Lacrosse Players Break Down Lacrosse Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


Premiere Lacrosse League players Paul Rabil and Kyle Harrison break down lacrosse scenes from movies, including 'American Pie,' 'Mean Girls,' 'The Grizzlies,' 'Crooked Arrows,' 'Teen Wolf' and 'A Warrior's Heart.'

Tune in the Premiere Lacrosse League Championship Sunday, August 9th at 12:30pm ET on NBC.

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Lacrosse Players Break Down Lacrosse Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • L T
    L T4 dager siden

    Sterling Archer is the best lacrosse player

  • Jack 6 9 4 2. 0 T T
    Jack 6 9 4 2. 0 T T13 dager siden

    In one part of crooked arrows a women said “when did the Indians start playing lacrosse”

  • Francesca RATCLIFFE
    Francesca RATCLIFFE16 dager siden

    In Women's Lacrosse in New Zealand, we're not allowed to play if we don't have a mouthguard and a mask/goggles.

  • FRN Clan
    FRN Clan28 dager siden

    I’m not sure how other leagues handle it but on our team the goalie got hit in the head with the ball and because it did go In they counted it

  • Jason M
    Jason MMåned siden

    Can we just all take a moment to enjoy the fact that a professional Lacrosse player (I don’t want to use the term Lax Bro) is praising a movie for ignoring traditional gender roles?

  • Anie Kasbarian
    Anie KasbarianMåned siden


  • Ben George
    Ben GeorgeMåned siden

    2:19 my lacrosse team hears that every game paul.

  • O Hemmelgarn
    O HemmelgarnMåned siden


  • Sam Whetzler
    Sam WhetzlerMåned siden

    i have been waiting for one of these

  • The Gamers
    The GamersMåned siden

    You missed one!!!! The lacrosse scenes in Wild Child were good scenes

  • Sydney Willis
    Sydney WillisMåned siden

    Would love to see a video with women's lacrosse players commentating but I get that there are barely any movies or shows with women's lacrosse.

  • patrick Scarborough
    patrick ScarboroughMåned siden

    Paul how much dancing you do this season?😹

  • Justin Hunsinger
    Justin Hunsinger2 måneder siden

    I just had lacrosse practice at Friends 😁

  • Danielle DePace
    Danielle DePace2 måneder siden

    Goggles are definitely not optional in women’s lacrosse lol

  • Juliana Brady
    Juliana Brady2 måneder siden

    lmao chill out with the american pie discourse 😭😭

  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan2 måneder siden

    So basically Hollywood thinks lacrosse players are soft so they make it look more tough than it actually is. Not surprised

  • Holly M
    Holly M2 måneder siden

    Wearing protective goggles and a mouthguard is a requirement for women's lax in the US and many other countries, but Europeans don't wear it for some reason

  • Annabella Bastien
    Annabella Bastien2 måneder siden

    Him speaking about feminism and gender roles gave me butterflies. 😚 love you see it ❤️

  • Hannah Farmer
    Hannah Farmer2 måneder siden

    For us women, (at least in Australia where I live) you have to wear goggles until you are 18. I play up in a womens team and some of the adults where sunglasses and it's amazing lol.

  • Chris James
    Chris James2 måneder siden

    Anyone else find it funny when another race gets offended by something that the other race laughed at because I’m native and I laughed when Paul said “those racist remarks”😂

  • alientiger21


    Måned siden

    The fact that he said it was racist that he couldnt tell which is which but theyre identical twins 😂😂😂

  • wegolike
    wegolike2 måneder siden

    Great job guys, anything you post can help grow this amazing sport, don't listen to the haters.

  • Thomas Hutton
    Thomas Hutton2 måneder siden

    He had a crush on Toby's mom

  • WestNileSnipes
    WestNileSnipes2 måneder siden

    There’s pro Lacrosse players? Huh. Learn something new everyday.

  • doggin6
    doggin62 måneder siden

    No one, at all, cares about lacrosse...

  • Keira Gioseffi
    Keira Gioseffi2 måneder siden

    All women lacrosse players need to wear goggles

  • Milo Watts
    Milo Watts2 måneder siden

    29:24 "Not aloud to do that either, that's assault" - Paul Rabil

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson2 måneder siden

    Why is he trying so hard😂😂 Kyle is chillin but why paul😂

  • John St.Pierre
    John St.Pierre2 måneder siden

    yo is paul teasing a new PLL club on his hat???

