Inside Justin Thomas’ Closet | The Walk-In | GQ Sports


Unsurprisingly, PGA Tour Champion Justin Thomas has his fair share of polo shirts and it is an impressive collection. But almost as impressive is his assortment of vintage jerseys, sneakers and so much more. Join Justin as he takes you on a tour of his closets and shares his favorite pieces of clothing.
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Inside Justin Thomas’ Closet | The Walk-In | GQ Sports


  • Irfan Aditya
    Irfan Aditya2 dager siden

    need a green jakcet in your closet JT!

  • Fyre
    Fyre7 dager siden

    by all the photos i am convinced that JT is always high and sobers up for golf tournaments

  • christian
    christian3 måneder siden

    Can we get a tiger woods closet tour

  • christian
    christian3 måneder siden

    Dude look at that haircut 😭

  • Russell Jean
    Russell Jean4 måneder siden

    Need one with rickie and Rory

  • Nick
    Nick5 måneder siden

    YM 40 is a sweet watch

  • jhughes19851
    jhughes198515 måneder siden

    Jt needs to stop drinking... Kid looks like hes turning 40 next year

  • John Jefferson
    John Jefferson5 måneder siden

    I miss when you were always raging circa 2017

  • christian


    3 måneder siden

    He raged again today 😂

  • brodie wright
    brodie wright5 måneder siden

    Do another golfer

  • Me
    Me5 måneder siden

    If he wasn’t a golfer he would be a geek virgin

  • Paratroopa


    5 måneder siden

    Smart of him to go after a golf career then. Stop hating just stfu you are so annoying.

  • Mark Rush
    Mark Rush5 måneder siden

    Nice handbag 😊does it come with matching earrings 😁

  • sammy kim
    sammy kim5 måneder siden

    all that money and absolutely no style lmfaoooo

  • KON_B0wdr1e


    5 måneder siden

    He has nice style. Classic, but nice.

  • Brett D
    Brett D5 måneder siden

    JT - please take some of your fedex cup winnings and get some proper hangers

  • KJVB66
    KJVB665 måneder siden

    Wire hangers? Classy. ;)

  • Pdubs 706
    Pdubs 7065 måneder siden

    Dudes got an odd look to him🙃

  • Golf Khakis
    Golf Khakis5 måneder siden

    THAT jersey rack tho.................

  • hazlee seruji
    hazlee seruji5 måneder siden

    JT mah guyy 🙌🏼

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor5 måneder siden


  • Karl Tanner

    Karl Tanner

    5 måneder siden

    He’s gone

  • Highlight Branch
    Highlight Branch5 måneder siden

    JT is blazed outa his mind 💀

  • Aye Lmao
    Aye Lmao5 måneder siden


  • Ragin Asian
    Ragin Asian5 måneder siden

    Yoooooooo JT low key a sneakerhead! That’s awesome! Love the drip my man!!!!!!!! I’m Malaysian, played D1 golf for a Uni in Huntsville, AL and now have turned pro in malaysia! It’s awesome that he mentioned winning his first PGA tour event in my hometown! JT FTW! Roll tide yeee yeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ava Simpson
    Ava Simpson5 måneder siden

    The letterman looks good...supposed to be a bit big!!!!

  • A Hol
    A Hol5 måneder siden

    Love JTs classic style on the golf course! He needs to rock the cardigan more!

  • Karl Tanner

    Karl Tanner

    5 måneder siden


  • Titan Cribbing
    Titan Cribbing5 måneder siden

    Jt is fuckin wrecked!!!

  • Andrew Reil
    Andrew Reil5 måneder siden

    JT for sure smokes weed on weekends.

  • christian


    3 måneder siden

    Yea he’s zooted

  • Tom Hoyt
    Tom Hoyt5 måneder siden

    Hang jeans or fold into dresser?

  • Matt Atkinson the second
    Matt Atkinson the second5 måneder siden

    Bro you look like you got some pain behind those eyes.... you know what’s good for that..... weed

  • ryanlivitz
    ryanlivitz5 måneder siden

    great golfer but super cringy.

  • Zach Mitchell
    Zach Mitchell5 måneder siden

    He looks like anything but a pro athlete lol

  • kieran himself
    kieran himself5 måneder siden

    No green jackets?

  • Sean Liver
    Sean Liver5 måneder siden

    Hit me up I'll come hang out an play 18 with you anyday lol

  • Vinnie Giannoni
    Vinnie Giannoni5 måneder siden

    I was at that cubs game!!

