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Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon may not have the biggest closet in the world, but like he says, "it's not about how big a closet is, it's about what's in it." Join the NFL star as he shows off some of the finest pieces of clothing from his closet, from his Topman floral shirt to his Ricky Bobby NASCAR jacket from 'Talladega Nights.'
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Inside Melvin Gordon's Closet | The Walk-in | GQ Sports


  • toni ace
    toni ace14 dager siden

    His closet is more relatable but more curated.

  • gaccer
    gaccer4 måneder siden

    I got 4 pair of black trousers, so it isn't the same trousers.

  • Aid the gamer McKinney
    Aid the gamer McKinney6 måneder siden

    Yo I love Melvin Gordon. Love his style his swagger. I love him on the field too 10/10✌️

  • Nic Williams
    Nic Williams6 måneder siden

    Live humble stay rich please brother dont get a 2000 sf closet its not that serious

  • Suborno Mondal
    Suborno Mondal7 måneder siden

    What are these dress shoes called?

  • Jack Barton
    Jack Barton8 måneder siden


  • Aznjerrick
    Aznjerrick8 måneder siden

    need more of these!

  • Dane Ibsen
    Dane Ibsen8 måneder siden


  • Panda Wolf
    Panda Wolf8 måneder siden

    I’m sorry but any sport Stars has the ugly outfits and style like legit all of them have terrible fashion style lmao

  • naty MUCO
    naty MUCO8 måneder siden

    Hope the next is Odell Beckham junior

  • naty MUCO
    naty MUCO8 måneder siden

    GQ keep going with this

  • Ed Cera
    Ed Cera8 måneder siden

    They should do an update a year after he gets his new contract. #PaydaMan 💰💸💰💸

  • HEyyy
    HEyyy8 måneder siden

    i met him at action territory kenosha wisconsin today. you probably wont beleive me but please do. ON GOD

  • TheeSkill SC
    TheeSkill SC8 måneder siden

    Anybody know what the black shoes are at 6:35? Help a brotha out

  • Deric Flair WHOOOtube
    Deric Flair WHOOOtube9 måneder siden

    where is that amazon link tho

  • Etienne Ga-ye
    Etienne Ga-ye9 måneder siden

    Every athlete and celebrity in the world got Amiri’s🙄

  • Jordan Gonzalez
    Jordan Gonzalez9 måneder siden

    he do be lookin kinda fresh doe

  • TheFenderP
    TheFenderP9 måneder siden

    dude needs a stylist

  • Ja_ Litvin

    Ja_ Litvin

    6 måneder siden

    Clothes for man , not man for clothes.

  • Kayla Cook
    Kayla Cook9 måneder siden

    his style fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Carlos Emiliano Sepúlveda Ramírez
    Carlos Emiliano Sepúlveda Ramírez9 måneder siden

    This guy makes a Zara shirt look expensive

  • QB NJ
    QB NJ9 måneder siden

    Prps Jean's are better and way cheaper.

  • Maurice Broadway

    Maurice Broadway

    7 måneder siden

    QB NJ agreed

  • D 21
    D 219 måneder siden

    He needs aye NOlocal page

  • onfeetnation
    onfeetnation9 måneder siden

    He got a middle class worker closet. Smart..

  • Estevan Angel

    Estevan Angel

    7 måneder siden

    Not really bro those designer jeans expensive

  • R Snr
    R Snr9 måneder siden

    Too much Zara and topman no good. The quality of their items lacks at times. Now that topman is closed in the states he’s really gonna be in Zara. Good choices in shoes

  • Troy 32
    Troy 329 måneder siden

    GQ Sports needs to do Derrick Henry's closet because he has the Ultimate swag.

  • Billy Paradiso
    Billy Paradiso9 måneder siden

    Swag on zer0000

  • trolololmfao
    trolololmfao9 måneder siden

    you can tell he didn't get a contract extension yet lol

  • Colocao Mantequilla
    Colocao Mantequilla9 måneder siden

    aye that Ricky Bobby is nice though. This man wild

  • Johnra Brown
    Johnra Brown9 måneder siden

    For your suits you should go custom.Plus you should use suit hangers not the plastic ones

  • Nautilus711
    Nautilus7119 måneder siden

    Very smart athlete! Stay humble and let your money double!!

