Martial Artist Scott Adkins Breaks Down Fight Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


Actor and martial artist Scott Adkins breaks down fight scenes from movies, including 'Ip Man,' 'The Bourne Supremacy,' 'The Karate Kid,' 'The Protector,' 'Charlie's Angels,' 'Undisputed II: Last Man Standing,' 'Rush Hour' and 'Debt Collectors.'

Scott Adkins stars in DEBT COLLECTORS, available on VOD now.
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Martial Artist Scott Adkins Breaks Down Fight Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


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  • aut0matt
    aut0matt6 timer siden

    Listening to him talking is like massage for my ears.

  • armlock bass
    armlock bass7 timer siden

    his voice is so soothing

  • Hyper Shadow Sniper 176
    Hyper Shadow Sniper 17612 timer siden

    Could you do this with anime like Baki and Kengan Ashura?

  • Jinwook Lee
    Jinwook Lee17 timer siden

    The first Scott Adkins movie i saw was Undisputed and I actually thought he was Russian in real life😂😂

  • YahBoiHammy
    YahBoiHammyDag siden

    l loved watching Scott Adkins here, he's like Ryan Reynolds here but got injected with 1liter of testosterone.

  • Lazerbeam Lightningstorm
    Lazerbeam LightningstormDag siden

    This is better than tv

  • Sami Söderblom
    Sami SöderblomDag siden

    Isn't Karate Kid's crane kick just a variation of Mae Tobi Geri?

  • Rhio Nah
    Rhio NahDag siden

    kinda bummed that oldboy wasn't included ^^

  • Emilio Hontucan
    Emilio HontucanDag siden

    I hope he can say " Mr. Anderson"

  • Michael D
    Michael DDag siden

    Omg! A guyver reference! ^_^

  • MP Aung
    MP Aung2 dager siden

    Wow! I didn't know Scott was this kind of humble guy. Love him.

  • wann ewan
    wann ewan2 dager siden

    Love you Scott seen all your movies

  • Movie Man Reviews
    Movie Man Reviews2 dager siden

    I just realized they should like an Expendable movie but with all the martial arts legends!

  • Sledgehammer Archery

    Sledgehammer Archery

    13 timer siden

    He is in expendables 2 as Jeanne Claude van dammed sidekick. He has a rivalry with Jason Stathams character

    REINA DE HIELO2 dager siden

    He has a beautiful voice!

  • Alex Cann
    Alex Cann2 dager siden

    Absolutely the greatest living exponent of martial arts today.......Next Bond please?

  • vin Air
    vin Air2 dager siden


  • Ali Taha
    Ali Taha2 dager siden

    The batman we never got

  • Calvin Barrett
    Calvin Barrett2 dager siden

    I know quite a bit about Scott Adkins he is one of the Premier martial artist in the world right at the moment I always thought he would make a wonderful Batman or that he should play a superhero in a movie or at least the stunt double. This fellow is an off the hook martial artist.

  • Benjamin Gal-Or
    Benjamin Gal-Or2 dager siden

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  • Hasan Yigit Ayar
    Hasan Yigit Ayar2 dager siden

    If Ryan Reynolds an Ben Affleck had a son...

  • TheFSA15
    TheFSA153 dager siden

    U need to do this for the daredevil fight scenes. They are insane

  • citic101
    citic1013 dager siden

    stupid no one not even bruce lee can fight ten people , all fake rubbish

  • Cyamak Jamshidi
    Cyamak Jamshidi3 dager siden

    ip man donnie yen on of the best movies i wached

    FLG LIES4 dager siden

    Falun Gong Cults Epoch Times smear campaign advertising on here.

  • Silentpepe
    Silentpepe4 dager siden

    great insight and such a chill dude.

  • Zaia ralte
    Zaia ralte4 dager siden

    I wish scott adkins is boyka in real life

  • First Sun
    First Sun4 dager siden

    Adkins almost look like batfleck ....

  • John J. Johnson
    John J. Johnson4 dager siden

    Honestly, really enjoyable video. Nice job

  • Rogue Reviews
    Rogue Reviews4 dager siden

    I got a little hard when he referenced Guyver: Dark Hero, I absolutely love that film.

  • Rogue Reviews
    Rogue Reviews5 dager siden

    Awesome martial artist, and a bloody nice guy. Fingers crossed that Scott gets a major role in Hollywood, he's got leading man written all over him.

  • Hai lúa Du Hí
    Hai lúa Du Hí5 dager siden

    He has aBritish accent

  • Tobiasu
    Tobiasu5 dager siden

    11:35 Well mister, you should watch some UFC. Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida used the crane kick to win fight and knock out opponents.

