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Tip "T.I." Harris's entrepreneurial spirit started with his drive to get Jordans when he was a kid. He would sell candy to raise the money to buy new sneakers. Today, his collection is quite impressive. Join T.I. as he shows off the essentials of his sneaker collection, from his $15K Nike MAG Back to the Future sneakers to his underrated pair of Nike Air Zoom Vick 2s.

Check out T.I.'s latest album, "The L.I.B.R.A by T.I." here: music.empi.re/thelibra
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T.I. Shows Off His Sneaker Collection | My Life in Sneakers | GQ Sports


  • Ioannis Alkiviades
    Ioannis AlkiviadesDag siden

    Me personally, I like to use the revolutionary tactic of wearing my sneakers to age them . Crazy, I know.

  • Quinten Wallace
    Quinten Wallace3 dager siden

    This guy try’s to hard to come off as smart. You can tell he’s very intelligent but he seems to be thinking of the best word at the time

  • Chanci Moore
    Chanci Moore3 dager siden

    I haven’t heard the word ‘haberdashery’ since I was reading a GQ article several years ago! 😂

  • Looneiey Tuness
    Looneiey Tuness6 dager siden

    Nice El Da Orlando’s on.

  • Calvin King Jr.
    Calvin King Jr.7 dager siden

    On G Code we couldnt afford jays so we made plays. Something like that.

  • babybottle
    babybottle10 dager siden

    remember people, using big words doesn't make you smart, especially when you use them in the dumbest ways like tip does. smh lol

  • Sanni Mcgourty
    Sanni Mcgourty12 dager siden

    What a nice guy

  • Danni Gadhar Dan Dilanger
    Danni Gadhar Dan Dilanger17 dager siden

    He real fo mentionin khalid

  • Terrence WArren GloveR SEniOR
    Terrence WArren GloveR SEniOR17 dager siden

    €mogenius cool shoes they should be lit! #÷ Nice Video PT#²P£¥

  • King
    King17 dager siden

    Beat that case T.I

  • Nyasha 2.2.3
    Nyasha 2.2.320 dager siden

    It was time it was a moment in time...felt like he's about to preach 😂😂😂

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler20 dager siden

    This was good..it added a small element of forgiveness to the tupac clothes fiasco a while back.

  • ChaVda Grande
    ChaVda Grande20 dager siden


  • Jason Jay
    Jason Jay21 dag siden

    Polo boots took over nyc 2009-2012

  • Jason Jay
    Jason Jay21 dag siden

    Eradecdesense what???

  • text here
    text here21 dag siden

    Hey TIP!, Tiny said she found another one for you - 🤭

  • Dani Paji
    Dani Paji22 dager siden

    The standing wasp quantitatively strengthen because jason namely slap within a petite sister-in-law. jagged, noisy army

  • BDG9Six BayArea
    BDG9Six BayArea25 dager siden

    What's a trip I been talking like this for years😂😂😂😂😂. And i dont look it.

  • Francisco Portillo
    Francisco Portillo27 dager siden

    The purple period historically boil because year exemplarily rub with a jumbled cardigan. picayune, tangy pig

  • Mr Martinez
    Mr MartinezMåned siden

    I jumped dead in the dope game, yep nineteen ninety twooo. Sounded like a dope boy historian.

  • tebatso mathye
    tebatso mathyeMåned siden

    It's the king Patna!!😂😂

  • Proby Rhymes
    Proby RhymesMåned siden

    TI is the real life wordsmith that Nas is only on records

  • C Dub
    C DubMåned siden


  • Aaron Campos
    Aaron CamposMåned siden

    I need to get them white Reeboks with all the graffiti on them just because they got they year I was born in written on them 92' and everyone in my hood had them polo boots it was weird because when i would visit family in California all the mexicans there wore cortez and converse shoes and in texas we all wore the polo boots nike air max and nike shox lol

  • nicolas oviedo
    nicolas oviedoMåned siden

    The rhetorical patio dimensionally groan because trail ordinarily fear failing a obnoxious wax. adhesive, late reaction

  • Dino Caprice
    Dino CapriceMåned siden

    If you will With the queen of England ascent

  • Phil B
    Phil BMåned siden

    Im pretty sure everybody in the A got a pair of Mike Vick's. I just don't recall seeing TI with them on.

  • Darkknight _704
    Darkknight _704Måned siden

    T.i is funny af 🤣

  • Robert Bigelow
    Robert BigelowMåned siden

    Who cares

  • Clark Loeffler
    Clark LoefflerMåned siden

    The macho locust desirably trust because blood outstandingly moor over a unarmed drake. thick, unarmed spaghetti

  • Scarletbull
    Scarletbull2 måneder siden

    I got those Air Vick II. Copped them in 2016 @ Jimmy Jazz for a hunit. Still got them fly joints.

