Inside Von Miller's 2,000 sq ft Closet | The Walk-In | GQ Sports


Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller's closet is just about big enough that you could get lost in it. At a cool 2,000 square feet, Von's closet is lined with sneakers, suits, glasses and hats beyond count. And we were lucky enough to get a taken on a tour of the closet by the man himself.
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Inside Von Miller's 2,000 sq ft Closet | The Walk-In | GQ Sports


    ASH CAVIAR2 timer siden

    His closet is the same size as an apartment in brickell. 2,000 sq feet.

  • ali ali
    ali ali2 dager siden

    in the first minute, he basically admitted that big of a closet was pointless

  • Ashton Troy
    Ashton Troy3 dager siden

    I think he just predicted my dream

  • HDaviator
    HDaviator4 dager siden

    This is the first time I have seen a black dude copy a white dudes clothing. Usually, its the other way around.

  • SAD productions
    SAD productions11 dager siden

    When he said any one can dress like von my wallet died

  • Holy Roller Ministries
    Holy Roller Ministries25 dager siden

    What???? Von that hat collection though.

  • Josh Padrnos
    Josh Padrnos25 dager siden

    i live in denver

  • stanley Appleton
    stanley Appleton27 dager siden

    Miller: "I wear the same stuff everyday" Also Miller: "Has 12 thousand plus articles of clothing"

  • Everest
    Everest27 dager siden

    Lmaooo my entire apartment is 1050 sq ft.... god I’m poor 😔

  • FrankEdavidson
    FrankEdavidsonMåned siden

    Not much grown-up clothing there.

  • troy miller
    troy millerMåned siden

    he opened his “closet” how we open our front doors

  • Bennett Norred
    Bennett NorredMåned siden

    This dudes closet is bigger than my entire house

  • Travis Hale
    Travis HaleMåned siden

    Didn’t even barely get any sacks last year n this year all he’s doing is sitting around feeling up on all these clothes he don’t even need.

  • CAK's Dad !
    CAK's Dad !Måned siden

    stupid. give some f'n money away, Brother. it'll make you feel good an will help people. not being Jesus here, just pointin' out stupid.

  • CAK's Dad !

    CAK's Dad !

    Måned siden

    @Michael Howard Thanks for your advice, Michael. Very proud to hear that you're 14 and working. Keep it up young man!

  • Michael Howard

    Michael Howard

    Måned siden

    CAK's Dad ! He earned his money go get some I’m 14 and got a job it isn’t hard to get one quit depending on other people for your stuff

  • judithnera
    judithnera2 måneder siden

    Dream closet!!!

  • Reemur _
    Reemur _2 måneder siden

    How does he not have old spice

  • Tokio Riah
    Tokio Riah2 måneder siden

    His closets the size of my house

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir2 måneder siden

    that's the size of my house..

  • Patience Chinyere

    Patience Chinyere

    7 dager siden

    You're getting there man

  • M T

    M T

    Måned siden

    Wassup Rage

  • xfactor2001
    xfactor20013 måneder siden

    I know this is gq sports but they should do this w lil uzi

  • ruffsnap
    ruffsnap3 måneder siden

    That is insane. The overwhelming majority of people in the U.S. live in sub-2000 sq ft. entire HOUSES, or apartments, much less just a closet lol.

  • Decatur-Marco
    Decatur-Marco3 måneder siden


  • EJ Ali
    EJ Ali3 måneder siden

    We need more men closet tour. The lady's dominating walk in closet tour lol

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander3 måneder siden

    No one needs that much stuff. That is nothing more than hoarding

  • Bucos Locker
    Bucos Locker3 måneder siden

    Okay is any of his clothes and glasses made by African Americans?

