Motocross Pro Travis Pastrana Breaks Down Motocross Stunts from Movies | GQ Sports


Motorsports competitor and stunt performer Travis Pastrana breaks down motocross scenes from movies and TV, including 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' 'Hot Rod,' 'Motocrossed,' 'Vice Principals,' 'Charlie's Angles,' 'The Place Beyond the Pines' and 'Bennett's War.'

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Motocross Pro Travis Pastrana Breaks Down Motocross Stunts from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Wyatt N
    Wyatt N2 dager siden

    9:51 *nitro circus does backflip with three people*

  • Meyer Rosen
    Meyer Rosen3 dager siden

    Also calling Travis Motocross Pro is a slight understatement. Action sport legend would fit him better.

  • Serena Willabella
    Serena Willabella4 dager siden

    Also calling Travis Motocross Pro is a slight understatement. Action sport legend would fit him better.

  • Ant Soprano
    Ant Soprano4 dager siden

    Travis is a Legend!!!

  • ricky chen
    ricky chen5 dager siden

    This guy shifted 15 times down a straight away 😅

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez5 dager siden

    "I might knock my friend down....and laugh. But if they're on fire, like that's kinda my queue to say yeah we've gone a little to far here." - Travis Pastrana

  • Cale Graville
    Cale Graville6 dager siden

    me being a dirt bike rider and like knowing all these things lol

  • christoph !!
    christoph !!7 dager siden

    Hard to did it with someone on back of bike you!! You nutters do front flips with 2 up lol

  • Taya Lorenzo
    Taya Lorenzo14 dager siden


  • Jeff Hargrove
    Jeff Hargrove14 dager siden

    Coolest guy ever

  • Arthur Rimbaud
    Arthur Rimbaud18 dager siden

    No ‘Winners Take All’?? Lame. 👎🏻

  • Антуан Кузнецов
    Антуан Кузнецов22 dager siden

    Tonight we're joined by Jessie Buckley, Bill Bailey, Octavia Spencer, Frank Gardner, David Walliams and Dermot Kennedy! #TheGNShow

  • Swift Films
    Swift Films22 dager siden

    No moto kids ? That was my child hood

  • Masaharu Morimoto
    Masaharu Morimoto25 dager siden

    Trav shiftin' 15 times is HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for making this happen GQ :)

  • Krazy WhiteBoy
    Krazy WhiteBoy26 dager siden

    Braaap language 😂😂👌

  • Krazy WhiteBoy
    Krazy WhiteBoy26 dager siden

    I loved how he pointed out the ritual calling

  • Jimmy Y
    Jimmy Y26 dager siden

    Motocross pro should be motosport legend

  • idahogunslinger
    idahogunslinger26 dager siden

    “You’re probably already doing that... and there’s no 15th gear” 🤣 I love it

  • dan tsy
    dan tsy27 dager siden

    Sound looked pretty correct to me

  • DrtyALGreen
    DrtyALGreen29 dager siden

    Motocrossed is probably the most accurate motocross movie. Winners Take All is the best ever but Motocrossed is pretty accurate. You can even see J-Law in the scene when She's pushing the bike with her mom...JK lol The most common motorcycle mistake in movies is the sound like Travis says. It's super annoying to us moto people.

  • K. Snyder_812
    K. Snyder_812Måned siden

    Pt 2 please

  • fred banda
    fred bandaMåned siden

    My guy Travis 👌🏾

  • Aussie Rheinhardt
    Aussie RheinhardtMåned siden

    The man with 199 are the reason that make me a girl into women by riding adv motorcycle. Maybe without the wheelie, 360 flip or high jump. But at least Prastrana makes me feels with joy around dirt.👍👍👍

  • John Doe
    John DoeMåned siden

    Why does pastramis opinion even matter?

  • Jacky S
    Jacky SMåned siden

    travis is a awesome rider..

