Patrick Mahomes Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram | GQ Sports


On this episode of Actually Me, Kansas City superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from NOlocal, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and Wikipedia. Does he really put ketchup on steak? What is his throwing release time?
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Patrick Mahomes Goes Undercover on NOlocal, Twitter and Instagram | GQ Sports


  • CheesyNflStuff
    CheesyNflStuff2 timer siden

    The curse hit Lamar FREAKING HARD!

  • Anyis Hassan
    Anyis Hassan2 timer siden

    WTH who puts ketchup on steak but u got to respect the man he’s a goat 🐐

  • John Lapuz
    John Lapuz10 timer siden

    He sounds like a child Kermit the frog.

  • Ari Miller
    Ari MillerDag siden

    I kinda think Kermit or Grover when I think of his voice

  • Charlee Melanie
    Charlee Melanie2 dager siden

    He sounds like Kermit but with a bit of a southern accent

  • TwoBros ✔︎
    TwoBros ✔︎2 dager siden

    8-2 man! Great job

  • Fe Guggi
    Fe Guggi2 dager siden

    Where can i find the app? Can't find it lol 🙈

  • the gamer dud Goss
    the gamer dud Goss3 dager siden

    No tom brady

  • Kansas City chiefs Bro’s
    Kansas City chiefs Bro’s4 dager siden

    I love Kansas City Chiefs

  • T_ George
    T_ George4 dager siden

    Patrick forgot Mike Williams was one who went before him

  • Tony Mitchell
    Tony Mitchell4 dager siden

    Kielce is good at basketball 🏀

  • Vincent Ward
    Vincent Ward4 dager siden

    I'll see you in 55 minutes

  • Noah Tinsley Productions
    Noah Tinsley Productions5 dager siden

    He doesn’t think he’s the goat yet but this past two years he’s been the goat

  • Mohamed Dakiri
    Mohamed Dakiri5 dager siden

    Imagine if Mahomes played for Bears

  • Aariah Nash
    Aariah Nash5 dager siden

    Didn't go undercover.. he's literally himself online lol. Good video, thumbs down for misleading me.

  • Heather
    Heather6 dager siden

    Aye yo we both have the same fav video game

  • Jennifer Ambrose
    Jennifer Ambrose6 dager siden

    Deshaun Watson

  • Breadlund
    Breadlund6 dager siden

    Imagine actually disliking this video.

  • Blake Spence
    Blake Spence7 dager siden

    The one he missed was AK41

  • Erna Anspach
    Erna Anspach7 dager siden

    Hey Patrick, you just added ten years to my life. I'm 70 and have to stay around just to watch you play the next 10. My family likes catsup on everything.👍

  • jb1k
    jb1k7 dager siden

    he looks like kelly oubre

  • mako kimoto
    mako kimoto7 dager siden

    I can't believe the Bears traded up to draft Trubisky over this guy...

  • Jewish Circumcircle
    Jewish Circumcircle8 dager siden

    Who are your favorite rappers that passed away in the last 5 years? 🕊💔

  • Scott Whittle
    Scott Whittle8 dager siden

    Patrick sounds like a replay chill and cool guy in real life I want to meet him so bad!😀

  • Francisco J. Ríos
    Francisco J. Ríos8 dager siden

    The baby GOAT 🐐

  • dai le cong
    dai le cong8 dager siden

    He’s SO humble. That’s why I like him so much. A lot of other dudes when asked “is (whatever their name is) the goat?) would say “definitely”

  • william hall
    william hall8 dager siden


  • Nick A
    Nick A8 dager siden

    Patrick. Needs to try roasted salsa

  • Mashay Vaughn
    Mashay Vaughn9 dager siden

    I don’t think Patrick Mahomes knows he’s Mahomes. I think he thinks he’s Kermit the Frog 😂😂

  • FishingWithFreemans
    FishingWithFreemans9 dager siden

    Not to hate but he’s overrated, he has a lot of weapons. he is on the high good side with QB’s not with the greats if he played with a bad team like Brady did with the bucs and makes them great that’s real greatness playing amazing with no weapons is a great QB so I don’t think he’s the best

  • Madison Page
    Madison Page9 dager siden

    Who else lives in Missouri 👇

  • Noah Yeldell
    Noah Yeldell10 dager siden

    I love pactrick I just my favorite as a die hard chifes I love him

  • Freddy Jefferson
    Freddy Jefferson10 dager siden

    I agree...ketchup on steak is fabulous

  • Pr0_ Baltz
    Pr0_ Baltz10 dager siden

    Phomes dad plays baseball in Sioux Falls I saw him play

  • Riox DKW
    Riox DKW10 dager siden

    Choosing Mitch Trubisky over Patrick was one of the biggest mistakes we ever made

  • Beba Parra
    Beba Parra10 dager siden

    Dude yo Pat same every shames me for it. Ketchup on steak is golden

  • Death boy 29
    Death boy 2910 dager siden

    You should stream I would sub Patrick

  • jose Navarro
    jose Navarro10 dager siden

    Good luck on rest of tbe year.

