Pro Boxer Gabriel Rosado Breaks Down Boxing Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


Professional boxer Gabriel Rosado breaks down boxing scenes from movies, including 'Rocky,' 'Creed,' 'Raging Bull,' 'Cinderella Man,' 'Million Dollar Baby,' 'Southpaw' and 'The Fighter.'

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Pro Boxer Gabriel Rosado Breaks Down Boxing Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Northern Beast
    Northern Beast2 timer siden

    Gabe Rosado is a real dude. Never ducks anyone in his division and always keeps it real. Nice to see him get more shine👍

  • The Cool man
    The Cool man16 timer siden

    This is good

  • Freddy Trinidad
    Freddy TrinidadDag siden

    One of the best episodes of this series. He really puts you in the mind frame of the sport, great job

  • EmmanzinoHD
    EmmanzinoHDDag siden

    For a guy that s been hit a lot he doesn’t sound punch drunk , God bless him what a warrior 🙏🏾💯

  • emericaclay1
    emericaclay12 dager siden

    "Some fighters bleed more than other fighters" Gabe felt his own pain there

  • Suley Gults
    Suley Gults2 dager siden

    Gabe you the man !

  • Brooklyn Hughes
    Brooklyn Hughes2 dager siden

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  • Dontay Lucero
    Dontay Lucero2 dager siden

    Ben askren made this guy famous

  • murilo selau
    murilo selau3 dager siden

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    Neydc Bryxcv3 dager siden

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  • DJ Revolver
    DJ Revolver3 dager siden

    I'm waiting for a real boxer to review these. Not this chump that GGG almost murdered

  • RO Payne

    RO Payne

    3 dager siden

    Who are you to say that a guy who has competed for world titles isn't a "real boxer? Keyboard Warrior.

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels4 dager siden

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  • Barry Macokiner
    Barry Macokiner4 dager siden

    Bummed not to see Price of Glory in this, one of the best boxing movies IMO

  • Mike Wang
    Mike Wang4 dager siden

    Please have gabe back sometime. Hes great.

  • jake scalli
    jake scalli4 dager siden

    They wouldn’t stop the fight in raging bull back then they didn’t stop unless u couldn’t get up look a chuck wepner the bayon bleeder

  • Greg Quinn
    Greg Quinn5 dager siden

    Gabe obviously knows a good deal about the boxing of today... But some of his comments that go old fights are off. Like saying fights would be stopped. The further back you go the more damage needed to be done for a fight to be stopped.

  • ArmitronFusion7
    ArmitronFusion75 dager siden

    Strong Brown Men

  • The Hound
    The Hound5 dager siden

    That scene in creed was definitely the best boxing scene in a movie

  • alamin89ariful mejan
    alamin89ariful mejan6 dager siden

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  • spillzz 123
    spillzz 1237 dager siden

    ✝️✝️God bless stay safe ✝️✝️

  • Lizzie Morello
    Lizzie Morello8 dager siden

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  • Christian Del Barrio
    Christian Del Barrio8 dager siden

    Gabes a cool dude

  • Shon Valvano
    Shon Valvano9 dager siden

    No body privileged would be a fighter? Chael Sonnen grew up on the mean streets of West Lynne Oregon. His maid only came three days a week.

  • Angel.// Paredes.//
    Angel.// Paredes.//9 dager siden

    The Cinderella Man and raging bull fights were back in those times when they used the stingler

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan9 dager siden

    He really called Las Vegas a state lol

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D10 dager siden

    George Formen did the not sitting down between rounds

  • Darkstarscream 1
    Darkstarscream 110 dager siden

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  • Vincent Sceglio
    Vincent Sceglio11 dager siden

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  • J.A.M
    J.A.M11 dager siden

    Ahhh c’mon Rosado .... “ he bit A GUYS ear” .... “a guy”?? Bruh... you know it was Holyfield ! . That kinda bugged me. I’m pretty sure though, he only said it that way cause almost everyone knows Tyson, but usually only fans know Holyfield. Regardless, Rosado is in my top 10. Dude is a real Champ no matter what.

  • Synx Fc
    Synx Fc11 dager siden

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • g man
    g man12 dager siden

    Why no love for Play it to the Bone? That movie has one of the best boxing scenes ever.

  • Urissee Gatdula
    Urissee Gatdula13 dager siden

    You already know some of us don't know a thing about boxing but gabe is doing a great job teaching.

