Nate Burleson Shows Off His Rarest Air Jordan Sneakers & More | My Life in Sneakers | GQ Sports


Retired NFL wide receiver Nate Burleson has a formidable sneaker collection with some very rare pieces. Join him as he takes us on a guided tour through it, from his most high are and high fashion sneakers to his rarest and most expensive ones.
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Nate Burleson Shows Off His Rarest Air Jordan Sneakers & More | My Life in Sneakers | GQ Sports


  • Detrimental 313
    Detrimental 3132 dager siden

    I have a huge respect for dog ✊🏾

  • Robin Del Mundo
    Robin Del Mundo4 dager siden

    Okay I don't really know this dude, but I love his charisma. You just know he loves his shoes.

  • Alejandro Fernandez
    Alejandro Fernandez4 dager siden

    Cork 10’s and south beach 8’s are my all time favs

  • John Montag
    John Montag4 dager siden

    If he would of played today, his charisma would of propelled him to superstardom.

    GRIMREAPER DINU4 dager siden

    This dude can start writing some lyrics. 😂

  • George O’Banyoun
    George O’Banyoun28 dager siden

    Those glasses go crazy

  • Jonny Boy
    Jonny BoyMåned siden

    Seattle guy...............wit the Griffey’s 🥇👍🏻💪🏻

  • suni gbiskit
    suni gbiskitMåned siden

    Arriving in the mail are these oregon ducks in size 10.5. Selling for 6k

    RAZA9TIXXMåned siden

    3:22 pause, he even looks like lebron

  • Nkuli TV
    Nkuli TVMåned siden

    He looks like a guy called Cassper Nyovest I swear!!

  • Rick Cross
    Rick CrossMåned siden

    This episode is SOOOOO DOPE!!! Salute Nate

  • fd dfdf
    fd dfdfMåned siden

    Anyone still watch this video?

  • Dandaman Salazar
    Dandaman Salazar2 måneder siden

    Lmao I’ll put you up for adoption

  • Slater 5
    Slater 52 måneder siden

    Okay but who’s gonna tell him the CDG Jordan 1’s are only going for $350 lol

  • Angel uziel Cruz
    Angel uziel Cruz2 måneder siden


  • Nevada
    Nevada2 måneder siden

    Never heard about this guy before...but he just might be my favorite person ever

  • Nevada


    Måned siden

    @AG Warfield3 u too brother man

  • AG Warfield3

    AG Warfield3

    Måned siden

    Nevada Yeah I know but have a great one & Keep Going & Be Safe 🤟🏾💯

  • Nevada


    Måned siden

    @AG Warfield3 not everybody knows everybody

  • AG Warfield3

    AG Warfield3

    Måned siden

    Nevada what’s crazy is that you don’t know who Nate Burleson is until now but that’s NOMB

  • Nevada


    Måned siden

    @AG Warfield3 that's crazy

  • Rukus Cage
    Rukus Cage2 måneder siden

    I think Nate sucked as a football player , but his collection is on fire like Randy Moss was lol

  • Joker Fly
    Joker Fly2 måneder siden

    Aint no body watch this!

  • Yepac Shakur
    Yepac Shakur2 måneder siden

    I’ll put you up for adoption, I don’t care! Lmao

  • Gary E. Ko
    Gary E. Ko2 måneder siden Join the best sneaker group on Facebook.....💯🔥🔥💧💧🌊🌊 ✅SNEAKER JUNKIES✅ 👆👆👆👆👆(tap on link to join)

  • Local Chief
    Local Chief2 måneder siden

    Nice collection Nate!

  • Ray Alejandre
    Ray Alejandre2 måneder siden

    Lmao hilarious 😂

  • Julian Quesada
    Julian Quesada2 måneder siden

    Nate is cool guy man. I remember him in the league. So bummed that he got so bad breaks with injuries-he was a major impact player. He’s a good analyst and him on goodmorning football is great.

