Super Bowl Ring Designer Breaks Down Super Bowl Rings (Patriots, Eagles) | Game Points | GQ Sports


Chris Poitras is the VP and COO of Jostens, Sports and College Division, the Minneapolis-based company that has designed and crafted 35 of the 53 Super Bowl rings. From the very first ring that the Green Bay Packers won in Super Bowl I to the most recent ring that the Patriots won last year, learn the history behind the NFL's most prized piece of hardware.
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Super Bowl Ring Designer Breaks Down Super Bowl Rings (Patriots, Eagles) | Game Points | GQ Sports


  • cat
    cat11 dager siden

    so he has the biggest collection

  • epi sohard
    epi sohardMåned siden

    A natureza é maravilhosa

  • Aazib Abdullah
    Aazib Abdullah2 måneder siden

    Jostens has now made the Kansas City Chiefs ring.

  • 1990Thunderbolt
    1990Thunderbolt2 måneder siden

    I came back here after I saw the Chief's 2nd Super Bowl ring. As a Patriots fan, I gotta say it doesn't look bad.

  • St0pCaPPING-_- 23
    St0pCaPPING-_- 234 måneder siden

    not a pats fan but the pats have better rings then the Steelers imo

  • Sir. TaCkY wAcKy
    Sir. TaCkY wAcKy4 måneder siden

    None of y’all know I just went on a vacation with their family

  • trammie trap gorilla
    trammie trap gorilla6 måneder siden

    Minneapolis lol

  • PixelPie
    PixelPie6 måneder siden

    Broncos and Eagles rings are 2 best rings I ever saw

  • Heated Highlights
    Heated Highlights6 måneder siden

    This is sick

  • Lou Zer
    Lou Zer8 måneder siden

    Im mad these werent in Uncut Gems

  • Anon Music
    Anon Music8 måneder siden

    Really liked the design, calmness and tone of his presentation and voice on this well done Good videography and analysis, company and conversation. Excellent.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson9 måneder siden

    They should do this with NBA Championship rings

  • MasterChief 15
    MasterChief 159 måneder siden

    Can't wait to see the Chiefs Superbowl 54 Ring. 🏈🏆💍🎉

  • Arcadia Green
    Arcadia Green9 måneder siden

    Such a huge weight of phillys shoulders to not be among the 4 teams with no rings. Also top 3 best superbowls ever played, offensively. Scoring bonanza

  • T P
    T P9 måneder siden

    Americans... smh

  • Sam g
    Sam g9 måneder siden

    That Broncos ring is the nicest ever made. - A patriots fan

  • Mohamed Mohammed
    Mohamed Mohammed9 måneder siden

    He didn’t say how much each ring costs!?

  • Mat3o
    Mat3o9 måneder siden

    As a pats fan, i cant wait to see the chiefs new ring. Huge SB Ring fan. I think its cool looking at other teams rings as well. Even if you dont like them lol

  • Roy Perrin
    Roy Perrin9 måneder siden

    I wonder what the average quality is of all those diamonds?

  • Bryan Rowland
    Bryan Rowland9 måneder siden

    The NBA rings look way better

  • Jefferson Douyon
    Jefferson Douyon9 måneder siden

    The Best Ring you going to make is for the #ChiefsKingdom.

  • Jefferson Douyon
    Jefferson Douyon9 måneder siden

    Football (American football) is not World game. Why calling it World Championship when they only play Americans team only

  • Maxsoula Maxsoula
    Maxsoula Maxsoula9 måneder siden

    0:40 is that a phone?

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel9 måneder siden

    Jostens is successful at price gouging teenage kids

  • Terrence Hollowell
    Terrence Hollowell9 måneder siden

    Loved the post,excellent job

  • Woodape100 Productions
    Woodape100 Productions9 måneder siden

    They should embed a little gps chip in each one in case it gets stolen or lost

  • Aaron Dillard
    Aaron Dillard9 måneder siden

    Why does the Ravens ring look so crappy and cheap like my 5 year old drew it lol

  • Brandon Savitski
    Brandon Savitski9 måneder siden

    That's right motherfuckers! 8:57 Kiss The Ring of Perfection! The 1 Ring that Rules Them All. MIAMI DOLPHINS! The only Unbeatable Team! The Greatest Team Ever! Kiss it! MUAH MUAH MUAH MUAH! Your team will never be Perfect.

  • Abdul Samad Bhati
    Abdul Samad Bhati9 måneder siden

    At 5:49 there is a World Heavyweight Championship... Thank me later 😎

  • Connor S
    Connor S9 måneder siden

    Hey well, one day I hope to see a black and blue ring 🔵⚫️

  • Dennis Barber
    Dennis Barber9 måneder siden

    Wonder what the Chiefs rings are gonna look like.2 diamonds I guess.🤔

  • tyra Jackson
    tyra Jackson9 måneder siden

    I have to order my graduation cap and gown, Jostens y’all mind giving me a free senior ring.

