Sneaker Expert Breaks Down the NBA's 9 Greatest Sneakers Ever | Game Points | GQ Sports


SLAM Magazine's Max Resetar is an NBA sneaker connoisseur. Join him as he breaks down the NBA's greatest all-time sneakers, including Michael Jordan's Air Jordan XI "Concord," LeBron James' Nike LeBron 15 "Equality," Kobe Bryant's Nike Kobe 6 "Grinch" and Adidas Kobe 2, Allen Iverson's Reebock Question Mid "Red Toe," P.J. Tucker's Nike Hyperdunk "Marty McFly," Nate Robinson's Nike Air Foamposite Lite "Kryptonate," Dee Brown's Reebock Pump Omni Lite "Dee Brown" and Kevin Garnett's Nike Garnett 3' sneakers.

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Sneaker Expert Breaks Down the NBA's 9 Greatest Sneakers Ever | Game Points | GQ Sports


  • Brad Fellers
    Brad Fellers24 dager siden

    Nike air zoom 1995. Jason Kidd. Loved those back in the day.

  • TiDus Mark
    TiDus Mark2 måneder siden

    You're missing the Pippen 2's. Straight up.

  • bbcicecreamman
    bbcicecreamman2 måneder siden

    no pippens or barkleys FOH

  • Andres Mauricio Betancourt
    Andres Mauricio Betancourt2 måneder siden

    Where are the lonzo's? I see myself out

  • Byrd Bros
    Byrd Bros2 måneder siden


  • buk kuk
    buk kuk2 måneder siden

    Reebok pump .. ..

  • mookeychase0907
    mookeychase09072 måneder siden

    Nice vid my dude but as an old head that remembers Nike coming in the league around 78 with the Blazer while the shell toe/Super star /Pro model waa the best shoe . The Nike AF1 created by Bruce Kilgore had all the top guys, all stars, hall of famers wearing them in 1982, along with many college and pro teams in different flavors. The Air Tech was a first thick sole first mid sole sneaker with a strap to match the swoosh. The Adidas Forum worn by Michael Jordan in the 1984 Olympics waa a shoe 👟 like we never saw thick sole with a meah weave a midsole with a wrap around strap that havw ankle support like nothing else. Patrick Ewing wore white royal and orange Forums iii n his rookie year prior to his own Adidas Ewing Conductor ans the Rivalry… I think those two shoes were very influential and very well made…

  • mookeychase0907
    mookeychase09072 måneder siden

    Youngblood you are wrong about the Concord being the first time we saw patent leather on a basketball sneaker . Do the knowledge ask your man Scoop he is an old head like me, he knows the first patent leather basketball sneaker we saw was the Converse Dr J.1983 it came in red with white star and arrow and black with white star and arrow. I never saw Doc or any of the Sixers wear them, therefore the first true patent leather basket shoe was 1984.The Adidas Top Ten royal with white tongue and white stripes also came in black qith white tongue and stripes. DePaul Blue Demons wore the royal hi tops joints Sxoop definitely should remember that being a Chi town kid. Depaul vs Georgetown 1984 game was on youtube where Kenny Patterson and the Blue Demons wore them. Check around I wouldn't steer you wrong young homey…

  • xTheNameisEthan
    xTheNameisEthan2 måneder siden

    I have a pair of Kobe 8 elite superheroes, my favorite shoes of all time, I’ll never get rid of them

  • Kobe
    Kobe2 måneder siden

    zo 2

  • Rustin O
    Rustin O2 måneder siden

    Adidas Kobe 2's are gross lol

  • Rustin O
    Rustin O2 måneder siden

    Favorite Jordan XI (11 lol) color way? I always go back & forth between Cool Grey 11s or Concords

  • Jayden Snow
    Jayden Snow2 måneder siden

    My bank account crying looking at these shoes

  • Reversi
    Reversi2 måneder siden

    Love this video and aint even done watching it, but just a little correction. The shoe at 4:47 are the Hyperdunks not the 4s.

