Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Injuries | GQ Sports


Professional skater Tony Hawk is no stranger to painful injuries and Dr. Andrew Accardi is no stranger to treating them. Join them as they break down skateboarding injuries. Warning: this video is not for the squeamish.

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Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Injuries | GQ Sports


  • E Favela
    E Favela8 timer siden

    I have an Idea For A Helmet🤕

  • Giblix
    GiblixDag siden

    Me: Walks into school missing left arm and leg. School nurse: HaVe An IcE PaCk

  • Fox Sloane
    Fox Sloane3 dager siden


  • Lemmon Ade
    Lemmon Ade5 dager siden

    Tony hawk: tries a 900 And falls Doc : that helmet saved your life Tony hawk: I have a better fitting helmet now that one was loose * laughs*

  • Anthony Carranza
    Anthony Carranza8 dager siden

    Most people: Vertebrae This doctor: Vertebruh

  • p o l i v e r
    p o l i v e r10 dager siden

    Did that intro music remind you guys of anyone?

  • desi baroz shrek
    desi baroz shrek10 dager siden

    who else saw garret ginner

  • Sophie Mcdoogal
    Sophie Mcdoogal12 dager siden

    Tony Hawk : Sprained my ankles, stitches tens of 20 times, broken humerus, fractured pelvis, and broken fingers Also Tony Hawk : I’ve been pretty lucky

  • Crystal Inzirillo
    Crystal Inzirillo13 dager siden

    Hiiiij Tony hawk

  • Crystal Inzirillo

    Crystal Inzirillo

    13 dager siden

    Ok hi???

  • CHK3N
    CHK3N14 dager siden

    Me reacting to these as a former skater: AH, JESUS CHRIST, EWWW, OoOoOoH

  • bytad
    bytad15 dager siden

    Video: A skater sneezing Doctor: A dislocated jaw, internal bleeding, possibly death.

  • Sox
    Sox15 dager siden

    “But other than that”

  • Christopher Black
    Christopher Black15 dager siden

    "so yeah I got lucky with my injuries, ive only broken my legs (twice), dislocated all my joints in both of my arms, cracked my skull and my my jaw and broke my fingers in 3 places, so not a huge deal"

  • John and Greg
    John and Greg16 dager siden

    Garrett ginner was in his video

  • BZCrimson 06
    BZCrimson 0617 dager siden

    Me a beginner watching this horrified lol

  • Logan Borcsane
    Logan Borcsane17 dager siden

    I gotta stop watching this video imma be scared to sack

  • Bryce Voskuil
    Bryce Voskuil17 dager siden

    This is why I don’t skate

  • Cay YT
    Cay YT17 dager siden

    Garret Ginner!!!!!!

  • xfol
    xfol19 dager siden

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  • Saga Ardyanto

    Saga Ardyanto

    18 dager siden


  • Charlotte Brossette
    Charlotte Brossette19 dager siden

    Doctors are Soo worrying I'll be ready to get Ina coffin next time I fall

  • Scott H
    Scott H20 dager siden

    @GQ Sports Doctor should have mentioned how important it is to get to a hospital for surgery if a bone breaks the skin Bone infection is no joke

  • Laughin Afro
    Laughin Afro21 dag siden

    As a beginner skater this terrified me

  • Brian Hudson
    Brian Hudson21 dag siden

    17:05 Sticky Sturface.

  • steph _ 2483
    steph _ 248322 dager siden

    I’ve only been skating since February and I’ve already broken my wrist and sprained my ankle 3 times 😂

  • Terry Philips
    Terry Philips23 dager siden

    When the doctor started talking about rupturing testicles, I nearly quit skating on the spot.

