Pro Golfer Brooks Koepka Breaks Down Golf Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


Professional golfer Brooks Koepka breaks down golf scenes from movies, including 'Happy Gilmore,' 'I Love You, Man,' 'Tin Cup,' 'The Greatest Game Ever Played,' 'Entourage,' '50 First Dates' and 'Sideways.'
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Pro Golfer Brooks Koepka Breaks Down Golf Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson4 dager siden

    I don’t have a handicap

  • beenosh n
    beenosh n6 dager siden

    Omg Brooks you're boring

  • lavinjoseph
    lavinjosephMåned siden

    should have been Tiger or Mark O'Meara

  • Jeremazing
    JeremazingMåned siden

    I will actually hit in the lower back by a golfball

  • Ike M
    Ike M2 måneder siden

    Seems like a nice guy... he’s not a giant douchebagger like everyone says he is!!??!?!?

  • Zesty Lemons
    Zesty Lemons2 måneder siden

    No Caddy Shack :(

  • ImaCoward124
    ImaCoward1242 måneder siden

    No bagger Vance. Unless I missed it when skipping through

  • Pawan Vyas
    Pawan Vyas2 måneder siden

    Well brooks just said a 5 hour round is acceptable lol

  • UrBrainOnSports
    UrBrainOnSports2 måneder siden

    How tired was he for this?

  • Devin Martinez
    Devin Martinez2 måneder siden

    I’ve been golfing for 2 months and I caught a line drive right to rib cage while looking for my ball. I threw the mans ball in the woods before he could apologize lmao

  • A K
    A K2 måneder siden

    He kinda a buzz kill

  • Jaret Kidd
    Jaret Kidd2 måneder siden

    go noles

  • Isaac A.
    Isaac A.2 måneder siden

    Couldn't have picked a nicer guy

  • Felix Pendl
    Felix Pendl3 måneder siden

    There are public golf courses?

  • Michael Boyle
    Michael Boyle3 måneder siden

    Man is he boring 2 hear talk!!

  • Chef James Lorinczi
    Chef James Lorinczi3 måneder siden

    No Caddy Shack?

  • Avery Price
    Avery Price3 måneder siden

    What was the one with Lucas Black? He should of done that one..

  • Avery Price
    Avery Price3 måneder siden

    Mark can play for real tho

  • Scott
    Scott3 måneder siden

    Love that Koepka fired one back. Would have loved to see that.

  • chadgrov
    chadgrov3 måneder siden

    When he said “everyone my age tried that after seeing Happy Gilmore” I’m like yeaaaaah man. then I realized I’m 6 years older

  • Kowan McGarry
    Kowan McGarry3 måneder siden

    You didn’t watch Bobby Jones a stroke of genius and Tommy’s honor. Great golf movies. Must watch.

  • Noah Coleman
    Noah Coleman3 måneder siden


  • Karmala Harris
    Karmala Harris3 måneder siden

    Brooks has perfect teeth for real

  • SupraRy
    SupraRy3 måneder siden

    This was the dullest version of breakdown I've watched yet. I was on a roll with some great ones on martial arts, skating, and now this one that totally sucked... Terrible guest for this, should have been Sergio Garcia.

  • Anthony D'Agostino
    Anthony D'Agostino3 måneder siden

    Really? No Caddyshack?

  • Erik Dresner
    Erik Dresner3 måneder siden

    I was a teenager when Happy Gilmore came out, so of course I went to the driving range and swung Happy style. Sure, 80% of the time I completely whiffed, but the other 20% of the time I murdered the ball.

  • Samuel Lewison
    Samuel Lewison3 måneder siden

    “ kinda looks like Augusta” actually is Augusta

  • dubnessIII
    dubnessIII3 måneder siden

    How do you not put the greatest golf movie in history on this? Unforgivable.

  • Charlie Babbitt33
    Charlie Babbitt333 måneder siden

    Caddyshack is only the greatest golf movie of all-time.....Guess not for him...?

  • kjws0809
    kjws08093 måneder siden

    What does brooks koepka and golf have in common? They are both boring😴😴😴😴

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama3 måneder siden

    🥱 boring

  • ikc_chang dude
    ikc_chang dude3 måneder siden

    whos watching after he choked at the Saint Judes Invitational and doubled the last hole

  • P-Train Baseball 13
    P-Train Baseball 133 måneder siden


  • Michael Challis
    Michael Challis3 måneder siden

    This guy is as interesting as golf.

  • Matt DiVito
    Matt DiVito3 måneder siden

    Disappointed there was no Legend of Bagger Vance.

