Pro Surfer Breaks Down Surfing Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


Professional surfer Kolohe Andino breaks down surfing scenes from movies, including 'Point Break,' 'Blue Crush,' 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' 'The Shallows,' 'Surf's Up,' 'Gidget' and 'Big Wednesday.'
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Pro Surfer Breaks Down Surfing Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Val Putnal
    Val Putnal4 timer siden


  • Beaux Mingus
    Beaux Mingus11 timer siden

    No North Shore!!! You’re blowing it.

  • Peter Beck
    Peter Beck22 timer siden

    I was the same at 12:00 . Nothing else

  • Fudge Cake
    Fudge CakeDag siden

    I cant seem to decide if the dude looks 25 or 45.

  • Zach Bianchi
    Zach BianchiDag siden

    12:58 that man has six toes wonder how he wears flip flops

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew Turner3 dager siden

    No love for surf ninjas!

  • Zoé Contreras-Villalta
    Zoé Contreras-Villalta3 dager siden

    every single time I watch these the professionals come off so attractive because its so obvious they love what they do and that's so dope

  • Kobi Hemmerle
    Kobi Hemmerle5 dager siden

    I love getting staunched as a 16 year old by all the oldies out on a point

  • Jim King
    Jim King6 dager siden

    He has never seen Big Wednesday? Crazy. He got the era off by over a decade.

  • Ricardo Sotuyo
    Ricardo Sotuyo9 dager siden

    Is it just me or the guy doing the hang five ar 16:56 has 6 fingers on his foot?

  • My Point of View
    My Point of View10 dager siden

    When he called chicken joe a turkey..

  • Taya Lorenzo
    Taya Lorenzo12 dager siden


  • GH1215
    GH121512 dager siden

    Kolohe's grown up in front of the surf media with a lot of expectation and pressure and really seems to have turned out super humble and genuine

  • Johnny Suede
    Johnny Suede13 dager siden

    They forgot In Gods Hands

  • Ana Carneiro
    Ana Carneiro14 dager siden

    Surf's up is definitely one of the best movies ever man, the Brazilian dubbing of it makes it like the most iconic thing ever.

  • Anestassia Faessler
    Anestassia Faessler16 dager siden

    16:57 my man has 6 toes

  • Lucia Seacreature
    Lucia Seacreature18 dager siden

    this was very fun thank you

  • Lucia Seacreature
    Lucia Seacreature18 dager siden

    omg i thought some of Kolohe's comments crack me up... so many surf movies are so fun but so stupid

  • ayesnapsnots
    ayesnapsnots21 dag siden

    Wait, wait. Loving this. But did he say mcl instead of acl? I ain't no biologist but never heard of a "mcl"

  • B H
    B H22 dager siden

    „It’s Pipeline the last event of the year“ WSL: Yeah Nah

  • Masaharu Morimoto
    Masaharu Morimoto22 dager siden

    Who else brought their Wompers!

  • Diamon Johnson
    Diamon Johnson23 dager siden

    She didn’t shove it upside down in the sand at 11:11, so it was always fins up. Check the black pin lines on the nose.

  • Claude McGee
    Claude McGee25 dager siden

    They should have done "North Shore".

  • Loma Leannon
    Loma Leannon25 dager siden

    Big Wednesday is the best surf movie. All of the lead actors could surf in real life. ......and you can't beat Jan Michael Vincent doing a Cheater-6 !!!

  • Mysteriously Enigmatic BodyPilot
    Mysteriously Enigmatic BodyPilot26 dager siden

    it's funny watching this i've seen a bunch of other ones that only one i could relate to at all. kolohe's a legacy as he mentions at the start his family is surfing royalty so he was a great choice. i'm an advanced surfer and look up to the best and he's one. anyone with the time here's a vid i made of the sports i excel at, including surfing, but pretty old surf footage. all at byron bay. the rest is BASE and skydiving footage in byron too and, in NZ, italy, switzerland and france

  • Cycle Eye
    Cycle Eye26 dager siden

    Thought we were gonna get some Die Another Day!

