Sech Shows Off His Air Jordan Sneaker Collection | GQ Sports


Panamanian singer Sech always loved sneakers, but only now does he actually have the money to buy the pairs he always wanted. Join him as he shows off the superlative Air Jordans of his collection, from his oldest pair to his rarest.
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Sech Shows Off His Air Jordan Sneaker Collection | GQ Sports


  • Mrovertime
    Mrovertime20 timer siden

    Who is this guy??

  • Ivan ra
    Ivan ra6 dager siden

    respect for sech for speaking english and becoming bilingual... #latinpower #poderlatino

  • Thizzelle Washington
    Thizzelle Washington16 dager siden

    8000 for some shoes that were still made in china you dumbass✌🏻!

    RICCHY RODY19 dager siden

    Deeee colorsssss

  • Kevin
    Kevin19 dager siden

    ETE SECH!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Esteban Serna Carrillo
    Esteban Serna Carrillo20 dager siden

    U should do dk metcalf for essentials

  • Anton Slizzardhands
    Anton Slizzardhands21 dag siden

    Why bro look like he wearing a dress? Is he like Young Thug or nah?

  • Ehtisham Saqib
    Ehtisham Saqib24 dager siden

    Who diss bro boy

  • Isaiah _Jerez
    Isaiah _Jerez24 dager siden


  • Ehtisham Saqib
    Ehtisham Saqib24 dager siden

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  • Dimitri Escobar
    Dimitri Escobar24 dager siden

    yeah bro good sneakers bro bless bro 🇵🇦🤘🏻

  • ZOOM 15th
    ZOOM 15th24 dager siden

    Take that reflector off..smh

  • Nevarez PR
    Nevarez PR25 dager siden


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  • Fionn O’Sullivan
    Fionn O’Sullivan28 dager siden

    Y all the singers on sports now

  • Racer 24
    Racer 2428 dager siden

    Ete sech

  • Mike Morr
    Mike Morr28 dager siden

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  • DeLamb


    27 dager siden

    Me too bro 😔

  • Pedro Picapiedras
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  • Brennan Robillard [Student]
    Brennan Robillard [Student]28 dager siden

    Me: Hey bro Sech: What's up bro Me: Nothing really bro what about you bro? Sech: I got the Dior Jordan 1s bro!!! Me: BROOOO

  • Belgica Adames

    Belgica Adames

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  • Joel Chevas
    Joel Chevas28 dager siden

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  • Ollie
    Ollie28 dager siden

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  • Cesar Andres Batres Veliz
    Cesar Andres Batres Veliz28 dager siden

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  • José Ignacio G
    José Ignacio G28 dager siden


  • Jr Castro
    Jr Castro28 dager siden

    The bro said the word bro about 39 times bro.

  • Brendan Moriarty
    Brendan Moriarty28 dager siden

    Drinking game: every time he says bro No joke this guy is a boss bro

  • Salinas García
    Salinas García28 dager siden


  • Satchel Williams
    Satchel Williams28 dager siden

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  • Jania Metchell
    Jania Metchell28 dager siden

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  • Brennan Robillard [Student]

    Brennan Robillard [Student]

    28 dager siden

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  • mexican proud247
    mexican proud24728 dager siden

    Cant understand big man at all

  • P. Johnson

    P. Johnson

    24 dager siden

    mexican proud247 Change your name fam, making us look bad

  • CaptainHuffs


    28 dager siden

    how? ur mexican ? ur parents/ fam members probably have the same type of english accent

  • CaptainHuffs
    CaptainHuffs28 dager siden


  • Matias Fuenzalida
    Matias Fuenzalida28 dager siden

    Ete sheech

  • Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez28 dager siden

    One view. One like. Finally making sense.

  • Andrew Rhoden
    Andrew Rhoden28 dager siden


  • Andrew Rhoden

    Andrew Rhoden

    28 dager siden

    Really good tho