  • Şeyhmus Ö.

    Şeyhmus Ö.

    Dag siden

    He does mention that, he also says that they did it without rising up their arms, as in it wasn't such a show of like they did it in the movie

  • Gillian Cole
    Gillian Cole5 dager siden

    I have to say, i love this guy. Hes gorgeous and very funny, the 2 things i look for in a man.

  • Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins

    4 dager siden

    Thank you very much Gillian Cole cantact me on my private email

  • Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins

    5 dager siden

    Thank you very much Gillian Cole cantact me on my private email

  • mamamaumamam
    mamamaumamam5 dager siden

    I never know Scott is actually such a nice and respectful guy. Man the characters he played were all bad to beast!

  • Josh Root
    Josh Root5 dager siden

    Scott Adkins is one of my favorite movie martial artists

  • ICYAngler
    ICYAngler6 dager siden

    This was one of the most enjoyable reaction.

  • DrcJr77
    DrcJr776 dager siden

    Have you done "Upgrade" ? I'm curious, if not please do it

  • Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins

    5 dager siden

    Thank you very much dear cantact me on my private email

  • Ayrton Soorbramoney
    Ayrton Soorbramoney6 dager siden

    I loved this guy as Boyka

  • Will Becker
    Will Becker6 dager siden

    Rewinding the clip just to see his own move and compliment himself is hilarious lol

  • Thomas Häusler
    Thomas Häusler6 dager siden

    If Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds had a son, he would like Scott Adkins 😅🤣

    EL SEBA MARTINEZ7 dager siden

    en español

  • James Cole
    James Cole7 dager siden

    Disliked by 1303 who need their balls kicked by boyka.

  • Thadeuis Dean Lucas
    Thadeuis Dean Lucas7 dager siden

    Nice bro,more power,when your next movie idol?

  • tim bartlett
    tim bartlett7 dager siden

    i want to see internal affairs officers watches

  • Duh Blaq Guy
    Duh Blaq Guy7 dager siden

    Wait, Scott is Boyka🤯

  • Faruk Ahmed
    Faruk Ahmed8 dager siden

    If scott Wear batman BAT MAN : Dose your bone BRAKES SUPERMAN : WTF BAT MAN : THEY WILL

  • Lucas Tolisso
    Lucas Tolisso8 dager siden

    Donnie Yen is great and all, but there is no way hes near Jet Li and Jackie Chan

  • santi_super_stunts


    7 dager siden

    I mean Ip man would wipe the floor with any characters of li or chan

  • Tony Rock
    Tony Rock8 dager siden

    Scott! You're the best.

  • credibility63
    credibility639 dager siden

    I enjoyed the Jason Bourne films, but the fight scenes were horrible.

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  • 90 RPM
    90 RPM9 dager siden

    I need to see Scott Adkins VS Jason Statham

  • Arjane’ Blaine
    Arjane’ Blaine9 dager siden

    yes awesome reaction!!! do cobra kai seasons 1 & 2 please☺️

  • Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins

    5 dager siden

    Thank you very much Arjane Blaine cantact me on my private email

  • Ex Plore
    Ex Plore9 dager siden

    Roflmao HeS a master in his martial art...

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell9 dager siden

    Good to hear someone mentions the terrible film style Western society have adapted into their fighting films.

  • Allen Lau
    Allen Lau10 dager siden

    You've worked with donnie yen? Wow mad respect

  • Yocelin Morales
    Yocelin Morales10 dager siden

    Hola BoYka 🇫🇷

  • JazzByDaBay
    JazzByDaBay10 dager siden

    British accent is so soothing. Southern one. especially.

  • Dj Dillard
    Dj Dillard10 dager siden

    I don't realize how much you sound like Ringo

  • Liz W
    Liz W10 dager siden

    So glad he loves Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa! My two fave action stars!!!!

  • Flight of the Agitator

    Flight of the Agitator

    Dag siden

    @Liz W Scott Adkins should play Colin King, aka Ninjak in the valiant cinematic universe. His martial arts skills and physicality make him perfect for the role.

  • Neri Baloney
    Neri Baloney11 dager siden

    it would have been nicer if it was jet li or jackie chan they invited to host this

  • Taylor Van Cleve
    Taylor Van Cleve11 dager siden

    Tony Jaa is amazing!

  • White Simurgh
    White Simurgh11 dager siden

    Poor guy does every role they throw at him..

  • Mitayo Onash
    Mitayo Onash11 dager siden

    i don't really like scott's face because he reminds me of a guy that bullied me when i was in school, literally almost the same shape, facial features, and when he yells and screams, Its scary xD. But i would probably beat my bully now since i am taller and bigger than him.

