Jo Koy Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers, From Rarest to Oldest | GQ Sports

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Comedian Jo Koy's sneaker collection goes all the way back to 1988 when he got the Jordan 3s. It's gotten quite a bit larger since then. Check out all of the superlatives from Jo Koy's current collection, from his rarest sneakers to his oldest and newest pairs.
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Jo Koy Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers, From Rarest to Oldest | GQ Sports


  • Deric Flair WHOOOtube
    Deric Flair WHOOOtube2 måneder siden

    lmao jordan 11s aren't made in italy

  • Gopal Allen
    Gopal Allen3 måneder siden


  • Niko Ben
    Niko Ben3 måneder siden

    This guy is funny. He should consider a career in it.

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez3 måneder siden

    I'm not a shoe guy. Shoes are such a weird flex to me

  • Thanos is Right
    Thanos is Right3 måneder siden

    he hates adidas

  • Lrac Lrac
    Lrac Lrac3 måneder siden

    Supreme 5 are fire 🔥....not hard to fit those either

  • Mark Lester
    Mark Lester3 måneder siden

    Why would I not buy those?? Oh yeah , im broke

  • Mark Lester
    Mark Lester3 måneder siden

    Imagine the Netflix Producers watching this and goes "so that's why the show got delayed? Bcos of those prestos?"

  • Hugo Cardozo
    Hugo Cardozo3 måneder siden

    Something about this dude that yells douchebag lol

  • Ty


    3 måneder siden

    Ehh yeah in this video, but I feel like you gotta watch his specials. He comes off pretty authentic considering the climate we're in

  • Dandaman Salazar
    Dandaman Salazar3 måneder siden

    Good taste

  • nihar talluri
    nihar talluri3 måneder siden

    Why is it on the Sport's Channel? 😂

  • justin harris
    justin harris3 måneder siden


  • Michael G
    Michael G3 måneder siden

    wait... does he think that it says "subliminal" behind the mesh? 4:58

  • Ty


    3 måneder siden

    Lol word I caught that too, but I just assumed he was saying the branding was subliminal

  • sunday vlogs
    sunday vlogs3 måneder siden

    dream shoes jordan 11

  • IamSuave
    IamSuave3 måneder siden

    Forget the shoes. I can't stop looking at the teeth!😁

  • iamdina M

    iamdina M

    5 dager siden

    His teeth are so expensive 2800$a piece he talked about it in one of his guesting

  • Jordache Jordan
    Jordache Jordan3 måneder siden

    I personally love Prestos. I like how a lot of them tell unexplained stories.

  • Alexander Lumford
    Alexander Lumford3 måneder siden

    Never knew JK was a sneakerhead; respect

  • Health Verse Co.
    Health Verse Co.3 måneder siden

    With some of your choices I completely do not agree with, but overall you have my respect. Follow a health channel peeps, Les make da world a healthier place 🌳🌴🍁

  • A \V
    A \V3 måneder siden

    This man really delayed a show just so he could have the right shoes on...

  • Ty


    3 måneder siden

    And I respect it 😂😂

  • Naoki Kihata
    Naoki Kihata3 måneder siden

    I enjoyed the video.... but you're tripping if the jordan 1 isn't in your top 2 jordan models of all time

  • rustyz8
    rustyz83 måneder siden

    Jordan 4's are my favorite shoe ever! It should be at the top of the list for anyone who likes sneakers.

  • Kobe Wan Kenobi
    Kobe Wan Kenobi3 måneder siden

    *I will forever be searching for the Sup 5’s for a decent price*

  • Kobe Wan Kenobi

    Kobe Wan Kenobi

    3 måneder siden

    Max Amilion yeah I can shoot you my email

  • Max Amilion

    Max Amilion

    3 måneder siden

    @Kobe Wan Kenobi hey bro I have supreme 5 camo in size 13, 9/10 condition been looking to sell them, they're legit only thing is I live in New Zealand, get back to me and I'll show you images

  • Kobe Wan Kenobi

    Kobe Wan Kenobi

    3 måneder siden

    Nick Papp I’ve had my eye on a pair. Some are decent, most are beat. And they’re trying to charge $430-500 for a partially beat pair.

  • Nick Papp

    Nick Papp

    3 måneder siden

    Kobe Wan Kenobi i got a 9.5,the biggersizer are usually cheaper,try offer up and mercari

  • Kobe Wan Kenobi

    Kobe Wan Kenobi

    3 måneder siden

    Nick Papp what size? I’m looking for a 13 and prices for those are sky high

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful3 måneder siden

    Those supreme 5s...oh boy how hard they were to achieve

  • Gideon Bromberg
    Gideon Bromberg3 måneder siden

    dope shoes

  • The famous capelot
    The famous capelot3 måneder siden

    Fresh banger