Shaquill & Shaquem Griffin Answer 25 Questions About Each Other | The Brothers Quiz | GQ Sports


It's The Brothers Quiz! Twin brothers and NFL players Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin ask each other 25 all-encompassing questions about each other. Which brother is the better dancer? Who plays more video games?
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Shaquill & Shaquem Griffin Answer 25 Questions About Each Other | The Brothers Quiz | GQ Sports


  • Sarah Oliver
    Sarah OliverMåned siden

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  • Nerdy123ify
    Nerdy123ifyMåned siden

    What happened to his hand?

  • Maki Rolly
    Maki RollyMåned siden

    They're so cute together😆. Give them a whole TV show where they just do silly light-hearted stuff and tell childhood stories.

  • Tee Tee
    Tee TeeMåned siden

    They are so handsome!!

  • AshleyEva
    AshleyEvaMåned siden

    [redacted train emoji]

  • Asia Camon
    Asia CamonMåned siden

    I freaking love them🥺❤️I’ll love to met them one day

  • Charlotte Eclair
    Charlotte EclairMåned siden

    The G twins are this silly and good natured in real life.

  • Omandu HUisLife
    Omandu HUisLifeMåned siden

    Their love bound is tight👑🥰

  • DreeAndK3
    DreeAndK3Måned siden

    i love them cant wait to see my twins bond as they get older🤞🏽

  • Alesha Cobb
    Alesha CobbMåned siden

    We need Travis & Jason!

  • Lovely Patrice Daniels
    Lovely Patrice Daniels2 måneder siden

    I love you brothers. I watched yall story it touched my heart. Keep living a positive life. Stay encouraged. 💖

  • RooHue
    RooHue2 måneder siden

    All this fine in one video is too much

  • Diet Watermelon
    Diet Watermelon2 måneder siden

    Someday I wanna play COD with the twins

  • Tyler Price
    Tyler Price2 måneder siden

    Shaquem said "Ill be there with a gatorade and canoli "😂😂

  • Person That guy
    Person That guy2 måneder siden

    I can’t be the only one who actually wants to see that ping pong game lol

  • Roland Edwards
    Roland Edwards2 måneder siden

    All my ❤️ to my class mate Mainland High 1983 their mother she and her husband did a great job raising those u set back and enjoy your lives with them. This ROLO latmoo .😄😃

  • Natone.
    Natone.2 måneder siden

    I like how they switched hairstyles since the last vid

  • Don John
    Don John2 måneder siden

    This bromance is elite!

  • Omario
    Omario2 måneder siden


  • Aio 1
    Aio 13 måneder siden

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  • Razia Mohamed
    Razia Mohamed3 måneder siden

    I love these two so much. They're so wholesome.

  • man man
    man man3 måneder siden

    I brought your Room 😂😂😂

  • M&M
    M&M4 måneder siden

    A Gatorade and a kanoli had me ngl

    LEGENDARY ZAY4 måneder siden

    Romans 15:4❤️

  • Jonathan Duncan
    Jonathan Duncan4 måneder siden

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  • Candice t
    Candice t4 måneder siden

    Their bond is awesome! As a mom of twins, I've noticed it is little different than regular siblings. Built in besties 💚💙

  • Gabriel47xx
    Gabriel47xx4 måneder siden


  • HGeezy 314
    HGeezy 3144 måneder siden

    How are they not racing at practice.?

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia4 måneder siden

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  • Light Yagami

    Light Yagami

    4 måneder siden

    so inspiring

  • Back Door
    Back Door4 måneder siden

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  • Dee TV
    Dee TV4 måneder siden

    when they asked who got better hair they killed me 🤣🤣

  • Josiah Brady
    Josiah Brady4 måneder siden

    Love how they communicate

  • Latchman Mangra
    Latchman Mangra4 måneder siden

    Both them on Seahawks are amazing go 12’s

  • Lucas Anthony
    Lucas Anthony4 måneder siden

    Yo mean this respect but how did shaquem play baseball ?

  • Dodge Vehicles
    Dodge Vehicles4 måneder siden

    Would get way more views if y’all just go back to the on the rocks

  • Amber L
    Amber L4 måneder siden

    Ima need the Kelce brothers next.