  • David Cunha
    David Cunha11 dager siden

    hope this guy still making more and more films ,.,. !

  • Taj Jacob
    Taj Jacob11 dager siden


  • Alison Rawbone
    Alison Rawbone11 dager siden

    Drunken Master is one of my all time favourite Jackie Chan movies 😁

  • Dennis
    Dennis12 dager siden

    funniest thing you can hear the cameraman giggling around 11:00 about the ridiculous krane kick^^

  • Taya Lorenzo
    Taya Lorenzo12 dager siden


  • Mr. Creazil
    Mr. Creazil12 dager siden

    "They don't do circular punches" incorrect

  • Nuzki Abib
    Nuzki Abib12 dager siden

    If Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck had a child.

  • Nuzki Abib
    Nuzki Abib12 dager siden

    If Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck had a child.

  • lllllll
    lllllll12 dager siden

    Oh man, if only The Raid was on this list. Would love to hear him review Iko Uwais and his martial arts skills.

  • Diego Zimmerman
    Diego Zimmerman12 dager siden

    Thank you Scott I have Always been a fan!

  • Kenyjuls
    Kenyjuls12 dager siden

    No The Raid 1&2????? Why???!

  • averaged Hoe
    averaged Hoe13 dager siden

    I already know that was the guyver kick cause I saw both movies with my dad in 2003 when my dad rented the movie and said watch this awesome kick.

  • Dr No
    Dr No13 dager siden

    At 17:41 it looks like a typical aikido shihonage (single handed and in the staircase so not so academic). The stunt man wasnt paid enough for that...

  • Davide Luciano
    Davide Luciano13 dager siden

    he looks like a mix between Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds

  • Thorsten Ullrich-Stegemann
    Thorsten Ullrich-Stegemann13 dager siden

    I am really impressed of Scott Adkins.

  • pseudochef07
    pseudochef0713 dager siden

    Asian films when it comes to fight scenes really have a way of making its audience believe that those moves really stick and hurt. Fight scenes that are made to grab at you and let you in on the action. That’s why films like Ip Man and Ong Bak are beloved and are true to the story being told with each fight scene. Hollywood in general, relies too much on crash cams, all those shooting angles that are kind of dizzying and the intense music to make it sellable and believable. Not to say that their stunt coordinators are slouches or anything like that, of course..

  • S. McDaniels
    S. McDaniels13 dager siden

    I only subscribed because you are so fine. Ong. I’m breathless

  • Azuan Aziz
    Azuan Aziz14 dager siden

    he's british???

  • Cut The Cameras
    Cut The Cameras14 dager siden

    He looks like a british ryan reynolds

  • Kobing Tailyang
    Kobing Tailyang14 dager siden

    That jason bourne story is hilarious. This man is funny😂 the way he narrates. Love Scott Atkins 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Epix
    Epix14 dager siden

    Guyver dark hero was legendary!!!

  • nick n
    nick n14 dager siden

    i wanna see him fight jocko

  • ricoF
    ricoF14 dager siden

    I stopped watching when Charlie's Angels came up on the list.

  • Pet Bann Paran
    Pet Bann Paran15 dager siden

    Sir scot adkins is one of the best martial artist.Try to make film here in our country Philippines.God bless.

  • Fikar taurisyah
    Fikar taurisyah15 dager siden

    2:57 thats why he looked familiar

  • sakima tilasik
    sakima tilasik15 dager siden

    "He stole the guys girl...then beat him up for it...not a nice guy that karate kid" LOL!!! Excellent Scott!!!

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito16 dager siden

    They have stunt doubles that look similar and dress the same.

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito16 dager siden

    He didn't steal other guy's girl. The girl left an abusive guy.

  • olimacTV
    olimacTV16 dager siden

    Scott Adkins looks very different when he is Yuri Boyka.

  • Juvy Vicedo
    Juvy Vicedo16 dager siden

    6:07 filipino eskrima pinoy martial arts

  • Vincent Zhao
    Vincent Zhao16 dager siden

    The last guy always gets the worst injury

  • blinde date
    blinde date16 dager siden

    Are you running a martial arts school in real as well? 🤔

  • Ally Lyonz
    Ally Lyonz16 dager siden


  • _Super_Retro_
    _Super_Retro_16 dager siden

    He stars in alot of awesome Martial Arts movies , The 2 Debt Collector movies and Avengement where badass movies not just the story lines, but the chorography in the fighting as well.

  • Storm Z
    Storm Z17 dager siden

    he has bruce wayne vibe here the voice, the calmness...