Karl Anthony Towns Goes Undercover on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter | Actually Me | GQ Sports


On this episode of Actually Me, Minnesota Timberwolves' Center Karl Anthony Towns goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Reddit, NOlocal, Twitter and more. Why does he play Center instead of Forward? What is his 3-pt percentage? Who is his biggest inspiration?
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Karl Anthony Towns Goes Undercover on NOlocal, Reddit and Twitter | Actually Me | GQ Sports


  • Lazer
    Lazer20 dager siden

    Why does kat play center and not power forward Me: cus he’s 6,11 Kat: cus I want to

  • Gracio Bintang Wijaya
    Gracio Bintang WijayaMåned siden

    I love how humble he is

  • Lucas G
    Lucas GMåned siden

    Who saw the dlo ,kat, booker super team after they’ve been traded together and booker is next

  • Multicultural Fangirl
    Multicultural Fangirl2 måneder siden

    I'm here because I heard he's dating Jordyn.

  • M.T.o DesTroyer
    M.T.o DesTroyer2 måneder siden

    KAT: Who uses Facebook nowadays Me: About 5 billion people

  • Wuyan LI
    Wuyan LI2 måneder siden

    Kobe Bryant MVP award.... RIP

  • Ryan Campey
    Ryan Campey3 måneder siden

    Who is here now that book might go to the wolves

  • Swagymicswagger
    Swagymicswagger3 måneder siden

    0:12 bruh

  • james shreiner
    james shreiner3 måneder siden

    “How do you stop KAT?” “A laser pointer” 💀💀😭😭

  • Marc bigara
    Marc bigara3 måneder siden

    Jeez this guy is such an over achiever😂

  • ProSamurai Gaming
    ProSamurai Gaming3 måneder siden

    Question talks about Dlo, KAT, and Book super team. Me: So, Timberwolves, when are you getting the other 1/3 of this ?

  • M I K A
    M I K A3 måneder siden

    Dud ju plej basketbol lajk ju are in d midl skul

  • Kris V
    Kris V4 måneder siden

    2:07 wait that’s a stage, I’ve been like this my whole life

  • Caleb Pavljuk
    Caleb Pavljuk4 måneder siden

    1:38 2 down 1 to go

  • I'm Kam
    I'm Kam4 måneder siden

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant #LL🐍

  • Mitchell Bannister
    Mitchell Bannister4 måneder siden

    Yo that cascade ad was sus

  • Raven 99
    Raven 994 måneder siden

    He knows how to say the Greek Freak name! He mad because he dunking on you!

  • Mama Veeds
    Mama Veeds4 måneder siden

    5:31 hits different now😪

  • Mama Veeds
    Mama Veeds4 måneder siden

    KAT out here dissing everyone

  • Sports Talk With Marc
    Sports Talk With Marc4 måneder siden

    KAT: I mean just do the homework it’s easy Me: But it’s so Freaking hard

  • suve
    suve4 måneder siden

    Who's here after his mom passed. rip😪🙏

  • Roblox Lets Play
    Roblox Lets Play4 måneder siden

    Grammarly is being abused

  • Codremixez
    Codremixez4 måneder siden

    RIP momma KAT ❤️

  • ARAY !
    ARAY !4 måneder siden

    Karl is a goat

  • Joshua Whritenour
    Joshua Whritenour4 måneder siden


  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner4 måneder siden

    When he said kobe 🥺😖😪

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell4 måneder siden

    who’s here after kobe passed and this was right before that’s

  • Jigsaw games 101
    Jigsaw games 1014 måneder siden

    Kobe never got to challenge him

  • Chasemotto ???
    Chasemotto ???4 måneder siden

    When they talked about Kobe😥😥😪

  • Oggy The blue Cat
    Oggy The blue Cat4 måneder siden


  • Sam Cooey
    Sam Cooey4 måneder siden

    “never missed a game” i’ve been to 4 t wolves games the past few years and he was sitting out every time :/

  • Austin Karger
    Austin Karger4 måneder siden

    His sense of humor is fantastic

  • the spiritus
    the spiritus4 måneder siden

    Kat: Everyone wants to be Goku Edward Elric, Kenzo Tenma and Killua: Are we a joke to you?

