James Harden & Russell Westbrook Break Down Their NBA Tunnel Style | GQ Sports


Houston Rockets superstars James Harden and Russell Westbrook have each carved out unique senses of style when it comes to their tunnel walks before NBA games. Join them as they break down their tunnel style over the last few years.
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James Harden & Russell Westbrook Break Down Their NBA Tunnel Style | GQ Sports


  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson4 dager siden

    So we not gone talk about how it says rockets vs jazz at Chesapeake energy arena. Which is in OK not TX or UT 🤣😑

  • Jaiden Simon
    Jaiden Simon18 dager siden

    Damm this vid hits different now

  • sajanas
    sajanas19 dager siden

    Two nba goats

  • Recycled Comment
    Recycled Comment23 dager siden

    This is what they are worried about when going to the playoffs!!!

  • Opportunity Y.B
    Opportunity Y.BMåned siden


  • King Ozy
    King OzyMåned siden

    1:27 bro out here lookin like an impostor

  • Victor Awosanmi

    Victor Awosanmi

    Måned siden


  • mrlovyou
    mrlovyouMåned siden

    they meant to write okc vs utah i think because why would the rockets or the jazz play in oklahoma

  • Aasad Thomas
    Aasad ThomasMåned siden

    If u wearing new helmut Lang u a joke

  • megs3003
    megs30032 måneder siden

    i would have loved a 90s version of this with mj and rodman

  • romello valentine
    romello valentine2 måneder siden

    More focused on fashion than basketball smh

  • Somos de Amstrad !
    Somos de Amstrad !2 måneder siden

    This is why they can´t get passed the second playoff round...their mind is not focused on basketball

  • Von Nicks
    Von Nicks2 måneder siden

    I feel like this is best friend goals

  • Erken Omar
    Erken Omar2 måneder siden

    This is why houston is missing the champ cup..... enough only for toxic fashion, unlimited and overrated ego, and funny life, ..... not for champ battle

  • Youngod
    Youngod2 måneder siden

    Who’s here after they lost to the lakers

  • Rodolka
    Rodolka2 måneder siden

    Jeremy Lin has more rings that these two combined.

  • Epi Curious
    Epi Curious2 måneder siden

    4.14 man lookin like a cleavage

  • Leapheng LENG
    Leapheng LENG2 måneder siden

    Going crazy against the Knicks? Common man. You don't need to look good to get 60 in MSG.

  • Rickey Sylvaince
    Rickey Sylvaince2 måneder siden

    I might be tripping... But RUSS Was DEFINITELY HIGH!!!

  • Arashdeep Singh
    Arashdeep Singh2 måneder siden

    @3:20 he look like he got on 4 or 5 bed sheets

  • Rayane Belfellaj
    Rayane Belfellaj2 måneder siden

    Be like that on the game guuuuuuuyyys😭🤣

  • Comfort Plus Foundation
    Comfort Plus Foundation2 måneder siden

    Why his beard look like someone took a bite out of it 😂😂😂

  • edwin glass
    edwin glass2 måneder siden

    Yo they should model Kanye’s line💯🤣

  • Trey Escobio
    Trey Escobio2 måneder siden

    Need a friend with the chemistry these dudes have

  • Ben Maldonado
    Ben Maldonado2 måneder siden

    I bet all these dudes watching are like "that's fire".. Smh.. 🤦‍♂️

  • Bee Cee
    Bee Cee2 måneder siden


  • The Admiral
    The Admiral2 måneder siden

    2 Los Angeles cats..of COURSE they would be fresh to def..but Russ killin me with the Ms Celie's Folk Pants he is wearing in this interview lol

  • whaley coyote
    whaley coyote2 måneder siden

    As hard as he plays Russ has some funny hand gestures ...

  • N0 Kl0ut
    N0 Kl0ut2 måneder siden

    Boy I can only imagine the clothes in Russ closet

  • Andrew
    Andrew2 måneder siden

    2:04 rockets vs jazz April 14 2019 Why is there a picture of russ. He wasn't on the team then

  • Joe McClellan
    Joe McClellan2 måneder siden

    this is why neither will ever get a ring.

  • Urull Duldung
    Urull Duldung2 måneder siden

    Why they make fashion a competion... Its a tast. Its cool to be confident but self love is self hate. Less is more.

