Iman Shumpert Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports


NBA star Iman Shumpert is pretty inked up and each tattoo has a story. From his black Jesus tattoo to his Cartoon Network, All That and Batman tattoos, the basketball player breaks down all of his ink.
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Iman Shumpert Breaks Down His Tattoos | GQ Sports


  • Michael Stark
    Michael Stark5 dager siden

    Happy Thursday! Who's looking forward to our new video tomorrow? We know we are! To tease the video theme this week, we're throwing one word at you... SCALLION! Do you think you've got it?

  • Darcy Greene
    Darcy Greene29 dager siden

    The neck tattoo...YES, GET ONE! Does it hurt? Not really, but if it goes near your neck bone it does get sore.

    BRAZY BRAZY29 dager siden

    We kno what that 88 tat mean u dont have 2 lie

  • JayRo 2x
    JayRo 2xMåned siden

    What’s the name of his braids?????

  • Alex martinez
    Alex martinezMåned siden

    Yall need to stop playing and get OBJ on this series. Probably one of the most tatted football players in the league.

  • Jarmel Cherry
    Jarmel Cherry4 måneder siden

    Why he smack his neck that hard 🤣😂🤣

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay4 måneder siden

    Do this with kehlani please bro she literally has tattoos everywhere

  • Kyla
    Kyla4 måneder siden

    He should get one of Teyana and Junnie

  • Under Watergoddesss
    Under Watergoddesss4 måneder siden

    Lawd where have I been 😍 Sexiest man alive for my generation 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    seraz victoria4 måneder siden

    iman? christian?

  • Lifestyle With Lola
    Lifestyle With Lola4 måneder siden

    love him xoxo

  • Christo BlaCk
    Christo BlaCk5 måneder siden

    Dammnit Iman, in the dark!!!!

  • LAkingsfanrn
    LAkingsfanrn5 måneder siden

    Lakers should consider picking Iman up since Avery Bradley decided to dip.

    SUBSCRIBO5 måneder siden

    Trash af. Don't know how to play for diddly. BUM!

  • sebastian mnaphi
    sebastian mnaphi6 måneder siden

    Why would you put that filter

  • Almighty Drewnos
    Almighty Drewnos6 måneder siden

    Glad he lost the grills he had on Vilad(Vlad Tv)

  • Ashton Greene
    Ashton Greene6 måneder siden

    We need Nyjah Huston

  • E Visions
    E Visions6 måneder siden

    this guy always bring good vibes

  • Flash 33
    Flash 336 måneder siden

    One thing GQ would never get lebron here once again, I wanna see you guys reach out him, 🤣😂 I want to see what lebron James can’t live without best video

  • bigsackinabox
    bigsackinabox6 måneder siden

    @inkednba on tattoo features the best basketball ink in the world and they break down the meanings!

    PG 13PACERNATION6 måneder siden

    I low key miss this guy in the league

  • Gammer 3456
    Gammer 34566 måneder siden

    Kelly oubre

  • William Lattimore
    William Lattimore6 måneder siden

    Those 5 point stars have nothing to do with the 5 star nations but everything to do with "the brotherhood" that's why majority of athletes and artists have them. That's why masons have them as well

  • Marshall Clark
    Marshall Clark6 måneder siden

    dope episode wish that it couldve been normal 😂

  • Dan Oliver
    Dan Oliver6 måneder siden

    Need to get Travis Scott on this

    LYLE LANPHEAR6 måneder siden

    Looks like a sober Meechy Darko

  • Ahid Yunusa
    Ahid Yunusa6 måneder siden

    this guy had more min on gq than he did on the court

  • Kaeden Johnson

    Kaeden Johnson

    4 måneder siden

    Are you in the nba?

  • lay clay

    lay clay

    4 måneder siden

    Dang lol

  • Kennedy Mintah
    Kennedy Mintah6 måneder siden

    Memphis Depay!!!

  • Thiangtea F
    Thiangtea F6 måneder siden

    GQ can u guys do KingJames Tattoo Tour or 10 things he can't live with

  • salman ahjum-mathee

    salman ahjum-mathee

    5 måneder siden

    That would be great if GQ could manage that

  • Deionte Myers
    Deionte Myers6 måneder siden

    no cap hat intro was kinda fye with the logo on his neck

  • Dylan


    3 måneder siden

    Did you know he thought of it?