  • Jack LaPorte

    Jack LaPorte

    2 måneder siden

    Nah that’s the pll x staple merch

  • John St.Pierre
    John St.Pierre2 måneder siden

    Lets go

  • Mohammad Muhaimin
    Mohammad Muhaimin2 måneder siden

    Bro what is rabil talking about

  • Junus CR
    Junus CR2 måneder siden

    So happy Teen Wolf was in this lol. There are several episodes in the first two seasons with tons of Lacrosse

  • Uncle Jeboris

    Uncle Jeboris

    Måned siden

    Halo holy combat

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro2 måneder siden

    Lacrosse isn't real.

  • Catherine Bourhill
    Catherine Bourhill2 måneder siden

    Paul was very deep with American pie wtf lmao 😂

    69,420 SUBS BEFORE CORONA ENDS CHALLENGE2 måneder siden

    Attack gang where u at

  • M C
    M C2 måneder siden

    Did paul say. Eero quaws for iroqouis

  • Will P
    Will P2 måneder siden

    As a goalie, that teen wolf goalies footwork hurt my to watch

  • bailey


    Måned siden

    I’m goalie too! on a girls team but still basically the same position. That footwork hurt me too.

  • m i l k

    m i l k

    Måned siden

    Bro imma give hella respect to you for playing goalie

  • Will P

    Will P

    2 måneder siden

    Also lol I’ve took too many shots to my head as a goalie and most part it really doesn’t hurt

  • Drew Holmes
    Drew Holmes2 måneder siden

    90s man! Some high schools didn’t have team or school names on the front and still don’t 😂

  • GLHS Girls Lacrosse
    GLHS Girls Lacrosse3 måneder siden

    Girl's/Women's Lacrosse, WoooHooo

  • David Wadsworth
    David Wadsworth3 måneder siden

    It's an Onondaga game.

  • Marina Kyriacou
    Marina Kyriacou3 måneder siden

    As someone who has only ever come across lacrosse on US tv and film I found this really informative and loved the historical background and context. Excellent video.

  • Viking 640
    Viking 6403 måneder siden

    Who else a goalie here

  • Infamous Appache
    Infamous Appache3 måneder siden

    I feel like every school has lacrosse but where I live lacrosse is literally not even in existence.

  • Brendan Moriarty

    Brendan Moriarty

    2 måneder siden

    Infamous Appache I believe it and that def true with most high schools.

  • Infamous Appache

    Infamous Appache

    2 måneder siden

    Brendan Moriarty my school doesn’t have a lacrosse team the best athletes usually play football and basketball

  • Brendan Moriarty

    Brendan Moriarty

    2 måneder siden

    Where I live the best athletes in the grade play lacrosse

  • Coach Nolan
    Coach Nolan3 måneder siden

    It's crazy seeing a video like this pop up in my YT recommendations. Like for years now subconsciously whenever I saw lacrosse in TV or film I broke down if it's accurate or not and if they're playing good lacrosse. It's interesting to see how lacrosse scenes play out and to see if they're accurate because of just how niche the sport is. Like, if there's a basketball/football/baseball/hockey scene you can usually assume it's gonna be accurate given how widely known those sports are. Lacrosse is the opposite.

  • Ryan Fennelly
    Ryan Fennelly3 måneder siden

    Lacrosse looks like a lot of fun and I wish I had kept playing it. I stopped when I was younger cause of a negative season with a coach I was gonna be with for the next two years

  • Nolan Castle
    Nolan Castle3 måneder siden

    Can we talk about how in crooked arrows they benched lyle Thompson for Tobey?!

  • Jack Vandervelde
    Jack Vandervelde3 måneder siden

    I am literally Toby.

  • Patrick Corrigan
    Patrick Corrigan3 måneder siden

    Dial it back Paul good lord

  • C M
    C M3 måneder siden

    love their banter. you can tell they are homies

  • C M
    C M3 måneder siden

    most underrated sport of all time.

  • Michael Nevins
    Michael Nevins3 måneder siden

    For those who don't know, Paul Rabil's personality online is good PR

  • gzerox2
    gzerox23 måneder siden

    Professionals who know the sport’s history, the film’s societal and historical context, the filmmaking process, and the technical side is a great selection.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith3 måneder siden

    I hate lacrosse but Paul rabil is cool

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown3 måneder siden

    Paul ruined this video

  • Tristan Bennett
    Tristan Bennett3 måneder siden

    I like how Paul said awkward celebration like he didn’t run into a wall when he played for the Zardz

  • BJSIV524
    BJSIV5243 måneder siden

    I respect Paul for talking abt that. Men are always expected to do things like ask to prom, pay on dates. Stuff like that and if modern day feminism actually believed in equality for both sexes I would call myself a feminist. But since they only care about woman and chant “men are trash” I can’t support the movement

  • Peter McGowan
    Peter McGowan3 måneder siden

    Paul is trying to explain everything

  • TeMp-4 da-momnt
    TeMp-4 da-momnt3 måneder siden

    Volleyball next??