  • Will Crawford
    Will Crawford3 måneder siden

    You couldn’t have picked a golfer that dislikes golf more than this joker.

  • Dave Lizotte
    Dave Lizotte3 måneder siden

    Great video. Would have liked to see Caddy Shack involved.

  • EnzymeDom
    EnzymeDom4 måneder siden

    He should have the short game docu in this so cool that 👍

  • Kaiden Visser
    Kaiden Visser4 måneder siden

    who’s all here went to top golf and is thinking about playing golf

  • Brandon Hea
    Brandon Hea4 måneder siden

    In I love you man next time take a couple lessons first before playing on a course.

  • Go Hawks
    Go Hawks4 måneder siden

    *Blake Koepka

  • WeedSmoker69
    WeedSmoker694 måneder siden

    no hockey blade putter scene?

  • Yes me
    Yes me4 måneder siden

    Happy Gilmore is the greatest film of all time. No one doesn’t like it and you can watch it an infinite amount of times!

  • Perellie
    Perellie4 måneder siden

    I could’ve provided the same dialog as this guy

  • james83925
    james839254 måneder siden

    If I ever got the chance to play with Brady, I'd borrow his Driver and I wouldn't even hit the ball; I'd say, "This looks over inflated.", and stomp his shaft into as many pieces as I can, and like the guy 'cause he's the Goat. It would be fun to see if he can take a joke. Then, after he quit stomping me, I'd offer to take him to a fitter and buy him a new stick.

  • Magne Neubert
    Magne Neubert4 måneder siden

    i got hit on my throat when i was 10, it hurt

  • I Love My Dog
    I Love My Dog4 måneder siden

    I love these 'break down' videos but to include movies like Happy Gilmore is ridiculous. VWs driving on fairways in the US Open... the movie is meant to be ridiculous and blind Freddie can see that. Tin Cup, The Greatest Game Ever Played etc, sure.

  • clayton minnick
    clayton minnick4 måneder siden

    Is that John Krasinski with short hair???

  • tH Clock
    tH Clock4 måneder siden

    Paralysis by over analysis - Pat Mcafee

  • imCurveee
    imCurveee4 måneder siden

    "Are you nervous to hit someone?" They ask the guy who literally blinded a woman with a stray shot 😬 jeez lmao

  • Christian Cole

    Christian Cole

    Måned siden

    yeah at the ryder cup. was thinking this as well.

  • Catman
    Catman4 måneder siden

    Brooks Koepka is a genius on a golf course, I could watch him all day... but Christ, I wouldn't want to get stuck in a lift with him.. He could put a glass eye to sleep

  • Nick B
    Nick B4 måneder siden

    Koepka was the worst choice to pick for the person to do this. Guy is boring as can be both on and off the course.

  • Zach Montgomery
    Zach Montgomery4 måneder siden

    AWL’s all know this is really Blake Koepka

  • Ka Btown
    Ka Btown4 måneder siden

    Sooo no Space Jam? We definitely need a professionals opinion on that.

  • HotBox Comedy
    HotBox Comedy4 måneder siden

    I'm totally amazed that a professional athlete would be boring when discussing a boring sport.

  • DR Golfs

    DR Golfs

    4 måneder siden

    Golf is great

  • Wade Scott
    Wade Scott4 måneder siden

    My fav golfer

  • B.J. Robison
    B.J. Robison4 måneder siden

    Brooks seems like a bit of a bro so the fact that his favorite golf movie is Happy Gilmore & he likes Entourage matches up.

  • Alister Ingram
    Alister Ingram4 måneder siden

    You have one of the best caddies in the game and one of my great friends rickyyyyyyyyyy

  • cosisthebest
    cosisthebest4 måneder siden

    They could have at least gotten a pro golfer that actually likes golf

  • BUDDY4698
    BUDDY46984 måneder siden

    no space jam?😢

  • Carterparnell
    Carterparnell4 måneder siden

    See this is why rugby union is the best sport I've never had any issues with people like I have in other sports

  • jeremy robinson
    jeremy robinson4 måneder siden

    No caddyshack ?!

  • Darren Howse
    Darren Howse4 måneder siden

    Brooks kinda sounds like every hockey player in an interview.

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles4 måneder siden

    I was at TPC Sawgrass and Brooks yelled at my brother

  • geremiah calderoni
    geremiah calderoni5 måneder siden

    His smile and laugh reminds me of David Dobrik

  • Driveway STAR
    Driveway STAR5 måneder siden

    I always thought "Give me the lumber" was him comparing his driver to a Louisville Slugger. Which he also uses to hit a ball when his clubs are in hawk.

