Patrick Peterson Shows Off His Insane Car Collection | Collected | GQ Sports


Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has 13 cars in a collection worth about $3,000,000, so it's safe to call him a 'car guy.' After his rookie season in the NFL he bought himself a Tahoe, but once the season ended he really started his collection. Join him as he takes you on a tour through each of his cars, from "Mamba," his $250,000 2020 AMG GT R Pro to "Gramps," his $100,000 1973 Chevrolet C10.
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Patrick Peterson Shows Off His Insane Car Collection | Collected | GQ Sports


  • Angelo Luciani
    Angelo LucianiDag siden

    That c10 though 👀

  • Angelo Luciani
    Angelo LucianiDag siden

    So far his copo camaro is Aspirated, dont know what that means but i think he meant naturally aspirated wich means all motor no forced induction. Then on the donk he said 6" lugs norhing about his lugnuts is 6" not long not wide not thick. But hes got 6 lugs vs 5 lugs wich is what factory would have been. But funny watching him try n talk about his cars lol. I think that copo camaro was forced inducted though.

  • Damian Kinzler
    Damian Kinzler4 dager siden

    How much you think his insurance runs?

  • Rob Dobson
    Rob Dobson7 dager siden

    The photo clicking noise SUCKS!! Ruined the video

  • TheTussman
    TheTussman9 dager siden

    I admire both Peterson and car collections. The brutal texture, audio and pace of this video is disappointing. Click. Click.

    THANDO21 dag siden

    The photo clicking every 30 seconds is just ridiculous. Couldn't even finish the video

  • tmass
    tmass21 dag siden

    That's NOT a 72 Nova!! You dumbasses!! My first car was a 72 Nova and that's not it!

  • Brendan Mayhew
    Brendan Mayhew23 dager siden

    Hey Patrick been following you since LSU welcome to Minnesota. We love you already man let’s get a ring. Skol Vikes!

  • Phillip Peters
    Phillip Peters23 dager siden

    Jesus these edits are brutal

  • Kid Whiteboy
    Kid Whiteboy27 dager siden

    welcome to Minnesota. don't know why u join but sorry they can't get u a SB yet. but thanks for joining the team. -MN Vikings Fan.

  • 0netyr
    0netyr28 dager siden

    Yea that clicking started to get annoying.. nice collection tho

  • Angel_zl1
    Angel_zl1Måned siden

    Pretty safe to say he is a Chevy guy🥱😎

  • Kosi Mncube
    Kosi MncubeMåned siden

    Who gives A shhhhhh.To many people down for you guys to be showing off.Go donate some time at Children's Hospital.Than you will see what I'm saying boss.

  • Trill Yung Wavy
    Trill Yung WavyMåned siden

    Out of all the cars the Impala and the ZL1 are my favorites

  • Trill Yung Wavy
    Trill Yung WavyMåned siden

    He knows his cars I can tell he’s a real car guy

  • Eric Lara
    Eric LaraMåned siden

    That donk does not cost no 500,000$😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan BakerMåned siden

    It would of Been nice to actually see the cars

  • Arlando AMB67
    Arlando AMB67Måned siden

    You need to redo that Donk I'm sorry it's trash you need new rims new interior another paint job and your back rims need to be tugged you need at least a nine inch lip in the back Forgiatos twisted come on bro that car is so ugly I'm sorry the tires don't even go with it the rims the paint job the interior don't even match the paint I'm sorry bro but like you said it does have a rear AC that's cool

  • Aaron Young
    Aaron Young2 måneder siden

    Patrick: “I don’t really have just one brand” His Garage: GMC, Chevrolet, Chevy, Chevy, Chevy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White2 måneder siden

    I'm not hating i love all of his card but the pictures they took are straight garbage. We wanted to see the cars not take those bs pictures. Smfh

  • Joel Coombs
    Joel Coombs2 måneder siden

    I don’t like the clicking sound every second! Plus there was no good shots of the cars! The subject was: Eg. This is my car collection. W/o any good images of the cars!

  • Scorpio King1
    Scorpio King12 måneder siden

    You definitely have to put that green back on just to have it original and just put a 1 fifth of a mile or less biweekly,just saying, eventually at least every 6 months whip it for a few miles that way you will keep it super super mint .Just be stingy with it keeping it ready to sting.😉🙏

  • homer simpson
    homer simpson2 måneder siden

    Wow he really loves LS engines

  • Peterson Oliveira
    Peterson Oliveira2 måneder siden

    Boa noite FIRST vai amém bom trabalho

    TRUST DA PROCESS2 måneder siden


  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith2 måneder siden

    I literally had to stop watching cause of all the click, click, click , click , click 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • YoogiNation
    YoogiNation2 måneder siden

    Did he say 3 billion??

