Parkour Expert Breaks Down Parkour Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ Sports


Parkour expert Jesse La Flair breaks down parkour scenes from movies and TV, including 'Casino Royale,' 'Ong-Bak,' 'Hawaii Five-0,' 'The Office' and 'District B13.'

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Parkour Expert Breaks Down Parkour Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ Sports


  • Jairon_2
    Jairon_22 dager siden

    No Prince of Persia?

  • Tammera Power
    Tammera Power3 dager siden

    The fact that they didn't include a jackie chan movie is total bs!

  • Axel Undin
    Axel Undin8 dager siden

    This guy's mannerisms are so similar to Owen Wilson in Zoolander

  • WillN2Go1
    WillN2Go18 dager siden

    Buster Keaton a B13 transom window dive back in the silent days.

  • onshore1ft
    onshore1ft8 dager siden

    This guy's mannerisms are so similar to Owen Wilson in Zoolander

  • Maikol Cache
    Maikol Cache14 dager siden

    Genial... All of you are superhumans... respeto y bendiciones... desde Republica Dominicana... paz...

  • Banidil
    Banidil16 dager siden

    The vat of boiling oil was in front of the table both times lol but initially it looked like it was in line more than parallel to it

  • Waweru Kamau
    Waweru Kamau20 dager siden

    10:55 Ozzyman would call that a massive spreadie to the gods.. LOL

  • Sandy Udontneedtoknow
    Sandy Udontneedtoknow24 dager siden

    everyone should watch all the ong baks always

  • kruegerbaby
    kruegerbaby25 dager siden

    You should have reacted to youtuber Ryan Higa's Parkourse, Lolol!

  • thetourettesgmr
    thetourettesgmr25 dager siden

    Jackie Chan invented Parckour

  • Hiệp Đinh
    Hiệp Đinh27 dager siden

    Actually Ong-bak v kick jump was real by the way, because that guy is a Muay Thai master. And he jump really high for real

  • N Bee
    N Bee28 dager siden

    Banlieu 13 is, of course, Luc Besson (writing/producing, but not directing here), and seems designed to showcase Parkour before anyone else really had become aware of it (it predates Casino Royale by 2 years) and is a very fun movie. Besson wrote and produced a number of very fun action pieces in this time frame, including The Transporter, B13, Wasabi, and the Taxi series.

  • N Bee
    N Bee29 dager siden

    The drop onto the sand in Casino Royale, though, probably wasn't actually done -- there's a cut and re-angle of the shot... the jump was probably caught somehow, and the landing was possibly just an in-place jump-and-roll.

  • phrozac
    phrozac29 dager siden

    This guy could stunt double for Owen Wilson for all his parkour scenes!

  • foraquid
    foraquidMåned siden

    Could have been entertaining, but this guy loves the sound of his voice way too much - I found myself skipping through to try and see the clips, but just not worth it in the end.

  • Shubh Verma
    Shubh VermaMåned siden

    This mans disrespecting Tony Jaa like dat. .:(

  • Aidar Amrekulov
    Aidar AmrekulovMåned siden

    No yamakasi in a review of parkour films... Weird

  • Jeremy Loh
    Jeremy LohMåned siden

    26:02 Joe Scandrett: Am I a joke to you?

  • Yeah Boy
    Yeah BoyMåned siden

    I missed a scene of cheki chan because he basically did parcour tour

  • Darth Gorthaur
    Darth GorthaurMåned siden

    3:30 right off the bat I don't think he knows all he thinks he does because you can go way back to find footage of parkour always being called "free running" by seb in fact he says that is basically the translation of "parkour" the fall out seb and bell had was about parkour being competitive and there being a "world championships" an all that jazz that's why bell used to call himself "NoX ranked parkour in the world" and seb didn't ever say that sorta stuff. It's been a long while since I was in the scene and keeping up with it all so maybe seb now has changed his mind but that's what is was really about at the time...

  • Darth Gorthaur

    Darth Gorthaur

    Måned siden

    The fact he doesn't know the stunts in ong bak were really done for reals is abit of a shame someone could of explained it to him..