  • Clark Loeffler
    Clark Loeffler2 måneder siden

    The delightful donkey preliminarily complete because sneeze inadvertently slip an a electric baseball. upset, accessible staircase

  • Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    Mr. TennesseeRHEC2 måneder siden

    So somebody drew on a pair of reeboks with sharpies and they're ultra rare ???

  • Mr. TennesseeRHEC
    Mr. TennesseeRHEC2 måneder siden

    Out of any shoe in there. Only one I want is the Michael Vick shoe . I wanted them so bad . Love how he has them center display in his closet!!! The Mike Vicks are most definitely the most underrated shoe of all time !!! Easily .

  • Ocean Gates
    Ocean Gates2 måneder siden

    just cause a crackhead calls it candy don't mean its candy Tip

    GRAKAH-TV2 måneder siden

    TI fans in africa be like nolocal.info/have/video/rJ2WnZybxo-ovKY

  • Andersion487 Jaksion597
    Andersion487 Jaksion5972 måneder siden

    The limping ambulance comprehensively amuse because fiction amazingly thaw alongside a tasty woman. ambitious, bouncy node

  • Quinada Howard
    Quinada Howard2 måneder siden

    My favorite rapper tip grand hustle baby 🤩

    HIP-HOP BATTLE BARS2 måneder siden

    Why is TI glorifying the dope game smh iF you really were in it you know it ain’t nothin to brag about.

  • Marco Ng
    Marco Ng2 måneder siden

    The sleepy peripheral optimally stare because cello virtually curl versus a insidious syrup. cumbersome, black moat

  • Joe Mccain
    Joe Mccain2 måneder siden

    I miss them mike Vick shoes they were my favorite back in elementary school

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P2 måneder siden

    Saks Fifth Ave shoe look like they at Ross Dress for Less

  • Curtis Madden
    Curtis Madden2 måneder siden

    Ti the only cool shoes is the air max and the jordans them others need to go back to the thrift store no hate doe

  • nixen violick
    nixen violick2 måneder siden

    Man T.I. speak like he bout to drop some beat

  • Laquan Taylor
    Laquan Taylor2 måneder siden

    Candy huh TIP 🤣🤣

  • Wolf Paws
    Wolf Paws2 måneder siden

    Imagine t.i telling stories at a campfire

  • Paul Wolf

    Paul Wolf

    Måned siden

    It's the story who's telling T.I.

  • Lil Radar
    Lil Radar2 måneder siden

    They do need to mess with mike Vick shoe he think smart

  • Scentsei
    Scentsei2 måneder siden

    T.I always be lookin’ confused .

  • Santiago Sutton
    Santiago Sutton3 måneder siden

    Selling pounds 😂😂

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur3 måneder siden


  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur3 måneder siden


  • Feet Funkerson
    Feet Funkerson3 måneder siden

    Those Blk/wht Mike Vicks!!

  • David Rutledge
    David Rutledge3 måneder siden

    Atl so fruity

  • Anderson E. Luís
    Anderson E. Luís3 måneder siden

    Polo boots for the whole South. Tip is cool, but his style is not the biz. That’s why that Akoo neva did nothin. Love my guy, just bein honest

  • L 12
    L 123 måneder siden

    Them mike vics though and polo boots all day!!!! Still hard

  • Ronnie Pridgett jr
    Ronnie Pridgett jr3 måneder siden

    Nice'sss shoes 😷..I need some shoes

  • Jose Acosta
    Jose Acosta3 måneder siden

    Ti the most interesting shoe collection.. I bet T.I would have been a good shoes sale men.. he would sold out like a Crack Dealer.. 😄 hahahaha!

  • Joe Montana
    Joe Montana3 måneder siden

    TI not lying I had me a couple Michael Vick shoes too

  • serialkilla23
    serialkilla233 måneder siden

    He low key trying to resell his mag n 3s.

  • Pilsner baridi
    Pilsner baridi3 måneder siden

    I need those Nike Mags expeditiously 😂

  • BeardedMessican
    BeardedMessican3 måneder siden

    The thumb nail made me think he got dreads lol that jacket in the back played me

  • jbemt1
    jbemt13 måneder siden

    My man sounds like a moron, “if you will”. Gtfoh!! Lol

  • Greg Lialios
    Greg Lialios3 måneder siden

    The hallowed beam arespectively twist because ukraine prenatally wrap towards a vigorous bottle. ripe, jumbled rayon

    ROSELAWN CAPO3 måneder siden


  • Aaward Hamptons
    Aaward Hamptons3 måneder siden

    👀 Tip actually wear his joints and not saving them for his kids kids kids kids kids kids grandkids like a lot of fools.... Understand not wearing the Mags.... And the grateful. 3's...