  • Carlos Sosa
    Carlos Sosa2 måneder siden

    He’s got great taste in cars I love everything he has

  • Alfredo Oliva
    Alfredo Oliva2 måneder siden

    PP "My car collection is worth 3 mil Jay Leno "thats cute"

  • Ray Williams
    Ray Williams2 måneder siden

    I like all the Camaros! That Copo is sweet, same with that Bodacious

  • Rickey Reid
    Rickey Reid2 måneder siden

    Yea editing terrible

  • Whop 100
    Whop 1002 måneder siden

    Camera man didn’t even show the cars really smh

  • EJ
    EJ2 måneder siden

    His cars ain’t faster than the receivers he cover

  • Steve Fortier
    Steve Fortier2 måneder siden

    Give me that Mercedes and the boat I'm good

  • Mark SSJ
    Mark SSJ2 måneder siden

    Okay okay we get it,you love camaros lmao

  • Mark SSJ
    Mark SSJ2 måneder siden

    Unnecessary edits 🤣🤣

  • KingSamoan OG
    KingSamoan OG2 måneder siden

    That 73 c10 is no where near $100k

  • Jay Tv
    Jay Tv2 måneder siden

    smh don’t see no jdm

  • space oven

    space oven

    2 måneder siden

    he’s too tall he won’t fit

  • Mister Dragzon
    Mister Dragzon2 måneder siden


  • Jimmy Estrella
    Jimmy Estrella2 måneder siden

    I've seen Pat ride around his donks in Pompano, dudes a legend out there.

  • Michael Coster
    Michael Coster2 måneder siden

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  • Vic J
    Vic J2 måneder siden

    More Like GQ shows off their insane bad editing skills.

  • ccol009
    ccol0092 måneder siden

    Patrick Peterson need to get a 1995 Toyota Supra wit that Legendary 2JZ engine and play wit that. 😎

  • ccol009
    ccol0092 måneder siden

    Bruh that’s so true bro Camaro’s (Newer year ones) are TRUE Drivers cars. Even my 2017 Chevrolet Camaro RS is SO nimble, quick, and agile, it got some speed too! 335HP around 284lb ft Torque.

  • ccol009
    ccol0092 måneder siden

    That ZL1 Camaro is SICK! Patrick DEFINITELY knows his cars man!

  • ccol009
    ccol0092 måneder siden

    I would be in that Porsche GT3-RS ALL FUCKIN’ DAY! I sat in one of those at the Porsche Dealership (a $230,000 Dollar Racy Track car), those seats TIGHTLY GRIP YOU, -SOLID IN PLACE. Cause the G-Force that car produces is probably nutz. You need to be tightly gripped in that car.

  • ccol009
    ccol0092 måneder siden

    I seen a Green Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R at the Porsche Dealership in Texas (UP CLOSE) and that car was STUNNING! Funny cause I seen a White Porsche GT2-RS and some dude was trying to trade that (his White GT2-RS) for that Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R.

  • ccol009
    ccol0092 måneder siden

    That AMG GT-R ain’t No Joke! AMG has always made Great sounding engines! Watch Doug DeMuro review the Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R. And listen to that MONSTER AMG V8 Bi-Turbo

  • Johan Johansson
    Johan Johansson2 måneder siden

    omg the editing. it got my brain to explode.

  • **
    **2 måneder siden

    At least my GTA garage kinda look like that doe

  • Coma
    Coma2 måneder siden

    Couldn't watch the vid... editing is trash

  • Dadivine
    Dadivine2 måneder siden

    Could not watch the video because of the annoying clicks and poor editing.

  • Extra cheese with the sauce
    Extra cheese with the sauce3 måneder siden

    i hate fake car guys

  • I Perez
    I Perez3 måneder siden

    How he only start two cars??

  • Matt Zabielski
    Matt Zabielski3 måneder siden

    that Rolls ain’t appreciating bub

  • most complicated man
    most complicated man3 måneder siden

    the editing makes me dizzy and feel like vomiting

  • Anders White
    Anders White3 måneder siden

    Fire this editor lol

  • jdGTWN 20
    jdGTWN 203 måneder siden

    He says he knows all about his cars but calls the spirit of ecstasy an angel 😂

  • GH Sense
    GH Sense3 måneder siden

    5 years after retirement, then broke

  • andrew phillips
    andrew phillips3 måneder siden

    Terrible editing,can’t watch this

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord3 måneder siden

    7:44 was as far as I could make it, the clicking is highly irritating and whoever edited this needs to be fired or sent back to school....

  • Brandon Thompson
    Brandon Thompson3 måneder siden

    500k for the caprice lmao. How about 80-100k on the high side lol

  • Roderick Bradley
    Roderick Bradley3 måneder siden

    More view of cars, less talk....

  • unknown User
    unknown User3 måneder siden

    500k for that Caprice? Who you kidding?