  • jose Navarro
    jose Navarro10 dager siden

    Hi Patrick MAHOMES. Im been KANSAS CITY CHIEFS FAN SINCE 10 . IM 40 YEARS OLD 1990 we need couple more Super Bowl . And get another Ring back to back. Haven't been done in a long time.

  • chobitstheoneforme
    chobitstheoneforme10 dager siden

    I dont think Patrick Mahomes knows how good Patrick Mahomes is. God the first time i saw Patrick play was against Brady and Mahomes lost but i was stun at how good this kid was. And i have been a die hard Mahomes fan ever since.

  • Marky Charky
    Marky Charky12 dager siden

    Imagine if pat mahomes played with moss

  • Stanley Clayton III
    Stanley Clayton III12 dager siden


  • chance still plays
    chance still plays12 dager siden

    I throw omost like mahomes Missouri baby let's go

  • Nick Maeso
    Nick Maeso12 dager siden

    He is trying to be so humble💀

  • Alejandro Olivarez
    Alejandro Olivarez12 dager siden

    are we gonna ignore the fact that he spelt eighth wrong

  • CarrSastic Creations
    CarrSastic Creations12 dager siden

    I really enjoyed that. Most likeable cutie out there.

  • C. A.
    C. A.12 dager siden

    Really nice to see this vlog! You're a superstar behaving as a decent human being, which you are.

  • Lacygu Wisewun
    Lacygu Wisewun13 dager siden

    Patrick Mahomes just chillin there knowing about 500 milion is coming to his pocket!

  • Alexander Estes
    Alexander Estes13 dager siden

    Urinating tree said in his " a haters guide to super bowl 54 " video Why would shame such a fine cow like that, but receivers like hill and kelce can't be to mad. Not trying to hate on urinating tree

  • Ne'Yan Johnson
    Ne'Yan Johnson13 dager siden


  • Ne'Yan Johnson
    Ne'Yan Johnson13 dager siden


  • Mobile GOD
    Mobile GOD13 dager siden

    Lamar Jackson is on madden 21 jeez we don’t need him to get hurt 😂

  • casper the ghost
    casper the ghost14 dager siden

    He did something with the royals thats for sure

  • Taylan Miller
    Taylan Miller14 dager siden

    Same I would to

  • Kenna Rock
    Kenna Rock14 dager siden


  • Isaiah Martin
    Isaiah Martin16 dager siden

    patrick you already are the goat i promise

  • Fowler Vick
    Fowler Vick16 dager siden

    I was hoping that he wold say WE LIKE FORTNITE 3:50

  • Adam Brandt
    Adam Brandt17 dager siden

    Hey 👋 pat can you answer my question do you have any tips for being a QB thanks 🙏 ps love you keep it up!!!!!

  • Zane Spuzzillo
    Zane Spuzzillo17 dager siden

    adidas should make Patrick Mahomes his own shoes

  • Gtlmoney L
    Gtlmoney L17 dager siden

    I put ketchup on my steak

  • Braulio Jimenez
    Braulio Jimenez18 dager siden

    He’s laughing in his mind knowing Trubisky went 2nd.

  • Hwa Hood
    Hwa Hood18 dager siden

    As a Chargers fan, you still gotta love Mahomes

  • Itss Clarity
    Itss Clarity19 dager siden

    “This is Kermit the frog, and I’m going undercover on the internet.”

  • Alexander Blackburn
    Alexander Blackburn20 dager siden

    In that draft as a chiefs fan, when I saw they grabbed him instead of a more needed position, I was upset. I have never been so happy to be wrong. You gotta remember though, we had good success with Alex Smith, but saying this, I was 100% incorrect for sure.

  • Vlad Mkrtumyan
    Vlad Mkrtumyan20 dager siden

    Note, Patrick Mahomes just claimed he beat the Madden curse...hope this comment doesn't age well

  • Cindy Delarosa
    Cindy Delarosa20 dager siden

    Love this..🤗🤗✋✋🏈🏈

  • fishing fire
    fishing fire20 dager siden

    I love ketchup to

  • mrjata
    mrjata20 dager siden

    Very cool to see Partick sounding just like the guy down the street at the end of the cul de sac. Just your average run-of-the-mill MVP next door. His mama did a fantastic job raising him!