  • Matthew Frattaroli
    Matthew Frattaroli5 måneder siden

    Hoping to see the green blazer in there soon

  • tiger woods

    tiger woods

    3 måneder siden

    JT is gonna win the Masters in November hopefully my dude, lets hope it happens

  • Jack Seifert
    Jack Seifert5 måneder siden

    Great style JT!!

  • EHedges
    EHedges5 måneder siden

    Mans looking old

  • Uncovered
    Uncovered5 måneder siden

    Polo and Rolex are pretty sick sponsors

  • ibrodinho


    9 dager siden

    I Love cereal lol that’s an exaggeration

  • I Love cereal

    I Love cereal

    3 måneder siden

    I mean Rolex sponsors like 50% of pga tour players

  • J Donovan
    J Donovan5 måneder siden

    Kid you live in Tequesta...Miami? I suggest you get a driver and don’t ever drive yourself. If you don’t drink.

  • Joseph Canitano
    Joseph Canitano5 måneder siden

    JT’s gotta go sneaker shopping on complex

  • Chav
    Chav5 måneder siden

    JT looks zooted

  • Harry turner
    Harry turner5 måneder siden

    He looked razzed

  • Zerda Quil
    Zerda Quil5 måneder siden

    Lol hahaha pro golfer "cheats" on the Fallon show

  • tiger woods

    tiger woods

    3 måneder siden

    wait what?

  • Max Miller
    Max Miller5 måneder siden

    Why he looks like he got hammered last night?

  • JHaz


    4 måneder siden

    @pepsicola There are* zero grammars mistakes.

  • pepsicola


    5 måneder siden

    Jamison Strozewski nice english you almost said something

  • Jamison Strozewski

    Jamison Strozewski

    5 måneder siden

    Zzzz def a stevie

  • pepsicola


    5 måneder siden

    J Donovan lol there is zero grammar mistakes in his sentence

  • J Donovan

    J Donovan

    5 måneder siden

    Is that English you’re trying to write?

  • Little Dacco
    Little Dacco5 måneder siden

    Brown shoes with a dark suit is shameful 😫

  • Karl Tanner

    Karl Tanner

    5 måneder siden

    Bet you wear supreme and think you’re cool

  • J Donovan

    J Donovan

    5 måneder siden

    Wrong again my man. Wrong and you couldn’t be more wrong.

  • mordy greenland
    mordy greenland5 måneder siden

    Would choose a tee 98/100. *wears polo

  • bloseke4
    bloseke45 måneder siden

    He looks blitzed

  • David Price

    David Price

    5 måneder siden

    Allergies bro

  • What’s Happening

    What’s Happening

    5 måneder siden

    Thinking the same thing

  • Brady Connor

    Brady Connor

    5 måneder siden

    Was probably hanging out with Kiz. That guy can party.

  • country clubbin
    country clubbin5 måneder siden

    Great style it! Stay blessed

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim5 måneder siden

    Great Video

  • The Ice Man
    The Ice Man5 måneder siden

    Let’s go jt

  • mrboatshoe
    mrboatshoe5 måneder siden

    I been had POLO!

  • Brandon Long

    Brandon Long

    5 måneder siden

    mrboatshoe Yeah, but you don’t get paid to wear it

  • Lego T
    Lego T5 måneder siden


  • Sled_Addictions
    Sled_Addictions5 måneder siden

    Can we PLEASE get Dana White to watch a compilation of his funny/weird moments during face offs

  • D W
    D W5 måneder siden

    He needs a stylist

  • James Egan
    James Egan5 måneder siden

    JT is a guru, legend!

  • TheWCrasher
    TheWCrasher5 måneder siden

    everybody : purple justin thomas : that's periwinkle

  • Mitch White

    Mitch White

    5 måneder siden


  • J Donovan

    J Donovan

    5 måneder siden

    It’s a version of purple and blue. Completely different

  • Art Of Combat
    Art Of Combat5 måneder siden

    Wanna be like this🙏 If you Interested in Martial Arts visit my channel and sub if you like my content. 💪

  • YAHX
    YAHX5 måneder siden

    I thought GQ was following style... Did I get the wrong memo?

  • MERICA jeff
    MERICA jeff5 måneder siden


  • GG Tube
    GG Tube5 måneder siden

    hello there friend Kdj8

  • Tobias Almstedt
    Tobias Almstedt5 måneder siden


  • Burna verzion
    Burna verzion5 måneder siden

    Watch my vid on flight