  • Elias Rease
    Elias Rease13 dager siden

    Is boxing a good way to vent wen you get angry

  • Billy Hanna
    Billy Hanna13 dager siden

    I’m related to the guy that robert played

  • Ulisses Maciel
    Ulisses Maciel14 dager siden

    Amazing video, but could talk about the fights in southpaw, love this film

  • RacoonofCancun
    RacoonofCancun14 dager siden

    it sounds like he’s saying if the ref don’t call it, then it isn’t dirty, and i support that message

  • james vangilder
    james vangilder14 dager siden

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  • Some Random Blue Person
    Some Random Blue Person14 dager siden

    "Ref didn't see it it didn't happen" -Gabriel Rosado

  • crazy headbanger
    crazy headbanger14 dager siden

    Gabriel is a boxer in a street fight just a fight no rules nothing Gabriel wil get destroyed. I fought many street fights it's extremely different he would lose in 1 minutes against someone that only did street fighting.

  • King Nerdius

    King Nerdius

    13 dager siden

    @crazy headbanger Nah I haven't but I wanna, and I bet he could beat you

  • crazy headbanger

    crazy headbanger

    13 dager siden

    @King Nerdius and what do you know you probably never had to fight you would not even understand how it feels and works

  • King Nerdius

    King Nerdius

    13 dager siden

    Doubt it

  • Nick Islas
    Nick Islas15 dager siden

    Cutting weight to wrestle..... Most fun I never want to have again

  • Joshua Faustus
    Joshua Faustus16 dager siden

    What an awesome dude! Real charismatic and intelligent

  • Avi Akbar
    Avi Akbar16 dager siden

    The salty experience largely long because honey july steer beneath a screeching retailer. majestic, kindly south america

  • daniel chan
    daniel chan16 dager siden

    million dollar baby is so bad lol

  • Wyklas Girnade
    Wyklas Girnade17 dager siden

    I was watching this on my TV but I had to switch over to mention something. Multiple times he talks about certain details being unrealistic (Deniro's eye, mouthpiece drop) and I felt he wasn't taking the time period into account. Although, he knows they shortened the amount of rounds due to safety concerns. With that said, do you really think the ref was making sure the mouthpiece was sanitary? No fucks were given during the Depression era. Lmao. Rant over.

  • Wyklas Girnade

    Wyklas Girnade

    17 dager siden

    I wouldn't be surprised if there were regularly people looking more mangled than Deniro.

  • Drew Miller
    Drew Miller17 dager siden


  • 秋山
    秋山19 dager siden


  • Asha Ale
    Asha Ale20 dager siden

    O gotta say I was expecting at least one UNDISPUTED 😔😐

  • Saul Zuñiga
    Saul Zuñiga20 dager siden

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  • khaleb mackey
    khaleb mackey20 dager siden

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  • Jesse Padilla
    Jesse Padilla20 dager siden

    Why did I think this was the dude that beat up Nate on Kingdom

  • Tarence Hines
    Tarence Hines20 dager siden

    Dope Breakdown Segment!

  • Michael B
    Michael B21 dag siden

    At 34:35 i think he made a mistake by calling 140 "lightweight". Did anyone catch that or do I have it wrong?

  • roger that
    roger that21 dag siden

    Robert de* is playing the raging bull. He fought one of the bloodiest fights in history if i remember correctly. That boxer is young, back in the day fights werent called off because your eye swollen lol..

  • your number one fan
    your number one fan21 dag siden

    He lowkey looks like isacc frost

  • John Doe
    John Doe21 dag siden

    Uhm, not every fighter, fights dirty... I want to beat my opponent fair and square or I don't think it is a real victory. It's called honor and integrity.

  • Emiliano Giannone
    Emiliano Giannone21 dag siden


  • Niles Graham
    Niles Graham22 dager siden

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  • jago painter
    jago painter22 dager siden

    Is he leo the lion?

  • Nathan Barnhart
    Nathan Barnhart23 dager siden

    Really love listening to how much boxers have to outshine each other. So much footwork and outmanuevering you can do in boxing that you can't in muay thai.

  • King Nerdius

    King Nerdius

    13 dager siden


  • Johan Verdugo
    Johan Verdugo23 dager siden

    i loved how rosado broke down the movies. I also liked how he explained what he did in the creed vs lion fight scene.

  • Gus Espinoza
    Gus Espinoza24 dager siden

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  • Matt Dowds
    Matt Dowds25 dager siden

    Do you really think putting a mouthguard back in without washing it first or fighting with closed eyes is unrealistic back in the day? Check out my ancestor Sam Langford, he fought at least the last 10 fights of his career blind in one eye & unfortunately he retired completely blind. Total fights 313 Wins 211 Wins by KO 126 Losses 43 Draws 52 No contests 7

  • Matt Dowds

    Matt Dowds

    25 dager siden

    Good knowledge on the Willie Pep reference.

  • Miguel Hidalgo
    Miguel Hidalgo25 dager siden

    Gabriel has clearly never seen Manny brutalizing margarito XD homie could not see by the end of the bout

  • Calliope Munroe
    Calliope Munroe26 dager siden

    och he broke the guys ribs

  • Kronoz Jardon
    Kronoz Jardon26 dager siden

    Such perfect Break down. And you were amazing in Creed man.