  • Lumpenheinz
    Lumpenheinz9 måneder siden

    They're all ugly.

  • Sqoun
    Sqoun9 måneder siden

    designers to Bob Kraft: " How many diamonds you need in them rings Mr. Kraft?" Mr. Kraft: "YES"!

  • mudpuddlepanda
    mudpuddlepanda9 måneder siden

    Blood diamond

  • mudpuddlepanda
    mudpuddlepanda9 måneder siden

    Most overhyped thing ever

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith9 måneder siden

    How long till they get so big they have to do a suberbowl watch?

  • Steve Stevensteverson
    Steve Stevensteverson9 måneder siden

    Get those rubies ready for those Chiefs rings.

  • William Sanders
    William Sanders9 måneder siden

    "First world championship ring" >Sport played by pretty much one country lmao okayyyyyy

  • MrGiftedhands11
    MrGiftedhands119 måneder siden

    No wonder why those class rings are so expensive, they have to pay for all the overtime it's going to take to get the Superbowl rings done in 6 weeks!

  • Nucka
    Nucka9 måneder siden

    So these guys make a replica or were they using the ones in canton?

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones9 måneder siden

    There’s something about the eagles ring that I find so amazing

  • Clear of Conflict
    Clear of Conflict9 måneder siden

    Bruh where’s Seattle’s?

  • 1990Thunderbolt
    1990Thunderbolt9 måneder siden

    not a chiefs fan but i'm happy for them especially for andy reid! well deserved champions! i'm curious to see how their rings will look like this year!

  • kamdaddypurp
    kamdaddypurp9 måneder siden

    Those Steelers rings looking fire

  • Variety Coins & Carnivorous Plants
    Variety Coins & Carnivorous Plants9 måneder siden

    Johnny Dang needs to make Super Bowl rings

  • Mr. Shifter
    Mr. Shifter9 måneder siden

    That bronco one is nice

  • ThaiDuiTx
    ThaiDuiTx9 måneder siden

    My uncle worked for the Patriots stadium as a janitor… He has more rings than anyone in the NFL

  • Jason McGrath
    Jason McGrath9 måneder siden

    Pat's fan, that eagles ring is incredibly made

  • Matthew Mcnary
    Matthew Mcnary9 måneder siden

    Bears ring is simple yet so nice

    CLARKFIELD9 måneder siden

    ''true world championship'' in the NATIONAL football league

  • mg19cal
    mg19cal9 måneder siden

    1:17 "the brotherhood" Shows twin brothers Nice (even though I hate the Patriots)

  • 1990Thunderbolt


    9 måneder siden

    the first ever twin brothers to win the super bowl together i think.

  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte9 måneder siden

    still not sure why we give kids prizes for winning a game they LOVE to play.... SOME AND OR MOST failure in regular life... and also useless to society ..... sure ... give them a platinum ring....its a joke

  • ExtraSalt
    ExtraSalt9 måneder siden

    Not a Steelers fan but their 5th Super Bowl ring is the best looking imo

  • ExtraSalt
    ExtraSalt9 måneder siden

    The Chiefs 2nd Super Bowl ring better be beautiful.

  • GTW
    GTW9 måneder siden

    This guy has the same last name as me tf

  • Joseph Alejandro
    Joseph Alejandro9 måneder siden

    My precious

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez9 måneder siden

    Put a big fat asterisk among those 400 diamonds in the Cheatriots rings..

  • MDK 8
    MDK 89 måneder siden

    Diamonds are rare they say lmao

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez9 måneder siden

    "Helping them celebrate."

  • Eliza Kaufman
    Eliza Kaufman9 måneder siden

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a super bowl ring.

  • Eliza Kaufman

    Eliza Kaufman

    9 måneder siden

    Ronan. M No. I just don’t enjoy watching sports.

  • Ronan. M

    Ronan. M

    9 måneder siden

    U living under a rock?

  • Young :]
    Young :]10 måneder siden

    Idk if this is weird but I enjoy hearing him talk ...

  • 1,000 subscribers And no videos?
    1,000 subscribers And no videos?10 måneder siden

    You guys probably won’t believe me but I have the Detroit redwings 1997 Stanley cup ring, it’s very heavy

  • phillipians 4:13
    phillipians 4:1310 måneder siden

    Brady prob scratches his face alot showing off the rings

  • Rusty
    Rusty10 måneder siden

    World Champion? lol

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense10 måneder siden

    Who pays for the rings?

  • dominic williamson
    dominic williamson10 måneder siden

    Pats fan here and i have to say. Eagkes ring is gorgeous ngl.

  • Surviving Society
    Surviving Society10 måneder siden

    I'm front Atlanta and I diehard Atlanta fan. And the patriots comeback was my birthday so felt it at the 9:36 mark 😔

  • Francis Perreault
    Francis Perreault10 måneder siden

    Its not a world championship if only the usa participates.

  • MoondayTV
    MoondayTV10 måneder siden

    Wann kommt der Reaktionsboss?