  • René S. Shabastari
    René S. Shabastari2 måneder siden

    This is a list of good players that have shoes but a terrible list of the best B Ball kicks. Alright, I watched the rest, players got worse and shoes got worse. Only good shoes are XI and Question and Foamposite which are forever Penny's then Duncan's for his colorway. I love KG and Nike KG3 but doesn't belong here. Props for a single Jordan but that's so wrong when citing 2 wrong Kobe's

  • Gilly Gomez
    Gilly Gomez2 måneder siden

    No way this guy is a expert

    DIO BRANDO2 måneder siden

    The converse weapon didn't make it?

  • Zhang yulun
    Zhang yulun2 måneder siden

    15:17 YOOOO Dee Brown wayyy ahead of his time with the Dabbing

  • Viggo Macintosh
    Viggo Macintosh3 måneder siden

    *This is for my ballers out there, these are not the greatest basketball shoes in terms of performance.* 🏀

  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera3 måneder siden

    Outstanding Video.

  • David Barraza
    David Barraza3 måneder siden


  • Jblaze600
    Jblaze6003 måneder siden

    Pennys and Barkleys get no love

  • WhatShallEyeDo4U
    WhatShallEyeDo4U3 måneder siden

    Dude... You couldn't find a tripod or something to make your phone eye height? Amateur.

  • Gopal Allen
    Gopal Allen3 måneder siden


  • Emese Hugli
    Emese Hugli3 måneder siden

    this dude recorded himself with an android lmao

  • Bryan Castillo
    Bryan Castillo3 måneder siden

    KB8s best Kobe shoe of all time

  • Austin Skene
    Austin Skene3 måneder siden

    this guy lowkey looks like alex caruso

  • N cM
    N cM3 måneder siden

    I'd take the J13 and J14 over the J11 in terms of performance and the fact that the 14's were the last shoe to be worn by Jordan on the court.

  • MOBsta Imaging

    MOBsta Imaging

    3 måneder siden

    N cM Same. But the OG 11s I had still to this day had the grippiest rubber that stuck to indoor basketball courts of any shoe I have ever worn. Plus they are the flashiest and have the record season that cement 11s legacy as the greatest shoe of all time (even if they were way less comfortable and unforgiving than the later models). My reissues are not the same rubberwise.

  • Om Ram
    Om Ram3 måneder siden

    Max has terrible taste in style if these are his favourites.

  • MV33F1
    MV33F13 måneder siden

    That expert doesn't look like PJ Tucker

  • Raghu Hariharan
    Raghu Hariharan3 måneder siden

    Shocked not to see the TMacs or VC Shox here

  • Henry H
    Henry H3 måneder siden

    uh... kobe hated the adidas kobe 2 so... take that ish off the list

  • Ber Hen
    Ber Hen3 måneder siden

    Talking about Shoes is for woman.. Buy them. Don't Nancy about it

    HOODRICH HAUL3 måneder siden

    Agree with you iverson questions 1 of the greatest shoes and they are tanks take a beating and high quality materials. I want that A.I. poster behind you!

  • Jordache Jordan
    Jordache Jordan3 måneder siden

    He encapsulates history very well.

  • P2Rock
    P2Rock3 måneder siden

    Kobe hates the Kobe 2s. They are in everyone’s 10 worst shoe ever list. It’s not polarizing, they sold like crap and ended up on discount stores everywhere, everyone hated them.... except this guy

  • Romeo D
    Romeo D3 måneder siden

    Official sneakers of the dmv lmaoo

  • Keraj A

    Keraj A

    2 måneder siden

    nah cheif, the official sneaker of the dmv are the new balance 990's

  • Ant
    Ant3 måneder siden

    How’s pippen & the uptempo not make the list

  • Ant
    Ant3 måneder siden

    That Kobe II look like when u broke ur foot, but it’s game 7 of the finals & without u ur team doesn’t stand a chance