  • Timmy Dacheese
    Timmy Dacheese4 måneder siden

    Ik his name is KAT but why does he look like one

  • Your boy Justin
    Your boy Justin4 måneder siden

    Wiggins drive by OMG

  • Michael Ramirez
    Michael Ramirez4 måneder siden

    you should do steph curry

  • Oggy The blue Cat
    Oggy The blue Cat4 måneder siden


  • NL Machìne YT
    NL Machìne YT4 måneder siden

    At 5:30 tho😭

  • Lil Pearrr
    Lil Pearrr4 måneder siden

    How do you stop KAT ..... a laser pointer 7:23

  • Fishy Gravity
    Fishy Gravity4 måneder siden

    Gotta love how the video has “24” thousand likes, RIP Kobe

  • Buckets mane
    Buckets mane4 måneder siden

    well the one where if d book and dlo tean up wit kat where would it happen already 1 move is right and now Dlo is in minny

  • nBA 2K aNd STUff
    nBA 2K aNd STUff4 måneder siden

    Im autistic and have distraction issues is it bad that I struggle in school

  • The SAVAGE as heck
    The SAVAGE as heck4 måneder siden

    Rip KAT’s mom

  • Jay TooFunny
    Jay TooFunny4 måneder siden

    Why wont he talk about his terrible defense tho

  • Sam Sherrill

    Sam Sherrill

    4 måneder siden

    It’s not terrible it’s just not good

  • Marios Skaliotis
    Marios Skaliotis4 måneder siden

    Rest in piece to your mother

  • Braeden Maldet

    Braeden Maldet

    4 måneder siden

    Trixx- _-Blix not the time

  • nikki. dreams

    nikki. dreams

    4 måneder siden


  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball4 måneder siden

    Take down the Kobe part Rip Kobe

  • Sam Sherrill

    Sam Sherrill

    4 måneder siden

    Why it was nothing negative and it was made before he died

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas4 måneder siden

    Dlo is now a Timberwolves

  • Wild Thing
    Wild Thing4 måneder siden

    man we have a bad team but kat is a great guy

  • Lori Malcom
    Lori Malcom4 måneder siden

    This video is making me want to type because of the sound of keys

  • devin mccurry
    devin mccurry4 måneder siden

    All about the team and winning that's cool but rare

  • devin mccurry
    devin mccurry4 måneder siden

    The cockyness tho 😂

  • devin mccurry
    devin mccurry4 måneder siden

    2:20 makes me respect Kat so much, I mean guys nowdays be taking a couple days off for a bruise like wtf lmao, you get paid way too much money to play so that should always be on your mind like the older times

  • SilverSaiyan 500
    SilverSaiyan 5004 måneder siden

    Now do one with kevin Durant

  • Thebossnot _
    Thebossnot _4 måneder siden

    Imagine saying dlo going to the Timberwolves now

  • gex
    gex4 måneder siden

    Is this dark skin drake

  • Milan Faunce-Arnold
    Milan Faunce-Arnold4 måneder siden

    Wow watching this later is crazy...D-Lo to the wolves, Kobe died (RIP), and the league gets canceled...and his mother died rip

  • Waffle M0
    Waffle M04 måneder siden

    This was before Kobe died😣😖😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😑😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mico99o Doop

    Mico99o Doop

    4 måneder siden


  • Luke Loftus
    Luke Loftus4 måneder siden

    7:16 Joel Embiid: Am I a joke to you?

  • Samuel A Berlin
    Samuel A Berlin4 måneder siden

    He’s my new favorite basketballs player

  • Eliu Claudio
    Eliu Claudio4 måneder siden

    I always green with Karl anothy towns 90 overall on nba2k20

    LV GOSHA4 måneder siden

    Love how he called Russ to the timber wolves😂maybe booker goes too??

  • dad 4123
    dad 41234 måneder siden

    Sure aint Andrew Wiggins, well now he's not on the team lol

  • 25k Subscribers With no videos
    25k Subscribers With no videos4 måneder siden

    So is nobody gonna talk about how fast he types?💀

  • Basil Sadoon
    Basil Sadoon4 måneder siden

    I don’t dislike KAT but Joel Embied is way better

  • dad 4123

    dad 4123

    4 måneder siden

    Not way better, kats would fit better on the sixers but cuz he can't play d so joel is better but not by much

  • D E O

    D E O

    4 måneder siden

    RIP To His mom tho💔

  • Roberto Vega
    Roberto Vega4 måneder siden

    He has Dlo already

  • Ceephus memes
    Ceephus memes4 måneder siden

    Hey Kate your my favourite centre

  • Basketball Games
    Basketball Games4 måneder siden

    KAT and D Russ are on the same team now

  • Joseph Whisenant
    Joseph Whisenant4 måneder siden

    7:17 I like the question Who is Williams Lou

  • Cxrtified _SDN
    Cxrtified _SDN4 måneder siden

    He says Giannis Antetokoumpo wrong come on man

  • Eliot A
    Eliot A4 måneder siden

    1:45 he might have actually predicted the future.