  • Patrick Dias
    Patrick Dias27 dager siden

    Bro just called Chicken Joe a Turkey 🤧

  • Communist Dog
    Communist Dog28 dager siden

    Should shown him north shore

  • Chris Culley
    Chris Culley28 dager siden

    Okay get rid of Surf's Up go to big Wednesday at the end of it hence the term big Wednesday they're going to go out and nail the biggest waves ever served so this is before you guys did the toe-in and all that stuff these guys were paddling into the biggest day they could f****** big Wednesday bro greatest f****** surf movie ever

  • Chris Culley
    Chris Culley28 dager siden

    Okay I'm sorry to say but big Wednesday is probably the greatest surf movie ever made for movie about surfing as the major component of the movie not documentary sewn on documentary film best surfing movie ever big Wednesday for sure there has probably been no better..

  • The Ape Machine
    The Ape MachineMåned siden

    Beautiful woman in a wetsuit: "That wave gets me excited!"


    How did North Shore not make the cut?

  • Jose Loya
    Jose LoyaMåned siden

    Andino ripps your backhand kills .your dad is super especial kelohe the andinos are super cool .saludos hermanos.

  • Richard Mullins
    Richard MullinsMåned siden

    10:40 bad sunscreen kills the reef. They didn't go into it because of advertising issues so the just left him saying that it was 'tripping him out'.

  • Daniel L
    Daniel LMåned siden

    Surfers are just like skaters. they are assholes unless your in the group. Fake frat boys

  • Jonas M
    Jonas MMåned siden

    I worked with your dad Archbold and Jodi Cooper on Point Break (surf unit), boy we had some fun. Not great surf, but certainly some stories.

  • Hondeer
    HondeerMåned siden


  • Ian Schylling
    Ian SchyllingMåned siden

    This guy is DOUCHE BAG !!! !!

  • chicken joe
    chicken joeMåned siden

    hey past chicken joe

  • northsidedenver
    northsidedenverMåned siden


  • Erek Riccobuano
    Erek RiccobuanoMåned siden

    North Shore is the best surf movie ever. Wish they reviewed it.

  • Noah Wogan
    Noah WoganMåned siden

    This guy reminds me so much of Aaron Kyro

  • BL1TZz
    BL1TZzMåned siden

    16:56 the guy has 6 toes lol

  • Carlo Grotti Trevisan
    Carlo Grotti TrevisanMåned siden

    5:47 I'm a surfer, a director, I've watched thousands of times this movie, but I've never pay attention to it! :D Something funny is that when Higarashi made the breaks down for the movies, he said that she was paddeling in a wave too small, in the first shot. I didn't think it, like also Kolohe didn't think it.

  • TacticalBunnyCA
    TacticalBunnyCAMåned siden

    Big Wednesday is one of the best!

  • Paul_ HD1
    Paul_ HD1Måned siden

    Surprised they didn't talk about Bodie dying in 10' surf... LOL

  • Nelson Luis Freire
    Nelson Luis FreireMåned siden

    Very humble guy. He's a monster surfing. Appreciate his style and go for it attitude

  • Michael Angelos
    Michael AngelosMåned siden

    Very cool. Thanks.

  • dusyum dusyum
    dusyum dusyumMåned siden

    lil too pale for a pro surfer

  • mark helmer
    mark helmerMåned siden

    Hanging 6 !!! Wtf Gary Busey

  • Luis Villar
    Luis VillarMåned siden

    11:43 He gets more excited about the wave than the hot chic's cleavage :)

  • Gus Swanton

    Gus Swanton

    Måned siden

    He said he is married so had to put on an act I guess,,

  • Zach Smith
    Zach SmithMåned siden

    yea bro, shredding

  • The king of Boredom
    The king of BoredomMåned siden

    Anyone notice at 16:59 the dude has 6 toes?????

  • Jimmy Still
    Jimmy StillMåned siden

    lol you call this guy a pro surfer, yeah sure buddy.

  • Bryan Hall
    Bryan HallMåned siden

    Hanging 6 is radical. I'll never be able to do that.

  • James Thompson
    James ThompsonMåned siden

    @4:56 it looks like she's paddling for a 2 foot wave (not at 20 foot wave) because she is. Surprised he didn't point that out.

  • Jim Denning
    Jim DenningMåned siden

    Pretty humble. He rips a short board but admits he doesn’t know how to hang ten. Pretty entertaining video

  • Josiah Knapp
    Josiah KnappMåned siden

    Ah yes I love Kolohe

  • Jerome Rand
    Jerome RandMåned siden

    Can I please do one of these for All is Lost?

