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Presented by Dell XPS | On this episode of Actually Me, Los Angeles Laker Kyle Kuzma goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from NOlocal, Instagram, Twitter, Quora and Wikipedia. What is his skincare routine? What music does he listen to?
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Kyle Kuzma Goes Undercover on NOlocal, Twitter and Instagram | GQ Sports


  • Ori Eines
    Ori Eines21 dag siden

    Man just cant stop tripping himself wtf is ho cage dude just stop the cap and go to the gym and improve your game

  • Alexis Mancebo
    Alexis Mancebo26 dager siden

    NBA Champ

  • Aaron Torres
    Aaron TorresMåned siden

    You can tell naruto is the only character he know

  • Nikolai 100
    Nikolai 100Måned siden

    trash on the field. trash here too

  • Roberto Hernandez
    Roberto HernandezMåned siden

    Bro I’m a dislike because of that ho cage 😓

  • Aaron Torres
    Aaron TorresMåned siden

    Yo I died when he said hokage whoa that killed me im still laughing.

  • Bone rite
    Bone riteMåned siden

    Hocage wtf is that bro he definitely doesn’t watch naruto 😂 🤦‍♂️

  • scure
    scure2 måneder siden

    Why this man wrinkles his forehead through the whole video?

  • Donna Mason
    Donna Mason2 måneder siden ඉතින් ධනවත් වෙළෙන්දා ඔවුන්ට කැමති නැද්ද

  • Fappy
    Fappy2 måneder siden

    total cringefest. lol this dude is a wannabe cool kid.

  • Josh 323
    Josh 3232 måneder siden

    Every comment is hocage😂

  • Joseph Santana
    Joseph Santana2 måneder siden

    Karl Kuzma according to Chuck

  • Tim Sala
    Tim Sala3 måneder siden

    Karl Kuzma goes undercover!

    ELLEN TSHIBANGU3 måneder siden

    He is trash at basketball

  • Lurmo
    Lurmo3 måneder siden

    Anyone else only click on this video cause they saw naruto🤔

  • Amir Hamssa
    Amir Hamssa3 måneder siden

    Nobody: Michael B.Jordan: "Na Row Too" Kuzma: "Hoe cage"

  • Ivy Desiree Tacadena
    Ivy Desiree Tacadena3 måneder siden


  • Thanpuii Khiangte
    Thanpuii Khiangte3 måneder siden

    He is so perfect for me 😍

  • Vicente Campa
    Vicente Campa3 måneder siden

    Nahhh my boy really said hoecage😔

  • Jonathan Padron
    Jonathan Padron3 måneder siden

    Too comfortable was an excellent choice lol

  • M I K A
    M I K A3 måneder siden

    Ara you fortnite?

  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones3 måneder siden

    I know he did not just say "young hoe cage" and "king of his village".

  • Rainfalls
    Rainfalls4 måneder siden

    Nah row tu - Michael B Jordan

  • Goku Son
    Goku Son4 måneder siden

    He most likely watched subbed and read “hokage” and thought it was pronounced “Hoe Cage”

  • Florian S.
    Florian S.4 måneder siden

    Here`s the comment without "hoe cage" you looked for

  • Extend_PiLiZ
    Extend_PiLiZ4 måneder siden

    I know for a fact he doesn’t actually watch naruto

  • Frank Raddy
    Frank Raddy4 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who thinks Kyle Kuzbass voice does not match his voice

  • Max Brown
    Max Brown4 måneder siden

    Hoecage..... just stfu bruh u fake

  • Abigaile Barrios
    Abigaile Barrios4 måneder siden

    Just here because of nadine lustre (*_*)

  • MontiTheGuruHD
    MontiTheGuruHD4 måneder siden

    1:15 Na-RU- Toe? Ho-cage? You don't watch naruto man stop posing.

