J.I. the Prince of NY Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers | GQ Sports


J.I. the Prince of NY used to have a hard and fast rule: no wearing the same pair of sneakers two days in a row. But now that his collection has exploded, he doesn't care. He's earned the right to wear the same pair of sneakers for three days. Join J.I. as he shows off the jewels of his sneaker collection, from his newest Jordans to his Gucci logo slides.

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J.I. the Prince of NY Shows Off His Favorite Sneakers | GQ Sports


  • Maliek Jackson
    Maliek JacksonDag siden

    Not only is his sneaker collection basically art, but he got waves that I wish I had.

  • E Trakcz
    E Trakcz5 dager siden

    3:49 alright the feet stink 🤣🤣🤣 he’s TOO real no other rapper would be that REAL!!

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five6 dager siden

    He can get that same style n look at Wal-Mart for alot less..

  • Lindsey Lussier
    Lindsey Lussier8 dager siden

    "ite tha feet stink but they still authentic" 😭

  • V Vu
    V Vu10 dager siden

    Your lucky I live in Hollywood and I don't have Jordans or Nikes

  • Anatniuq Leba
    Anatniuq Leba14 dager siden


  • Young Goldie
    Young Goldie14 dager siden

    All them shoes trash aff lmao

  • Double R Garage
    Double R Garage15 dager siden

    Ji got the cleanest cut in the game for a kid

  • Dashay VanDuyne
    Dashay VanDuyne15 dager siden

    niggas really hatin on ji LOL

  • Macc Jay
    Macc Jay18 dager siden

    I'm humble but I still can't wear the same shoes 2 days st8, NEVER.

  • Anthony Carranza
    Anthony Carranza19 dager siden

    why he’d smell his shoe like that? 😅

  • chino e
    chino e26 dager siden

    So humble

  • Rohan Clarke
    Rohan Clarke28 dager siden

    All those high end sneakers all look the same. Just the name bề different than i swear thêy get boring. I hate all them big bottom sneakers. Like givenchy jack fila for thêir kicks.

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel RobertsMåned siden

    Sniffing his shoe all crazy yikes 😂

  • valentina mejia
    valentina mejiaMåned siden

    me waitin 5 years fo him to sign and sell his shoe

  • valentina mejia
    valentina mejiaMåned siden

    me trying to find a good price shoe: 👁👄👁

  • Gaming Space Jblizy
    Gaming Space JblizyMåned siden

    J.I. 'I might look like daddy Yankee who knows' Me 'you know you the one predicting it'

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel GonzalezMåned siden

    Dude talking about poverty but dude has noooooo idea what poverty really is

  • South side Chronicles
    South side ChroniclesMåned siden

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  • scooters gaming channel
    scooters gaming channelMåned siden

    It's like he still held under the rp game he not dropping bangers 🤣

  • E_M0NEY_324
    E_M0NEY_324Måned siden

    I met him in those black and white lv’s

  • Emanuel Santiago
    Emanuel SantiagoMåned siden

    bucket hat look like a sombrero on his tiny head.

  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto CommMåned siden

    J.I needs a stylist ASAP !!

  • Kaedyn G
    Kaedyn GMåned siden

    Rap game

  • Psn Iversonpr1996
    Psn Iversonpr1996Måned siden

    Us puertorican we dont jack him he grew up in the states not in the island his a newyoriken!

  • Brandon Garner
    Brandon GarnerMåned siden

    Thats the women gucci set up stupid!!🤣😂😂

  • Abraham James
    Abraham JamesMåned siden

    the boy who was talking about having shooters in the bushes is now famous

  • Heartwill Mensah
    Heartwill MensahMåned siden

    Wasn't this dude like 14, 3 years ago

  • knowledge 4All
    knowledge 4AllMåned siden

    Young bull some cool visual fits together

  • Bossgang13
    Bossgang13Måned siden

    The white and black shoes look like Alexander mc queens lol 😂

  • Chris Griffin
    Chris GriffinMåned siden

    Ok but why tf is this on gq sports

  • Anthony unh
    Anthony unhMåned siden

    Yo I was dead when he put that bucket hat on

  • Ezequiel Peralta
    Ezequiel PeraltaMåned siden

    Periodddddd J.I. ganggggg💙💫🔥🔥

  • Bronzey Evergreen
    Bronzey EvergreenMåned siden

    Thinking about reviewing this for my youtube channel

  • florentia bunn
    florentia bunnMåned siden

    Young man well spoken congrats best wishes.