  • krabo83
    krabo833 måneder siden

    let's be honest, flywire 1.0 was just plastic with lines painted on it :D

  • E R
    E R3 måneder siden

    Lmao you young dudes crazy. First time patent leather on a basketball shoes 😭. Adidas had patent leather on concords and top ten Adidas 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • PaaTRiiCiiA T
    PaaTRiiCiiA T3 måneder siden


  • aimASSIST2K
    aimASSIST2K3 måneder siden

    Sorry Gilbert arenas started the low top basketball sneaker

  • Randy Zoo
    Randy Zoo3 måneder siden

    Wait, no T-mac shoes? The iconic moment when he wore one bleu and one red in the all star game? And you're telling me this list is about NBA's greatest shoes? What about D-rose? Come on man.

  • GabeVlogs Tv
    GabeVlogs Tv3 måneder siden

    Where is the d wade converse shoes?

  • Kennard Welch
    Kennard Welch3 måneder siden

    Ive always loved the kobe bullet ive owned every adidas kobe

  • dermot Macarthur
    dermot Macarthur3 måneder siden

    Why did Kobe stop playing Basketball Also RIP

  • J S
    J S3 måneder siden

    T Mac 2’?

  • jinhua hu
    jinhua hu3 måneder siden

    thanks for share👳‍♀️

  • Frosty Bri
    Frosty Bri3 måneder siden

    Why couldn’t it just be top 10?

  • Do Not Disturb
    Do Not Disturb3 måneder siden

    Kobe’s Venice beach is the best shoe ever!

  • Jeremy Cartwright
    Jeremy Cartwright3 måneder siden

    Xl.......GOAT OF KICKS!!!

  • Alex Swinburn
    Alex Swinburn3 måneder siden

    Great list but you're forgetting the DADA Sprewell Spinners baby

  • Charlie Parker
    Charlie Parker3 måneder siden

    Surely gq sports coulda got this guy a camera and a mic we in quarantine not prison

  • ric cruz
    ric cruz3 måneder siden

    Where is jordan 1? The shoe that started it all

  • Josephski


    2 måneder siden

    Jordan 1 is the greatest sneaker ever to me

  • Noagre


    2 måneder siden

    Jordans didn't really get the identity they have now until the three

  • mookeychase0907


    2 måneder siden

    The Jordan 1 copied heavily off the Air Force 1…

  • Charlie
    Charlie3 måneder siden

    God I can't believe you got to narrate this video that was absolutely abysmal... Nice try

  • Edwin Arii
    Edwin Arii3 måneder siden

    how do u become a “sneaker expert”

  • Elia Smarius

    Elia Smarius

    3 måneder siden

    Knowing a lot about sneakers I guess.

  • travoyie mccardell
    travoyie mccardell3 måneder siden

    So we just gonna forget that everybody and they moms was kickin some KD 6s?

  • Ross B
    Ross B3 måneder siden

    Please do another video like this but with Vince Carters shox, and the T-Mac 4's

  • MoRiellyMoProblems
    MoRiellyMoProblems3 måneder siden

    Love my Black Concord/Space Jam 11s. Shout out to the Question Mids.

  • Anthony colon
    Anthony colon3 måneder siden

    This guy dumb

  • Q
    Q3 måneder siden

    Where’s the Reebok kamakazi 2s? Or shaq attack 1s?

  • Marcus Davidson
    Marcus Davidson3 måneder siden

    If you had a survey of the best basketball shoes ever, half of these wouldn’t even be brought up.

  • Brent Sanchezcuz2121
    Brent Sanchezcuz21213 måneder siden

    I can tell he don’t fw bron

  • I am Negan
    I am Negan3 måneder siden

    Kobe 2 = 2k default sneaker

  • Nicholas Garcia

    Nicholas Garcia

    3 måneder siden


  • K Cifuentes
    K Cifuentes3 måneder siden

    It’s sad basketball doesn’t look at soccer boots for more ideas. Wild that the Kobe’s were the first low top shoes. Soccer cleats have been low top since it’s inception.