  • Brian Page
    Brian Page21 dag siden

    Yes, Ketchup does go on steak!

  • lovelyedits
    lovelyedits21 dag siden


  • Manning Boi
    Manning Boi21 dag siden

    I love steak and ketchup

    CORIE GEORGE21 dag siden

    i don't think patrick mahomes knows he's patrick mahomes

  • Any One
    Any One21 dag siden

    Luv ya Mahomes!

  • Dennis Prater
    Dennis Prater22 dager siden

    He’s SO humble. That’s why I like him so much. A lot of other dudes when asked “is (whatever their name is) the goat?) would say “definitely”

  • marissa cruz
    marissa cruz22 dager siden

    Hopefully there's no controversy during the course of his career. He's a level headed guy with unbelievable talent!

  • Krista Battenfield
    Krista Battenfield22 dager siden

    Mmm I thought Patrick Mahomes liked good music

  • Fabio Bonetta
    Fabio Bonetta22 dager siden

    Bears are shooting themselves every time they see this guy

  • Ollie Boose
    Ollie Boose22 dager siden

    He is a very humble guy. I remember seeing his dad pitch for the Mets back in the day. I dont think he will let the money go to his head he has good people around him to keep him grounded.

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones23 dager siden

    Today we are diving into the best loadouts currently in warzone to get you some more Ws: ➡️

  • Akers Moyer
    Akers Moyer23 dager siden

    Niners fans like me just staring daggers but also kinda entertained

  • Echoez
    Echoez23 dager siden

    As a bears fan I’m so pissed we passed on him and picked trubisky

  • Hannah Powell
    Hannah Powell23 dager siden

    i don't think patrick mahomes knows he's patrick mahomes

  • Vince Faris
    Vince Faris24 dager siden

    I remember that Texas vs Texas tech game on thanksgiving

  • The epic oof
    The epic oof24 dager siden

    I forget the title but it was some interview with tyreek and the question is, “ What’s your favorite thing about Patrick Mahomes” and he responds with, “when he comes into the huddle and he sounds like a frog” that killed me

  • Solmarie Gomez
    Solmarie Gomez24 dager siden

    So I’ve never heard of this dude (no hate) but I definitely didn’t expect his voice to sound like that anyone else?

  • zoe’s awesome
    zoe’s awesome24 dager siden

    He gives me lightning mcqueen vibes

  • Daniella Irera
    Daniella Irera25 dager siden

    "It was super expensive, but I made it better, I threw Ketchup." Patrick Mahomes new catch-phrase!

  • Winner4562
    Winner456225 dager siden

    Only White person with Dreads

  • Cameron Stennett
    Cameron Stennett25 dager siden

    I genuinely laughed when he was said “number 2 was Triubisky”

  • arma 109
    arma 10925 dager siden

    Somebody needs to ask him if he thinks he looks like the little girl, Mykal-Michelle Harris, on Mixed-ish.

  • Sherman Tung
    Sherman Tung25 dager siden

    i don't think patrick mahomes knows he's patrick mahomes

  • Steven Fields
    Steven Fields25 dager siden

    I KNOW there will be a LOT of HATERS on me.......BUT, for ALL of have JESUS in our hearts..............NOTHING more important to that!!!!!!!!...keep going PM....we never know what we have around the corner of this road that we all are in!!!!!!!

  • Chris Preymak
    Chris Preymak26 dager siden

    If there ever was a geek and a great athlete at the same time. This it. Nothing wrong with that BTW.

  • Kurtis Henken
    Kurtis Henken26 dager siden

    He sounds like Kermit but with a bit of a southern accent

  • Aaradhya Khanal
    Aaradhya Khanal26 dager siden

    I love his voice!!! 😂😂

  • J Z.
    J Z.27 dager siden

    I never understood these videos, they are so stupid. If they are setting their profile as their name and a picture of them, they aren’t really “undercover”, now are they? Pat is a cool dude though.

  • John Benson
    John Benson27 dager siden

    Ketchup on a steak is BLASPHEMY!!!!

  • aurora watson
    aurora watson27 dager siden


  • Rhett Hottle
    Rhett Hottle27 dager siden

    He is a very humble guy. I remember seeing his dad pitch for the Mets back in the day. I dont think he will let the money go to his head he has good people around him to keep him grounded.

  • C Shop
    C Shop28 dager siden

    Patrick maholmes NOlocal pls