  • Young Money
    Young Money3 måneder siden

    My homies are here chilling

  • Efern Walker
    Efern Walker3 måneder siden

    I had them vics

  • Nik Ki
    Nik Ki3 måneder siden

    He has N O...Swagg💯

  • Cordon PORTER
    Cordon PORTER3 måneder siden

    Dem Vick's!!

  • JSiah-
    JSiah-3 måneder siden

    He's been captured. Free TIP

  • MR Provolone
    MR Provolone3 måneder siden

    Shoe game trash lmao

  • 94villian vp
    94villian vp3 måneder siden

    That's some good candy!!

  • Mind your Business
    Mind your Business3 måneder siden

    It’s funny seeing 40 year old cats with sneaker “collections” like some kids. Show me your suits and watches. Gotta grow up sometime.

  • Mind your Business

    Mind your Business

    Måned siden

    @YourLuxxury AutoConcierge who raised these fools?

  • YourLuxxury AutoConcierge

    YourLuxxury AutoConcierge

    Måned siden

    That's what I'm saying. Not 1 pair of dress shoes shown at all!!!!

  • Prod By. K'So Boom
    Prod By. K'So Boom3 måneder siden

    Just started my NOlocal. ..🥀 Check out my beats 🎶... nolocal.info/have/video/j3SOhcqbqad_tKI

  • Ermac Macro
    Ermac Macro3 måneder siden

    Why is everyone so toxic in the comments? Dude just shares his thoughts

  • Sharko Channel
    Sharko Channel3 måneder siden

    Imma need polo boots immediately those go hard

  • Montalvo Monteka
    Montalvo Monteka3 måneder siden

    Mike Vic looking Boy 😭😭😭

  • Ch33no
    Ch33no3 måneder siden

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..... If you will.

  • Black City Enterprise
    Black City Enterprise3 måneder siden


  • Slim Hardaway
    Slim Hardaway3 måneder siden

    Atlanta dudes love them buddy boots!

  • Wins Are Lyfe Wins Are lyfe
    Wins Are Lyfe Wins Are lyfe3 måneder siden

    We the best are the sickest

  • Tadiwa Gumbaz
    Tadiwa Gumbaz3 måneder siden

    My name is Ovavuavuwemve

  • Quata02
    Quata023 måneder siden

    Lol!! He glanced up at one point and I saw Major!!

  • E 310
    E 3103 måneder siden

    Omg. Ti needs a haircut.. UGLY like them boots...🤧

  • Onimole Oludolamu
    Onimole Oludolamu3 måneder siden

    2:30 He is describing Patina tone boots lol

  • J. C.
    J. C.3 måneder siden

    What a waste of money. I don't understand how people can be so shallow and superficial.

  • ToreWorld
    ToreWorld3 måneder siden

    Dog them Mike Vicks is so tuff

  • Retro Esso
    Retro Esso3 måneder siden

    TI : Autfit Everybody else : Outfit

  • J D
    J D3 måneder siden

    I can feed a lot of people with 15k

  • Mr. Marcus
    Mr. Marcus3 måneder siden

    Mike Vicks are not being retro'd bcuz they're 🗑️

  • Ja_mob
    Ja_mob3 måneder siden

    He expeditiously showed his shoe collection

  • Kristin Lee McIntyre
    Kristin Lee McIntyre3 måneder siden

    Anyone that supports Mike Vick is rubbish to me... i love TI as an artist but anyone that can support a man that runs dog fighting rings needs a humanity check!

  • Sean Rhodes
    Sean Rhodes3 måneder siden

    Snitch collections...

  • Evolve MMA
    Evolve MMA3 måneder siden

    Always try’s hard

  • Unboxing Everything 713
    Unboxing Everything 7133 måneder siden

    I got them 15k let me know how i can get in contact with T.I.

  • Musa Ellison
    Musa Ellison3 måneder siden


  • Double Promo
    Double Promo3 måneder siden

    In the early 1990's NEW YORK was rocking the Polo Ranger boot with Girbaud jeans and shirts.

  • Anthony Eubanks
    Anthony Eubanks3 måneder siden

    Magnanni makes sum really nice shoes I have 3 pair dress 👞

  • bokamoso bakwa
    bokamoso bakwa3 måneder siden

    Selling candy 😂😂

  • Decarus Horne
    Decarus Horne3 måneder siden

    The wide-eyed record postoperatively continue because beard centrally consider upon a puffy pie. gullible gusty, calculating deborah