How This Sports Analyst Changed Tom Brady’s Game | The Assist | GQ Sports


Performance analyst Tom House has worked with some of the most elite athletes in the world to take them to an even higher level. Learn how his analysis has helped the games of sports superstars Tom Brady, Drew Brees and more.
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How This Sports Analyst Changed Tom Brady’s Game | The Assist | GQ Sports


  • Lorcan
    LorcanMåned siden

    This just became an extended advert for his business

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson3 måneder siden

    Watch the Nolan Ryan documentary/ feature (whatever). Nolan goes on and on about Tom House, and rightfully so.

  • Isaac Henry
    Isaac Henry3 måneder siden

    So this guy is saying he can fix my golf slice???

  • Carsen Sayler
    Carsen Sayler3 måneder siden

    So this guy really did Brady, Brees, Randy Johnson, and Nolan Ryan. That’s insane

    JCPOTATOBENJY Ya3 måneder siden

    I remember Vox doing a video about this and Nolan Ryan

  • Rowing Bears
    Rowing Bears3 måneder siden

    This stuff isn’t that difficult. Repetition is the father of learning.

  • Archimedes Joseph Calnan
    Archimedes Joseph Calnan3 måneder siden

    Looks like the Dak Dance

  • Dominique Alexis
    Dominique Alexis5 måneder siden

    This video is like music to my ears. Love biomechanics!!

  • Ken Xiong
    Ken Xiong7 måneder siden

    This guy is one of the best and even he couldn’t help Tim Tebow. God himself couldn’t help that guy throw lol

  • Stephen Sunday
    Stephen Sunday7 måneder siden

    100% serious question: Why is it called "Arm Strength?" Isn't it _power_ that's the ability to force a ball to go far because of how fast the arm moves?

  • Hurd1199 Gold
    Hurd1199 Gold7 måneder siden

    You guys failed miserably with BLAKE "BEER BELLY" BORTLES.

  • Xander Ricker
    Xander Ricker7 måneder siden

    “Elite athletes are very receptive to change... elite athletes are very reluctant to change because they’re already at an elite level” 🤔🤔

  • Cody Burachenski
    Cody Burachenski8 måneder siden

    This guy created Tom Brady.

  • J K
    J K9 måneder siden

    I actually love the precise science these folks do. I never knew that your body has certain times a day to train, to learn, to rest, etc.. that info and people like this gentleman could make a world of difference with disabled Vets. Most of the Doctors and therapists we see, we are just an appointment on a schedule and very few actually put in any effort. The ones that do are so busy and the civilian sector can offer them so much more that there are very few and it takes months up to a year. I need to go get a new set of glasses but the last time I went it took 6 months.

  • Robert Dore
    Robert Dore9 måneder siden

    How people LEARN is crucial to the coach student's a very underrated component, and where most teachers/ coaches fall down..

  • James G
    James G9 måneder siden

    Is that the guy that let the air out of the football's 🤣🤣🤣

  • D M
    D M9 måneder siden

    Much respect for this guy

  • Q Doe
    Q Doe9 måneder siden


  • Super BK DK
    Super BK DK9 måneder siden

    This dude seemed smart till he said we only see 32 frames per second. Our eye balls don't shutter like a camera so we dont see in frames. They train air-force pilots to be able to recognize airplanes at what would be equivalent to 244 frames per second. But our eyes can go much faster than that when our adrenaline kicks in. Thats why if you dropped something it looked like it was falling forever vs if you watched it on a video it would have fallen at a quicker speed.

  • Nick T
    Nick T9 måneder siden

    Dude needs to analyze how slow he talks, and he doesn't even have CTE

  • Professional Commenter
    Professional Commenter9 måneder siden

    This is so fascinating!

    NO NAME9 måneder siden

    Tom Deflady needs his balls deflated

  • Mike P
    Mike P9 måneder siden

    This was just a 10 minute ad for this dude.

  • Daniel Kosmala
    Daniel Kosmala9 måneder siden

    he deflated the footballs?

  • Gabe Vanorden
    Gabe Vanorden9 måneder siden

    Imagine having the money to go to any sort of camp

  • Omnipresent One
    Omnipresent One9 måneder siden

    Now we know who to blame.

  • just a thought
    just a thought9 måneder siden

    Tebow has God Tom has House

  • Jzz
    Jzz9 måneder siden

    God bless him!

  • Pledge
    Pledge9 måneder siden

    Tim Tebow had the worst throwing motion I’ve ever seen. Should’ve sent him here.