  • Allen White
    Allen White2 måneder siden

    He wore his socks knee high back in the day

  • Mally FERG
    Mally FERG2 måneder siden

    I enjoyed how he sounded so happy talking about his nba players nba mixed with other nba players section

  • Damien Del Rio
    Damien Del Rio2 måneder siden

    Yo yo, what you think your doing, take those off right now before I put you up for adoption 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Trokon Gaye
    Trokon Gaye2 måneder siden

    Folks have been pushing alot of bron kicks

  • Jodeci Brown
    Jodeci Brown2 måneder siden

    Those spots on the 5's 🥴

  • Isaac Raj
    Isaac Raj2 måneder siden

    Bro is HILARIOUS

  • Iceman 1001
    Iceman 10012 måneder siden

    11 yrs only 39 TDs lol

  • Ahmad Robertson

    Ahmad Robertson

    2 måneder siden

    Some would consider that to be a bum

  • Jonathan Ralte
    Jonathan Ralte2 måneder siden

    Why do you need so much shoes?? I got 10 pairs which will last me for more than a year...

  • Big Dino
    Big Dino2 måneder siden

    For the quickest second I though he was Michael Jordan’s son and I was gonna go off but then I saw my man Nate it’s all good

  • Hernan Cortez
    Hernan Cortez2 måneder siden

    “Ill put you up for adoption” 😂

  • H. Martín de'Campo
    H. Martín de'Campo2 måneder siden

    He was hilarious that was a really really fun fun video‼️😂🤣😂✌🏼

  • Adam Stacharowski
    Adam Stacharowski2 måneder siden

    Love the passion

  • MrTeeRedd
    MrTeeRedd2 måneder siden

    Fifty Shades of Nate 😂😂😂

  • Tselmeg desu
    Tselmeg desu2 måneder siden

    Last shoe was let down

  • Aznjerrick
    Aznjerrick2 måneder siden

    one of the best voices in sports, dude always talks with energy

  • Bimmer Fest
    Bimmer Fest2 måneder siden

    Nate is a good dude. But this was disappointing to watch. I guess the only real Nate, when it comes to sneakers is named Robinson.

  • Jesus Juice Official
    Jesus Juice Official2 måneder siden

    "i have bo jacksons" GQ flashes a lebron 16 remix

  • fanistermcdunna


    2 måneder siden

    I said the same thing lol

    DJ EXCLUSIVE2 måneder siden

    Keep up the 🔥 bro!

  • Playboi Barti
    Playboi Barti2 måneder siden

    those 1s are def gonna become hype now

  • fanistermcdunna
    fanistermcdunna2 måneder siden

    I'm not a fan of his collection at all

  • Staxx23


    2 måneder siden

    fanistermcdunna he only showed certain things they asked. I could still see the drips he has. And you only see what in that corner he sitting in. There another wall and corners in the the room

  • Mark Peterson jr
    Mark Peterson jr2 måneder siden

    This man is hilarious

  • BuiltDifferent234
    BuiltDifferent2342 måneder siden

    "I where these with nothing on"

  • Jacob Vonloh
    Jacob Vonloh2 måneder siden

    This dude got a good personality

  • Quinn Kurland
    Quinn Kurland2 måneder siden

    Not to hate, but his "most expensive" shoe resells for around $400...

  • Jacob Bryson

    Jacob Bryson

    2 måneder siden

    Why does resell matter? Those Oregon Jordan 5s Pe they go for a few thousands. Resell does not matter. This why sneaker culture dying.

  • Shooting Daily

    Shooting Daily

    2 måneder siden

    Them Oregon 5s. Or the 4s?

  • Mr. MindOverMatter
    Mr. MindOverMatter2 måneder siden

    The real Oregons

  • Steven La
    Steven La2 måneder siden

    “50 shades of nate night” ctfuuuuu

  • Hassan


    2 måneder siden


  • David Brown
    David Brown2 måneder siden

    That melo 1.5 is slept on

  • cmontalvo194
    cmontalvo1942 måneder siden

    They way he oranganized his closet was fire 🔥

  • Mario Vivanco
    Mario Vivanco2 måneder siden

    WACK SNKER collection

  • G Hans
    G Hans2 måneder siden

    Want to cook, join free (beta stage) cook groups until you find one that fits you. This one is helpful and friendly.

  • Jaleel The Greatest
    Jaleel The Greatest2 måneder siden

    Why did we say “Martiiiin” at the same time?😂😂

  • Bagofdope420


    2 måneder siden

    It's in theme song for Martin the show

    SM0KEY P4NCAKE2 måneder siden

    Those CDG Jordan 1s aren't even that expensive on stockx

  • Mr. Poet
    Mr. Poet2 måneder siden

    Them Oregon’s dropping soon 😂

  • Staxx23


    2 måneder siden

    Those ain’t the same shoes that dropping those. Those the Original originals they very few rare one that came out they not going to be the same one that coming out

  • Mr. Poet

    Mr. Poet

    2 måneder siden

    MaddenGoCrazy On Xbox still gonna drop that sneaker value like crazy lol same sneaker really

  • MaddenGoCrazy On Xbox

    MaddenGoCrazy On Xbox

    2 måneder siden

    without the oregon branding

  • Frank V
    Frank V2 måneder siden

    “The kids be gone they be at school” had to clarify real quick lmao

  • Jimmie Rustler
    Jimmie Rustler2 måneder siden

    He has enough money to get better display cases. He got them cheap small ones that you have to place your shoes sideways.