  • DylanBDaGoat
    DylanBDaGoat4 måneder siden

    Me.. Scrolling through the comments.. Me noticing all the comments are about how he said "Hokage" Wrong.. "HoeCage"

  • Harjas Athwal
    Harjas Athwal4 måneder siden

    2:44 “number 11 trade rumors” 😂💀

  • Max Solis
    Max Solis4 måneder siden

    Did Kuzma really just call Naruto "hoke edge"

  • Alexandria Naomi
    Alexandria Naomi4 måneder siden


  • Don
    Don4 måneder siden

    I heard him say hoe cage and came straight to the comments 😂😂😂

  • Cee Deezy
    Cee Deezy4 måneder siden

    Whewww! I’d do him in a heartbeat 🤤🤤🤤

  • Grape Juice
    Grape Juice4 måneder siden

    Every weeb pressed rn 💀

  • Verified-_-PxsT
    Verified-_-PxsT4 måneder siden

    Bro when they put you at pf i get over 20 boards

  • Trouble OTF
    Trouble OTF4 måneder siden

    This comment section is full of mad naruto fans who take things way to serious

  • Liz H
    Liz H4 måneder siden

    Wth. You did not just say naruto and hokage like that.

  • Quincy Dillard
    Quincy Dillard4 måneder siden

    Definitely doesn't watch naturo lol

  • Crazze
    Crazze4 måneder siden

    .....hoe cage?

  • Divine Big Dark
    Divine Big Dark4 måneder siden

    If kuz was a real naruto fan who would have said madara itachi or sasuke 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🔥🔥

  • Luigi Villacorta
    Luigi Villacorta4 måneder siden

    “Hoe Cage.” Oh how much respect is lost. 😂

  • Aa Aa
    Aa Aa4 måneder siden

    I knew the comment section was gonna blow up 'cause he said "hoecage."

  • Big Billy Willy
    Big Billy Willy4 måneder siden

    Hatake KAKASHIIII you know jutsu I COPYYYYY

  • Kazatron 44
    Kazatron 444 måneder siden

    1:23 Never been so annoyed at a mispronunciation in my life

  • GUchiha 10716
    GUchiha 107164 måneder siden

    I clicked on this video just for Naruto then this man gonna say some “Hoe Kidge” foh

  • i found mario judah
    i found mario judah4 måneder siden

    he didn't just call naruto "young hocage"💀 naruto doesn't become hokage until after kakashi and that's after boruto is born

  • WeeabooJeasus41
    WeeabooJeasus414 måneder siden

    people saying he say "hokage" wrong like he has a lisp or a thick accent bro so k's and c's are gonna be similar

  • αяιαηηα тαуlσя
    αяιαηηα тαуlσя4 måneder siden

    Everybody going at him for the way he said hokage 😂😂 bogus

  • Phulio Yuong
    Phulio Yuong4 måneder siden

    Did he just say young Ho-cage instead of Hokage? Pretty sure sub or dub they say Ho-ka-ge.

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof4 måneder siden

    Hahaha he doesnt know anime lol

  • XwickScopee
    XwickScopee4 måneder siden

    Next we need kawhi

  • Petey Vieyra
    Petey Vieyra4 måneder siden

    he clearly has never watched naruto

  • OfficialDimiDez
    OfficialDimiDez4 måneder siden

    he really said "hoe cage", "young sensei", & "king of his village" yeah we know who the real fans are and who's acting

  • P Dizzly
    P Dizzly4 måneder siden


  • David Kebede
    David Kebede4 måneder siden


  • Eli Arts
    Eli Arts4 måneder siden

    Dope shirt tho

  • jonathan tercero
    jonathan tercero4 måneder siden

    Bro this dude said hoekage 😂😂😂😂

  • Abdiaziz Ali
    Abdiaziz Ali4 måneder siden

    Kyle Kuzma I trusted you and you failed us once again. Tf is a “Hoe Cage” 😐

  • Justice On
    Justice On4 måneder siden

    who tf is young sensei yo???? lmaoooo

  • Omiriky
    Omiriky4 måneder siden

    Ho cage?

  • Jakar Broitzman
    Jakar Broitzman4 måneder siden

    I’ll give you a little credit but stop selling me in 2k

  • Edgar Rodrgieuz
    Edgar Rodrgieuz4 måneder siden

    He answer for the naruto question shouldve been jaraiya sensei

  • André A. Avalos
    André A. Avalos4 måneder siden

    Kuzma, don't be dropping American pronunciations of Japanese words; you mad disrespectful to Naruto (Nah-Roo-toe), le 7th Hokage (Hoe-Ka-Gey). You better than that.