  • Barney Gumble
    Barney Gumble9 måneder siden

    Why is Tebow in the shot when he says the "elite of the elite"

  • Yankee Stacking

    Yankee Stacking

    7 måneder siden

    Barney Gumble Wondered exactly the SAME THING! 😂

  • Josh Charlat
    Josh Charlat9 måneder siden


  • Nate Kunnen
    Nate Kunnen9 måneder siden

    “Physics and Biomechanics dictate production. No coach’s opinion or any unique theory” -Vic Braden. How I make my living as a tennis coach right here. Preach.

  • Jon Allsop
    Jon Allsop9 måneder siden

    Great marketing for this guy

  • Nate Wilson
    Nate Wilson9 måneder siden

    Brees got Taysom Hill onto this guy and he's becoming a beast throwing as well! SO good!

  • Zain Anderson
    Zain Anderson9 måneder siden

    Carlson Gracie quote on the wall

  • Tabler Elliott
    Tabler Elliott9 måneder siden

    His hat says BOOB someone pls tell me I'm wrong

  • lil wesco
    lil wesco9 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who thinks his hat says “boob”

  • Darrell Gallivan
    Darrell Gallivan9 måneder siden

    Video heading suggests Tom Brady video.......its basically an endorsement of this Yahoo.

  • Phil A
    Phil A9 måneder siden

    Somehow....I just know that the Miami Hurricanes aren't dealing with that guy....

  • Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ
    Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ9 måneder siden

    So he helped him cheat him and arron Hernandez deflate the footballs so Brady could hold the all better again found guilty of cheating yet no titles where taken? In college you lose you title as a pro you get bigger contact for cheating !

  • jay Flaherty
    jay Flaherty9 måneder siden

    Brady and Belichick the 2 biggest cheaters in sports.

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams9 måneder siden

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Kirk Cousins: Interesting, Interesting, Interesting

  • blacklite911
    blacklite9119 måneder siden


  • Pablo Nakasato
    Pablo Nakasato9 måneder siden

    Great to see Nigel Mansell trying out other professions

  • Nomi Malone
    Nomi Malone9 måneder siden

    Brees is a legend. Brady is a cheater.

  • Julie Longobardi
    Julie Longobardi9 måneder siden

    2:16 Ron Burgundy IS real...

  • Ed Az
    Ed Az9 måneder siden

    Tim Tebow needs this guy

  • Millennial Football
    Millennial Football9 måneder siden

    I don’t think it’s talked about at all but Brady’s throwing technique/mechanics are insanely good. His throwing motion is extremely smooth

  • trashiest potato
    trashiest potato9 måneder siden

    I copy dolphins qb. Or chargers qb. Old timers. I always throw spirole. I can even kick off the ground a spirole. No Bodie can but me. Ii nly I can do that.

  • MrWoo
    MrWoo9 måneder siden

    I’ve worked with him he’s amazing

  • gggggggg
    gggggggg9 måneder siden

    This guy looks like he would struggle going for groceries!!!!! And as for Brady? too old......... time to retire with all your millions, and your superbowl victories (even though you cheated with the old deflated ball trick for at least one of them)

  • Joe Congdon
    Joe Congdon9 måneder siden

    Tebow visited him....

  • Patrick Perlas
    Patrick Perlas9 måneder siden

    "If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions." -Carlson Gracie

  • Philip Vels
    Philip Vels9 måneder siden

    I'd love to see his take on bowling in cricket

  • boomtu1796
    boomtu17969 måneder siden

    Just deflate the ball he says... no one will know he said

  • Rich Mahogany
    Rich Mahogany9 måneder siden

    omg he literally said the human eye can only see 30fps. PEASANT!

  • MrMastercatfish
    MrMastercatfish9 måneder siden

    Good video but this is just an advertisement for his services rather than him helping Tom Brady

  • A Huddle of Penguins
    A Huddle of Penguins9 måneder siden

    His voice is so soothing.

  • Enrique Dominguez
    Enrique Dominguez9 måneder siden


  • AnuTime19
    AnuTime199 måneder siden

    Eli needed these guys too bad he didn’t go to them he would have been an all time great if he did!

  • Michael Taylors
    Michael Taylors9 måneder siden

    Even a non athlete like Tom can throw well with proper technique

  • FHP
    FHP9 måneder siden

    If you WANT to BE a LION, you must TRAIN like a LION. -Carlson Gracie

  • Abe
    Abe9 måneder siden

    This guy seems very nice

  • over seer
    over seer9 måneder siden

    Can this help for boxing

  • Wilson
    Wilson9 måneder siden

    Would bowling apply?