  • Isaiah Morales
    Isaiah Morales23 dager siden

    Shoutout scorpionmasters 😂

  • banana
    banana23 dager siden

    Third clip in and I got super squeamish but I couldn't bring myself to exit out of the video 😬 Edit: the video game clip sealed the deal 😫

  • Its BiZzL
    Its BiZzL23 dager siden

    And I’m scared getting sacked on a baby rail

  • Jovan Declay
    Jovan Declay23 dager siden

    This doctor makes me wanna go to the hospital for hitting a pebble.

  • Hugtober
    Hugtober24 dager siden

    Started skateboarding this year and got scared when I just BRUISED my knee. AND THOSE GUYS ARE HITTING THEIR HEADS AND JUST TRY IT AGAIN. I'm scared of a mf manual 🤦‍♀️

  • Bondiwaffle4ever Australiawaffle

    Bondiwaffle4ever Australiawaffle

    13 dager siden

    Me to, I tried mini manuals, but when I tried going off the curb I fell on my face and people rushed over to me asking if I was ok as I lay in the street. Super embarrassing

  • Perfect Insanity

    Perfect Insanity

    24 dager siden

    FELT that lmao, I just started this year too!

  • Benedikt Bagger
    Benedikt Bagger25 dager siden

    Great insights!

  • Just-GOJIRA fam-11
    Just-GOJIRA fam-1125 dager siden


  • Aracoixo
    Aracoixo26 dager siden

    🍀 *I call this b.s. unlucky*

  • michael kelley
    michael kelley26 dager siden

    I had to stop watching 6 minutes in. This is painful

  • Brians Life
    Brians Life26 dager siden

    Garrett Ginner!

  • Du3lKing146
    Du3lKing14626 dager siden

    When i was twelve i went to ride my sksteborad to school and the foor was uneven and i landed straight on my head then i just got up and went to school. My parents were right kids get take anything XD

  • Just-GOJIRA fam-11

    Just-GOJIRA fam-11

    25 dager siden


  • icecreamforcrowhurst
    icecreamforcrowhurst27 dager siden

    That opener NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • FireDoge723
    FireDoge72327 dager siden

    watching tony hawk while playing as tony hawk in American Wasteland

  • Marcus
    Marcus27 dager siden

    Me: oh that's happened to me before The doctor: how are you alive

  • Void Coupon
    Void Coupon28 dager siden

    They really should have shown one of na kel smith's roll out bails

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball28 dager siden

    Most people: Vertebrae This doctor: Vertebruh

  • Jackson Blair
    Jackson Blair28 dager siden

    Who just comes here to watch people get hurt

  • Evan Hestley
    Evan Hestley28 dager siden

    I literally only longboard on flatground and don't do anything crazy and I still wear a helmet/full pad getup, I may look like my mom dressed me but I don't wanna explode if I somehow crash into something 😂👌🏼

  • RayzerAnarchy88
    RayzerAnarchy8829 dager siden

    I remember when Garrett Ginner slammed on that hand rail! It messed him up for awhile. Broken jaw and broken wrist if I remember correctly.

  • Sir MrMimeGuy712
    Sir MrMimeGuy71229 dager siden

    This video made me never want to skate again lol

  • sammybabi
    sammybabi29 dager siden

    Tony hawk is still the man!

  • Davi Emerim
    Davi Emerim29 dager siden

    Imagine if the doctor was a secret character in the game.

  • Shawn Harrison
    Shawn Harrison29 dager siden

    Tony Hawk and Travis Pastrana are in a league of their own.

  • Jaxon Moon
    Jaxon Moon29 dager siden

    I just broke my collarbone a couple months back skating, had to get surgery. Now I have a metal plate and about 10 screws holding it together. And I'm not quitting, SK80RD13!!!!

  • Cdj Thg

    Cdj Thg

    27 dager siden

    What did you do to break it? Trying to know to be cautious doing it.

  • Timothy O'Hara
    Timothy O'Hara29 dager siden

    20:55, I've been in a cast for a month with a scaphoid fracture and I'm still looking at another 3 or so months of recovery. It's probably one of the worst hand bones to break because of how little blood flow it gets, making it take forever to heal. With that it's very easy to display small healing, and in turn can cause a need for surgery, which is very common. Just a little insight if anybody wanted it :).