  • Staxx23


    2 måneder siden

    Shut up the shoes aren’t even sideways. The the same side that they come in the box. And he said he had to install it as a new wall dumbass not like we just have cases stacked up top of each other

  • Emilio


    2 måneder siden


  • Da Gweed
    Da Gweed2 måneder siden

    most entertaining by far!

  • SoLiX
    SoLiX2 måneder siden

    That adoption line he said. 🤣

  • soleplanter
    soleplanter2 måneder siden

    Nate the Great after this one! sheeesh!!

  • Gonçalo Paup3pe
    Gonçalo Paup3pe2 måneder siden

    I love this guy

  • Dominic Eramo
    Dominic Eramo2 måneder siden

    This guy has amazing energy.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne2 måneder siden

    mans didn’t even pull out those oregon 3s hiding behind him

  • Darryl Snoddy

    Darryl Snoddy

    Måned siden

    Too much heat 🔥

  • Lucas Hill

    Lucas Hill

    2 måneder siden

    And the 4s right under em

  • Ivan Torres
    Ivan Torres2 måneder siden

    “Who collaborates with a sitcom” ummm will smith and jordan with the bel-air 5’s

  • DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode

    DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode

    2 måneder siden

    @Dev Kantaria michael jordan played basketball dumbfuck

  • Snooper


    2 måneder siden

    Dev Kantaria Jordan was a basketball player

  • TheeReal Kay

    TheeReal Kay

    2 måneder siden

    Jesus Juice Official not at all

  • DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode

    DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode

    2 måneder siden

    Also lebron had the entourage lebron 8s

  • Rj&Ciani


    2 måneder siden

    The og bel airs were garbage tho

  • Obj CR7
    Obj CR72 måneder siden

    Very cool guy

  • ItSaiePlayz
    ItSaiePlayz2 måneder siden


  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike2 måneder siden

    Rare but ugly

  • Shay Burgman
    Shay Burgman2 måneder siden

    My guy look like Mickey Mouse with his glasses

  • Avuyile Madiba
    Avuyile Madiba2 måneder siden


  • Roast Toast
    Roast Toast2 måneder siden

    Yo wassup w my mans mickey mouse ears 😂😂

  • Dan 1031
    Dan 10312 måneder siden

    Those glasses. Literal 4 eyes

  • Dan 1031

    Dan 1031

    2 måneder siden

    Nate you insulted yourself

  • An Tran Hoang
    An Tran Hoang2 måneder siden

    dead beat dad right there

  • Alexis Leon
    Alexis Leon2 måneder siden

    😂 il have to put you for adoption

  • TheeReal Kay

    TheeReal Kay

    2 måneder siden


  • Damien Del Rio

    Damien Del Rio

    2 måneder siden


  • Mo Saine
    Mo Saine2 måneder siden

    Love his charisma

  • Jordan Aubrey- Real Estate Investing Done Right
    Jordan Aubrey- Real Estate Investing Done Right2 måneder siden

    Shoes are trophies for athletes.

  • Robert Luengas
    Robert Luengas2 måneder siden


  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez2 måneder siden

    Favorite NFL Analyst Right here

  • Hunter
    Hunter2 måneder siden

    Kith x Lebron Greatest collab ever, no cap.

  • Vintage Gallery

    Vintage Gallery

    2 måneder siden

    I’ll have to and say the HFR Light Bone Color Only I Think is The Greatest Collab He Did

  • Salami Boyz
    Salami Boyz2 måneder siden

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  • TheeReal Kay

    TheeReal Kay

    2 måneder siden

    Wow 😳 ❤️

  • thotbot69


    2 måneder siden

    i honestly needed that fr

  • Robbie Murray
    Robbie Murray2 måneder siden


  • Fingering Things
    Fingering Things2 måneder siden


  • Astro Gaming
    Astro Gaming2 måneder siden