  • Rae Dan

    Rae Dan

    3 måneder siden

    Also, i remember he said that boxing was the influence behind his Kobe 9 Elite after observing Manny Pacquiao in a boxing training session. Kobe was really thinking outside the box for his shoe designs.

  • Clarkson Zhang

    Clarkson Zhang

    3 måneder siden

    @Slatternly Skaghalter Yeah right, how about all thoes players who got injured wearing high-tops? How about all the football players?

  • Clarkson Zhang

    Clarkson Zhang

    3 måneder siden

    Thats the reason for kobe to ask for a low top shoe in the first place. KOBE 8/9 definitely look like soccer cleats.

  • K Cifuentes

    K Cifuentes

    3 måneder siden

    Slatternly Skaghalter fútbol is played with the feet, on grass in wet conditions and arguably more change of direction and they use low top. They must have something figured out .

  • brob2234
    brob22343 måneder siden

    He killed this interview, I am a basketball fan and I learned a lot

  • james singh

    james singh

    2 måneder siden

    Dude smell

  • CATO
    CATO3 måneder siden

    Gotta have a Penny in there bro.

  • Mc Kool Aid
    Mc Kool Aid3 måneder siden

    Listen no disrespect but Kobe's addias were ugly af 🤢🤢🤮

  • Nicholas Garcia

    Nicholas Garcia

    3 måneder siden

    Dude, you don’t need to put “no disrespect,” Kobe himself didn’t like the shoes either lol

  • Logan Skelton
    Logan Skelton3 måneder siden

    I prefer the South Beach Bron 8s. The colorway and shoe was fire.

    GT FROM AG3 måneder siden

    DMV Native.... Foamposites all day.

  • Duane Moody
    Duane Moody3 måneder siden

    How you put the Kyrtonates over the penny foam smh

  • Dae'Juan Lankster
    Dae'Juan Lankster3 måneder siden

    I think KD has the best shoe performance wise

  • lancernightful
    lancernightful3 måneder siden

    Kobe has the best looking and performance basketball shoes ever. Still remember how many people were wearing kobe 4s at the gym when they first came out . Still trying to get Kobe bruce lee version / Kyrie. Gorgeous shoes.

  • Job Acevedo
    Job Acevedo3 måneder siden

    So is this Slam or GQ? Lebron shoes?? Nah. Nope.

  • Juan Carlos Marrero
    Juan Carlos Marrero3 måneder siden

    In my opinion Kobe V are the best. And totally gamechanging. Kobe V right now are totally in y everyway.

  • Walid's Towel
    Walid's Towel3 måneder siden

    4:58 yo look at kobe leg

  • BigLorde BunnyRabbit
    BigLorde BunnyRabbit3 måneder siden

    I have never got to the point where I can hoop in my foamposites, and KG had some fire And 1’s that looked like 11’s with a zipper

  • Hayden Morse
    Hayden Morse3 måneder siden

    GQ Sports taking over sheeeesh

  • S&J FAM
    S&J FAM3 måneder siden

    Max looking like Alex Caruso

  • S&J FAM

    S&J FAM

    3 måneder siden

    Elia Smarius or 2 bald young guys who look like they 40

  • Elia Smarius

    Elia Smarius

    3 måneder siden

    2 🐐's

  • arvyj23
    arvyj233 måneder siden

    Knowledge of tech and culture. Impressive

  • Marcelo Hendrix
    Marcelo Hendrix3 måneder siden

    kobe 5 is the best basketball shoe of all time imo

  • Gerald Cheo
    Gerald Cheo3 måneder siden

    y is PJ Tucker inside? Is he even good at basketball?