  • Blake Moore
    Blake Moore3 måneder siden

    When will the PLL have a women's league ?

  • Ellis Chalfant

    Ellis Chalfant

    2 måneder siden

    It already does! The WPLL cancelled this season due to COVID unfortunately

  • Blake Moore

    Blake Moore

    3 måneder siden


  • Steve Toto
    Steve Toto3 måneder siden

    Love the breakdown video for lacrosse! Can we get some actual lacrosse players to act out the action scenes? Some pretty low quality lax here!

  • Carl H
    Carl H3 måneder siden

    No Last of The Mohicans??? Granted that scene was short.... But so classic I feel!

  • Babatundé Turnage
    Babatundé Turnage3 måneder siden

    Crooked arrows is an awesome movie and we need more lacrosse movies

  • pXcho On 60 FPS

    pXcho On 60 FPS

    3 måneder siden

    If you were ever wondering the dance he did in crooked arrows is called a smoke dance it was a dance is natives did before we went to war

  • Will Headley
    Will Headley3 måneder siden

    I go to Sidwell Friends in Baltimore did we go to the same school

  • Aran Heath
    Aran Heath3 måneder siden

    Just a heads up I’ve sent my goalie in the back of the cage once in middle school

  • Spencer Hudson
    Spencer Hudson3 måneder siden

    should have included Kann es Johhanes Lacrosse I was in that.

  • Caleb Freeman
    Caleb Freeman3 måneder siden

    I thought he got them mixed up bc theyre twins....?

  • Billy Hubbard
    Billy Hubbard3 måneder siden

    Paul is a pro athlete and still calls it a “karaoke” drill. Unless Paul is going to serenade us with his best rendition of “Nothing but a good time” by Poison, let’s call it by the right name. It’s “Carioca”.

  • Ryan Duffy

    Ryan Duffy

    3 måneder siden

    To be fair I've played sports all my life and I didn't know it was actually called Carioca until now

  • Sergeant Base
    Sergeant Base3 måneder siden

    we copying corridor now

  • favye
    favye3 måneder siden

    let’s goooo

  • Colton Handwerker
    Colton Handwerker3 måneder siden

    I remember I maid a save wile vomiting

  • Hunnter G
    Hunnter G3 måneder siden

    If teen wolf wasn’t on here I would have been very upset😂. Scott McCall is the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🔥.

  • Jackson Conn
    Jackson Conn3 måneder siden

    Isn’t even a sport

  • Isaac Kulinski

    Isaac Kulinski

    3 måneder siden

    What make a sport a sport then?

  • Bob Sanders
    Bob Sanders3 måneder siden


  • digiprez77
    digiprez773 måneder siden

    Dude is in serious lax bro denial...

  • Jackson69 stfu

    Jackson69 stfu

    3 måneder siden


  • Daniel Duerto
    Daniel Duerto3 måneder siden

    Also y’all forgot like the two most important one, Blue Mountain State S1E7 and Archer SS3E3

  • Scott Burger
    Scott Burger3 måneder siden

    how was the guy racist wtf

  • Icehamjello
    Icehamjello3 måneder siden

    nice personalities in these men

  • Daniel Duerto
    Daniel Duerto3 måneder siden

    Yo I’m down to be in a Lacrosse movie or TV show. I’m also down to sit on the PLL bench Paul just hmu 👍🏽

  • Young Glo
    Young Glo3 måneder siden

    Paul Rabil is such a nice guy

  • Wyatt Biggar
    Wyatt Biggar3 måneder siden

    Paul talk about the lacrosse not the societal bs

  • Wyatt Biggar
    Wyatt Biggar3 måneder siden

    Wayyy more contact in Canadian lax

  • Dan Marshall
    Dan Marshall3 måneder siden

    I played Lax in College and briefly dated (probably too formal for it, hung out, maybe) with a girl who played Women's Lax. I went to a game to root for her once. I caught up with her afterwards and was like "I think you did well, but I have no idea what was happening." I hadn't previously watched Women's lacrosse and didn't realize it's almost a different sport entirely. Fun though. There should be a women's PLL .

  • Charlie Thom
    Charlie Thom3 måneder siden

    Actually he isn’t being racist if you watch the movie they’re actually identical twins

  • FIlax33


    3 måneder siden

    Kaeden Kuch he also gives off the super left vibe so that might be it too. But he is the founder of the league so his words carry more weight than a players

  • Kaeden Kuch

    Kaeden Kuch

    3 måneder siden

    @FIlax33 yeah i gotcha, but still kyle was repping wearing a pll sweatshirt and he didn't say that stuff.