  • Anna-Alicia Rodgers
    Anna-Alicia RodgersMåned siden

    Good video!!

  • Lizz
    LizzMåned siden

    I would never think that these are the shoes that he would showcase lol they’re all calm besides the “brand” lmfao

  • Galan Washington
    Galan WashingtonMåned siden

    I swear this boy went to special ed

  • CloudzyTK
    CloudzyTKMåned siden

    Feet stink I’m dead😂💀

  • Victor Tirado
    Victor TiradoMåned siden


  • James Lawrence
    James LawrenceMåned siden

    Love this video

  • Joel Wallace
    Joel WallaceMåned siden

    Corn ball...

  • sabriina
    sabriinaMåned siden

    why y'all hating, mind your business

  • Emil Zacharia
    Emil ZachariaMåned siden

    Who's this guy? He looks like young drake and Steph Curry had a baby.

  • Emil Zacharia

    Emil Zacharia

    Måned siden

    @The goat why so salty bruh? You look like him too?

  • The goat

    The goat

    Måned siden

    @Keto Kaze your mother looks like drake

  • Keto Kaze

    Keto Kaze

    Måned siden

    He doesn’t look like drake or steph curry at all just stop

  • The goat

    The goat

    Måned siden

    Somebody your mother knows

  • Ray Jones

    Ray Jones

    Måned siden


  • Frankie Ratkowaki
    Frankie RatkowakiMåned siden

    What this gotta do with sports

  • AMA TV
    AMA TVMåned siden

    Who the is this ? Who made him a princess of NY ?

  • Chad Stokes
    Chad StokesMåned siden

    My mans line up sharper than a samuri sword

  • Aaron Josephi
    Aaron JosephiMåned siden

    “Sneaker head” lmaooo

  • Konane Pitt

    Konane Pitt

    Måned siden


  • Brianna Silva
    Brianna SilvaMåned siden

    Why does he sound like a nerd

  • King Ecko
    King EckoMåned siden

    He corny baddd

  • King Ecko
    King EckoMåned siden

    Obviously he a brand head not a sneaker head

  • LAtoMars
    LAtoMarsMåned siden

    Smh anyone now a days can just call they self a sneakerhead.

  • SarcastikB
    SarcastikBMåned siden

    He seems cool asf!

  • Peter Arellano
    Peter ArellanoMåned siden

    Idk what it is but I can’t stand him 😭

  • Angel Otero
    Angel OteroMåned siden

    His music is good but This kid got no swag. All them shits was ugly af

  • LowKey_Ranfi
    LowKey_RanfiMåned siden

    Lmaooo prolly sweating n shyt but it’s cool 😂😂

  • Pinsqueezebic 1
    Pinsqueezebic 1Måned siden

    Yeah,he really doesn’t have any swag.sorry bro

  • travjones jones
    travjones jonesMåned siden

    Not a sneaker head

  • R S
    R SMåned siden

    Lol what a joke

  • Matt Blundell
    Matt BlundellMåned siden

    Dude really said he made wearing LV relevant... he must’ve been high during this interview

  • martha alvarez

    martha alvarez

    Måned siden


  • Uncle B
    Uncle BMåned siden

    GQ. You should interview BIG BOY CHENG. The most lowkey and humble sneaker lord. Proud to be pinoy. Like this NOYPIs

  • Jacob Ferrell
    Jacob FerrellMåned siden

    Remember when this kid was in rap game can’t believe he still trash

  • Ari Yayo
    Ari YayoMåned siden

    These the most basic lookin shoes I eva seen 😭😭😭

  • The goat

    The goat

    Måned siden

    You wearing tims in your pfp...don’t speak

  • Keemz The Lion
    Keemz The LionMåned siden

    Dope collection but where are you walking in those, soles look stink 😖!

