Jaylen Brown Breaks Down Basketball Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown breaks down basketball scenes from movies, including 'Space Jam,' 'Coach Carter,' 'He Got Game,' 'White Men Can't Jump,' 'Semi-Pro' and 'Love & Basketball.'
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Jaylen Brown Breaks Down Basketball Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports


  • Bryce Sattler
    Bryce Sattler12 minutter siden

    0:15 ayyy much respect plus you & I are both Cal guys so in the end the numba one thing is beating the odds -- but yea I aint doing no 1,000 suicides

  • enokii
    enokii2 timer siden


  • Kyle Butler
    Kyle Butler2 timer siden

    The way he says "pause", i always think the cameraman or someone said something sus. Not his just saying to pause it, but the WAY he says it 😂😂😂 (most wont understand what i mean but if you get it, you'll laugh like i did)

  • Vargas
    Vargas2 timer siden

    He did a great job

  • Brad Ross
    Brad Ross3 timer siden

    My guy Jaylen said “Worchester” instead of Worcester SMH

  • KYS Mf
    KYS Mf3 timer siden

    Best beard in the NBA .

  • Sitranine
    Sitranine4 timer siden

    Went to my high school fam

  • Bonn Villamor
    Bonn Villamor5 timer siden

    That part about the shot fake is true. Part of you dies when the opponent gets you up in the air with a shot fake

  • Jay Thompson
    Jay Thompson6 timer siden


  • Jacob Castro
    Jacob Castro6 timer siden

    He looks like he can actually hoop

  • J Gill
    J Gill7 timer siden

    You can tell he ain’t never seen White Men Can’t Jump 🤦🏽‍♂️. He ain’t even really commentating on the basketball lol. GQ feel asleep on this just like me 😴

  • Man Spider
    Man Spider8 timer siden

    Hate the Celtics, but love JB.

  • Michael Seltzer
    Michael Seltzer8 timer siden

    "War - chester" ITS WOOSTAH JAG OFF

  • K P
    K P9 timer siden

    They should have had Boogie Cousins for the love and basketball

  • Tony Gramz
    Tony Gramz10 timer siden

    That whistle in all his "sh" syllables is fuckin with my head

  • joel britton
    joel britton10 timer siden

    Man where is great movies like heaven is a playground and above the rim?!

  • ashtrey
    ashtrey10 timer siden

    dawg speak louder

  • C A
    C A10 timer siden

    He so chill. It’s amazing.

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards10 timer siden

    Thought he was boogie for a minute

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus10 timer siden

    The simpin starts at 13:22

  • Impact Abdou
    Impact Abdou11 timer siden

    The audio messed up

  • yaboyyates
    yaboyyates11 timer siden

    Pause... Did he just call Worcester war-chest-er?

  • Luke Curnin
    Luke Curnin11 timer siden

    Man said "Worchester"

  • SP21
    SP2111 timer siden

    Oh DAAAAAANG. You didn't like that.

  • NisceD
    NisceD12 timer siden

    JB talking like he ain't the master of falling for shotfakes lmao.

  • Joe Gilmore
    Joe Gilmore13 timer siden

    Glory Road???

  • DrBones669
    DrBones66913 timer siden

    No Juwanna Mann? Smth wrong with this selection...

  • Jimmy Tweedale
    Jimmy Tweedale14 timer siden

    We couldnt turn his mic up just a liiiiiittle bit??

  • htdtr
    htdtr14 timer siden

    You didnt have him do the catwoman scene?

  • htdtr
    htdtr14 timer siden

    The audio for this is mainly in my left ear, it's quite hard to listen to. And there's an echo to him at some points. It's faint, like you had it playing back through a laptop off camera. 11:40

  • TheGonzo
    TheGonzo16 timer siden

    The whole video, I was chuckling that the brand name "vetements" is the French word for "clothing." So the brand name for the clothing is "clothing." Love it. Edit: Vetements is pronounced vet-mon

  • Kane Strong
    Kane Strong16 timer siden

    This is one Of the best breakdown videos on the channel.