  • Proud Indian 2020
    Proud Indian 202010 måneder siden

    I'm an Indian, I don't know a thing about Super Bowl but definitely this is best way to present a player as a collective momento symbolising victory. Going Great Super Bowl 👍

  • Ate-4
    Ate-410 måneder siden

    the rings are more interesting than the game.

  • Sandman
    Sandman10 måneder siden

    "World" Champions. No America. Just, No.

  • TG Studio.
    TG Studio.10 måneder siden


  • Korvus
    Korvus10 måneder siden

    Isnt a Ruby the most expensive gem ? If so, the Chiefs should have a huge gem in the middle. That would legit make all other rings look mediocre 😂😂

  • M3Vader
    M3Vader10 måneder siden

    Why show a fake ring at 8:26 ?!? Go Birds!

  • D
    D10 måneder siden

    Guess I should let them do my graduation ring

  • David Scott
    David Scott10 måneder siden

    The broncos ring and the patriots ring are the best I’ve seen.

  • Jupe367
    Jupe36710 måneder siden

    This is probably the only time I ever get to see a closeup of a Super Bowl ring closeup. I did not know there is so many details and stories on one ring.

  • Geoffrey Luecke
    Geoffrey Luecke10 måneder siden

    I don’t care what people think, I think the Detroit lions ring is the best

  • Kevin Harding
    Kevin Harding10 måneder siden

    Wheres the tita..... oh....right

  • Mittron
    Mittron10 måneder siden

    u gotta include an adaptor to put it on a chain with the big ones

  • Noh Buddy
    Noh Buddy10 måneder siden

    Shiny rocks

  • It’sMarcel
    It’sMarcel10 måneder siden

    So hyped to see the chiefs ring.. after 50 long years... can’t wait

  • Greysen Gagne

    Greysen Gagne

    4 måneder siden

    Chiefs Super Bowl was kind of corny, doesn't feel legit.

  • 1990Thunderbolt


    7 måneder siden

    @It’sMarcel it was. i was happy that the niners didn't win it. i don't want another 6 rings company! no thx! only the patriots and steelers!

  • It’sMarcel


    7 måneder siden

    1990Thunderbolt true tho.. but the game was awesome!!

  • 1990Thunderbolt


    7 måneder siden

    It’sMarcel 49ers fans are going to be so pissed off seeing that ring xD

  • Robert Rios

    Robert Rios

    9 måneder siden

    Would hate to be a fan of a team that doesn’t have one yet Lol

  • Ethan Cryder
    Ethan Cryder10 måneder siden

    All of these rings look pretty fire (except for the first one with the globe) but the packers ring looks so sick... the G lifted in all diamond

  • AnvilMAn603
    AnvilMAn60310 måneder siden

    should have put an asterisk on the patriots rings

  • jose estrada
    jose estrada10 måneder siden

    I wonder if the Patriots rings have any cameras or deflated footballs in their design 🤔

  • e n

    e n

    9 måneder siden

    I wonder if your team will ever win a superbowl 🤔

  • XanderTheOk
    XanderTheOk10 måneder siden

    Didn't know so much thought went into them, pretty cool!

  • ItsMeAndy
    ItsMeAndy10 måneder siden

    Does every player on the team get one of these?

  • Abel Paulino
    Abel Paulino10 måneder siden

    Can someone clarify why the write on the ring 'World Champions'"? I Didn't see other countries play the game.

  • mg19cal


    9 måneder siden

    Tell other countries to come get this American Football smoke if they want it then

  • Pedro Antunes
    Pedro Antunes10 måneder siden

    funny how all rings say world champion yet the sport is only popular in america

  • Pedro Antunes

    Pedro Antunes

    10 måneder siden

    @Harrison Lowenot really, the nfl only has american teams, you cant call yourself a world champ if you dont win against other countries. but yeah they are the best in the world, mainly because no other country cares about american football

  • Harrison Lowe

    Harrison Lowe

    10 måneder siden

    Pedro Antunes they’re still the best in the world at their sport so yeah, they’re world champs.

  • Rocky Puzo
    Rocky Puzo10 måneder siden

    Lol why would U ever want a runner up ring

  • B D
    B D10 måneder siden

    503th comment 🐪🐄🐂

  • Karashote
    Karashote10 måneder siden

    theres no T in Hundred. idiot.

  • Alex Kaczmarczyk
    Alex Kaczmarczyk10 måneder siden

    The Superbowl is so overrated.

  • boyre 1
    boyre 110 måneder siden

    Dude got me some clout for my hometown

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones10 måneder siden

    hate it when they say world title its not a world title its a national title

  • Mistellesonn
    Mistellesonn10 måneder siden

    So.... these athletes are paid thousands if not millions a year, and then they also get an incredibly expensive (easily tens of thousands) ring just as a gift? Ridiculous.

  • Pumpkin King
    Pumpkin King10 måneder siden

    The rings today look absurd.

  • Fish
    Fish10 måneder siden

    these are ugly af