  • Nigel Boyd
    Nigel Boyd6 måneder siden

    @ Iman Shepherd you should ask your colleague Derrick Rose if the neck hurts for a tattoo.

  • A 20
    A 206 måneder siden

    loooking like kawhi in this vid

  • Pharaoh Nation-Wendt
    Pharaoh Nation-Wendt6 måneder siden

    This man Iman has more tats then buckets lool

  • Kaeden Johnson

    Kaeden Johnson

    4 måneder siden

    Are you in the NBA?

  • Patrice Yoann Heisinger
    Patrice Yoann Heisinger6 måneder siden

    Would’ve been nice if we were actually able to get close ups.. but ty for those blurry edits👏🏾

  • Kaeden Johnson

    Kaeden Johnson

    4 måneder siden

    What did you expect? I mean it’s him by himself 😂💀 isn’t regular times where they have a whole crew there now.

  • Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams6 måneder siden

    No he not🤔

  • John
    John6 måneder siden

    what he cover with the batman logo

  • gio vanni

    gio vanni

    6 måneder siden

    @Dubb Uno whats that

  • Dubb Uno

    Dubb Uno

    6 måneder siden

    John it’s a cover for 3ABM

  • Derek G
    Derek G6 måneder siden

    If you guys could ever get Birdman Chris Andersen then that would be legendary

  • ATY 1ofAKiND

    ATY 1ofAKiND

    6 måneder siden

    Lol it a be a hour long episode

  • Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee

    6 måneder siden

    Derek G well both people would make sense since birdman the rapper has a huge star on his bald head lol

  • Derek G

    Derek G

    6 måneder siden

    robert scales I’m talking about the former NBA player not the rapper lol

  • Hoez Oz

    Hoez Oz

    6 måneder siden

    we need him at the studio though not no zoom

  • Tdr94 19
    Tdr94 196 måneder siden

    Sucks not being able to get any tats atm

  • Jay Elizondo
    Jay Elizondo6 måneder siden

    This the one we been waiting on

  • Kenwood MN
    Kenwood MN6 måneder siden

    1:41 Did I mishear, or did he say he was one of the best players on the girl's team at Georgia Tech?

  • Kenwood MN

    Kenwood MN

    6 måneder siden

    @Aidan Kaplan Ha, got it. Thanks

  • Aidan Kaplan

    Aidan Kaplan

    6 måneder siden

    Alex Montgomery played for Georgia Tech and now in the WNBA.



    6 måneder siden


  • Roh
    Roh6 måneder siden

    Shumpert....who had one of the best games of his life....2 points!!! If you know you know :p

  • The Rose that grew from concrete

    The Rose that grew from concrete

    6 måneder siden

    Rdc lebron

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    Satyr Satyr

    6 måneder siden


  • allen saez
    allen saez6 måneder siden

    that jesus tat hard

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    Couldn't see a single tattoo

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    white Ferrari

    5 måneder siden

    they look older and faded out

  • Ordo Ab Chao

    Ordo Ab Chao

    5 måneder siden

    @G Propho Loading uno dos trece, senor, hasta, la fuego leche WE ARE SPEAKING SPANISH!!!

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    Xe N

    5 måneder siden

    John Cenna nah them tats to light

  • John Cenna

    John Cenna

    6 måneder siden

    @Hoez Oz They're saying cause he's too dark to see the tattoos.

  • Hoez Oz

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    no neck tat

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    Ayyyy we got the same birthday! #cancergang

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    Never use this # again lmao

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    Never use this # again lmao

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    the batman logo ahahha

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    “Batman was actually a cover for uhh....yeah” ☠️☠️☠️

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    5 måneder siden

    @Kyraxc bruce wayne ..duh

  • Yanik


    6 måneder siden

    Kyraxc judging on how he said it, probably gang affiliated tattoos or something like that

  • Kyraxc


    6 måneder siden

    for what ?

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    Next willy cautley stein

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    0:00 The sound of my mom slapping me in the face

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    When your so early it says 14 views

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    Imagine my man

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    We need him back in the league



    5 måneder siden

    He's a bum. Heck naw

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    Luke Olson

    6 måneder siden

    Ayesha Jones i don’t know I thought he was on the nets this year but he probably got cut

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    Ayesha Jones

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    Why isnt he in the league ?

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  • JaMari Hairston

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    Get iman nack

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    noti gang