  • Jose Gabriel Kliatchko

    Jose Gabriel Kliatchko

    3 måneder siden

    Doesnt matter fam he is fine in basketball and his sneaker game is fire

  • Dillon Claussen
    Dillon Claussen3 måneder siden

    Would’ve been fire if Lebron switched up the laces

  • ExTrEaMe LT
    ExTrEaMe LT3 måneder siden

    Guys, if you looking for any shoes to buy, get kobe's 11. Shoe is amazing, it's light, comfartable, flexible, literally, this shoe is the best i had ever worn

  • LilBigRig
    LilBigRig3 måneder siden

    anyone actually own any of these?

  • MoRiellyMoProblems


    3 måneder siden

    I own the Black Concord/Space Jam 11s, and Question Mids. Hoping to cop the Foamposite One.

  • Carl Dela Cruz
    Carl Dela Cruz3 måneder siden

    No TMac’s?

  • Ved B
    Ved B3 måneder siden

    Max is a legend, at the top of his craft, great info

  • young sheen

    young sheen

    3 måneder siden

    fr man he killed this

  • Ice 23
    Ice 233 måneder siden

    man what are you smoking!? Lebron's shoe is ugly! 😂😂😂

  • Mike ChicagoFireDept-PARAMEDIC Relf

    Mike ChicagoFireDept-PARAMEDIC Relf

    3 måneder siden

    Lebron’s Are 🔥Thats all I wear, I’m A Huge Chicago Bulls Fan, And I don’t care For, A Lot Of Jordans Sneakers and I wear Kobe Sneakers more than Jordans

  • Noushauga _
    Noushauga _3 måneder siden

    So there was a Brown in Celtics who also wore #7 before Jaylen Brown lmao

  • Hugh Shimonishi
    Hugh Shimonishi3 måneder siden

    nice carbon fiber bruhhh

  • Or Amit
    Or Amit3 måneder siden

    So... you just went and skipped AND1s?

  • Jose Gabriel Kliatchko

    Jose Gabriel Kliatchko

    3 måneder siden

    I know that and1 used to be the ball shoe that is cheap but iconic vc wore them and the mixtapes hotsauce i think the mixtape legend and iam kid i knew cus of my father and not all kids will know that and1 they think it is just like broke bois shoes

  • 237 Doogie
    237 Doogie3 måneder siden

    What is a sneaker expert lol gtfoh

  • Elia Smarius

    Elia Smarius

    3 måneder siden

    And honestly he is very knowledgable

  • Patrick Nguyen
    Patrick Nguyen3 måneder siden

    Rip Kobe 🙏🏽❤️

  • LeBron James-China Pays My Bills
    LeBron James-China Pays My Bills3 måneder siden

    Kobe had some of the best performance shoes.

  • Nicholas Garcia

    Nicholas Garcia

    3 måneder siden

    His main line is consistently top-notch in performance, except the first AD’s, we don’t talk about those.

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama3 måneder siden

    Is there a reason why he recorded himself with a $10 Logitech camera?

  • Arthur Fleck

    Arthur Fleck

    2 måneder siden

    Boom, roasted.

  • Jayden Snow

    Jayden Snow

    2 måneder siden

    He prolly took a second mortgage out on his house to buy sum them sneakers

  • Kevin Jangly

    Kevin Jangly

    3 måneder siden

    He might be in a zoom call interview. Quality seems similar

  • Rubikz ಠ_ಠ

    Rubikz ಠ_ಠ

    3 måneder siden

    Bruh fricking roasted

  • Sal Zavala

    Sal Zavala

    3 måneder siden

    @CuddyTG 😂🤣

  • weaselwrocks
    weaselwrocks3 måneder siden

    RIP Ralph Barbieri

  • Aaron Božac
    Aaron Božac3 måneder siden

    Lebron “South Beach” left the chat

  • SoLiX


    3 måneder siden


  • Cactus Jack
    Cactus Jack3 måneder siden

    Crazy that in the Kobe 6, Kobe sprained his ankles a lot in that model. If you know you know Don’t pretend to know if you don’t . #NoFakeFans #RealFactsOnly RIP Mamba.

  • RiceDumpling420
    RiceDumpling4203 måneder siden

    RIP Kobe and Gigi and everyone else.