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Mulatto has been a sneaker head as long a she can remember. Even her ugliest pair of sneakers, her Prada Cloudburst Thunders, hold a soft spot in her heart. Join her as she shows off all of the superlative sneakers of her collection, from her ugliest pair to her newest.
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Mulatto Shows Off Her Sneaker Collection | GQ Sports


  • Jay SoSmooth
    Jay SoSmooth5 timer siden

    Can you be my mom My mom dont love me

  • Jay SoSmooth

    Jay SoSmooth

    5 timer siden


  • LITØ
    LITØ9 timer siden

    legend says she has a pair of balenciagas under her wig

  • Erica Green
    Erica Green13 timer siden

    Who’s here now when she got exposed for stealing wigs😂

  • Marico Spikes
    Marico Spikes14 timer siden

    She’s so beautiful and her voice 😍

  • Alkill
    Alkill15 timer siden

    I like them Paradas more than yeezys

  • travis scott reeses puffs
    travis scott reeses puffsDag siden

    I’m tryna make a family wit her no cap bout 4 kids tell her hmu

  • Jacqueline Smith
    Jacqueline SmithDag siden

    I love you mulatto. U my favorite rapper. I am motivated by you

  • Jay Double U
    Jay Double UDag siden

    Big Latto!

  • Sean Keith
    Sean Keith2 dager siden

    I like how she petting her boots

  • 604NewCityOfAngels
    604NewCityOfAngels2 dager siden

    This why I love Black people they actually have personality compared to rest of folks

  • Vernelet Wragg
    Vernelet Wragg2 dager siden

    Do these shoes come with a free car wash

  • chris
    chris4 dager siden

    but can’t pay for the wigs she stole 😂

  • IIClyix


    Dag siden


  • DBlockn05
    DBlockn054 dager siden

    She is wifey off her personality, wishing her nothing but more success.

  • KiaraXoX
    KiaraXoX6 dager siden

    My comment isn’t related but guys if you could check out my latest vlog that would be cool 💜

  • La'Shonda Watson
    La'Shonda Watson6 dager siden

    I don't even care for her songs raps whatever they all the same to me.....her nicki city girls megan horseface........#nah

  • Itzzz rakell
    Itzzz rakell8 dager siden

    Luckiest shoe I thought was a pillow 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  • BMG Frosty!
    BMG Frosty!9 dager siden

    Her luckiest was the real ugliest 😂😂😂

  • BlackEmpress
    BlackEmpress9 dager siden

    My shoe collection is better than that

  • ItsLeeOnTv •
    ItsLeeOnTv •9 dager siden

    Tell me bae i said hey🥵

  • ava rose
    ava rose10 dager siden

    i loveeeeeee her .

  • CloutBallerJYT
    CloutBallerJYT12 dager siden

    I don’t believe these are all her sneakers

  • SNGXZREBORN on xbox
    SNGXZREBORN on xbox13 dager siden

    i thought her pillow was her shoe

  • Matthew Hardwrict
    Matthew Hardwrict13 dager siden

    Pink shoes was the best ones for Matthew aka me.

  • Hannah Montana
    Hannah Montana13 dager siden

    So much hate in the comments y’all really sad asf lmao

  • Jacky Espinoza
    Jacky Espinoza14 dager siden

    I have seen my girl in those boots a few times. Love to see celebs wear things more than once like normal people lol

  • tndyamond2
    tndyamond215 dager siden

    I have seen my girl in those boots a few times. Love to see celebs wear things more than once like normal people lol

  • just me mother of 3
    just me mother of 316 dager siden

    Just because your shoes expensive doesn't make them cute

  • Curly head JJ

    Curly head JJ

    6 dager siden

    Speaking mad facts right🗣^^

  • Jazmin
    Jazmin18 dager siden

    The mint hair looks hella cute on her 😍

  • ghorusjamcb ajughjewmcb
    ghorusjamcb ajughjewmcb21 dag siden

    Tonight we're joined by Jessie Buckley, Bill Bailey, Octavia Spencer, Frank Gardner, David Walliams and Dermot Kennedy! #TheGNShow

  • michael mcdonald
    michael mcdonald21 dag siden

    yeezy 700 are the best especially the carbon blues and they gotta sale on yeezy's right now yall 70% off so yall go get some they like 179.00

  • travis scott reeses puffs

    travis scott reeses puffs

    Dag siden

    Where at💀

  • B U L L E T
    B U L L E T26 dager siden

    first sneaker she fell inlove wit was the bread 11s ... same here , could relate too shorty 💯💫

