Pro Snowboarder Scotty James Breaks Down Snowboarding Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


Professional snowboarder Scotty James breaks down snowboarding scenes from movies, including 'XXX,' 'Point Break,' 'Cloud 9,' 'A View to Kill,' 'Last Holiday,' 'Johnny Tsunami' and 'Chalet Girl.'
Watch Scotty in All Day SJ here
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Pro Snowboarder Scotty James Breaks Down Snowboarding Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Back Door
    Back Door7 timer siden

    "I don't care how bald you are like Vin Diesel, you are not fast enough" lmao i like this guy

  • Li Hua Liu
    Li Hua LiuDag siden

    With professional snowboarders and skaters, always love hearing them talk technique. It's always seems like a wild mix of absolute stoner and master artisan. Respect.

  • Quest Smoove
    Quest Smoove2 dager siden

    The Flat Light comment was so interesting 👍

  • Spoof 01
    Spoof 012 dager siden

    This was one of the best GQ break downs ever. Period.

  • Anthony Carranza
    Anthony Carranza2 dager siden

    I hope he gets a bonus for that slick Oakley plug that was 10/10

  • Ivan Gillespie
    Ivan Gillespie3 dager siden

    This was one of the best GQ break downs ever. Period.

  • Val Putnal
    Val Putnal6 dager siden

    Does anyone else see the irony in an Australian becoming a professional snowboarder?

  • Snowy Cloud
    Snowy Cloud6 dager siden

    *she should have taken out the skiers* Me: done it 🤣

  • Ryan Tookes
    Ryan Tookes8 dager siden

    Triple X I love that movie

  • Axel Undin
    Axel Undin9 dager siden

    "She should have taken out the skiers... She missed." Mood 😂😂

  • Mike Baltrusaitis
    Mike Baltrusaitis11 dager siden

    how do you not have him react to Out Cold

  • tate oh
    tate oh13 dager siden

    I hope he gets a bonus for that slick Oakley plug that was 10/10

  • Jacky Espinoza
    Jacky Espinoza17 dager siden SPIDER-MAN MILES MORALES Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 is uploaded! Rest of the game coming right up!

  • Taya Lorenzo
    Taya Lorenzo18 dager siden

    just amazing!!!!

  • Gabriel McGuoirk
    Gabriel McGuoirk20 dager siden

    No agent cody banks?

  • snow boarder
    snow boarder25 dager siden

    The way Scotty just ripped into Disney’s movie cloud 9 was hilarious. He was talking about all of the crap in this movie that’s not needed and he’s just laughing at it which as a fellow snowboarder myself I know that sort of thing never happens in snowboarding halfpipe.

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun27 dager siden

    9:48 “You don’t typically do that... unless you’re really frothin’ out” 😂

  • Terry Philips
    Terry Philips28 dager siden

    no YOU’RE in love with scotty

  • Louis Phillips
    Louis Phillips29 dager siden

    This was one of the best GQ break downs ever. Period.

  • Lucas' Account
    Lucas' AccountMåned siden

    Man is not lying about the Prisms

  • Loma Leannon
    Loma LeannonMåned siden

    9:48 “You don’t typically do that... unless you’re really frothin’ out” 😂

  • Heroic Pandaa
    Heroic PandaaMåned siden

    On ya Scotty ya bloody legend

  • Sax man Diesel
    Sax man DieselMåned siden

    Get Heneik Harlaut to do skiing scenes

  • Sea Cookie Aj
    Sea Cookie AjMåned siden

    I’m so happy he did cloud 9 that’s the movie that made me want to snowboard 🥺🥺❤️❤️

  • d
    dMåned siden

    9:36 the best powder in the world is "colmbian"

  • Hugo Harvey
    Hugo HarveyMåned siden

    Did no one else notice Erik Koston in first scene for point break

  • Jan-Arie
    Jan-ArieMåned siden

    He says snow like snar

  • Veronique Deschenes
    Veronique DeschenesMåned siden

    15:46 Eric Koston wanders on to set cause the producers forgot the difference between skating and snowboarding.

  • david cali
    david caliMåned siden

    What watch is he wearing?

  • Pyrsonn Maulion
    Pyrsonn MaulionMåned siden

    I just love the accent.

  • uNkowN
    uNkowNMåned siden

    no out cold? come on man.

  • Alex Popovich
    Alex Popovich2 måneder siden

    Disappointed they didn’t use out cold.

  • XXX
    XXX2 måneder siden

    I discovered this guy a while ago here. he should have more coverge, hes's the funniest and best looking snowboarder around. And he's Australian which is so funny. -Straight Man

  • Darrick Foust
    Darrick Foust2 måneder siden

    Love the shameless endorsement at 1:04

  • Michael Mikenas
    Michael Mikenas2 måneder siden

    This dudes a gaper.