  • Grand Sonda
    Grand SondaMåned siden

    I was thinking they will add jackie chan in the video ahahah

  • James E
    James EMåned siden

    Good commentary... However I always saw it as Daniel Craig's James Bond doesn't know parkour, which is exactly why his technique is purposely so bad.

  • Black Tim Howard
    Black Tim HowardMåned siden

    Your 'sport' is younger than I am. I refuse to be impressed

  • TakiToNaMase
    TakiToNaMaseMåned siden

    Parkour and no Hardcore Henry? missed oportunity

  • Joseph Pellerito
    Joseph PelleritoMåned siden

    It’s crazy you guys didn’t talk about 6 underground. The entire storror group was in that movie and there is a TON of parkour in it.

  • Joseph Pellerito
    Joseph PelleritoMåned siden

    13:24 the guy is lighting the stove so the oil wouldn’t be hot yet. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • BennyBuddz
    BennyBuddzMåned siden


  • Chris Brown
    Chris BrownMåned siden

    Breakdown the Angie Tribeca parkour scene, correct but pointless

  • Jacob Crosby
    Jacob CrosbyMåned siden

    I feel that I'm missing something. I know absolutely nothing about Parkour, so I genuinely do not know what he is referencing when he says 'axe', is that a Parkour technique, or a style or something? Thank you in advance!

  • Daniele Freitas
    Daniele FreitasMåned siden

    I think I'm addicted to these break downs.

  • Shed Show
    Shed Show2 måneder siden

    i was getting a little heated when he was disrespecting tony jaa like that. all those jumps are real, no wires.

  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite2 måneder siden

    tony jaa is da man!

  • Logrian Ben Dragon
    Logrian Ben Dragon2 måneder siden

    02:56 Sébastien Foucan didnt 'start' Parkour which is traced back through David Belle to his father Raymond Belle, who was heavily influenced by Georges Hébert's methode naturelle. --David initially trained on his own, and after moving to Lisses, found other young men (including his cousins) who had similar desires, and they began to train together. ---The group eventually included David Belle founder, Sébastien Foucan, Châu Belle Dinh, Williams Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Guylain N'Guba Boyeke, Malik Diouf, and Charles Perrière.

  • Logrian Ben Dragon
    Logrian Ben Dragon2 måneder siden

    30:32 looks like youre wrong "This movie has gone the same tradition as Ong Bak - no wires, no CGI, all real stunts! "

  • kennedy6587
    kennedy65872 måneder siden

    So you know, Tony Jaa doesn’t use wires, or stunt doubles. He’s just that amazing lol

  • John Deehan
    John Deehan2 måneder siden

    Thank you for giving me District B 13, I haven`t seen it. Luc Besson is my favourite director and coincidentally B13 had the same producers as Ong Bak.

  • John Deehan
    John Deehan2 måneder siden

    Informative, but you completely missed the point with Ong Bak and obviously have not researched Tony Jaa.

  • Johno
    Johno2 måneder siden

    With the b13 I always thought the rope was part of a pre planned escape route

  • Rhilee C
    Rhilee C2 måneder siden

    Dear GQ, How dare you grace me with these very handsome, capable, and intelligent men during COVID. Shame on you. Frustratingly yours (also I am very thankful and please do keep it coming), Me

  • Silent Bryan
    Silent Bryan2 måneder siden

    Tony does all his own stunts he didn't even know anything about cables or wires he trained for everything in his movies with cables

  • Matthias
    Matthias2 måneder siden

    Do another Part Of this

  • A. V.
    A. V.2 måneder siden

    My respect to you Jessy,but before putting a comment about Tony Jaa,read something about him ! He is a lot more,than you think.

  • ksonhv
    ksonhv2 måneder siden

    Ong-Bak was a no-sling film. At least it was advertised as such here in Thailand.

  • IloveBaklava
    IloveBaklava2 måneder siden

    This guy really full of himself.

  • MR. GNF
    MR. GNF2 måneder siden

    No hardcore henry?

  • Travis Smallwood
    Travis Smallwood2 måneder siden


  • greyreynyn
    greyreynyn2 måneder siden

    EXpecially AX me a question

  • Kinjiro Tsuchiya
    Kinjiro Tsuchiya2 måneder siden

    Tony Jaa (the guy in ong bak) never uses wires and he does like ALL of his own stunts. He is 100% freakin awesome.