  • Lord Hinton
    Lord Hinton4 måneder siden

    They make everybody wish they had a twin. On god.

  • you salty
    you salty4 måneder siden

    This two really be having good vibes man

  • brianna
    brianna4 måneder siden

    Love the griffin brothers ☺️💙💙🤟🏽

  • A Little Slice Of Rye
    A Little Slice Of Rye4 måneder siden

    cool video❤️

  • Jackson Thornton
    Jackson Thornton4 måneder siden

    Shaquill played very well yesterday. Nice job!

  • Dexter Gainer
    Dexter Gainer4 måneder siden

    Both them on Seahawks are amazing go 12’s

  • CowMemer00
    CowMemer004 måneder siden

    i fw they vibe ,soo inspirational.

  • dtmaine123
    dtmaine1234 måneder siden

    Wow could you imagine spoiling Endgame. Not all of us got around to it yet.

  • jsj31313jj
    jsj31313jj4 måneder siden


  • dry
    dry4 måneder siden

    How did they swap classes when one of them has one hand?

  • dry


    4 måneder siden

    @SE Spikeex He had his hand removed when he was young.

  • SE Spikeex

    SE Spikeex

    4 måneder siden

    I dont think he was born with it

  • Kola Alade
    Kola Alade4 måneder siden

    I love this

  • Milin M
    Milin M4 måneder siden

    how he play call of duty with one hand?

  • AJ


    4 måneder siden

    You realize they have things for one handed people right? Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre4 måneder siden

    How'd they not tell the difference between the two

  • Am Music
    Am Music4 måneder siden

    My little brother miss me so, so, so, so much,, everyday I say Jesus,, why take him.. Am not the same,, not feeling well, r.i.p bro.. See u one day. 😞

  • Am Music

    Am Music

    4 måneder siden

    @Mackenzie Kay thank u,, I lost my dad and my mum first,, and now my brother. Sometime I said Jesus has forget me.. Its so hard to live. So hard to live like other people,,, sometime I feel is time for me to join us. Just to stop suffer,,GOD HELP ME..

  • Mackenzie Kay

    Mackenzie Kay

    4 måneder siden

    I lost my dad and all my grandparents within the decade and I miss them everyday sometimes you will break down and cry but Keep praying for strength it will get better I promise you don’t lose hope

  • momma459


    4 måneder siden

    Keep your head up

  • Legendary Productions
    Legendary Productions4 måneder siden

    Lakewood High School (St. Petersburg, FL) in the building. 🔥💪

  • 0neduke
    0neduke4 måneder siden

    how does shaquem play video games with one hand

  • lovely girl
    lovely girl4 måneder siden

    0:58 I have no more stress because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • CJ Longo
    CJ Longo4 måneder siden

    how tf did shaquem play baseball

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis4 måneder siden

    12s up

  • Sean
    Sean4 måneder siden

    They kinda remind me of tpain

  • Bradley Watts
    Bradley Watts4 måneder siden

    So much respect for these guys! Lets win these games! Go Hawks!

  • Jd M
    Jd M4 måneder siden

    Where is my man shaqem

  • Marco Polo1287
    Marco Polo12874 måneder siden

    Can they do the McCourty brothers

  • Stan Xxx
    Stan Xxx4 måneder siden

    So much respect for these guys! Lets win these games! Go Hawks!

  • Kylan Young
    Kylan Young4 måneder siden

    We need to use Shaquem way more he's so good

  • 49ers R Trash

    49ers R Trash

    4 måneder siden

    He good for a QB spy against Kyler Murray

  • Faith in all things W
    Faith in all things W4 måneder siden

    They need their own show. Together they are funny and complimentary.

  • Bradley Watts

    Bradley Watts

    4 måneder siden

    They need their own show. Together they are funny and complimentary.