  • Mark Peterson jr
    Mark Peterson jrMåned siden

    This weak asl. Idk what makes a sneaker head but he ain’t it

  • Mark Peterson jr
    Mark Peterson jrMåned siden

    Those 3’s was not 190 lmao who checks this stuff

  • mike melissakis
    mike melissakisMåned siden


  • King Chris
    King ChrisMåned siden

    My man has no swagg lol denim 3s. Whats good with them pants lol?

  • FromFat 2Fine2020
    FromFat 2Fine2020Måned siden

    Am I tripping or homie look like he wear a 13

  • Two 5o

    Two 5o

    18 dager siden

    yo facts! lmaooo scrolled down hoping to find this comment.. shoes definitely don't look proportional to his height 😂

  • Luis David

    Luis David

    29 dager siden

    sike bro he wear like a 7 or 8

  • Reyes 123
    Reyes 123Måned siden


  • B Brookes
    B BrookesMåned siden

    This Dude Looks Like What Happens When Cousins Marry.

  • Ak D
    Ak DMåned siden

    7:02 javanchi

  • Canaan Lee
    Canaan LeeMåned siden

    That was so pretentious. What a cringe fest.

  • Miami305
    Miami305Måned siden

    Daddy Yankee 😂🤣😂

  • Gary E. Ko
    Gary E. KoMåned siden

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  • YoppaXD
    YoppaXDMåned siden

    How is this sports

  • Hans Odbytolog
    Hans OdbytologMåned siden

    Take a look at 8000kicks, the first waterproof cannabis sneaker. Absolutely amazing shoes, I really love them. 🍁🔥 I tried coupon code „8000“ and got 10% discount. 😍

  • MrAMGcl65
    MrAMGcl65Måned siden

    LV Alexander mc queen shoes lol 😂

  • Donn’z Wrld
    Donn’z WrldMåned siden

    Nah why my 8’s look EXACTLY Like that 😂 I beat my 8’s tf up

  • Max Park
    Max ParkMåned siden

    “you see” x 800000

  • Kxng DLO
    Kxng DLOMåned siden

    Proud of him for getting this far since the rap game

  • Big Sabbath
    Big SabbathMåned siden

    Never heard of this kid but he seems like a down to watch dude

  • Henry Bastida
    Henry BastidaMåned siden

    Can anyone tell me how to get the Gucci slides

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob BrownMåned siden

    Shoes bout bigger than his whole body

    MO3’S PODCASTMåned siden

    When he sniffed the shoe and said it don’t smell to good I was a bad day when I probably wore it IM DEAD 😂🤣

  • chase abag
    chase abagMåned siden

    Nah JI my boy you have NO drip

  • ThuginLikeAYoungin
    ThuginLikeAYounginMåned siden

    Blood forgot about the uptown’s

  • Marc London TV
    Marc London TVMåned siden

    he don't know what he on bout when it comes to fashion or being a sneakhead lmaoooo ... his music fire n I support him so ima let it passs 😂

  • martha alvarez

    martha alvarez

    Måned siden


  • Mike
    MikeMåned siden

    who tellin me no

  • Bubba T
    Bubba TMåned siden

    He wack tho

  • Konane Pitt

    Konane Pitt

    Måned siden

    no cap my g

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex HernandezMåned siden

    The Jordan's 8s that's the only fire u got smh

  • Lukas Benthien
    Lukas BenthienMåned siden

    Id on his pants

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan HernandezMåned siden

    How he says 11 😂

  • Mk12
    Mk12Måned siden

    My man said the feet stink but they still authentic 😂😂😂😂😂 3:49

  • Marlooo
    MarloooMåned siden

    What cartier frames are they?👀

  • Abe Chaverria
    Abe ChaverriaMåned siden


  • Brian
    BrianMåned siden

    LV, Gucci, Dior.... no Off White pr Balenciaga? WHATS GOING ON HERE????

  • Abner
    AbnerMåned siden

    Gucci bucket hat

  • G Varela
    G VarelaMåned siden

    Fasho look like Borat

    VVS CHRISMåned siden

    Dior sneakers are dope