Jimmy Butler Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram | GQ Sports


On this episode of Actually Me, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from NOlocal, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and Wikipedia. How did he get the nickname "Jimmy Buckets?" Who is the funniest player on the Miami Heat?

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Jimmy Butler Goes Undercover on NOlocal, Twitter and Instagram | GQ Sports


  • Athanasios Matsolas
    Athanasios Matsolas3 dager siden

    very realistic twitter replies...only 975 characters each.

  • Anne Green
    Anne Green8 dager siden

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  • Tiffany Lockett
    Tiffany Lockett8 dager siden

    He cares about grammar and has no tattoos! 🙌🏽

  • Tiffany Lockett
    Tiffany Lockett8 dager siden

    I LOVE him! 😩 No, no, y'all don't understand… I LOVE Him!!! (AG and Jimmy Buckets been my happiness for YEARSSSS now! Still goin' strong.)

  • sergio lopez
    sergio lopez12 dager siden

    replay i lovreeee

  • Eddie Topflock
    Eddie Topflock15 dager siden

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    Back Door15 dager siden

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  • Jimbalaya
    Jimbalaya15 dager siden

    Love how jimmy started off gassing people's grammer then threw that " had to be afford real diamonds" in there

  • 龚德飞
    龚德飞21 dag siden

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  • Ashley Venzon
    Ashley Venzon23 dager siden

    i can't find the undercover comment on tyler's photo lmao

  • joeman
    joeman24 dager siden

    I love you Jimmy but the best to ever do it are Messi and Ronaldo

  • HyperCarl
    HyperCarl26 dager siden

    I bet Jimmy doesn't know what "Coalescing" means

  • Trailer City
    Trailer City26 dager siden

    1:30 😂😂😂😂

  • Saint Laurent
    Saint Laurent29 dager siden

    *Kevin Durant goes undercover Twitter, NOlocal, Facebook and Instagram 💀

  • Kimyongtai Kim
    Kimyongtai Kim29 dager siden

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  • yavuz
    yavuzMåned siden

    When we talking about goats, it can be the one goat the goat who is a goat as an athlete and as a person, its MUHAMMAD ALI.

  • Au Jun
    Au JunMåned siden

    Jimmy Butler very classy guy lot of respect for him.

  • Daniel Kong
    Daniel KongMåned siden

    Is Michael Jordan your dad? Mike korzemba

  • William Turcios
    William TurciosMåned siden

    I thought the intro was a liberty mutual comercial🤣🤣

  • Acker Sotomayor
    Acker SotomayorMåned siden

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  • ParadoxProductions
    ParadoxProductionsMåned siden

    Hmm... Beebs and Butler? Idk. Pretty sure beeb isn’t over Selena, that maybe a slight issue.

  • Xray2612
    Xray2612Måned siden

    Dwayne Wade and LeBron were the dynamic duos on the heat

  • Will O'Connor
    Will O'ConnorMåned siden

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    Will O'ConnorMåned siden

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  • Beating The Algorithm
    Beating The AlgorithmMåned siden

    WAHAB favourite 😍 player

  • Doan Minh trang
    Doan Minh trangMåned siden

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    Jálale JeowkrMåned siden

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  • A 1
    A 1Måned siden

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    Marve MottolaMåned siden

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  • Simile Hlophe
    Simile Hlophe2 måneder siden

    Wait he got a daughter!?!?

  • PackersSuperBowl 2020
    PackersSuperBowl 20202 måneder siden

    1:30 im dead

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream2 måneder siden

    How can you not love this dude

  • Shanell Reynolds
    Shanell Reynolds2 måneder siden

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  • 黒い人新鮮な
    黒い人新鮮な2 måneder siden

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  • Owen Wade
    Owen Wade2 måneder siden

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  • Erick Prieto
    Erick Prieto2 måneder siden

    But Neymar suuuuuuucks

  • ty Ss Rs 50 aiko
    ty Ss Rs 50 aiko2 måneder siden

    this is Callum Hudson Odoi

  • Jenny Pegao
    Jenny Pegao2 måneder siden

    My idol

  • Jenny Pegao
    Jenny Pegao2 måneder siden

    Jimmy Butler when are you going back to heat.. #miamifan

  • Chicken Drumm
    Chicken Drumm2 måneder siden

    Lemme go undercover next GQ

  • busetwarehouze
    busetwarehouze2 måneder siden

    Jimmy should react himself singing to a thousand miles

  • Winfield Henry
    Winfield Henry2 måneder siden

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  • Rea Mveke
    Rea Mveke2 måneder siden

    Kevin Hart should do this

  • Yvng J
    Yvng J2 måneder siden

    JB finally got a cut???

  • Velvet_Turtle
    Velvet_Turtle2 måneder siden

    You cannot call yourself a football fan and seriously believe that Neymar is the GOAT....

  • Cipriano
    Cipriano2 måneder siden

    0:53 *so many grammatical errors in that by the way* Jimmy, ma man

  • Jeffro Lans
    Jeffro Lans2 måneder siden

    Gotta love Jimmy. As a lakers fan, I’m grateful he decided to completely abandon the superstar effort that got the Heat into a game 6. It was a real series when Butler was embracing being “the guy” and playing aggressively. The Heat had NO chance in game when jimmy decided he didn’t want to attack anymore. I guess he thought Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson we’re going to get them into a game 7? Maybe he ran out of gas? Either way, it was a disappointing effort for the biggest game of a players career

  • Toni Georg
    Toni Georg2 måneder siden

    Everything good with Jimmy except the fact that he really think Neymar is this good 😂

  • 0ptik
    0ptik2 måneder siden

    20 Savage

  • DJ
    DJ2 måneder siden

    Any question: Jimmy's Answer: Neymar loool reminds me of myself during 2014 FIFA

  • Simon Johnson
    Simon Johnson2 måneder siden

    Jimmy Butler: "So many grammatical errors" Also, Jimmy Butler: *Doesn't always use commas, when they're needed*

  • Asvp_alex
    Asvp_alex2 måneder siden

    So this what you doin instead of playing for my fantasy.