  • Scott Carns
    Scott CarnsMåned siden


  • Shoham Adizes
    Shoham AdizesMåned siden

    Ya i speak braaaahhhhh, braahh, brajhhh

  • Dstroke
    DstrokeMåned siden

    18:15 Yeah the sound trigger all bikers, the show narcos got me wheezing, what look like to be little 250 4 stroke dualsport making the sound on an R1 or R6

  • angera
    angeraMåned siden

    you don't see 2 people on a dirtbike, gets 3 man on a dirtbike for a backflip in nitro circus :D

  • Preston Jones
    Preston JonesMåned siden

    Haha I love this

  • bob marley
    bob marleyMåned siden

    I knew Travis was THE motocross guy, but I didn't know he could wheelie since he was 6??? Like WHAT

  • Juggtacula
    JuggtaculaMåned siden

    Travis on Fury Road: You're not gonna make that jump unless you know what's on the other side...unless you're suicidal. War Boys: Yes.

  • Charge
    ChargeMåned siden

    For Mad Max, they're driving through areas that the biker raiders frequent as an ambush location. I assumed they set up the ramps specifically to enable jumps and passes and advantageous angles on any vehicle passing through. It's clear that they aren't new to the process of taking down a big armored vehicle

  • tucko11
    tucko11Måned siden

    Uh “Winners take all”? What about “Rad”? All these movies he reviewed were terrible

  • tucko11
    tucko11Måned siden

    I thought the throttle was spot on. Sorry Travis I’m a kook bro can’t ride like you lol 😂

  • Michael Miguel
    Michael MiguelMåned siden

    He was in motor cross!? He was hiding in the background of movies my entire life!

  • Ummm Balix X
    Ummm Balix XMåned siden

    Hahahaha travis you crack me up. I wish I could have a chance to ride a motorcycle. Never tried but I’d happily die on one 😂

  • Nick Feness
    Nick FenessMåned siden

    Lmfao first thing he said was that theres unfair advantage/support females have for just being a minority in a certain field.

  • Dallton Blain
    Dallton BlainMåned siden

    I started on a kx 125 and I am by no means good at wheelies yet but I can hold one for a minute without dumping it in our field. I now ride a ktm 525 exc

  • Dallton Blain
    Dallton BlainMåned siden

    When you get air your not expecting it definitely slows down time in your own mind. After I momentarily freaked out I relaxed and landed it fine. I was out on a pipeline with a friend who had a junk quad and my honda 125 had crappy tires so I was on the grass next to the main trail.

  • OG Pineapple
    OG PineappleMåned siden

    10:49 the Harley sound is great

  • A Day in the Life of
    A Day in the Life ofMåned siden

    This should be called "Experts ruin movies for everyone".

  • ron crossley
    ron crossleyMåned siden

    Hot Rod is a Classic... and definitely one of my all time favorites (Travis you are normal.. or at least normal in my circles)

  • Matt Brooks
    Matt BrooksMåned siden

    The Legend himself!!!

  • Aussie#420Gaming
    Aussie#420GamingMåned siden

    Best one yet

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee2 måneder siden

    They didn't say current *125 & 250* champion there are plenty of *125 & 250* champions just not simultaneously the same year

  • D W
    D W2 måneder siden

    Choose a better musical track for the discussion than trap beats, they're distracting and add nothing to the video.

  • Logan Florida
    Logan Florida2 måneder siden

    What about axl?

  • Krazy WhiteBoy
    Krazy WhiteBoy2 måneder siden

    That track was barona oaks.

  • joe cormier
    joe cormier2 måneder siden

    Super disappointed they didn't show the scenes with McGrath, Metzger and Carmichael in charles angels lol

  • Hunter Dempster
    Hunter Dempster2 måneder siden

    Unless you’re axell Hodges then you don’t jump 150 foot jumps 😂

  • Ron T
    Ron T2 måneder siden

    I'm older and my fav's back in the day were Bob "Hurricane" Hannah and Mike Bell. It was awesome watching them duke it out in the Kingdome back then. I always wanted a Maico back then.

  • James G
    James G2 måneder siden

    That is the worst thing about all race movies; when they’re trailing behind the leader then they just give it more gas and over take their opponent so effortlessly. Aha like you weren’t on the throttle as much as possible already?