  • Marquis Marquez
    Marquis Marquez26 dager siden

    Gabe should have one his fight with jacobs’s

  • jordan carneal
    jordan carneal27 dager siden

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  • Quaid Moore
    Quaid Moore27 dager siden

    Its amazing he is so articulate with 14 years of physical trauma and head collisions. You can tell he takes education and intellect very seriously.

  • Harshit Negi
    Harshit Negi27 dager siden

    He looks like if Obama was a rapper

  • Daana Johnson
    Daana Johnson27 dager siden

    normally i hate boxing bc i don’t like to see ppl get hurt but this is so informative and interesting

  • Richard Granati
    Richard Granati28 dager siden

    This guys alright.

  • fishy911
    fishy91128 dager siden

    He gives good points but Jesus I keep getting distracted with how hot he is

  • Kingly One
    Kingly One28 dager siden

    In that Million Dollar Baby fight, I kept thinking that the referee would be fired (and probably be blackballed), Blue Bear be banned for life, but she would be arrested for assault (at least in the US).

  • issac micah
    issac micah28 dager siden

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  • Richard Head
    Richard Head28 dager siden

    Good commentary but I’m not sure if he knows the really old boxing customs. Such as when eye damage stops fight or replacing mouth pieces mid round.

  • Nagy Brayden
    Nagy Brayden28 dager siden

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  • King Nerdius
    King Nerdius29 dager siden

    Surprised there wasn't anything about swarmers, out boxers, and sluggers

  • Stavros K.
    Stavros K.29 dager siden

    I agree with almost everything, except for the Rocky (first movie) part. A man thát imbecilic wouldn't get far. Most top boxers are very intelligent. Ricky is plain stupid.

  • Chris Hawai'i
    Chris Hawai'i29 dager siden

    Lets get stalone and markie mark in a movie now

  • shark
    sharkMåned siden

    Great fight with manny pacquiao 👍👍

  • VR Driver
    VR DriverMåned siden

    How many warnings are they going to give her?! Lmao 🤣 Not Eastwoods best moment in direction

  • Fight Experiment
    Fight ExperimentMåned siden

    Wait. No garlic before a fight...

  • Daniel Mckeown
    Daniel MckeownMåned siden

    Of all sports, I'd say boxing is the closest to real life. In real life you spend your whole life fighting a boxing match against death.

  • Sopiha Grace
    Sopiha GraceMåned siden

    The disagreeable french visually moor because parrot dentsply fix during a curly ferryboat. whispering, steady guilty

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike HuntMåned siden

    2:07 isnt that angelo dundee?

  • Micah Cohn
    Micah CohnMåned siden

    I spit out my gum when he said he's been fighting for 14 years. Dude's 35 but looks 20

  • A Boy and His Dad
    A Boy and His DadMåned siden

    There are some rounds where Jake barely threw a punch and just got hammered. Just watch rounds 12 & 13 of their last fight.

  • Jack Mendoza
    Jack MendozaMåned siden

    Yo where is reel steel at 😂

  • Callum Eddings
    Callum EddingsMåned siden

    21:15 girl - snaps neck, dies gabriel - "you only get a minute break"

  • Clark James
    Clark JamesMåned siden

    The homeless panda osmotically tap because rooster predictably fry during a ready top. screeching, nosy t-shirt

  • CoToPaGe
    CoToPaGeMåned siden

    I'm a fan of Gabe now my dude KILLED this breakdown

  • Axel Starr
    Axel StarrMåned siden

    Yeah I don’t know about that I think you said to try Bart gun The only person he ever lost to was Butterbean

  • Power Of Berzerker
    Power Of BerzerkerMåned siden

    I don't know where this dude's been fighting but I've seen people both pick their mouthguards and put them back and having eyes super closed and swollen eyelids but continue fighting irl...

  • Jose Lemus
    Jose LemusMåned siden

    Gabe Rosado is always in a war. Who better then to talk about this dangerous sport then him

  • Panagiotis Karagiannis
    Panagiotis KaragiannisMåned siden

    What do you think about Hajime no Ippo???

  • Bejita666
    Bejita666Måned siden

    Too bad they didn't had Rocky 4

  • Chris
    ChrisMåned siden

    Gabe is a class act. So much information and insight, really interesting !

  • Acker Sotomayor
    Acker SotomayorMåned siden

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  • Silver
    SilverMåned siden

    9:34 so this the reason why paquio lost to Mayweather hahaha now i feel bad for complaining while Mayweather win hahaha

  • steen haol
    steen haolMåned siden

    Breakdown f1 with Ricky 🥺🥺

  • steen haol

    steen haol

    Måned siden

    Especially Monaco