  • Rakshith br
    Rakshith br16 timer siden

    He sipping on lean or smtg y is he talking so slow .. like almost as if he's high ... where's the energy at my god

  • Jacob Paik
    Jacob Paik16 timer siden

    Dude, who is responsible for editing this? The cuts LOL

  • Slug Round 245
    Slug Round 24516 timer siden

    Why tf is jaylen brown doing this episode instead of MJ or lebron😭😭😭😭

  • Robert Dickerson
    Robert Dickerson16 timer siden

    When he said if he had to do all those suicides in push-up he wasn't going to make it to the NBA, I said, this is a real black man right here, I swear

  • SANDRA Mccullough
    SANDRA Mccullough17 timer siden

    I think everyone seen love and basketball

  • SANDRA Mccullough
    SANDRA Mccullough17 timer siden

    I think zion would be a great fit for he got game 2

  • Rodrigo Cuevas
    Rodrigo Cuevas18 timer siden

    Such a good player, can’t wait for the Brown and Tatum to blow it up.

  • Liam Velasco
    Liam Velasco18 timer siden

    Jaylen be real chill and cozy till "double or nothing"

  • Johnny Guyzer
    Johnny Guyzer19 timer siden

    My mans is BAKED BEANS throughout this whole thing

  • Hollie h
    Hollie h19 timer siden

    JB is one of the most underrated players in the league today, hands down. #FutureAllStar

  • Jeff Fanelli
    Jeff Fanelli19 timer siden

    There is no informative insight that he provided and most of the time he was just talking about the scene like he didn’t know the context of it. I’m Celtics fan he’s a great player but this isn’t good content.

    PROD. SWAGGYRIQUE21 time siden

    The lack of recognition and respect Glory Road gets concerns me ..

  • Kevin Bergin
    Kevin Bergin21 time siden

    No Blue Chips or Hoosiers??

  • Kane Strong
    Kane Strong21 time siden

    Brown is gonna be one of the GOAT of the Celtics if he stays focused.

  • Kane Strong
    Kane Strong21 time siden

    This brother is a beast 👹 future mvp hopefully.

  • Manpreet Chahal
    Manpreet Chahal21 time siden

    my basketball middle school coach made one of our teammates do 2,500 push ups and 1000 suicides while we watched the movie in the athletic directors class as of his punishment we helped him after ofc 💯

  • Luke Stivers
    Luke Stivers21 time siden

    that’s why my boi dropped 37 on ya head dummy

  • giorgi chochia
    giorgi chochia22 timer siden

    He lost me at future is female BS...

  • Hue Thao
    Hue Thao23 timer siden

    No Above the rim or sixth man...

  • Ashton Kusherrr
    Ashton Kusherrr23 timer siden

    Nobody gonna comment how he called Worcester "WARcester"

  • Jaden 213
    Jaden 21323 timer siden

    How they ain’t show like mike?

  • Charleyp25
    Charleyp25Dag siden

    That’s ray allen in he got game lol

  • GKSDB131215
    GKSDB131215Dag siden

    Jaylen brown looks like a skinny athletic Rick Ross

  • Juaquiee
    JuaquieeDag siden

    Talented and intelligent young man. Could have succeeded in other fields if he wanted to. Happy that he is with the Celtics

  • Mohammad Akbarizadeh
    Mohammad AkbarizadehDag siden

    I was waiting for uncle drew :(

  • Alexis Magana
    Alexis MaganaDag siden

    Nobody watches the wnba. Why he lying lol

  • Hassie Hirt
    Hassie HirtDag siden

    I thought JB was talking about Ray Allen when he said "He looks like he can actually hoop" XD

  • Derek Jefferson
    Derek JeffersonDag siden

    Why he look like Walmart lebron James in this video, did him dirty

  • Seahawkfan1108
    Seahawkfan1108Dag siden

    Hope the Celtics treat brown well, keep him forever

  • BKC
    BKCDag siden

    Can barely hear him. He's so soft spoken. Beastly player though.