  • Mrr House
    Mrr House2 måneder siden

    Joowww you forgat the OG, Rambo First blood, still a good vid tho

  • james arundel
    james arundel2 måneder siden

    Who's the most hated motocross rider ever ? ⏬⏬⏬

  • Graham Harmon
    Graham Harmon2 måneder siden

    Finally yesssssssssssss

  • My penis is small, but
    My penis is small, but2 måneder siden

    I remember standing up in my living with all my brothers cheering when he did the first double clean af.

  • michael majewski

    michael majewski

    Måned siden

    That was definitely the most hype moment in all of action sports staples center was losing it

  • Jorge Arraiol
    Jorge Arraiol2 måneder siden

    They forgot the tripleX movie with vin diesel (blue and Yellow Husqvarnas era )

  • Evan Puckett
    Evan Puckett2 måneder siden

    Bennett’s war is 10/10 the worst motocross movie. Every track shown is apparently glen helen.

  • Stagga Leaf
    Stagga Leaf2 måneder siden

    "I might knock my friend down....and laugh. But if they're on fire, like that's kinda my queue to say yeah we've gone a little to far here." - Travis Pastrana

  • Kazuki Matsuno
    Kazuki Matsuno2 måneder siden

    Dang they forgot Supercross the movie :(

  • D
    D2 måneder siden

    That was one of the best movie break downs I’ve seen

  • Hitlers third nut
    Hitlers third nut2 måneder siden

    Travis Pastrana found the fountain of immortality

  • Cashman Drummer
    Cashman Drummer2 måneder siden

    Jesus loves you!!!!

  • SamoGon13
    SamoGon132 måneder siden

    Something I was dreamed to see, after becamed a fan of Travis. Thank you for this video 👍

  • 6thGearPinned
    6thGearPinned2 måneder siden

    This man right here for all you that don't know, has the biggest set of balls this side of the Mississippi. Dude is the king of freestyle motocross and the face of the X-games back in the day. He is quite literally the Michael Jordan of action sports hands down.

  • Light Yagami

    Light Yagami

    Måned siden

    @Dont SUB to me I have no content Agreed. No one has pushed a sport that they dominated in, and STILL pushes the sport to this day, the way that Travis has. In fact, most other sports don't even encourage that behavior, which is why I love action sports more than any other. Even in competition, there is more comrateri than any other 💯

  • db db
    db db2 måneder siden

    Finally a video about the hogwash that is Hollywood and ridiculous stunts on dirt bikes that us riders just roll our eyes at. What better way to tear down their nonsense than the man TP199 himself. Very respectful and gave nods at certain scenes that he himself enjoyed. Most of us wouldn't be so kind when it comes to Hollywood butchering our sport with these ridiculous scenes.

  • pghdave420
    pghdave4202 måneder siden

    why they use 2 stroke for every bike cause it sounds the best :).an xr with that stock exhaust is quiet and tame sounding

  • JD2020
    JD20202 måneder siden

    *The man who broke motorcross*

  • Jon Trownson
    Jon Trownson2 måneder siden

    I wanna see Tyson fury breaking down boxing movies.

  • The milky Matrix
    The milky Matrix2 måneder siden

    Me and my friend made an awesome jump at the top of a hill yesterday, and I got it really perfect by the end of the day. It was awesome!

  • Jeremy Tona
    Jeremy Tona2 måneder siden

    It's like the hole gun thing in movies they load the gun everytime the camera looks a them

  • DaddyKilla127
    DaddyKilla1272 måneder siden

    literally complaining about hot rod, which was a comedy

  • Dante S550 10R80'S
    Dante S550 10R80'S2 måneder siden

    14:14 Travis Pastrana - "why are they doing tricks over every jump in the middle of a race I have no Idea." James Stewart - "Am I a joke to you?" Also Travis Pastrana during straight rythm- "Ima do a backflip."

  • Dante S550 10R80'S
    Dante S550 10R80'S2 måneder siden

    7:01 I do that T.T

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter2 måneder siden

    Nice! The man...