  • Josefine
    Josefine2 måneder siden

    But where do you snowboard in Australia?

  • BrandonjSlippingAway


    14 dager siden

    In the snow fields of the alpine regions of Australia, Northern Victoria, and south Eastern NSW in particular. Mt Bulla, Thredbo, Falls Creek etc

  • cory teague
    cory teague2 måneder siden

    They dont set off bombs period at any resort it's called mitigation and there just noise cannons

  • roxychik 06
    roxychik 062 måneder siden

    I've never been snowboarding but I did go skiing a few times and once I fell backwards and got stuck over a melted puddle. I also weirdly found it easier to go backwards than forwards

  • Evernight Maane
    Evernight Maane2 måneder siden

    4:56 it sound like he sayes. bacon

  • Sophie Sellers
    Sophie Sellers2 måneder siden

    Scotty: I’m in denial that I say gnarly Scotty three minutes later: But They’re gnarly so of course they’re gonna go

  • _ Callofgamer1803
    _ Callofgamer18032 måneder siden

    Just love the background color

  • James Garavaglia
    James Garavaglia2 måneder siden

    How is “Out Cold” not on here 😭 good vid still

  • Ian bastien outdoors
    Ian bastien outdoors2 måneder siden

    “Thats not how you slow down”

  • Scott Henderson
    Scott Henderson2 måneder siden

    They put him on a snowboard to slow him down, but then he learned and left them in the powder

  • Peter Glenn
    Peter Glenn2 måneder siden

    Can’t believe they didn’t touch on most extreme primate

  • newavehaircut
    newavehaircut3 måneder siden

    And was that Koston at 15:45?

  • louduzit
    louduzit3 måneder siden

    If Johnny Tsunami isn’t in this just throw the whole segment away 🗑

  • Pretty Feet
    Pretty Feet3 måneder siden

    Should of done the movie out cold

  • Philip Lechner
    Philip Lechner3 måneder siden

    House jump was real my gf knows the guy who did it. There was no avalanche though

  • Jacob McMillan
    Jacob McMillan3 måneder siden

    View to a Kill snowboarding scene is often credited with making snowboarding a thing

  • Oscar Shoosmith
    Oscar Shoosmith3 måneder siden

    “I don’t care how good or how bald you’re head is” 😂

  • Taylop7
    Taylop73 måneder siden

    I'm listening to you talk about snowboarding but I swear all I'm watching are those beautiful blue eyes

  • Ashley Seider
    Ashley Seider3 måneder siden

    Omg I can’t believe they had him react to freaking Cloud 9 😂😂 and not only that they showed him the worst snow boarding in the movie. I mean at least show her doing the Cloud 9 or whatever

  • Jacob Tracc
    Jacob Tracc3 måneder siden

    I’d smoke with him

  • Zuzana Pankovcin
    Zuzana Pankovcin3 måneder siden

    woah his eyes are so blue omg

  • Brennan Doig
    Brennan Doig4 måneder siden

    The way he describes the beginning of snowboarding it’s like scooter kids.

  • NicKZO
    NicKZO4 måneder siden

    ight cool mention all the snowboarders that are in the video but completely skip out on eric koston

  • Dylan Maurits
    Dylan Maurits4 måneder siden

    15:46 is that eric koston?

  • Melisa Mantilla
    Melisa Mantilla4 måneder siden

    I love hearing people talk about the things they are experts on already but Mr Scotty James is hilarious too, I could listen him speak all day and don't get tired

  • Lilly Patterson
    Lilly Patterson4 måneder siden

    I’m a little offended that he didn’t watch Kayla actually do the cloud 9

  • Spam Spammy
    Spam Spammy4 måneder siden

    "I haven't entered the Spring Snowboard Challenge. Yet." LOLOL

  • jep nail
    jep nail4 måneder siden

    both the surfer guy and the snowboader were wearing red bull hats.

  • Professor raccoon
    Professor raccoon4 måneder siden

    Oh my god I hit my first ever cork today after 5 years of snowboarding I’m 15 years old and a male and I finally built the confidence to send it and I did a cork successfully on my burton snowboard so hyped

  • thatsvenny music
    thatsvenny music4 måneder siden

    But the crazy hat was Oakley tho

  • Ana Logs
    Ana Logs4 måneder siden

    Ya girl barely rides a bike, but hey... here we are!

  • Matthew Beavan
    Matthew Beavan4 måneder siden

    I have always wanted to learn how to snowboard but I havent had the opportunity yet. I go wake boarding a few times a year so is snowboarding a similar feeling?

  • erinlw
    erinlw4 måneder siden

    When he was saying beacon at first I thought he was saying bacon. Love his accent.