  • Courageously Encouraged
    Courageously Encouraged4 måneder siden

    I couldn't watch any more after those Naruto pronunciations LOL

  • P5 Basketball
    P5 Basketball4 måneder siden

    What’s up wit that nail paint😂

    SWiFT PEMDAS4 måneder siden

    Do a dangello russell version

  • DG3Edits
    DG3Edits4 måneder siden

    Is he the next Dennis Rodman dying his hair and painting his nails 👀

  • E2 Certi
    E2 Certi4 måneder siden

    1:23 wtf is this kuzma!!!

  • christian Delfin
    christian Delfin4 måneder siden

    "Hoe cage"

  • Cg Opara
    Cg Opara4 måneder siden

    y’all talking bout how he said “hokage” but what about the fact that his nails are painted.. (no problem with it tho)

  • Beeble76
    Beeble764 måneder siden

    kuzma seems dope

  • Kaizon
    Kaizon4 måneder siden

    Lolol he said Ho Kage not “ho Ka geh”

  • Kristoffer Smedegaard
    Kristoffer Smedegaard4 måneder siden

    Cmon man why you all hatin on kuz

  • Trunks
    Trunks4 måneder siden

    All you have to do is say you don’t really watch Naruto. You don’t have to lie for us 🤢

  • elo petto
    elo petto4 måneder siden

    ok i take my comment back he is a good guy

  • elo petto
    elo petto4 måneder siden

    you see nobody cares atbout kuzma the views say it

  • Dillon Ashida
    Dillon Ashida4 måneder siden

    Kuz is probably the worst NBA player, he's trash

  • YoungAfro
    YoungAfro4 måneder siden

    He is a leisbian

  • Mqrlen_
    Mqrlen_4 måneder siden

    He pronounced hokage the way it’s spelled🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TheTyBoogie
    TheTyBoogie4 måneder siden


  • Modern
    Modern4 måneder siden

    He said Hokage not hokage

  • evan.
    evan.4 måneder siden

    Young sensei hocage lmao this guy never watched naruto

  • 2 Park
    2 Park4 måneder siden

    Yeah Kuz doesn't watch Naruto.... athletes just trying to hop on the hype smh

  • Angel Villalona
    Angel Villalona4 måneder siden

    Right after he said hoe cage i went straight to comment section to see if anybody else hurd that fuckery too😂😂😂

  • YHN Frank
    YHN Frank4 måneder siden

    Ayy I like too comfortable too

  • Pablito06
    Pablito064 måneder siden

    Nobody: 100% of comments: "Hocage" WTF is that?!

  • Jerry Xu

    Jerry Xu

    4 måneder siden

    How is it "nobody" when the comments are literally reacting to what Kuzma said... Yall need to stop ruining memes

  • Dripward
    Dripward4 måneder siden

    Kyle Kuzma said “Hoe Cage” and for that reason, I’m out.

  • Bomboo spaghetti

    Bomboo spaghetti

    4 måneder siden

    Dripward shark tank joke and a Naruto fan. You are a master of culture truly

  • Courageously Encouraged

    Courageously Encouraged

    4 måneder siden


  • France Ignacio
    France Ignacio4 måneder siden

    yo why he say hocage????????

  • Morp'-
    Morp'-4 måneder siden

    11. Trade Rumours HAHAHHA

  • Majin 300
    Majin 3004 måneder siden

    My dude said young “ho - cage”

  • IChangeMyName Alot
    IChangeMyName Alot4 måneder siden

    1:23 Yeah, my day is ruined.

  • fat boi

    fat boi

    3 måneder siden

    your day is ruined because someone say a name wrong

  • D T
    D T4 måneder siden

    Who calls naruto young hoe cage

  • Lol Life
    Lol Life4 måneder siden

    Y celebrities never understand simple anime names "hoecage" That's why he getting traded

  • Shoun Afamson
    Shoun Afamson4 måneder siden

  • ahmxdk
    ahmxdk4 måneder siden

    young what bruh

  • CallMeRays
    CallMeRays4 måneder siden

    Ichiraku ramen guy is my fav. Hes no doubt the strongest in the village 💪🏻

  • Kobe Fontelo
    Kobe Fontelo4 måneder siden

    "Young Sensei" "a hOeCaGe" ayt ima head out