  • FIlax33


    3 måneder siden

    Kaeden Kuch I think he’s gotta he super PC to represent the league

  • Kaeden Kuch

    Kaeden Kuch

    3 måneder siden

    Ikr why did he bring the rasim and feminism stuff up, I'm so confused

  • Gabbi Bigos
    Gabbi Bigos3 måneder siden

    In Crooked Arrows, the celly was a "smoke dance". It is another traditional native thing. Super fun but actually quite difficult to do, especially when competing at powwows!

  • Rob Button
    Rob Button3 måneder siden

    How about some comments on hand position when shooting?

  • Kailey Marler
    Kailey Marler3 måneder siden

    That Mean Girls scene gave me anxiety

  • Jeff Cantlin
    Jeff Cantlin3 måneder siden

    Walking up to coach and then saying man they suck

  • bigneek 11
    bigneek 113 måneder siden

    this video inspired me to go hit the wall ball with my stick

  • Darez_ Baby
    Darez_ Baby3 måneder siden

    “Like hockey” hdhsjsbshsj “like hockey” shhshsh “just like hockey” 😂

  • Colbrin Hover

    Colbrin Hover

    3 måneder siden

    Because it is you can go behind the net like hockey

  • Darius Steven
    Darius Steven3 måneder siden

    Sooooo kyle never threw up while doing conditioning, Bro That's Major Cap everyone is any sport has thrown up in conditioning at least once or twice 😂😂

  • Ryan Duffy

    Ryan Duffy

    3 måneder siden

    Do you play sports? I played all through elementary and high school and I've never thrown up while conditioning, and I only know 1 or 2 people who have

  • Davis Withers
    Davis Withers3 måneder siden

    I play defense I take headshots all the time and never have I once been checked for concussions

  • Jake K

    Jake K

    Måned siden

    Used to block shots all the time when I played D, stuff to the head, body, wherever. Only time I think a ref blew the play dead on one was when I took a rip to the family jewels

  • Jack Bobbett

    Jack Bobbett

    3 måneder siden

    I was thinking the same thing. One game I got hit in the helmet by like three shots and it wasn’t called once.

  • Ryan Duffy

    Ryan Duffy

    3 måneder siden

    One of my teammates was playing defense and took a shot to the face mask. The mask bent in and the metal actually cut his cheek. He didn't get a concussion though

  • Jackson69 stfu

    Jackson69 stfu

    3 måneder siden

    I shot a kid in the helmet and they didn’t check him either

  • Brendan Kelleher
    Brendan Kelleher3 måneder siden

    since when did paul become so soft

  • Brendan Kelleher

    Brendan Kelleher

    3 måneder siden

    Gavin Rodenhaver it’s funny cuz it’s true

  • Gavin Rodenhaver

    Gavin Rodenhaver

    3 måneder siden

    he’s just mad he made a league and his team sucks

  • AB


    3 måneder siden

    Eh i think he just wants to show to the non viewer of lacrosse that the owner of the league has good morals or whatever. Destigmatizes the “lax bro” ig lol

  • JupiterLuna Watt
    JupiterLuna Watt3 måneder siden

    We see you Paul ✊🏾 glad he brought up the origins of the game and gave respect to the N.A

  • Hunter Takacs
    Hunter Takacs3 måneder siden

    Sick video

  • Bilįį Blackhorn
    Bilįį Blackhorn3 måneder siden

    Remember when Paul was in Crooked Arrows and he had no facial hair and long hair? 😂 😂 😂

  • Jackson69 stfu

    Jackson69 stfu

    3 måneder siden

    The og Paul

  • not_asher
    not_asher3 måneder siden

    He wasn't being racist, it was identical twins... I think

  • Jackson69 stfu

    Jackson69 stfu

    3 måneder siden

    Yes ur right

  • Peyton Turner
    Peyton Turner3 måneder siden

    I like GQ lacrosse

  • cynical
    cynical3 måneder siden

    Okay I NEED to see this with basketball and football players

  • John Newman
    John Newman3 måneder siden

    Is Paul really diving deep into societal norms of an American Pie movie lol

  • ShuBox


    Måned siden

    @Patrick Sullivan na that was really unexpected of paul lol

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan

    2 måneder siden

    These guys are so soft

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan

    2 måneder siden

    Total puss

  • Wyatt Biggar

    Wyatt Biggar

    3 måneder siden

    Ikkkkk like geez

  • Micah Morrison

    Micah Morrison

    3 måneder siden

    Gotta set a good name for the league haha

  • Nathaniel Dreisbach
    Nathaniel Dreisbach3 måneder siden

    Dear Lord Paul Rabil is annoying

  • Donovan Shy
    Donovan Shy3 måneder siden

    Both were suprisingly insightful not only about lacrosse I always love watching rabil but whole episode was cool