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy4 måneder siden

    I’m curious on how Shaquem plays video games

  • I8urcracker


    4 måneder siden

    A lot of people missing hands have learned to improvise and use their legs or other accessories to help them. I remember I used to watch this one dude named blink play at a competitive level with no hands at all, but he used his legs to hold the controller

  • BrandoSuave


    4 måneder siden

    wondering the same thing

  • NFL World
    NFL World4 måneder siden

    I have their book and it is great and even saw pics of them as kids

  • Wizop ANF
    Wizop ANF4 måneder siden


    TEE BANKS4 måneder siden

    Never even seen them play or anything they just both seem coo ash😂

  • No Legends
    No Legends4 måneder siden

    So much respect for these guys! Lets win these games! Go Hawks!

  • Rad Raad
    Rad Raad4 måneder siden

    The fact that shaquem is 25 pounds heavier yet the both ran the same exact 40 time is crazy

  • Jordan Badler

    Jordan Badler

    2 måneder siden

    But he’s got more momentum Bc of the arm

  • Rad Raad

    Rad Raad

    4 måneder siden

    @JustSiMoney it was a joke bro 😂😂

  • JustSiMoney


    4 måneder siden

    @Rad Raad just another word for crazy and wild

  • Rad Raad

    Rad Raad

    4 måneder siden

    @JustSiMoney is that Pokémon or something?

  • C.Y.


    4 måneder siden

    @JustSiMoney ļôļ

  • Jay Dayton
    Jay Dayton4 måneder siden

    How they gonna switch classes? Was the teacher not gonna notice that all the sudden one of them gained a hand and one of them lost a hand?

  • Leo Pursiainen

    Leo Pursiainen

    4 måneder siden

    @Kody Jones Shaquem's arm was cut off when he was 4.

  • Beep


    4 måneder siden

    Kept it in his sweater pocket duh

  • Jay Dayton

    Jay Dayton

    4 måneder siden

    @Kody Jones yes it was lol it was something that he has dealt with since he was a child it’s the nature of the defect

  • Kody Jones

    Kody Jones

    4 måneder siden

    His arm wasn’t cut off at that time.

  • Andrew
    Andrew4 måneder siden

    God is amazing

  • Andrew
    Andrew4 måneder siden

    God is good

  • Howard Fox
    Howard Fox4 måneder siden

    1:09 that story sounds like what happened in "The Watsons go to Birmingham"

  • Malcolm Glover

    Malcolm Glover

    4 måneder siden

    @A 1 yeah

  • A 1

    A 1

    4 måneder siden

    @Malcolm Glover I read that book in the 5th grade 🤣🤣 you probably go to public school

  • Malcolm Glover

    Malcolm Glover

    4 måneder siden

    No I'm in the 9th

  • A 1

    A 1

    4 måneder siden

    @Malcolm Glover 🤣

  • A 1

    A 1

    4 måneder siden

    @Malcolm Glover what are in the 5th grade

  • Sesona Galada
    Sesona Galada4 måneder siden

    Lowkey they twins so all the looks things kinda don't count...

  • Sax Fiff
    Sax Fiff4 måneder siden

    Diamond teeth and big chains, I didn’t know if these are rappers or athletes😂😂

  • Elias In Da Cut
    Elias In Da Cut4 måneder siden

    Man these guys are an inspiration

  • Jordan Poole
    Jordan Poole4 måneder siden

    Shaquill locked them tf up yesterday. Probowl? I think so. If he blows up these next 5 games and locks up and only allows 10 yards. Dude's a probowler.

  • A Lee

    A Lee

    4 måneder siden

    @AJ You still wouldn’t have won lol

  • AJ


    4 måneder siden

    My Eagles are dogshit. If our offense was any bit competent we win.

  • Deathskypher


    4 måneder siden

    @King at least we know Russ going definitely

  • King


    4 måneder siden

    The voting will most likely be over by then sadly

  • Deathskypher


    4 måneder siden


  • fixture orbit
    fixture orbit4 måneder siden

    Aye shaquill you a lock down our defense way better now.