  • Neil
    Neil2 måneder siden

    Ong-Bak is awesome!

  • tgg1979
    tgg19792 måneder siden

    Man, you should really go check out Ong-Bak; it's a must-see.

  • TodaVtecKiller
    TodaVtecKiller2 måneder siden

    Him running off the dude's was real he actually jumps up and runs on them without a wire

  • Aaron Mcconnell
    Aaron Mcconnell2 måneder siden

    The Bourne shot was cool but it was first done by jackie chan in the 90's ,he didnt jump through glass but still physically the same stunt.he is the grandfather of parkour who deserves recognition for his contributions

  • slade-joseph- Wilson
    slade-joseph- Wilson2 måneder siden

    That was a great suprise to have hawaii five o and that you where the guy doing it was awesome I love the scene

  • Isabella McClymont
    Isabella McClymont2 måneder siden

    Alright 3rd grade realness.

  • Jason Heward
    Jason Heward2 måneder siden


  • lonewolf333
    lonewolf3333 måneder siden

    They should've included Live Free or Die Hard, which has Cyril Raffaeli, David Belle's friend (who was also in District B13).

  • The BlueNote
    The BlueNote3 måneder siden

    30:52 it's ricardo

  • CAPtivate Studios
    CAPtivate Studios3 måneder siden

    Jesse LaFlair is awesome!!

  • Dustin Northington
    Dustin Northington3 måneder siden

    Lol athlete lol

  • Shaurya Pratap Thakur
    Shaurya Pratap Thakur3 måneder siden

    That man doesn't have a clue about TONY JAA!

  • Peter Cordes

    Peter Cordes

    29 dager siden

    Good thing he was on quarantine lockdown so probably really did have time to watch the movie, like he said he was going to. As a fan of Tony Jaa, I didn't mind seeing an expert watch his moves and be legit impressed.

  • Site Naing
    Site Naing3 måneder siden

  • Dullaandrea
    Dullaandrea3 måneder siden

    I want to see him breakdown underground six parkour scenes

  • Fabian Seewald
    Fabian Seewald3 måneder siden

    sry man i really have respect for everyone who is as capable as you are in using your body, but parkour is not efficient, it´s effective, it´s bugging me. if it was efficient we would all do it dayli but in terms of speed it is effective esspecially if you don´t have to consider the drawbacks, please, call it effective and not efficient because it is effective like, for example top gear showed, if you want efficiency ride a bmx or scateboard. parkour is not efficient movement it is effective movement, a part of this is no doubt beeing as efficient as possible in moving effectively.

  • Motivation Theory Running
    Motivation Theory Running3 måneder siden

    I think it was one of the best things ever that people run around yelling parkour...the Office clip still makes me laugh way too much.

  • Rana Mathew
    Rana Mathew3 måneder siden

    Guitar player reacts to movie guitar playing

  • Narmadh P
    Narmadh P3 måneder siden

    I am actually stunned that he doesn’t know Tony Jaa 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️one of best martial artist out there 🙂🙂

  • Andrew Derksen
    Andrew Derksen3 måneder siden

    Ya! If you don't know Tony Jaa you need to to see this movie :) And you were on corridor crew right?

  • jerod966
    jerod9663 måneder siden

    I miss the movie yamakasi here but a good video

  • bryan akoijam
    bryan akoijam3 måneder siden

    You worked your career on wire and judge eastern action with mostly less wire and real kick and action. Prejudicial as always. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That also on Tony Ja.

  • Le Fabe
    Le Fabe3 måneder siden

    What really pissed me of in casino royal was Bond actually catching this guy or/and somewhat keeping up with him... even for a Bond Movie total BS

  • Theodora Hopkins
    Theodora Hopkins3 måneder siden ඉතින් මේ ලෝකයේමෙන්නඔබත් කඳු මුදුනෙන් වැටුණාද

  • Hans Gerber
    Hans Gerber3 måneder siden

    Actually Scot Atkins mentioned this in one of his GQ breakdowns: Tony Jaa trained to do his moves without wires because he grew up with Chinese martial arts movies thinking that the flying stunts were done without wires. So in order to achieve the same he actually trained till the point where he almost had the ability to do alot of these jumps naturally

  • Hari Supriyanto
    Hari Supriyanto3 måneder siden

    No Jackie Chan??