  • Big vee
    Big vee2 måneder siden

    All of that money, and cannot dress. Smh shame.

  • Mikey Adelberger
    Mikey Adelberger2 måneder siden

    Never change 🙏

  • PH Property Guy - Nard Ptk
    PH Property Guy - Nard Ptk2 måneder siden

    "That's Social media, people will talk" -The Beard Me: Got it!! 😯😯

  • Luca Bardocci
    Luca Bardocci2 måneder siden

    They look high

  • TGA Super Plays
    TGA Super Plays2 måneder siden

    Fashion is art, but there’s some questionable outfits they have wore

  • Treven Robinette
    Treven Robinette2 måneder siden

    Russell big fried😭😭

  • Garrett Vinson
    Garrett Vinson2 måneder siden

    Two of the biggest bitches in the nba with horrible style love it

  • Jorge Prado
    Jorge Prado2 måneder siden

    2:37 James Harden's laugh made me laugh harder than he did!

  • ramesh anand
    ramesh anand2 måneder siden

    Im sorry but you both look like clowns.

    PJ KICKS2 måneder siden

    I'd rock that Versace jacket Harden had all black underneath.....

  • Imiko
    Imiko2 måneder siden


  • Vinny Via
    Vinny Via2 måneder siden

    James Harden sounding like Rick Ross

  • Pmf Lawrence
    Pmf Lawrence2 måneder siden

    If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you and he loves you tomorrow is not promised so please accept Jesus today. God bless

  • Mob money Television
    Mob money Television2 måneder siden

    My LA hittas

  • tezchedda
    tezchedda2 måneder siden

    Has Westbrook come out the closest yet?

  • Alejandro Marmolejo
    Alejandro Marmolejo2 måneder siden

    2:03 c’mon GQ, that was OKC vs Utah, not Houston

  • King Looney24
    King Looney242 måneder siden

    U guys got sum werid fashion styles but sheshhhhh y'all can ball!!!

    OLMEC THUGS2 måneder siden

    I don’t care how much money they got , how good of players they are , they still bums at the run way .🤣

  • Jobless Doctor
    Jobless Doctor2 måneder siden

    When Russ start shooting other team wins for sure ..😂

  • Connor Whitaker
    Connor Whitaker3 måneder siden

    Ok he probably works hard at it and maybe it’s popular somewhere around the world but Russ’ fit is trash

  • Surya Venkatraman
    Surya Venkatraman3 måneder siden

    who’s watching this after russel sold game 6

  • Leo Brada
    Leo Brada3 måneder siden

    Hahahha that is not “style”. Thats being completely “not stylish” 😂

  • Raul Patricio
    Raul Patricio3 måneder siden

    James Harden is more Fashion than Russel 👌🏾🔥🔥🔥

  • Earthツ
    Earthツ3 måneder siden

    3:37 ok now the others were cool but this one now.. woah😟 russ if I ever see you, you gotta let me slap u on ur neck for wearing that atrocious outfit.

  • Jmellothagreat
    Jmellothagreat3 måneder siden

    I love the styleee

  • hatter
    hatter3 måneder siden

    westbrook says "men and women fashion" lol carrying a purse? ha

  • Spaghetti Rangers
    Spaghetti Rangers3 måneder siden

    Chad deserved its

  • Kendra Marcos
    Kendra Marcos3 måneder siden

    Both of you have great confidence

  • Kendra Marcos
    Kendra Marcos3 måneder siden

    Wow you both look like angels So wrong. But honestly I think you both are great 👍

  • X L
    X L3 måneder siden


  • Ormiga
    Ormiga3 måneder siden

    James Harden is so cool. That photo shoot was kinda sus.

  • Keka Rose
    Keka Rose3 måneder siden

    They both have feminine styles....Nothing masculine about a man carring a purse

  • Wurst Semmel
    Wurst Semmel3 måneder siden

    Ahahaha, menlove

  • amir venson
    amir venson3 måneder siden

    Whats was in his bag??