  • Dang Le
    Dang Le4 måneder siden

    Love these brothers

  • kyvan quarry
    kyvan quarry4 måneder siden

    Need to see them 1v1 paintball now

  • Anash_69
    Anash_694 måneder siden

    Some of the funniest guys glad they’re on the Seahawks

  • ØNI


    21 dag siden

    @Cameron Pease it was his brother who isnt

  • CaLe lOvEtT

    CaLe lOvEtT

    28 dager siden


  • Best NFL clips

    Best NFL clips

    4 måneder siden

    I'm a seahawks fan a yes he is saw him play last Monday

  • CuRlY HeAd MaSoN

    CuRlY HeAd MaSoN

    4 måneder siden

    I’m a chiefs fan but I love these guys

  • KeycHaiN & L.i.l Matt

    KeycHaiN & L.i.l Matt

    4 måneder siden

    go 49ers

  • Apexxx music tt
    Apexxx music tt4 måneder siden

    Sub to me

  • Devion A Johnson
    Devion A Johnson4 måneder siden

    Here before 2k

  • DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode
    DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode4 måneder siden

    Shaquil lifts more???



    4 måneder siden

    Yo that’s sick I didn’t know that

  • Flip


    4 måneder siden

    @Cade McDowell yeah he went game in the pro bowl

  • Cade McDowell

    Cade McDowell

    4 måneder siden

    @BIG AYDAN ohhhh. He has a like prosthetic hand that he clips on when he lifts. Look up his combine bench press. It is very impressive.



    4 måneder siden

    It’s hard to lift with just one hand...

  • Cade McDowell

    Cade McDowell

    4 måneder siden


  • Kyle Sandberg
    Kyle Sandberg4 måneder siden

    No disrespect, but how did they switch classes? Didn’t the teacher realize that all off sudden they lost/gained a hand?

  • Shav253 788

    Shav253 788

    Måned siden

    Knowing teachers they probably not paying attention to realize. Twins did it at my school. It seems they only people to know is the classmates.

  • Tariro


    Måned siden

    Lmao 😂

  • Reaux Knows

    Reaux Knows

    4 måneder siden

    Kept that hand in the hoody lmao

  • Dhilan Abraham

    Dhilan Abraham

    4 måneder siden

    @JCVTRT that is true he was bron with two hand but he had it cut off as young kid (2 or 3) im pretty sure



    4 måneder siden

    @CJ Longo in that case yall really do need better education system LMAO tf, "How my student lose his hand ? "

  • Carlos Portillo
    Carlos Portillo4 måneder siden

    They lit

  • TuckTuck
    TuckTuck4 måneder siden


  • Trevon Moses

    Trevon Moses

    4 måneder siden

    why you say that?

  • Basketball Zen
    Basketball Zen4 måneder siden

    yo i’m early leggo

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.4 måneder siden


  • Cade McDowell

    Cade McDowell

    4 måneder siden

    Stop liking ur own comment.

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful4 måneder siden

    I already kno these brother's going to have some funny answers!! and Shaquill way nicer on D now!!

  • Beep


    4 måneder siden

    My man Lebeautiful 🐐 gotta like every comment I see by you

  • Benjamin K.

    Benjamin K.

    4 måneder siden

    @Denzel I swear

  • Denzel


    4 måneder siden

    Bruh how do i see you everywhere😭

  • DL2K
    DL2K4 måneder siden

    Aye shaquill you a lock down our defense way better now.

  • Salami Boyz
    Salami Boyz4 måneder siden

    Whoever is Reading this: Your skin isn't a paper don't cut it Your body isn't a book don't judge it Your heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it it Your brain isn’t a computer don’t run it You're beautiful If a caterpillar can become a beautiful butterfly you can be more amazing and fly even higher in life (by the way I’m also a small youtuber looking for your support plz) I didn't create this quote Just wanna spread positive vi

  • JoxephFN
    JoxephFN4 måneder siden

    Not first!

  • Rohan Potla
    Rohan Potla4 måneder siden

    Shaquill played very well yesterday. Nice job!

  • Deathskypher


    4 måneder siden


  • Cade McDowell

    Cade McDowell

    4 måneder siden


  • illxsions
    illxsions4 måneder siden


  • illxsions


    4 måneder siden

    @Sudais Hagi was I lol

  • Sudais Hagi

    Sudais Hagi

    4 måneder siden

    You was the first person