Sneaker Expert Breaks Down NBA Players' Sneakers | Game Points | GQ Sports


SLAM Magazine's Max Resetar knows just about everything when it comes to NBA style. Join him as he breaks down the on-court sneakers of some of 2019-2020's biggest NBA players, including James Harden, P.J. Tucker, LeBron James, Emmanuel Mudiay, Royce O'Neale, Langston Galloway, Donovan Mitchell, Austin Rivers and Vince Carter.
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Sneaker Expert Breaks Down NBA Players' Sneakers | Game Points | GQ Sports


  • tthurm1
    tthurm12 dager siden

    Selena not Seleena, broski

  • Brando The Dog
    Brando The Dog6 dager siden

    deleted my last comment because you answered my question like 14 minutes in about what materials they were using. wanted to know what type of leather they were using in the shoes amd what the soles were made out of, if they were full rubber

  • FlipsterFlipinoy
    FlipsterFlipinoyMåned siden

    Sneaker Expert needs a HD Camera. Sure it's Covid 2020 but potato quality video is no excuse for a webcam.

  • frank ellizer umadhay
    frank ellizer umadhay2 måneder siden

    is james harden allowed to wear another brand?

  • Marci Horváth

    Marci Horváth

    Måned siden

    Adidas owns Reebok, I think that's why he can wear those

  • xTheNameisEthan
    xTheNameisEthan2 måneder siden

    Yo I had those Jordan 8 Kobe PEs when I was younger I have no clue how I had them or if they were fake or what but I remember having them

  • Martin Santos
    Martin Santos3 måneder siden

    Men iman shumpert was wearing the pro models with boost back then with the cavs heavy. Now youll surprise with the promodel

  • Martin Santos
    Martin Santos3 måneder siden

    Woah when did GQ hire alex caruoso

  • John McDuggle
    John McDuggle3 måneder siden

    This guy's either too young to know, misinformed, or just incompetent.... Hard Pass...

  • RetroTV1
    RetroTV13 måneder siden

    Dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about lol

  • Tyler Biros
    Tyler Biros3 måneder siden

    I used to have the metallic lebron 15

  • Live And Inspired
    Live And Inspired3 måneder siden

    The question is an ai shoe. Not a Kobe.

  • Open Matira
    Open Matira3 måneder siden

    Can someone reply to this comment of where to buy that slam tshirt? Plssss. THANK YOUUU

    RICHARD GARCIA3 måneder siden

    Bron loves putting great silhouettes on his trash kicks

  • Dave A

    Dave A

    2 måneder siden

    His shoes for ball not for fashion

  • Everett Thomas
    Everett Thomas4 måneder siden

    Expert said Edition not Exclusive like on the screen. I probably know more about shoes than him

  • dan frees
    dan frees4 måneder siden

    I’ve watched probably a hundred different sneaker videos and yours is by far the best. 👏🏼💯. Your knowledge and passion for the culture really shows.

  • Miko Oscila
    Miko Oscila5 måneder siden

    If he really is an expert he would’ve known those Tokyo 5s that Drake had isn’t the regular Tokyo 5s.

  • Trevor L

    Trevor L

    4 måneder siden

    fr yellow toe samples

  • Lil Choppa
    Lil Choppa5 måneder siden

    When the next video of "how i spent my first million" coming?

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen5 måneder siden

    Did he really just say the Kobe PE did not drop and he's an expert

  • Tristen Best

    Tristen Best

    2 måneder siden

    Dr. Jason Homan we talkin bout the jordans homeboi

  • Zach Gonzales

    Zach Gonzales

    2 måneder siden

    He’s right. The Jordan’s are PE only.

  • Racks baby TV

    Racks baby TV

    3 måneder siden

    Friends and family pe’s are for Jordan brand representatives only

  • Tyler Biros

    Tyler Biros

    3 måneder siden

    Ik way more bout shoes

  • William Tran

    William Tran

    3 måneder siden

    Dr. Jason Homan we’re not talking about the rebook here

  • Christian Quezada
    Christian Quezada5 måneder siden

    What a stud

  • howtomakeittv
    howtomakeittv5 måneder siden

    Max - This was fire.

  • Sign in
    Sign in5 måneder siden

    great job GQ

  • Jessie Earnest
    Jessie Earnest5 måneder siden

    Those Bad Boyz sneakers though!

    TTV TTV5 måneder siden

    Is it just me or do nearly all of these shoes look horrible?

  • God pigeon

    God pigeon

    4 måneder siden

    Clearly just you Big man

  • ben harrop

    ben harrop

    5 måneder siden

    Yeah just u

  • Dennis Kim

    Dennis Kim

    5 måneder siden

    Just you.

    WaRLoKWYATT5 måneder siden

    Sneaker expert? Sooo.. he's just admitting he's a douchebag. Okay great. Lol

  • zingGodin
    zingGodin5 måneder siden

    PJ the goat

  • Alexander Taylor
    Alexander Taylor5 måneder siden

    Awesome video. You can tell this dude was very knowledgeable and passionate on all things sneakers. Great job GQ

  • andres soto

    andres soto

    4 måneder siden

    John Egbert exactly what I was thinking. And they also released the Kobe Jordan 8/3 but very limited or f/f if I’m not mistaken. Idk how they call this guy an expert 🤣

  • John Egbert

    John Egbert

    5 måneder siden

    @SLAM minus forgetting that they did release those Reebok Questions in a Lakers colorway along side a LBJ SVSM colorway.

  • SLAM


    5 måneder siden

    I can promise you, he's the best in the biz

  • Eherndog
    Eherndog5 måneder siden

    Love the video, I hope to get the Jordan 11 pink snakeskin someday.

  • Eherndog


    5 måneder siden


  • Dennis Kim

    Dennis Kim

    5 måneder siden

    Welp good luck You can get the Low's rn

  • H E
    H E5 måneder siden

    I hope kawhi makes new balance even more popular

  • raymund fernandez

    raymund fernandez

    2 måneder siden

    You hope new balance release more pairs... Not limited

  • Noah Shifflett
    Noah Shifflett5 måneder siden

    If ur reading this tell ur mom u love her if u don’t have one tell ur guardian

  • Just some guy Who’s tryna get subs
    Just some guy Who’s tryna get subs5 måneder siden

    The sad thing about the sneaker game is when Kobe passed away people raised the prices on the Kobe’s

  • I love hotsauce

    I love hotsauce

    2 måneder siden

    welcome to capitalism

  • Reagan Baby

    Reagan Baby

    4 måneder siden

    The sad thing about the sneaker game is that the speculative value placed on goods by the hype and resale markets never compensates those whose raw labor assembles the commodities. The Kobe thing is just kind of a sad side effect of that

  • Frick


    5 måneder siden

    It’s all about influencers trying to get likes

  • Danny Ramos
    Danny Ramos5 måneder siden


  • Danny Ramos
    Danny Ramos5 måneder siden