    THE GOAT2 måneder siden

    When Jimmy is on the court, anything can happen in 4th Quarter 🙏

  • Philippines Unfiltered
    Philippines Unfiltered2 måneder siden


  • Dented: Trash edition
    Dented: Trash edition2 måneder siden

    “If Danny green shot Tupac he’d still be alive” -henill patel • 1 month ago

  • Thornie Schwentker
    Thornie Schwentker2 måneder siden

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  • lewis letch
    lewis letch2 måneder siden

    Its funny that Neymar and Jimmy are such good friends because they're the complete opposite in terms of how they play

  • Damian Clark
    Damian Clark2 måneder siden

    They should get Kevin Durant to do this. He's been undercover on social media for years

  • gmtv_levi
    gmtv_levi2 måneder siden

    Mbappe the greatest to ever do it? 😐😐

  • jackson jones
    jackson jones2 måneder siden

    Love this so much... so clearly kind and articulate- Rockin the cardigan!

  • Salvador Gady
    Salvador Gady2 måneder siden

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  • Saun Krystian
    Saun Krystian2 måneder siden

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    Phung Duy Khiem2 måneder siden

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  • Jack o
    Jack o2 måneder siden

    truly a baller, a great dude to have on your team. respect

  • kyle goldfield
    kyle goldfield2 måneder siden

    I ate at turning point in blue bell pa right next to him!!😭😭

  • Demitric Owens
    Demitric Owens2 måneder siden

    You can tell Jimmy really rock with Tyler!!

  • Pop Meow
    Pop Meow2 måneder siden

    When he coming back tho

  • spc28
    spc282 måneder siden

    going undercover should be making jokes, not talking out long paragraphs of real answers

  • Bigboy black
    Bigboy black2 måneder siden

    "Ultimate goal of BEING a championship😂😂😂",good to know millionaires still talk like me.

  • henry coleman
    henry coleman2 måneder siden

    Yoo JB your so funny for this video 💯

  • EpilepticRabbit
    EpilepticRabbit2 måneder siden

    An American calling football "football" instead of soccer? They're evolving.

  • Rezzo !
    Rezzo !2 måneder siden

    Hey they copied gq 🤨

  • Zemlak Ismael
    Zemlak Ismael2 måneder siden

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  • Joseph Olopade
    Joseph Olopade2 måneder siden

    I love you Jimmy but Neymar? The Goat? Lmao.

  • The Takeover
    The Takeover2 måneder siden

    Just like wade said Jimmy was the best choice for the Miami heat

  • Zack Martins
    Zack Martins2 måneder siden

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    Zack Martins2 måneder siden

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  • J Kai
    J Kai2 måneder siden

    They need to get kawhi on this

  • Prince Delong
    Prince Delong2 måneder siden

    Self fulfilling prophecy phenom.

  • joy du toy
    joy du toy2 måneder siden

    Is it normal in america that so many people can t swimm???

  • Landon Hart
    Landon Hart2 måneder siden

    I swear there was a liberty mutual commercial filmed there

  • C1st 88
    C1st 882 måneder siden

    It looks like he’s in a liberty mutual commercial

    JOHN REY DELA TORRE2 måneder siden

    Thanks Jimmy

  • Mohamed Lutfy
    Mohamed Lutfy2 måneder siden

    7:26 did jimmy really say Mbappé is the greatest to ever do it? I have no words.

  • Philip Robarge
    Philip Robarge2 måneder siden

    Neymar the greatest to ever do it, mate your having a laugh

  • Eric Jean
    Eric Jean2 måneder siden

    6:48 Jordan doesn’t have one either🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jalen Bates
    Jalen Bates2 måneder siden

    Butler of jimmy

  • Abdullah Aziz Rajput
    Abdullah Aziz Rajput2 måneder siden

    This dude seems like too chill and humble to hang out with. He has that Kobe kinda charm. Like he's funny and hardworking yet also extremely confident.

  • AmazingGamer
    AmazingGamer2 måneder siden

    coolest player in the nba

  • Gamerboy Nave
    Gamerboy Nave2 måneder siden

    why does he have a banana there

  • Leos Lit
    Leos Lit2 måneder siden

    This is cool and all, and i know that the US doesnt care about football/soccer, but can we talk about how having Neymar as a GOAT ist just wrong? He's not even 10th in his "own" sport, and people call him GOAT?

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis2 måneder siden

    glad he used "football" properly

  • kaza 2002
    kaza 20022 måneder siden

    Bro naymar isnt even close to be the goat lol

  • Alex Yacoub
    Alex Yacoub2 måneder siden

    Wish u never left Chicago, but u are In a way better environment at Miami which is better for u.

  • Ethan Mensah-baah
    Ethan Mensah-baah2 måneder siden

    mbappe the greatest to ever do it?????? lawd have mercy

  • [Bloggins] River by MNL48 is a Bop
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    No tats? Respect!

  • Pablo V
    Pablo V2 måneder siden

    Goran Dragic what a legend

  • TheBehnny
    TheBehnny2 måneder siden

    Jimmy G Buckets!!!!! One of the best bulls players