  • Franek-ee
    Franek-ee4 måneder siden

    "The best powder in the world is...Co- Nevermind"

  • Ratlas
    Ratlas4 måneder siden

    4:08 I like how he said "Now that's just wrong we get scored out of a hundred" and I'm just here thinking to myself they are scoring her out of a hundred

  • krishna
    krishna4 måneder siden

    Why this types of videos in somany channels

  • Yellow Woodstock
    Yellow Woodstock4 måneder siden

    should have also covered The Art of Flight

  • Daniel Gandelman
    Daniel Gandelman4 måneder siden

    Before anyone starts talking about how he's an Aussie, if you ever been to Whistler aka (Whistralia) you wouldn't be surprised.

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson4 måneder siden

    How you gonna do snowboarding breakdowns and not breakdown the movie "out cold" lmao to legit I guess

  • Aske
    Aske4 måneder siden

    he got that tom cruise laugh

  • Austin Kim
    Austin Kim4 måneder siden

    15:26 As an American who snowboards, I did not know there were resorts that ban snowboarding

  • Kidwithdafro
    Kidwithdafro4 måneder siden

    vin diesle

  • Aykut Bayraktar
    Aykut Bayraktar4 måneder siden

    hey yo wassup aaron paul


    They should have showed him the move "cloud 9" to get his opinion on that

  • Jacob Eggert

    Jacob Eggert

    4 måneder siden

    literally the first movie they showed him

  • nemanjamanutd
    nemanjamanutd4 måneder siden

    Scotty P man you know what I am saying

  • t ً
    t ً4 måneder siden

    scotty: if i see the back of the board i’d be able to tell the brand also scotty: * sees back of board * yeah i dont know the brand

  • Mike Brownlee
    Mike Brownlee4 måneder siden

    Why have a pipe rider who knows nothing of big stuff.. Let the real men comment.. Not the park kids.

  • Anna Fed241
    Anna Fed2415 måneder siden

    I don’t know exactly who this is but this was really enjoyable to watch and he is REALLY cute

  • Bart Thompson
    Bart Thompson5 måneder siden

    There wasn't nearly enough Johnny Tsunami. Still, a great video!

  • Clout Guy
    Clout Guy5 måneder siden

    His Oakleys bit 😂

  • Giovana Shimoda Baptista
    Giovana Shimoda Baptista5 måneder siden

    he is SO chill and cheeky i’m actually so attracted to him lmao

  • R J
    R J5 måneder siden

    I would listen to this guy talk about snowboarding all day and I’ve never done any kind of snow sport

  • Parker Virden
    Parker Virden5 måneder siden

    I'm not a snowboarder but I met him in Aspen during the xgames. Didn't know who he was just knew he was a pro snowboarder. Now I do.

  • Trilly Locke
    Trilly Locke5 måneder siden

    This was brilliant. Loved this so much.

  • Roger Cline
    Roger Cline5 måneder siden

    Isn't it "A View to a Kill"? Not "A View to Kill"...

  • Konrad H.
    Konrad H.5 måneder siden

    at 13:04 she straight up indy grabs the fence gap xD

  • Ryleigh Richards
    Ryleigh Richards5 måneder siden

    I could be wrong but if I remember correctly Cloud 9 was filmed at Park City. I’ve skied there a bunch of times and watched the movie religiously when I was younger

  • Bobby Worrest
    Bobby Worrest5 måneder siden

    woah koston was in point break

  • lil natz
    lil natz5 måneder siden

    looks like a young lazar beam

  • Melinda
    Melinda5 måneder siden

    this man is so beautiful

  • Carol Vidotti
    Carol Vidotti5 måneder siden

    I kind of was expecting he would do a breakdown on Hookwinked on the scenes that Granny Puckett snowboards...

  • Justin Shaw
    Justin Shaw5 måneder siden

    Would’ve like to see Scotty react to movie Out Cold but ah well he’s a top bloke 🤙🏽

  • cochs00
    cochs005 måneder siden

    Just watched Cloud 9 cuz of this video and the point was she was supposed to be bad on that run. Her dad paid off the judges so she thought she was awesome when she wasn't. Even the announcer was like I guess that was an air...and another air. Just wanted to share that the movie wasn't trying to pass that off as an epic run

  • NC Phcy

    NC Phcy

    5 måneder siden

    Yea... they should have him talk about the "Cloud 9" wanted to hear his opinion on that lol...

  • Ashley Tani
    Ashley Tani5 måneder siden

    I have never seen him before but he's so charming I literally just watched this 3 times.

  • Kristell Blas
    Kristell Blas5 måneder siden


  • Reggie Kim Gonzalez
    Reggie Kim Gonzalez5 måneder siden

    Randomly decided to watch this but oddly I feel like he should have facial hair.