  • Certified. Eli
    Certified. Eli26 dager siden

    & this why i would choose her ova any girl 💯💯

  • Christen Foster
    Christen Foster27 dager siden

    the lemon pepper steppass

  • Michelle Dean
    Michelle Dean27 dager siden

    Hello my name is Michelle

  • Monas311
    Monas31128 dager siden

    Her sneakers are cleaner than j.i. Sneakers

  • Dante' 317
    Dante' 31728 dager siden

    Show in tell babe

  • Ebony Graves
    Ebony Graves28 dager siden

    I wear name brand shoes the real ones

  • Ebony Graves
    Ebony Graves28 dager siden

    Her snacks are cute

  • Amen Wright
    Amen WrightMåned siden

    #guccygangdmv proud of u and og shane

  • Byron Farmer
    Byron FarmerMåned siden

    my lil baby

  • why not
    why notMåned siden

    bootleg black chyna

  • Slicc Chick
    Slicc ChickMåned siden

    I liked them all especially tht Fendi Boot because I’m a Boot girl

  • Vladimir Zamanskii
    Vladimir ZamanskiiMåned siden

    People are proud of standing in lines...crazy! We had shitloads of lines in the USSR and I'm so happy it's over.

  • PKNLDN123
    PKNLDN123Måned siden

    wack name

  • Matthew M
    Matthew MMåned siden

    the worst episode by far

  • Shonta Gearlds
    Shonta GearldsMåned siden

    She is doing her own mf thang.. Staying in her lane..And I'm proud of her success..🤗💯#Ithoughtabrokeniggasaidsum

  • Bronzey Evergreen
    Bronzey EvergreenMåned siden

    How tf u wipe your butt wit them long nails? 🤔🤔

  • Urmika V
    Urmika VMåned siden

    Sheepskin. gross.

  • Jamory Carter-White
    Jamory Carter-WhiteMåned siden

    dang you fine

  • Hans Odbytolog
    Hans OdbytologMåned siden

    Take a look at 8000kicks, the first waterproof cannabis sneaker. Absolutely amazing shoes, I really love them. 🍁🔥 I tried coupon code „8000“ and got 10% discount. 😍

  • Sizwe Mhlongo
    Sizwe MhlongoMåned siden

    Baby 😂

  • Tee Tee
    Tee TeeMåned siden

    quote of the year " All those so called "Ugly sneakers" could be sent to me." 🤣

  • Drxpymaddi


    8 dager siden

    Yup all of them

  • Sh8y 96

    Sh8y 96

    Måned siden


  • Taylor McCray
    Taylor McCrayMåned siden

    Istg I love herr 🤍

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin MartinezMåned siden

    But who her shoe plug in Alt?

  • Foreign Doll
    Foreign DollMåned siden

    Them uggs look like it was couch pillow😂😂💀

  • daisy stewart

    daisy stewart

    Dag siden


  • KingDrip
    KingDripMåned siden

    So Prada her

  • Nah bah
    Nah bahMåned siden

    Dislike dislike dislike. Racist word is not nice

  • Nah bah

    Nah bah

    Måned siden

    No her name alyssa she came to my school

  • Krazy


    Måned siden

    That's literally her name

  • Charles Singleton
    Charles SingletonMåned siden

    Big Lotta 🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍

  • Murda Mitten
    Murda MittenMåned siden

    Big Lattoooo

  • Nami
    NamiMåned siden

    Her personality is everything

  • Babebaegirl babe

    Babebaegirl babe

    4 dager siden

    Exactly😭and then people try to make her seem like a bad person

  • Lena_ 2001

    Lena_ 2001

    5 dager siden


  • Piss Kelly

    Piss Kelly

    Måned siden

    She still a kid remember that

  • Nami


    Måned siden

    @Charles Singleton yess!!

  • Charles Singleton

    Charles Singleton

    Måned siden

    She so that girl too me 💯

  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You DiarrheaMåned siden

    Meanwhile I’m over here crying ‘cause Payless closes 😭😭😭

  • Always V

    Always V

    3 dager siden


  • lilly c

    lilly c

    25 dager siden

    You and me both🙃

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    Lala 294

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  • DJ Coherent Productions Media

    DJ Coherent Productions Media

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  • welovejon
    welovejonMåned siden

    And what sport does she play

  • King of south national
    King of south nationalMåned siden


  • 703 Jay
    703 JayMåned siden

    Bru I thought that was another pillow

  • Z
    ZMåned siden

    Love her!

  • RetroTV1
    RetroTV1Måned siden

    She be playing with balls so I see why she on here

  • Sudoric -
    Sudoric -Måned siden

    Russell Wilson 10 essentials please😔😔

  • Dalila Watts
    Dalila WattsMåned siden

    The uggs are actually the "UGG-liest." #REALTALK

  • Dalila Watts
    Dalila WattsMåned siden

    The ones she considers the ugliest are actually the cutest to me.

  • Koen Carpenter
    Koen CarpenterMåned siden

    Is this nail real or fake?

  • Deandre Wellington

    Deandre Wellington

    Måned siden

    @Nah bah isn't a bad thing 😏

  • Nah bah

    Nah bah

    Måned siden

    Fake just like the hair and the teeth

  • Deandre Wellington

    Deandre Wellington

    Måned siden


  • Alex Haid
    Alex HaidMåned siden

    Why is it ok to call her that word

  • Nah bah

    Nah bah

    Måned siden

    No it dont. Even my uncle say it means backward mule crossbreed. Its a racial slur overseers used for mixed people during willie linch days so stop trying to fool me

  • Kasheia Clifton

    Kasheia Clifton

    Måned siden

    The name is symbolic and it simply means to be bi-racial which she is. It’s the same as saying she’s mixed or biracial.