  • Samuel
    SamuelDag siden

    Man I was ready for Jaylen Brown to go word for word on Love and Basketball lol

  • Carlos Danielle Pimentel
    Carlos Danielle PimentelDag siden

    Honestly if he wouldnt get drafted, he might be a professor or something. This guy is an academic

  • Orend Johnson Jr
    Orend Johnson JrDag siden

    How u gonna leave out like mike and the cookout

  • BET Gaming
    BET GamingDag siden

    I love this guy

  • bruh
    bruhDag siden

    I just noticed he looks like Minecraft Steve with a beard I can’t unsee it now

  • DeafGumby 8919
    DeafGumby 8919Dag siden

    Jaylen you can't be saying Worchester like that man lmao

  • George Austin
    George AustinDag siden

    I love Jaylen, but I don't think he watched White Men Can't Jump. He's talking like Sydney was actually trying in that scene, when he was actually trying to throw the game.

  • Jack Doherty
    Jack DohertyDag siden


  • John Paul Kiatoukaysy
    John Paul KiatoukaysyDag siden

    Lmao double or nothing hahahaha

  • E J
    E JDag siden

    Love and Basketball is such a great movie. Glad they gave it some attention.

  • macnolds
    macnoldsDag siden

    GQ, perfect choice hooper for this video. Kudos to your staff.

  • MrRufusRToyota
    MrRufusRToyotaDag siden

    Jaylen’s got a point guard chill

  • M L
    M LDag siden


  • Matthew Wheeler
    Matthew WheelerDag siden

    I hate that Jaylen is a Celtic he's so cool

  • Nathan Logan
    Nathan LoganDag siden

    As a 76er fan i say this with mad respect. I can't stand Jaylen Brown! Brother is sticky on defense.

  • Oscar Onill
    Oscar OnillDag siden

    Jaylen probably doesn't remember White Men Can't Jump but Sidney threw that game. Only person that got stung by that pump fake/shot was Billy Hoyle because he got hustled 😂😂😂

  • Godsendian
    GodsendianDag siden

    Jaylen looks high

  • SkyLo
    SkyLoDag siden

    It's more about his life story then about the movies.. Just my 2cents opinion thou, no hate..

  • Jerry Omwansa
    Jerry OmwansaDag siden

    I like JB but some more cheesy player would have made this hilarious

  • David Mumar TV
    David Mumar TVDag siden

    Chill level same with Errol Spence Jr.😁

  • Owen Grizzly
    Owen GrizzlyDag siden

    when he said nothing was gonna happen in the nba after a game i had no chill gil and malice at the palace flashbacks.

  • Ricky Foster
    Ricky FosterDag siden

    Do a nfl player breaking down football movies

  • Jxmmy508
    Jxmmy508Dag siden

    I love Jaylen but he can’t be calling Worcester “warchester” 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • KYS Mf

    KYS Mf

    3 timer siden

    Everyone pronounces it that way 🤣

  • Mystery 1
    Mystery 1Dag siden

    where's "Like Mike"?

  • TheSeppentoni
    TheSeppentoniDag siden

    Is fleeze back in fashion? Please, no

  • Christian Mills
    Christian MillsDag siden


  • Quinn Schwabe
    Quinn SchwabeDag siden

    "Nah buddy. This is not your deal" lmao

  • Jessica Duncan
    Jessica DuncanDag siden

    Don't think I've ever clicked on a video so fast. Love Jaylen Brown

  • banana403
    banana403Dag siden

    Why not Above the Rim!?!

  • Henry Voskuil
    Henry VoskuilDag siden

    at 9:00 someone gotta edit when this man jumped off his feet on Steph Curry's shot fake....

  • Eric Lee
    Eric LeeDag siden

    i really wish he would bring back the flattop

  • Bret Murphy
    Bret MurphyDag siden

    Oh no with the way he pronounced Worcester 🤣🤣

  • Thomas McMillen
    Thomas McMillenDag siden

    14:04 c'mon jaylen it pronounced WOOSTER

  • Marco Vittori
    Marco VittoriDag siden

    What a simp

  • Thomas McMillen
    Thomas McMillenDag siden

    I'm hoping the basketball scene in scarface is in this

  • Bvbs
    BvbsDag siden

    Local man is pleased

  • Elena K.
    Elena K.Dag siden

    I love that he pays tribute to the WNBA

  • hib470mep ;ren'fap
    hib470mep ;ren'fapDag siden

    Jaylen Brown is a good player 👍