  • FaktFitness
    FaktFitness9 måneder siden

    Can we please stop pretending that anything but the inclusion of Randy Moss to the offense changed Brady’s game?

  • curtboroff
    curtboroff9 måneder siden

    Please shut TF up about Tom and maybe cover a quarterback that’s still playing this season......🙄

  • Tony Castro
    Tony Castro9 måneder siden

    Looks like you have copied Joe Montana’s style, it works perfect, good job👍

  • Paul Silas
    Paul Silas9 måneder siden

    So he couldn't teach Teabow how to throw?

  • did someone ask for an egg?
    did someone ask for an egg?9 måneder siden

    this is actually so sick, one of the coolest videos I've seen

  • Sotero A. Gomez
    Sotero A. Gomez9 måneder siden

    Carson Wentz needs this haha

  • Randy Moss Fan
    Randy Moss Fan9 måneder siden

    I’m gonna kill my self

  • Caleb


    9 måneder siden

    1-800-273-8255 You got a lot to live for

  • Pablo Ubasa
    Pablo Ubasa9 måneder siden

    Why didn’t Tim Tebow go to him?

  • Aj Hicks
    Aj Hicks9 måneder siden

    As he says the word elite a clip of Tim tebow came on 😂

  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper9 måneder siden

    Wow this is really like a lecture

  • Shamir Qureshi
    Shamir Qureshi9 måneder siden

    Please Bucs, hire this guy to help with Winston... Tim House and Tom Moore would do wonders together...

  • Who iz BYREAUX
    Who iz BYREAUX9 måneder siden


  • Miami u u miami
    Miami u u miami9 måneder siden

    You analyze basketball at all

  • Hanoi Tripper
    Hanoi Tripper9 måneder siden

    He couldve fixed Kournikovas serve 🎾

  • emailnreid
    emailnreid9 måneder siden


  • Mr3344555
    Mr33445559 måneder siden

    Sports watchers = cuckolds. Why would you watch someone and enjoy it?

  • liquidgold
    liquidgold9 måneder siden

    CAM NEWTON NEEDS THIS. Man overthrows his receivers by 5 feet high.

  • James Fischer
    James Fischer9 måneder siden

    Step 1: deflate the ball Step 2: complete

  • R V

    R V

    9 måneder siden

    James Fischer put effort into your trolling. Pathetic

  • Trevor Mifflin
    Trevor Mifflin9 måneder siden

    Someone show this to Pace and Nagy for the love of God . . .

  • Kyhzer
    Kyhzer9 måneder siden

    My shoulder got destroyed at his baseball pitching camp.

  • Stephanie Becker
    Stephanie Becker9 måneder siden

    You can’t say your coaching the “elite-elite” then show Tim Tebow.....

  • Garett Robertson
    Garett Robertson9 måneder siden

    He said it was based in science and I believed him until he said the human eye can only see 30 fps lol

  • Them
    Them9 måneder siden

    "i created tom brady" lmao fk off

  • Tommy Zwirecki
    Tommy Zwirecki9 måneder siden

    Doyle Baseball

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee9 måneder siden

    Drew brees motion is amazing

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee9 måneder siden

    Lmaoo Tim Tebow 😭it’s no helping that motion

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee9 måneder siden

    Plz help cam newton he can’t throw on madden & in reality

  • Me Cube
    Me Cube9 måneder siden

    Wonder what he thinks deflated balls can do

  • Nick Landry
    Nick Landry9 måneder siden

    So to me all the great Qb’s before this are even more impressive in my opinion.

  • Zachary Sherman
    Zachary Sherman9 måneder siden

    Put Brees in the title. jeez

  • Jessie Bumidang
    Jessie Bumidang9 måneder siden

    Tebow needs this guy

  • Henry Ausnehmer
    Henry Ausnehmer9 måneder siden

    Brees said that he widened his stance at the pro bowl, don’t think the advice worked.

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez9 måneder siden

    Clearly Cam Newton has never been to this place.

  • Shawn Lee

    Shawn Lee

    9 måneder siden

    Michael Sanchez clearly

  • thor sox
    thor sox9 måneder siden

    To Brady at 8:00

  • LamBeau Leeper
    LamBeau Leeper9 måneder siden

    He helped him cheat???