  • C P
    C P9 måneder siden

    Get Shai Gilgeous Alexander on here

  • Jacob Boyle
    Jacob Boyle9 måneder siden


  • Life'sGood
    Life'sGood9 måneder siden

    I thought he’d have more tbh

  • Edan D
    Edan D9 måneder siden

    Please do more of these videos

  • Stanley
    Stanley9 måneder siden

    Imagine protesting for a better contract but to have your backup do better than you

  • Kyle
    Kyle9 måneder siden

    is he srsly wearing abercrombie im dead thats what my friends in middle school wore

  • JuiceBox
    JuiceBox9 måneder siden

    Bro saying "swag" too much, hella cringe

  • SolidFoundatiion
    SolidFoundatiion9 måneder siden

    Get tyrod Taylor , his outfits go crazy #bestdressNfl

  • McDolton
    McDolton9 måneder siden

    Anyone know where he got that white button-up for the GQ party? That shirt is actually so hard lowkey need to find me one lol

  • Matthew Bourne
    Matthew Bourne9 måneder siden

    Get a real dripper on here man respect homie game but the closet was basic tbh 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • troy smith
    troy smith9 måneder siden

    I am very surprised because most of these athletes have a whole room as a closet

  • Tom Matoska
    Tom Matoska9 måneder siden

    No watches?

  • Riley Sisco
    Riley Sisco9 måneder siden

    Dude is living humble IMO. Someone pay the man!

  • Marissa Birdsell

    Marissa Birdsell

    7 måneder siden

    @Max Grimes funny thing is Chargers offered him a 10 million dollar deal and he didn't take it. Then held out, lowering his value and signed with the Broncos for 8 million. Dude is an idiot.

  • 1ne Dann

    1ne Dann

    9 måneder siden


  • Max Grimes

    Max Grimes

    9 måneder siden

    We all know the Chargers won't do it. Lol

  • Michael Mastro
    Michael Mastro9 måneder siden

    The suit jacket is ddooppppeee. With the skull liner. Fffuueeggoooo.

  • Gino Sanchez
    Gino Sanchez9 måneder siden

    wth this man hasn't even gotten the big contract yet

  • Conrade Luthe
    Conrade Luthe9 måneder siden

    What’s the t shirt he’s wearing??

  • carlos xantana

    carlos xantana

    9 måneder siden

    Neil Barrett striped lightning bolt t shirt

  • William Brandful

    William Brandful

    9 måneder siden

    Conrade Luthe Think it’s Neil Barrett

  • Toby Hawthorne

    Toby Hawthorne

    9 måneder siden

    looks like saint Laurent.. not sure of the exact ID though

  • Gavin Dupuy
    Gavin Dupuy9 måneder siden

    Big boi

  • Raymond
    Raymond9 måneder siden

    I'm kinda surprised at how small his locker is... I expected something like von miller's lol

  • onfeetnation


    9 måneder siden

    yeah. he smart

  • Jake Helland
    Jake Helland9 måneder siden

    First person to come out of Wisconsin not fully dressed in camo with the crocs

  • Jesus Lorenzo
    Jesus Lorenzo9 måneder siden

    Bolt up 🌩

  • Faze Henwop
    Faze Henwop9 måneder siden


  • Jenna Tolls
    Jenna Tolls9 måneder siden

    I would not let no one in my closet it is a mess

  • Preston Berrett
    Preston Berrett9 måneder siden

    When your to early and have nothing clever to comment

  • Donnie Capps
    Donnie Capps9 måneder siden


  • The lacez A.k.a baby grinch
    The lacez A.k.a baby grinch9 måneder siden

    Just an artist with a dream feedback is appreciated 🙏🏽

  • Goated Boii 1.0
    Goated Boii 1.09 måneder siden

    When NOlocal says 1 minute sine it got posted but you are still not first

  • Spooky Suky
    Spooky Suky9 måneder siden


  • yayudin seid
    yayudin seid9 måneder siden


  • Willie MA
    Willie MA9 måneder siden

    Good video awesome