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith3 måneder siden

    A bit excessive Von

  • pacsoul Pavon
    pacsoul Pavon3 måneder siden

    Von has a store in his closet 😅

  • Michael Harold
    Michael Harold3 måneder siden

    Yo Vonn I need that house in 9 years

  • SG Siddharth
    SG Siddharth4 måneder siden

    DW one day u guys will also get here

  • Noah Shifflett
    Noah Shifflett4 måneder siden

    His closet is half the square feet as my house 😂

  • Azar Draws
    Azar Draws4 måneder siden

    isn't it super fun watching other people live their dreams? :(

  • Huey Seale
    Huey Seale4 måneder siden


  • Diep
    Diep4 måneder siden


  • David Thierry
    David Thierry4 måneder siden

    He should be ashamed to live in such mad opulence when so many people including in his country live with barely any clothes and live by the next paycheck... pathetic

  • barnabas guta
    barnabas guta4 måneder siden

    i wonder why these people get broke after football

  • Eric Anthony
    Eric Anthony5 måneder siden

    Lost me at Adidas

  • Cartii
    Cartii5 måneder siden

    he look like a fat michael b. jordan

  • M LC
    M LC5 måneder siden


  • PeterA Dunson
    PeterA Dunson5 måneder siden

    Von millers head said ⚠️🔽🔽🔽

  • Saman Ghoreyshi
    Saman Ghoreyshi5 måneder siden

    love his drip, respect for staying humble and helping the kids.

  • Don't read my name Stupid
    Don't read my name Stupid5 måneder siden

    How big is his Landry room

  • Diogo Dos Santos
    Diogo Dos Santos5 måneder siden

    So bad closet, one of the worse! 🤦🏻

  • Sparkle Boom
    Sparkle Boom5 måneder siden

    ❣️He seems like a sweetheart💕🇺🇸🤛🏾

  • Davis White
    Davis White5 måneder siden

    Barber missed a lil on the back cuz

  • Irwanda Fernando
    Irwanda Fernando5 måneder siden


  • Ezekiel Moseley
    Ezekiel Moseley5 måneder siden

    His closet is bigger than my house. wow

  • Socrate Petit
    Socrate Petit5 måneder siden

    Von voice sound like he always about to burp

  • Zerda Quil
    Zerda Quil5 måneder siden

    AAwwwww his mom helped color code his closet hahaha good boi proud to still be close to his mama

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko5 måneder siden

    This dude has an extremely extravagant closet for a straight man. But is actually very humble and an extremely nice guy. He wears glasses instead of getting Lasix because he doesn’t want kids to feel embarrassed

  • Alex Malex
    Alex Malex5 måneder siden

    His cowboy hats are good. And he’s right , Stetson is the best. That’s all I wear , Stetson.

  • FAL
    FAL5 måneder siden

    i wonder when ever he gets a new prescription for his glasses lenses how painful that would be for him to change all of his glasses

  • Sergio Santana
    Sergio Santana5 måneder siden

    I need that camo shirt he got on. What is it 👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Arlene Davis
    Arlene Davis5 måneder siden

    Needs some "does it spark joy" with the quickness in his life lol.His mum and team did great organising though.

  • Jhanelle Mair
    Jhanelle Mair5 måneder siden

    Ok but he's foine

  • Brittney VALZ
    Brittney VALZ5 måneder siden

    Dream closet! One day

  • inigojuancarlos
    inigojuancarlos5 måneder siden

    It’s a department store

  • Totallysam's Channel
    Totallysam's Channel5 måneder siden

    Love this!! Now this is a closet tour. 😎👍🏾

  • Han Nibal
    Han Nibal6 måneder siden

    wo ist der reaktionsboss

  • salvador r
    salvador r6 måneder siden

    The closet women and some men wish they had

  • Jahan Zaib
    Jahan Zaib6 måneder siden

    Worst suits I have ever seen 🤣

  • Alleyboy 04
    Alleyboy 046 måneder siden

    I don't understand why people buy all this stuff but have no intention of wareing them all . 🤔

  • Adam
    Adam6 måneder siden

    its bigger than my house 😭😭💀

  • Blow' The Whistle
    Blow' The Whistle6 måneder siden

    Super fly von.. von vision.

  • Jordan T. Alexander
    Jordan T. Alexander6 måneder siden

    My 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment is 1250 sqft... and it’s more than comfortable... I’m flabbergasted!