  • Kimmy wimmy
    Kimmy wimmy5 måneder siden

    Well he’s cute. I like his personality too. Might have to start watching golf now 😉

  • Jpeters815
    Jpeters8155 måneder siden

    Greatest game ever payed is the best golf movie ever

  • Mercenary42
    Mercenary425 måneder siden

    I honestly cant stop looking at his teeth

  • ClemensAlive
    ClemensAlive5 måneder siden

    Hollywood: Something happens in movie Him: "That actually happens...more often then you would think!"

  • Zachary Schwab
    Zachary Schwab5 måneder siden

    haha 12:05 patrick reed

  • Alexander Skipp
    Alexander Skipp5 måneder siden

    Okay but brooks really looks like a short haired David dobrik in this video 😂

  • Mitchell Jack
    Mitchell Jack5 måneder siden

    Who doesn’t know which of these things are realistic

  • Keeni1
    Keeni15 måneder siden

    It's interesting that Brooks have never done Happy Gilmore shot, it's legit training if you release your wrists too early

  • Chase Pommerville
    Chase Pommerville5 måneder siden

    Producer: "Brooks, we need you to be as uninteresting as possible." Brooks: "Got you fam."

  • j carry
    j carry5 måneder siden

    I can't watch this guy, he's all vowel sound. He needs an NPR engineer for this interview.

  • Chandlerlol
    Chandlerlol5 måneder siden

    Why didn't they put Caddy Shack or Seven Days to Utopia in.

  • Timeless
    Timeless5 måneder siden

    Mmmmm, yeah stick to golfing. I about fell asleep during this lol.

  • Zachary Woodford
    Zachary Woodford5 måneder siden

    Golfers still dress like absolute idiots. There's absolutely no reason for you to wear a collared shirt or pants ever. And on top of that the shirt is tucked in. They should be wearing basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

  • Joe
    Joe5 måneder siden

    Does anyone else in your family speak English? Because you speak it so well! I love spicy stuff, I'd love to do a spicy challenge and link it to your channel

  • Eric
    Eric5 måneder siden

    no offense.. but Brooks doesn't have the personality I wanted him to have

  • Eric


    5 måneder siden

    @Nick Moscarelli I don't think so either lmao

  • Nick Moscarelli

    Nick Moscarelli

    5 måneder siden

    I don’t think he’d take offense lol

  • Motionless Merc
    Motionless Merc5 måneder siden

    He has zero personality...smh

  • Gabriel Vega
    Gabriel Vega5 måneder siden


  • Lukas Wheeler
    Lukas Wheeler5 måneder siden

    Brooks "Thats Happened" Keopka

  • Donald Lawson
    Donald Lawson5 måneder siden

    the legand of bagger vance!!

  • BioDiver
    BioDiver5 måneder siden

    9:19 this comment did not age well

  • Gabe Carlos
    Gabe Carlos5 måneder siden

    TB is not very good

  • Nate R
    Nate R5 måneder siden

    anyone watching brooks talk about tb12 after the match with phil tiger and peyton

  • slimblues
    slimblues5 måneder siden

    Worst golfer to get on the show, he doesn't even watch golf...

  • slimblues


    5 måneder siden

    i take it all back

  • slimblues


    5 måneder siden

    but he was funny..

  • 3 Minute Poetry Analysis
    3 Minute Poetry Analysis5 måneder siden

    What about Caddyshack?

  • nick cully
    nick cully5 måneder siden

    They should’ve had him comment on the jackass skit where they’d blow the horn every time someone tried to tee off

  • Logan Edwards
    Logan Edwards5 måneder siden

    “You’re out there for 5 hours so you gotta enjoy it” - Brooks Koepka, who sounds like he’s had to watch paint dry for a week straight

  • nutty _1
    nutty _15 måneder siden

    Bruce "you're out there for five hours" Koepka

  • Easton Keding
    Easton Keding5 måneder siden

    We all know how brooks is talking about

  • Nathan Stotts
    Nathan Stotts5 måneder siden

    I suddenly want to golf with Koepka...usually you get the sense that the pro's are snoody. But Koepka seems pretty 'chill' and loves the game of golf because, he's good at it, and it's fun.

    JAZKOOKIE5 måneder siden


  • GZB 99
    GZB 995 måneder siden

    They need to put that one TLOU2 scene in here.....

  • Kirb Stomp
    Kirb Stomp5 måneder siden

    Cool video with Brooks!

  • Mickey Pius
    Mickey Pius5 måneder siden

    "Golf is a good walk, spoiled..."

  • C B
    C B5 måneder siden