
    justinator2349 måneder siden

    Didn't know he was a Brampton yute

  • Wicks
    Wicks9 måneder siden

    👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻GET THE CHIEF ON

  • Wicks
    Wicks9 måneder siden


  • Lauren
    Lauren9 måneder siden

    My prayers have been answered 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Kyla Szemplinski
    Kyla Szemplinski9 måneder siden

    He is so HOT!!! One of the few men I will take with tattoos. They make him hotter...

  • eg The4
    eg The49 måneder siden

    Do max domi

  • Melissa Walton

    Melissa Walton

    8 måneder siden

    They have one of Max I literally just watched it

  • Dawn Rego
    Dawn Rego9 måneder siden


  • W -
    W -9 måneder siden

    Kills on kills on kills on kills

  • kendal p
    kendal p9 måneder siden

    5-3-1 mean. 5 players on the ice, 3 forwards and 1 star. He's the star

  • Sgt Soviet

    Sgt Soviet

    21 dag siden

    WHe use to play with vanossgaming

  • Bruins In 7

    Bruins In 7

    9 måneder siden

    Chaka 😂 calm tf down bud I didn’t make the comment I corrected someone’s mistake

  • Chaka


    9 måneder siden

    @Bruins In 7 THATS NOT WHAT THE TATTOO MEANS. jesus, its quite clearly something personal and therefore not so easily guessable.... goalies are typically the teams star anyways. cant win a cup without a star goalie so this comment was silly

  • Bruins In 7

    Bruins In 7

    9 måneder siden

    Tony Gorga doesn’t count he meant 5 skaters

  • Tony Gorga

    Tony Gorga

    9 måneder siden

    nick gale forgot the goalie man, 6 players on the ice.