  • Anon Emous
    Anon Emous3 måneder siden

    He lost me when talking about his own movie. Booriing!

  • Honey Bread

    Honey Bread

    3 måneder siden


  • MorgaineRiddlePrince
    MorgaineRiddlePrince3 måneder siden

    6 min in. Are y U cray? I might slip and twist my ankle and scrape my knees and hands. No running. ;-)

  • Rob
    Rob3 måneder siden

    On bak is excellant

  • Rob


    3 måneder siden


  • somokanta thangjam
    somokanta thangjam3 måneder siden

    Tony Jaa can jump really high , cause he didn't know that hong Kong films sometimes use wire so he thought you have to be able to. So he trained without wires and is very much capable.

  • Alen S
    Alen S3 måneder siden

    Tony Jaa used to think the stunts in the old hong kong movies were real when they actually used wires. And he wanted to do that too. So he actually learned how to jump like this without wires. This dude is insane

  • Rockwall Stone
    Rockwall Stone3 måneder siden

    Wh!y saying ax instead of ask

  • Chords
    Chords3 måneder siden

    Reviewing parkour movies Doesn't review Tracers....

  • Ed Ventures
    Ed Ventures3 måneder siden

    I bet this guy says expresso.

  • MadJamYT
    MadJamYT3 måneder siden

    *hardcore parkour*

  • Barry Leslie
    Barry Leslie3 måneder siden

    I expecially like how is axed

  • Shaheim Carter
    Shaheim Carter3 måneder siden

    Nooo he should have reviewed tracers with Taylor Lautner

  • The Pill Versus The Springhill Mine Disaster
    The Pill Versus The Springhill Mine Disaster4 måneder siden

    I need to axe you something expecially important

  • Juan Basagoiti
    Juan Basagoiti4 måneder siden

    Good he knows about David Belle, but not knowing Tony Jaa???? too bad, hope he has enjoyed Ong bak and continued investigating about the great Tony

  • Milan Mazić
    Milan Mazić4 måneder siden

    Dude is commenting on a dude that is better than him

  • skrrt skrrrtatata
    skrrt skrrrtatata4 måneder siden

    STORROR army here

  • devildog17013
    devildog170134 måneder siden

    In Ong-Bak, the main actor is Tony Ja, who is a master of Muy Tai and a very talented stunt person. It is probable that almost every obstacle that he personally encountered was, indeed, real. He is know for his athleticism and reality in performing his stunts by not using wires or harnesses, if it is possible.

  • Roboman Robo
    Roboman Robo4 måneder siden

    Great video! Thanks

  • THMCKY007
    THMCKY0074 måneder siden

    I fell a straight 25 ft. landed on my side and broke my acetabular bone all the way across on my left side, compressed my T7 vertebrae and fractured my sacral bone on the right side. I healed up ok and I fell very fortunate it wasn't worse than that. I don't think I would survive it a second time without lifelong injuries.

  • Chilling with Shillam
    Chilling with Shillam4 måneder siden

    "Aks" "Eckspecially"

  • Banane Jon
    Banane Jon4 måneder siden

    BANLIEUE 13 messieurs !!!! XD XD

  • Kevin Norwood
    Kevin Norwood4 måneder siden

    Why did they not include Assassin's Creed with Michael Fassbender? I literally ONLY clicked on this video because I thought that film was going to be included.

  • Wunn Sen
    Wunn Sen4 måneder siden

    Wasnt it Sebastien Foucan Daniel Craig was chasing in Casino Royale?

  • Ari Maso
    Ari Maso4 måneder siden huge miss not covering this scene

  • Th1anonly
    Th1anonly4 måneder siden

    Why does he sound like mat pat?

  • Vertis Manuel
    Vertis Manuel4 måneder siden

    you guys should have body language experts break down fighter face offs

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage4 måneder siden

    Lol I was getting ready to say the window jump scene looked like Bourne ultimatum