  • Nah bah

    Nah bah

    Måned siden

    Im black and this is not okay to me. She need to be exposed on twitter and go viral for that name. Its not nice

  • Nah bah

    Nah bah

    Måned siden

    Cause some black people weird and only get mad at white people and not people like this.

  • Mr. Mann
    Mr. MannMåned siden

    Her nails are almost as long as her fingers

  • Weloveson Ulysse
    Weloveson UlysseMåned siden

  • FCL M
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  • Jackman Hopkins
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  • Nami


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  • Kdeem lalla
    Kdeem lallaMåned siden

    She’s sounds like that kid “you’ve got eeeccxxxma”

  • j r
    j rMåned siden

    who is this?

  • Krazy


    Måned siden

    Mulatto an upcoming rapper

  • Real One
    Real OneMåned siden

    On the rap game she said she was poor😶🧐



    Måned siden

    @Someone Someone Do my calculations? She has at least 7 or 8 songs that has over 10 million views. Back than NOlocal paid a lot so you do the calculations. Like I said her net worth is at least 1- 2 million dollars I never said it was 2 million dollars, I said at least. But how do we know how much this girl has I was just saying a estimate my opinion. I never said she wasn’t broke lol, but she wasn’t poor her dad is a drag racer so I’m pretty sure they wasn’t that broke.



    Måned siden

    She wasn’t poor cuz she had a couple of songs out that blew up , and her net worth is around at least a solid million or 2 million you gotta do the calculations she got money now.

  • Dalila Watts

    Dalila Watts

    Måned siden

    .She said she did. I trust her word over yours

  • Beanie Baby

    Beanie Baby

    Måned siden

    She literally said “I signed a multi million dollar deal in these”. She’s a millionaire now.

  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Måned siden

    Probably _was_ butch she’s having a great year

  • R Snr
    R SnrMåned siden

    She should have done this interview in a bikini top. It would’ve been much better

  • IamSuave
    IamSuaveMåned siden

    @2:09 😄 I thought it was a pillow!

  • dalh 00

    dalh 00

    7 dager siden

    Looks like a bathroom rug 😂

  • Gavin Henry
    Gavin HenryMåned siden

    Can y’all please bring back gq jewelry collection

  • Gavin Henry

    Gavin Henry

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    I’ve been begging

  • She Bron

    She Bron

    7 dager siden

    Yes man we need that

  • Micah Adamson
    Micah AdamsonMåned siden

    DaBaby 10 essentials 😂😂 No but actually tho I wanna see DaBaby’s 10 essentials

  • King
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  • YungFuego25
    YungFuego25Måned siden

    What does this have to do with GQ Sports?!?!

  • sakuza land
    sakuza landMåned siden

    She got game

  • Yo Whassup
    Yo WhassupMåned siden

    Can we get Travis on this

  • Yo Whassup

    Yo Whassup

    Måned siden

    @Abel Hogan I don’t see the problem

  • Abel Hogan

    Abel Hogan

    Måned siden

    Dude that would be a 2hour sneaker collection video😂

  • LJ
    LJMåned siden

    She don’t even play no sports 😭

  • Kevin Levy

    Kevin Levy

    2 dager siden

    @Sammy Ñumba ñin fans. Maybe if your channel cool

  • Kevin Levy

    Kevin Levy

    2 dager siden

    @Sammy Ñumba ñin fans. Ok

  • Sammy Ñumba ñin fans.

    Sammy Ñumba ñin fans.

    2 dager siden

    @Kevin Levy sub to me

  • Sammy Ñumba ñin fans.

    Sammy Ñumba ñin fans.

    2 dager siden

    @life with Storm sub to me

  • Sammy Ñumba ñin fans.

    Sammy Ñumba ñin fans.

    2 dager siden

    @life with Storm sub to me

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  • itzz shayy
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  • S̷u̷k̷o̷t̷t̷i̷ ̷S̷o̷n̷n̷y̷ {•}
    S̷u̷k̷o̷t̷t̷i̷ ̷S̷o̷n̷n̷y̷ {•}Måned siden


  • Jabez Gomez
    Jabez GomezMåned siden


  • Isaac Stacks
    Isaac StacksMåned siden

    She a baddie 😍No Cappp

  • Life isn’t Fair

    Life isn’t Fair

    Måned siden

    @LaRue Mathis you down terrible

  • Blakii Beats

    Blakii Beats

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    @LaRue Mathis 😳

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    Benjamin Blocker

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    Alasdair Wolski

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    Isaac Stacks yess sirrrrrr

  • Fingering Things ✔️
    Fingering Things ✔️Måned siden

    What an awesome collection