  • Oklahoma Overland
    Oklahoma Overland2 måneder siden

    Man I wanna build scaffolding on movies sets how does one get on that gig.

  • wylie johnson
    wylie johnson2 måneder siden

    I learned on a wr.450f

  • Joel Lyons
    Joel Lyons2 måneder siden

    Look at Ellen on a dirt bike lmao

  • That guy
    That guy2 måneder siden

    But does painting your nails Kawasaki green help with your clutch and gas

  • Jimmy Parker
    Jimmy Parker2 måneder siden

    Trevor Piranha really knows his stuff

  • Kelly H
    Kelly H2 måneder siden

    You should watch mad Max and the stunts in that movie.

  • Daddy Theo’s Poo Poo
    Daddy Theo’s Poo Poo2 måneder siden

    He’s still my favorite rider because he is down to earth and really awesome with his fans. I’m not saying that other riders aren’t cool with their fans, there are many riders that love their fans but Travis is on another level.

  • zachc227
    zachc2272 måneder siden

    Skimmed this when I first saw it and thought it said “Travis Pastrana has mental breakdown”

  • Tevil Peacock
    Tevil Peacock2 måneder siden

    You don't get points for doing tricks in race. Ummmm Travis.......🤣

  • Justin Keating
    Justin Keating2 måneder siden

    Motocross pro is a stretch🤣🤣 motocross crashlete, I love trav though I’m glad he found fmx he was meant to be a show men

  • evan sh
    evan sh2 måneder siden

    They really made him breakdown hot rod 😂

  • Nate Sturm
    Nate Sturm2 måneder siden

    If a motorcycle has 15 gears? Then homie is riding the semi truck of bikes and has to be going a good 300mph xD.

  • Nate Sturm
    Nate Sturm2 måneder siden

    So I was one of the people who was able to pull a wheelie and ride away with it ALMOST first try. The only reasons were; one because I had already mastered it on a bicycle, and two I already had a full 2 years of motorcycle riding behind me. I was 8 and it blew my father away, and the neighbor girl who I had a massive crush on. Third one I rapped it out and it went a flyin' xD. Since then kept both wheels on the ground 99.9999999% of the time. Can say I've only done a handful and it was always to show off.

  • Jack Twomey
    Jack Twomey2 måneder siden

    I don’t think Travis understands slapstick comedy like in Hot Rod

  • Tre
    Tre2 måneder siden

    “Guys have flown off the track and hit tractors on the side” real Travis fans know

  • OskarasNausėda


    22 dager siden

    @Swift Films no

  • Swift Films

    Swift Films

    22 dager siden


  • Wes Nobles

    Wes Nobles

    Måned siden

    Carmichael hit the Mastercraft boat parked in the middle of the supercross track

  • OskarasNausėda


    2 måneder siden

    @Martito 101 no totally different Tommy had something to prove other didn't listen

  • Martito 101

    Martito 101

    2 måneder siden

    @OskarasNausėda Same idea

  • vmwindustries
    vmwindustries2 måneder siden

    Mad max is the best movie ever made!

  • vmwindustries
    vmwindustries2 måneder siden

    Travis! The man, the legend!

  • boats solo
    boats solo2 måneder siden

    You where in motocross werent you

  • Sneeuw
    Sneeuw2 måneder siden

    They will never get the sounds right. Audio effects people just don't care about accuracy or experts advise. They are "professional audio artists" and know better what sounds they need to have in the movie. Like the mandatory tire screeching and random gun cocking sounds.

  • lml6.6
    lml6.62 måneder siden

    Travis is the man! I actually road at his property many years ago. I had my worst wreck there lol

  • Brayden Domanick
    Brayden Domanick2 måneder siden

    Cant believe they got my idol on here

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo2 måneder siden

    Ditch the helmans commercial Because its owned by CHINA. GOT IT❤️🇺🇸👍 TRUMP 2020 or your out of your friggin mind🇺🇸

  • Andrew Hodges13
    Andrew Hodges132 måneder siden

    Shifted to 15th gear, makes sense to me

  • Stephen Tillman
    Stephen Tillman2 måneder siden