  • Sean Conner
    Sean Conner4 måneder siden

    Rip to his mom

  • Anthony Mina
    Anthony Mina4 måneder siden

    Rip mrs. towns

  • Anthony Mina
    Anthony Mina4 måneder siden

    Says Giannis first name wrong but last name right

  • HeartBeats Skill
    HeartBeats Skill4 måneder siden

    2:40 I'm convinced he had COVID-19

  • Maestro
    Maestro4 måneder siden

    It’s good to see Embiids son getting out there on social media.

  • KasaannGodd
    KasaannGodd4 måneder siden

    In 2k he barely attempted a single three when he does he don’t make it that’s 2k fault

  • Jaxson Brown
    Jaxson Brown4 måneder siden

    You know why Karl Anthony towns is so jealous of Joel embiid one makes the playoffs and it at the dreadlocks

  • Logan Davis

    Logan Davis

    4 måneder siden

    You stupid. KATs better than embiid

  • REV. beaver
    REV. beaver4 måneder siden

    Kat called Kobe the goat

  • Gav0
    Gav04 måneder siden

    Wait did he guess it???

  • Highlight Films
    Highlight Films4 måneder siden

    KAT’s favorite player was Kevin Durant😳

  • Grannygoing Tokill
    Grannygoing Tokill4 måneder siden

    Giannis antatatacumpo

  • Please Help
    Please Help4 måneder siden

    4:13 KAT horrible father confirmed

  • LL DJ
    LL DJ4 måneder siden

    We aren't gonna talk about how he predicted d'lo to Minnesota

  • Tru Pilditch
    Tru Pilditch4 måneder siden

    7:18 how do you stop KAT the comment a laser pointer

  • Danya Duncan
    Danya Duncan4 måneder siden

    I can’t imagine him cussing Wow he actually just said a seer word as I was typing I was also going to say I’m surprised he got into a fight wit Joel embied

  • BenRichard
    BenRichard4 måneder siden

    he talked about his mom and kobe, 6 months later they’re both gone. Rest in peace ❤️

  • Chris Fazio
    Chris Fazio4 måneder siden

    Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant

  • Andrija Stojanovski
    Andrija Stojanovski4 måneder siden

    Who is best Center Like:Jokić Com:Someone else

  • Maestro


    4 måneder siden


  • Kayson Gambill

    Kayson Gambill

    4 måneder siden


  • Mikko


    4 måneder siden


  • Hey Bro
    Hey Bro4 måneder siden

    He said “they forgot the dash so disrespectful” but yet the video title doesn’t have the dash 🤦‍♂️

  • Ayden Duncan
    Ayden Duncan4 måneder siden

    best 3 pointe center ever

  • FootsNotFeet
    FootsNotFeet4 måneder siden

    My Space is the My Space of today

  • Adam Tamo
    Adam Tamo4 måneder siden

    d’lo is in minnesota now

  • Stings
    Stings4 måneder siden

    D rose should’ve stay in TimberWolves

  • Mike Redd
    Mike Redd4 måneder siden

    Joel embiid ∞>>> cat

  • Braden Hines
    Braden Hines4 måneder siden

    He spoke Dlo into existence 👀

  • Corbin Miller
    Corbin Miller4 måneder siden

    my favorite player is kd too

  • Basketball Green
    Basketball Green4 måneder siden

    Funny thing is D’Angelo Russell is a Timberwolf now

  • dd_the_kid
    dd_the_kid4 måneder siden

    r.i.p his mom

  • Ray Jones
    Ray Jones4 måneder siden

    KAT is not that good. I dont know why he thinks he’s the goat or sum lol

  • Carson Magouirk
    Carson Magouirk5 måneder siden

    Rip karls mom #restinpeace