  • The free real estate guy
    The free real estate guyMåned siden

    This video is the reason I don’t skate

  • Jevern Lauder
    Jevern LauderMåned siden

    “You see him bounce there on his crotch... Verry unpleasant”

  • R Project
    R ProjectMåned siden

    So we ain't talking about the legendary kid who tried to inward heel carlsbad gap? *edit* was dissapointed it wasn't included in this video.

  • Tanktech2001
    Tanktech2001Måned siden

    Am I crazy or does this doctor look a little bit like Jeff Dunham?

  • 4inksempire
    4inksempireMåned siden

    Wear some protectors!

  • Elisabeth Alkire
    Elisabeth AlkireMåned siden

    My old math teacher is the godmother of his kids

  • Lance Jensen
    Lance JensenMåned siden

    You know what's not hardcore? Leaving your parents to plan your funeral. Wear your pads guys.

  • Enrique Brambila
    Enrique BrambilaMåned siden

    Dang they should have included the Carlos Lastra Dumpster jump

  • Dark Abyss
    Dark AbyssMåned siden

    Tony is literally the oldest teenager

  • Klay Dolphin
    Klay DolphinMåned siden

    Tony: oh wow that's bad but he's lucky Doctor:get in the fckn coffin

  • TexasPoon Tappa

    TexasPoon Tappa

    3 dager siden


  • beni anti
    beni antiMåned siden

    do one with (former) professional ski racers, they all have their fair shares of torn ACL's, meniscus and other sorts of injuries. one athlete tore her ACL for the 4th time in 5 years. she's 22

  • okaymelanie
    okaymelanieMåned siden

    tony pulling a debby ryan at 9:53 after the doc compliments the trick LMAOO

  • KillBill Grill
    KillBill GrillMåned siden

    Why would I watch this high, I can't leave my bed now Are they talking with each other or are they reaction. Who woho are the reacting too

  • StopMotion Cup Series21
    StopMotion Cup Series21Måned siden


  • Kenneth Williams
    Kenneth WilliamsMåned siden

    Tony I broke a rib to learn the 900 STREET BIKE TOMMY: HOLD MY FRONT FLIP AT PASTRANALAND

  • Kenneth Williams
    Kenneth WilliamsMåned siden

    Kid who split his chin open after the sak tap his heel kicked him in the back of his head!

  • It’s yo boy Warren
    It’s yo boy WarrenMåned siden

    That’s hella funny garret ginners fall at the 18 stair luckily he only got stitches and a broken arm

  • samuel yol pivaral
    samuel yol pivaralMåned siden

    Why does the doctor look like John Cena 😂😭

  • Bill Crow
    Bill CrowMåned siden

    Tony hawk is just professional Steve o

  • Stan the Ant Man
    Stan the Ant ManMåned siden

    One hour episode of skate hall of meat.

  • Stohe Claims
    Stohe ClaimsMåned siden

    im just scaring myself at this point but being scared is kinda nice

  • Ro
    RoMåned siden

    Was there a little botox involved with Tony? Please just get old without a cellophane face, Tony. I would not stand it.

  • Hyagho Miranda
    Hyagho MirandaMåned siden

    3:10 c'mon T. never did hahahaha

  • Lily
    LilyMåned siden

    Omg those double dislocated fingers tony had made me forever squeamish

  • James Deininger
    James DeiningerMåned siden


  • Grand Chawhee
    Grand ChawheeMåned siden

    doc: rule of thumb a fracture six to eight weeks. skater: (skating the next day with a cast) lol

  • merces47letifer
    merces47letiferMåned siden


  • skatetolive45
    skatetolive45Måned siden

    Thanks for this. Blew the tendons outta both sides on the left knee- it amazes me how two years later i still have NO stability in those side to side supporters.