  • Mikey Smith
    Mikey Smith3 måneder siden

    There drip sometimes low key is ugly asf no cap

  • Cam the chosen
    Cam the chosen3 måneder siden

    If I dressed like them I would get flamed but since they are who they are it’s fire to people 😂😂

  • ricky Steve
    ricky Steve3 måneder siden

    These niggas probably high

  • Willie Starks
    Willie Starks3 måneder siden

    Russell,Im proud of all you do to encourge others.Thanks again,your Friend and Cuz,Willie Starks

  • chad todd
    chad todd3 måneder siden

    That ain’t fashion

  • Gabby Rogers
    Gabby Rogers3 måneder siden

    None of their outfits looked good..just keeping it real 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Theodore _white
    Theodore _white3 måneder siden

    Why it look like Russ sitting on James lap in the thumbnail 💀

  • Zivile Mat.
    Zivile Mat.3 måneder siden

    these looks like joke compared to MJ style back in the days

  • MrJno90
    MrJno903 måneder siden

    Shout out to Nipsey Hussle Rest in Power King #Crenshaw

  • Jerome Daniels
    Jerome Daniels3 måneder siden

    I think these two on the DL i love them playing together but its obvious you can have a taste of style nothing wrong with that but like i said its pretty obvious😒

  • Gonn '
    Gonn '3 måneder siden

    After watching this video, I think harden is a very cool person. The way he talk about you need a confidence in your life ahhh that hit me hard. I know that harden is living his best life right now.

  • Gonn '
    Gonn '3 måneder siden

    Very rare to harden seeing a video that talking about outside the game

  • Marco Bongskilicious
    Marco Bongskilicious3 måneder siden

    NBA becomes fashion in this era. NBA 20 yrs back is business (suits and tux) and sports is your job.

  • Cash Nasty
    Cash Nasty3 måneder siden

    Imagine KD,RUSS,HARDEN in back together

  • R Kelly
    R Kelly3 måneder siden

    3:46 James Harden face LMAOOOOOOOO

  • GodLin3
    GodLin33 måneder siden

    3:15 its called batik

  • David Carlos
    David Carlos3 måneder siden

    “Very small group of people can pull it off” ... none not even them

    FOREX MAESTRO3 måneder siden


  • JM 13
    JM 133 måneder siden

    Harden walking like Bigfoot

  • Johnny Rib Cage
    Johnny Rib Cage3 måneder siden

    3:46 The moment Harden realized his teammate is the one leaving notes in his locker 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eugene Aguilar
    Eugene Aguilar3 måneder siden

    5:59 some _____ in the bag? What did he say? Can anyone elaborate

  • Modi Ramdev
    Modi Ramdev3 måneder siden


  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro3 måneder siden

    YES LeBron feeling?

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro3 måneder siden

    No to obj felling

  • Somedude626
    Somedude6263 måneder siden

    Breakdown all the defensive stops and championship runs they make....never mind

  • Joseph Genene
    Joseph Genene3 måneder siden

    Ain’t gonna lie. These two need there clothes laid out for them. They don’t know how to dress.

  • Christian Stoytchev
    Christian Stoytchev3 måneder siden

    Can someone explain to them (and to the 95% of the nba) that dressing like an idiot doesn’t make you fashionable

  • Bayek


    3 måneder siden

    Okay fashion man

  • ill 8085
    ill 80853 måneder siden

    Can we just be honest and admit that they dress f'd up 90% of the time? 😂



    3 måneder siden

    @Peter S. both of yall the specific type of people they were talking about in this video lmaooo.

  • Peter S.

    Peter S.

    3 måneder siden

    Fr its so goofy.

  • Roundz oF A Pauls
    Roundz oF A Pauls3 måneder siden

    This video was fire

  • Georgios Sappidis
    Georgios Sappidis3 måneder siden

    "Feel like a gangster" but looks like a clown...

  • Mr Yikes
    Mr Yikes3 måneder siden

    Why does it look like russ sitting on harden’s lap , like a little baby😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Benjamin DeMers
    Benjamin DeMers4 måneder siden

    Look like a rat ate Russ shirt. The Capri jeans...okkkkkkkkk...not for everyone

  • caribbean76
    caribbean764 måneder siden

    The worst part is that they are convinced they have good taste and style.

  • Johnnie k
    Johnnie k4 måneder siden

    wtf are we watching...

  • Ρομέο GR
    Ρομέο GR4 måneder siden

    You may like or not like their styles....but they think, they spend time on how they get dressed!