  • Joel Lyons
    Joel LyonsMåned siden

    This should be Jamie o'Brien just saying lol

  • shawandking
    shawandkingMåned siden


  • Easton G vids
    Easton G vidsMåned siden

    I don’t think he knows what a D fin is. Or that logs can turn

  • James Calci
    James CalciMåned siden

    Did he fr just call chicken joe the turkey guy

  • KouSurfGuy
    KouSurfGuyMåned siden

    Should have broke down the scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Jason Segel finally catches that 1st wave, and everything in your body and psyche is like "F@$K YEAH!" and then you see that one person in your way, then it's like "Oh S#!T, F@$K NO!!!" haha

  • fisbaijs
    fisbaijsMåned siden

    Missed Brice de Nice in this

  • フィッシャーウッド Fisher Wood
    フィッシャーウッド Fisher WoodMåned siden

    North Shore?

  • Derek Smith
    Derek SmithMåned siden

    Y'all need to do dane jackson for whitewater

  • dukeflyingcow
    dukeflyingcowMåned siden

    Kunu might be the best surf coach ever

  • krokus1972
    krokus1972Måned siden

    Kolohe, you've never seen big wendesday before, whaa.

  • Kris Blouch
    Kris BlouchMåned siden

    Are we not gonna talk about Blue Crush and how she grew up in Hawaii, entered a competition at pipeline... and never surfed pipeline? I've seen ten year olds on pipe and back door... wat?

  • c turner
    c turnerMåned siden

    never forget the fonzer... my five fin Bonzer floats and goes great

  • 2 HitWonder
    2 HitWonderMåned siden

    Good breakdown....Kolohe doesn't like being in front of the camera, but he has a genuineness about him that always makes him a good interview.

  • kinda shredded

    kinda shredded

    28 dager siden

    That shows hes not selfish

  • Rzgriz5
    Rzgriz5Måned siden

    Every surfer you’ve had on this series LOVES Surf’s Up! 😂 It really is a great movie!

  • Yehonatan-Asher Geyer
    Yehonatan-Asher GeyerMåned siden

    Raddddddd brother

  • Steven T
    Steven TMåned siden

    You guys forgot the north shore ! Cica 1987

  • Felix Piontek
    Felix PiontekMåned siden

    16:57 dude, he got 6 toes , WTF

  • HugoEgon
    HugoEgonMåned siden

    She didn’t shove it upside down in the sand at 11:11, so it was always fins up. Check the black pin lines on the nose.

  • Mark Shannon

    Mark Shannon

    Måned siden

    And the double concave

  • stormfalcon72


    Måned siden

    Yeah, I saw that also

  • dantakeoff
    dantakeoffMåned siden

    Gary Busey actually surfs well

  • Henrik Wannheden
    Henrik WannhedenMåned siden

    The amount oh "Huh! I never thought about that." in this video is astounding. Full of inside info. Thanks!

  • Tony Arcos
    Tony ArcosMåned siden

    dude just called chicken joe a turkey :/

  • Cows have udders
    Cows have uddersMåned siden

    16:57 fucks going on?

  • Chris Marks
    Chris MarksMåned siden

    lol just called Nikki van Dijk an alien, as she was the stunt double for the chick in the movie "the shallows"

  • Coulter The kook0:
    Coulter The kook0:Måned siden

    In blue crush it shows her being regular but when she gets stuck the leash is on her left foot

  • RedpillRonnie


    Måned siden

    There’s tons of stance mixups like that in pointbreak. Like Bohdi being goofy in one clip and regular in the next. Still love it tho lmao

  • Sean MacDonald
    Sean MacDonaldMåned siden

    16:56 yooo that is not hanging five it’s hanging 6 why does that man have 6 toes

  • Oneiros
    OneirosMåned siden


  • bobby mariani
    bobby marianiMåned siden

    Keanu Reeves in Point Break is just about identical to how much i learned how to surf as a teenager in the 90s. I went with friends so had an awesome experience every time! Plus loved that movie so much as a kid!!

  • Ho Stevie!
    Ho Stevie!Måned siden

    *Yeahhh Kolohe*

  • Cameron David
    Cameron DavidMåned siden

    Kolohe is the man!