  • Caroline Harris
    Caroline HarrisMåned siden

    I was thinking about trying to learn to skate but I don't know about it anymore Do t really feel like break a collarbone or something

  • Mo
    MoMåned siden

    I'm never doing rails ever

  • Glory Days31
    Glory Days31Måned siden


  • mike hunt
    mike huntMåned siden

    They should have had the Pedro Delfino roof rail slam

  • Alessandro Long
    Alessandro LongMåned siden

    Why you don’t skate transition😂😂😂

  • JMB
    JMBMåned siden

    I just got hit In my head while skating. So this came in a perfect time. My head still hurts but the doctors said I was ok. What happened to me might be unprecedented. I was hit by the drone that was filming me. Run over by a drone! Never heard that one before. LOL

  • Captain Del Culo

    Captain Del Culo

    Måned siden

    Unlucky dude! Make sure to rest up, you'll be fine but head injury is no joke!

  • Coulter Gaske
    Coulter GaskeMåned siden

    I’ve dislocated my elbow before and you can’t straighten it out for a while. My fracture in my elbow will heal though and my ligaments will reattach, but I’m very lucky.

  • Shane Garcia
    Shane GarciaMåned siden

    Bruv just where a cup when grinding handrails.

  • codeDart
    codeDartMåned siden

    Mannn my body feels all sorts of pain watching this video.

  • Lumpy
    LumpyMåned siden

    Tony is a loser in better at vert than him

  • YouTuber69 sick
    YouTuber69 sickMåned siden

    Tony you're my hero

  • Olli Ahvenjärvi
    Olli AhvenjärviMåned siden

    Garret ginger fell on that handrail hard

  • Not F
    Not FMåned siden

    9:49 Tony smirking as soon as the Doc said "It almost looks like we're watching a video game" lol

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin GarciaMåned siden


  • Lord Shadow
    Lord ShadowMåned siden

    Wear a helmet boys and girls

  • Chase Campitella
    Chase CampitellaMåned siden

    Does he still skate?

  • AwesomeLewis64
    AwesomeLewis64Måned siden

    You have to Amit tony hawk is the face of skating

  • itsya boi XD
    itsya boi XDMåned siden

    Who else touches the form of their bones while the doctor is showing the bones😂

  • miou-miou
    miou-miouMåned siden

    something they didnt mention here is the hardening of bones (which is a good thing) and the fact that most skaters and bmxers learn how to fall to take the least amount of impact in just one area.. i recently crashed my bmx down a regular set of stairs, no biggie.. just some blood.. five days later while i was just riding along on the street, my right foot (toes) hit the ground as i was pedaling and it sent me over the bike and i crashed hard (both knees, both feet, shoulder, chest and head).. however, since im used to crashing, i knew what to look for and i decided i was good enough to keep on going.. that is, keep biking to the doctors meeting i was about to have.. as for the hardened bones... well that is something you build up over time and it will keep you at least somewhat safer.. think of it as a fighter who kicks a lot.. if you were to kick another persons shin, neither of you trained, you could both break your bones.. if a muai thai fighter were to kick you however, only you would break your bones.. im 36 and have been doing this for over 30 years now, never broken a bone.

  • Schmixes
    SchmixesMåned siden

    Every time it cuts to Tony while the doctor is talking it looks like he got hit with existential dread.

  • X X
    X XMåned siden

    I just broke 2 ribs and on top of that fractured my cheek bone and rolled my ankle, this is why my family didnt want me skateboarding

  • X X

    X X

    Måned siden

    @Robert Emerson yeah that's a smart idea🤣🤣

  • Robert Emerson

    Robert Emerson

    Måned siden

    That's why I don't skateboard, I think I'll just keep playing guitar. 😂

  • MakerOfJustice
    MakerOfJusticeMåned siden

    Yo, that guy looks like Tony Hawk!