  • De Lue
    De Lue7 måneder siden

    His closet is 800 square feet bigger than my apartment for 4 smh

  • james Barber
    james Barber7 måneder siden

    2000 square feet with horrible clothes

  • Nic Williams
    Nic Williams7 måneder siden

    Be nice von if you give away 1700 sf to a homeless mother and utilise 300sf for your closet...greed is a virus

  • SNOOpi DoOPs!
    SNOOpi DoOPs!7 måneder siden

    Best closet I've seen

  • najib shah
    najib shah7 måneder siden

    his closet is bigger than my house

  • Ben Bertoglio
    Ben Bertoglio7 måneder siden

    Imagine moving

  • Jose Lino
    Jose Lino7 måneder siden

    How to get broke in 5 years after your carrer end

  • Terence Brown
    Terence Brown7 måneder siden

    My favorite player

  • seth miller-boubaker
    seth miller-boubaker7 måneder siden

    dudes closet is bigger then my whole house

  • Wil's
    Wil's7 måneder siden

    i pretty sure if he wear one shirt each day, he can probably wear all of them for a decade.

  • Fouad Khan
    Fouad Khan7 måneder siden

    Typical black rich

  • Sash Knows
    Sash Knows7 måneder siden

    He has no taste.

  • RenRen Lives
    RenRen Lives7 måneder siden

    2,000 sq feet!? That's twice the size of my house 😩

  • Johnny Knoxville
    Johnny Knoxville7 måneder siden

    Yo Von, where's the fuckin FUBU bro?

  • Johnny Knoxville
    Johnny Knoxville7 måneder siden

    His closet is bigger than most peoples' houses who are watching this.

  • Kim Pettiford
    Kim Pettiford7 måneder siden

    Von you are my favorite player❤❤❤😘😘😘

  • I'n'I
    I'n'I7 måneder siden

    Why does he sound like he’s about to cry lol

  • Blaq Byrd 281
    Blaq Byrd 2817 måneder siden

    Nothing more lost than a young black millionaire.

  • Daron M.
    Daron M.7 måneder siden

    Get well bro

  • Jacqueline Perry
    Jacqueline Perry7 måneder siden

    If he ever goes broke he can have the worlds largest yard sale should hold him a while.

  • Mr. B.
    Mr. B.7 måneder siden

    Wow. That's the best closet I've ever seen. Happy for you Sir

  • J R Fields
    J R Fields7 måneder siden

    the 220 people who disliked this video got lost in his closet and are still there....

  • partyplardy
    partyplardy7 måneder siden

    It would be sick to was a washer/dryer inside of your closet! Von your style is on point and I can relate with your charity. You're a good man. Im a fan

  • Polo Cheng
    Polo Cheng7 måneder siden

    Is it only me or everyone be keeping an eye on the thing on the back of his head

  • PrymeZz
    PrymeZz7 måneder siden

    GQ Sports crew might want to get checked for corona now 😳👀

  • Earvin F Kane
    Earvin F Kane7 måneder siden


  • 李梓枫
    李梓枫7 måneder siden

    hhhhhh good

  • T kotan
    T kotan7 måneder siden

    That film crew better get checked for covid.

  • William Seabrook
    William Seabrook7 måneder siden

    He’s been with adidas for 14 years?? How? 🥴🤔

  • ryan
    ryan7 måneder siden

    thats what you do with to much money jeeez selfish

  • J. G.
    J. G.7 måneder siden


  • J. G.
    J. G.7 måneder siden

    This is ridiculous. But I'm not mad at you. Lol.

  • Cabanas Christian
    Cabanas Christian7 måneder siden

    Praying that he fights Clovis 19🙏🏻

  • Hugh Roper BEAT YOU

    Hugh Roper BEAT YOU

    6 måneder siden

    Cabanas Christian nice grammar

  • El Doc
    El Doc7 måneder siden

    And this is how they go broke

  • ashton holloway

    ashton holloway

    7 måneder siden

    Roberto SIilva no, you don’t pay tax or anything for clothes

  • Naim R
    Naim R7 måneder siden

    his closet is bigger than my house

  • guy
    guy7 måneder siden

    "i just wear the same stuff everyday"

  • Justin Wallace
    Justin Wallace7 måneder siden

    His closet is bigger than my 2 bedroom apartment