  • Brandon Thompson

    Brandon Thompson

    3 måneder siden

    Maybe 80k lol

  • donald bumgardner
    donald bumgardner3 måneder siden

    The abandoned whale preferably mix because instruction provisionally peep alongside a modern sun. capable, rhetorical horn

  • Dawn Toliver
    Dawn Toliver3 måneder siden

    Who ever edited this vid was high af when they did it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Its Brett

    Its Brett

    3 måneder siden


  • Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley3 måneder siden

    I think he likes chevy

  • Hubalubalu
    Hubalubalu3 måneder siden

    Fire producer / editor. Did the camera guy just not shoot any car shots?

  • Alex B
    Alex B3 måneder siden

    Couldn't finish the video...the blurry clicky pics, only 3 crappy pics of each car

  • Esme Sessoms
    Esme Sessoms3 måneder siden

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  • Esme Sessoms
    Esme Sessoms3 måneder siden

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  • Matty Bean
    Matty Bean3 måneder siden

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  • King T
    King T3 måneder siden

    Dope collection 💦 that Donk is 🅱️razy

  • Axe Corona
    Axe Corona3 måneder siden


  • beej agpalo
    beej agpalo3 måneder siden

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  • TheSoloHanSolo
    TheSoloHanSolo3 måneder siden

    Trash editing. Unwatchable with all the Click click click on a every photo 🤬

  • Joseph Crawford
    Joseph Crawford3 måneder siden

    Horrible pictures, was so unnecessary.

  • Isaac Rodriguez
    Isaac Rodriguez3 måneder siden

    The sulky pound analytically try because club nutritionally wail along a animated thread. awake, tame reading

  • kyle perez
    kyle perez3 måneder siden

    fuckin editing sucks holy crap

  • Julian
    Julian3 måneder siden

    Car collection showed that Patrick is a true car connoisseur.

  • Michael Yarema

    Michael Yarema

    2 måneder siden

    he barely even upgrade his cars

  • Matthew Coscia
    Matthew Coscia3 måneder siden

    Dibbling and dabbling

  • James Paster
    James Paster4 måneder siden

    500,000 for a caprice???

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams4 måneder siden

    Check out MR ORGANIK channel you will not have any regrets he also has a crazy car collection!!!!!!

  • Alid Franco
    Alid Franco4 måneder siden

    98k for a camaro zl1 ???

  • Sanford Boulden
    Sanford Boulden4 måneder siden

    The editing sucked. Who decided to put those pictures like that. Would've been better off showing stock photos if you didn't want his cars to be recognized.

  • Chrystien Solon
    Chrystien Solon4 måneder siden

    Since when nike made short sleeve shirt with a turtleneck 😳

  • john doe

    john doe

    3 måneder siden

    that is his mask. lol

  • Key Beenleakin
    Key Beenleakin4 måneder siden

    P2 collect is toooo raw

  • Ed Hatch
    Ed Hatch4 måneder siden

    Burfday lol

  • Angel Nixxa
    Angel Nixxa4 måneder siden

    The unbiased arch surprisingly end because card prudently injure outside a one turnip. green grey grieving, unused climb

  • Tony's Captures
    Tony's Captures4 måneder siden

    Good to see pat pete got some flavor chevy heavy👍🏽

  • tflexxin
    tflexxin4 måneder siden

    This is supposed to be about hi cars? The entire video is him talking with tiny snips of his cars. What waste of his time.

  • The Ninth
    The Ninth4 måneder siden

    more of these please

  • Opal Ruins
    Opal Ruins4 måneder siden

    Gotta respect the fact that he doesn't have a Lamborghini for the sake of just having one

  • john doe

    john doe

    3 måneder siden

    This will be me if I win the lotto. 12-14 cars all with LS motors or the jeep with a hemi. A Lambo takes too much money to upkeep yearly.

  • Anthony Infelise
    Anthony Infelise4 måneder siden

    Lmao everyone hates the editing. But that Copo Camaro tho!!!

  • Richplaya Hi-Top

    Richplaya Hi-Top

    4 måneder siden

  • Femi Ajayi
    Femi Ajayi4 måneder siden

    Who is he?

  • Stewart Randall
    Stewart Randall4 måneder siden

    I know you can do this man's collection justice, please don't ever use the camera grain or the photo click sounds again. Also try and show full-body shots of the cars, all the pictures were really zoomed in and hard to look at.

  • Kai patton
    Kai patton4 måneder siden

    He put a push start on a '73 🤦🏿‍♂

  • Luke Storlie
    Luke Storlie4 måneder siden

    That clicky noise on the pictures is awful. I literally clicked off because of it

  • King Nut
    King Nut4 måneder siden

    Healthy collection.

  • Max
    Max4 måneder siden

    Fire this editor oh my God the camera clicking is so annoying