  • Gonçalo Jerónimo
    Gonçalo JerónimoMåned siden

    Don´t use the bag strap? tf

  • J K
    J KMåned siden

    Point Break is the best movie of all time.

  • Mark Henderson
    Mark HendersonMåned siden

    I was 13 when Point break was released. It was like the bible for my brother and I. Bro you're so fn lucky to have a father in that movie.

  • Just think
    Just thinkMåned siden

    Point Break was good. Patrick Swayze carried the movie along with the filming. of course The Endless Summer started it all.

  • William Russell

    William Russell

    Måned siden

    Endless summer was not a Hollywood surf movie

  • Anodyne Hipster Influencer

    Anodyne Hipster Influencer

    Måned siden

    It's definitely a classic and you're right about Swayze with a big assist to Gary Busey.

  • adventuresinbelieving
    adventuresinbelievingMåned siden

    50 years surfing, and this is the best commentary of surfing I've found. And btw I had my legrope anchored to the reef at Ponta D'Ouro Mozambique in 2012. Ain't fun. Happens. Kolohe described it well. You won't believe how small that leash velcro release tab gets when you're bobbing and drowning.

  • Que Dableyou
    Que DableyouMåned siden

    4:55 I just got a MASSIVE flashback and I FELT that wave : )

  • J T 1
    J T 1Måned siden

    Big Wednesday is the best surf movie. All of the lead actors could surf in real life. ......and you can't beat Jan Michael Vincent doing a Cheater-6 !!!

  • Jordy Williams

    Jordy Williams

    Måned siden

    Surprised he hasnt seen it

  • Alex Kaufman

    Alex Kaufman

    Måned siden

    Great movie, my favorite but I believe doubles did most of the surfing

  • Tony Arcos

    Tony Arcos

    Måned siden

    very underrated movie. total classic

  • J K

    J K

    Måned siden

    Ok, squid lips

  • Ian McDonnell
    Ian McDonnellMåned siden

    The first Gidget scene is the most realistic. Also, please stop teaching people to surf.

  • Zé Scotto di Vettimo
    Zé Scotto di VettimoMåned siden

    It's weird to know that are people crying so much about the environment and at the same time they are the ones that use all kind of bad staff that pollutes the sea. Surfers when they start talking they should refer that its no good but we make an effort to be better. All materials used in the process of producing boards are highly hazardous. Being in nature in one big selfish way yess.

  • Ayden Painter

    Ayden Painter

    Måned siden

    I do have a wood board and my other boards that are not wood I use for life

  • Zé Scotto di Vettimo

    Zé Scotto di Vettimo

    Måned siden

    @Ayden Painter do you have a recycled or wood board? if you have you are lying and if you have a wood board the planet thanks you... Before using your impulsive fingers just think a little a bit more.

  • Ayden Painter

    Ayden Painter

    Måned siden

    No he’s not they make lots of surfboards out of recycled styrofoam and plastic bottles and making your board out of wood is definitely an option so know your stuff before you criticize us surfers

  • Zé Scotto di Vettimo

    Zé Scotto di Vettimo

    Måned siden

    @Kelly Garrou are you an idiot?

  • Kelly Garrou

    Kelly Garrou

    Måned siden

    Then make u board out wood. Brah

  • backyard
    backyardMåned siden

    tube monster??? never heard that in my life lol. most people would have said she got caught by the foam ball by being too deep in the barrel.

  • kinda shredded

    kinda shredded

    Måned siden

    @Yehonatan-Asher Geyer uh no hes sponsored by hurley and red bull ya kook

  • Yehonatan-Asher Geyer

    Yehonatan-Asher Geyer

    Måned siden

    F kook

  • Max Harris
    Max HarrisMåned siden

    This guy never seen a board bag with a strap smh

  • Walt Jisney Channel

    Walt Jisney Channel

    Måned siden

    Max Harris all about the wheeled coffin bag mate! Straps are for chicks that travel with like one board quivers! 😂

  • Erika5
    Erika5Måned siden

    It seems that the people learning to surf nowadays think it’s a good idea to paddle out to the best break, sit right at the peak (because that’s where all the good surfers are, right?), and paddle for every single wave. That’s why surfers are “mean”. If you want to learn, sit inside, off to the side, and ride the white wash until you can pop up, stay on your board, and turn a little.