How This Expert Helped MLB Pitchers Become the Best (Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson) | GQ Sports


Tom House never consider himself to be on the same level as the great baseball pitchers like Randy Johnson, who have "unconscious competence" (the ability to automatically perform their skills without thought). Instead, he had to figure out ways to elevate his game using superior pitching mechanics. Join him as he breaks down how he took legendary pitchers like Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson to the next level.
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How This Expert Helped MLB Pitchers Become the Best (Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson) | GQ Sports


  • Kam Man
    Kam Man2 dager siden

    The fact these pitchers get a elevated surface and natural advantage is just absolutely bullsh+t.

  • Brea Jiu-Jitsu
    Brea Jiu-JitsuMåned siden

    Interesting there was a Carson quote in the back

  • Pequod Express
    Pequod ExpressMåned siden

    I wish I had seen this video in 1979, but that would have been impossible. Dissemination of this kind of insight just wasn't there. It was just developing in the margins at the highest level of professional baseball.

  • Ed Kokosko
    Ed Kokosko2 måneder siden

    Tom house is the best pitching coach ever. I have followed his routine with every player i coached.

  • Alex Kanyima

    Alex Kanyima

    Måned siden

    That's good

  • Pequod Express
    Pequod Express2 måneder siden

    More of this insight seemed to start being communicated more widely around the year 2000. I wish it had been in the 1970s and 1980s, but that was still the late stage of the "old school" methodologies that began losing credibility.

  • Alex Kanyima

    Alex Kanyima

    Måned siden

    What do you mean by that ?

    ALSA CRIME3 måneder siden

  • Vincent Hawes
    Vincent Hawes3 måneder siden

    How much juice are they on tho????😂😂😂

  • JB J
    JB J3 måneder siden

    Love the gracie quote behind him!

  • Louis Emery
    Louis Emery3 måneder siden

    I read a baseball book in 1978 by Nolan Ryan and Joe Torre. Does it need updating now?

  • AJ M
    AJ M3 måneder siden

    Tom house is a legend.

  • Sixshootah
    Sixshootah3 måneder siden

    I feel like the competence triangle diagram only represents pitchers haha. Those guys are a different breed. Nuts.

  • Adrian Valenzuela
    Adrian Valenzuela3 måneder siden

    What a genius

  • Jonny Danger
    Jonny Danger3 måneder siden

    Lol what a load of sh!t. Shut up house.

  • Lil Fetus
    Lil Fetus3 måneder siden

    HENRY Aaron?!

  • Tbro


    3 måneder siden

    Hanks his nickname

  • xAngelitohh
    xAngelitohh3 måneder siden

    Wonder what some of these guys would’ve been like in today game with the technology and the widespread acceptance of programs like driveline

  • Pequod Express

    Pequod Express

    Måned siden

    I think what we see in professional baseball today is that more of this insight has become common knowledge, which is why the speed of the average fastball has increased dramatically over the last fifteen years.

  • Moises Zavala
    Moises Zavala3 måneder siden

    im taking notes 😂

  • Lebron Jameslol
    Lebron Jameslol3 måneder siden

    I didnt know they were not doing non sport specific modular off season training back then. Nolan Ryan is kinda a trail blazer because its standard protocol now for all sports, wow.

  • Henry Carroll
    Henry Carroll3 måneder siden

    Our eyes can only see 40fps....... click off the video haha

  • E Money#14

    E Money#14

    3 måneder siden

    @Henry Carroll he’s saying you can only really breakdown a motion at 40fps. Anything a good amount faster is almost impossible for your eyes to see flaws or details in.

  • Jesús St James
    Jesús St James3 måneder siden

    This guy got fired because they couldn't fire Ryan, he became the scapegoat.

  • Alex Kanyima

    Alex Kanyima

    Måned siden

    But why ?

    MICHAEL STOKES3 måneder siden


  • Noah McDaniel
    Noah McDaniel3 måneder siden

    Guess what folks, this man thought Shohei Ohtani looked EVEN BETTER mechanically before being shut down than he did in 2018. This man is the expert of pitching biomechanics.

  • Pancho Verde
    Pancho Verde3 måneder siden

    Day 1 Kung fu

  • Ed Kokosko
    Ed Kokosko3 måneder siden

    You were one of the reasons I got a scholarship and a degree in college. Thank you 🙏

  • rightyourwrong
    rightyourwrong3 måneder siden

    this guy gets teaching

  • Uhh Cool story
    Uhh Cool story3 måneder siden

    The man that broke the old school barriers down

  • andres lopez
    andres lopez3 måneder siden

    Randy the GOAT.

  • jeroen1989
    jeroen19893 måneder siden

    Would be fun to see this guy react to the pitching motions of the pitchers of nowadays! Fixing Kershaw and Ohtani and looking at special specimens like Aroldis Chapman.

  • G Buz
    G Buz3 måneder siden

    Great video. I only wish I got into this when I was a kid. I either would have been a pro or like this guy.

  • Hammett175
    Hammett1753 måneder siden

    Great communicator.

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo3 måneder siden

    If Nolan Ryan did all that with old school technology, imagine if he was signed today he'd be unstoppable. This talks so friendly and humble like you'd want to sit down and have a beer with him just to hear him talk about baseball.

  • Hammett175


    3 måneder siden


  • Jeremy Raglin
    Jeremy Raglin3 måneder siden

    Great video, Tom House is one of the most important minds in baseball. Nolan Ryan was always fun to watch, especially as he got older and now we know one of the reasons why he got better as he aged.

  • Eric Prybylski
    Eric Prybylski3 måneder siden

    Pretty sure Tyler Alexander watched this video before he threw 9 k's in a row Sunday lol

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart3 måneder siden

    Long toss?

  • Eric Fenske

    Eric Fenske

    2 måneder siden

    Only as far as you can throw with good mechanics and on a straight line. Long toss doesn’t build arm strength, so make sure mechanics stay true: eyes level, glove firm & in front, drag back foot and go fast. Hope this helps.

  • Raymond Fee
    Raymond Fee3 måneder siden

    Please help Shohei Ohtani!!

  • Noah McDaniel

    Noah McDaniel

    3 måneder siden

    House thinks Ohtani looks better in 2020 than he did in 2018. He’s right

  • Hat Eleven Pharaoh Road
    Hat Eleven Pharaoh Road3 måneder siden


  • k dubs
    k dubs3 måneder siden

    He only threw 82mph fastball and you're an expert? What is he smoking?

  • E Money#14

    E Money#14

    3 måneder siden

    @k dubs what are your thoughts on Greg maddux then. By the end of his career he was throwing below 86 mph. I wonder what the mlb was smoking to put him in the hall of fame. It’s not like he got the era title 4 times, or he has 18 gold gloves, 4 cy youngs, played for 23 years, or even got a World Series ring.

  • Martin C.

    Martin C.

    3 måneder siden

    Physical abilities have nothing to do with acquiring knowledge. He has a Ph.D.

  • k dubs

    k dubs

    3 måneder siden

    @Lucas Taylor yeah now that makes sense, no way you can survive the league with low 80s fastball

  • Noah McDaniel

    Noah McDaniel

    3 måneder siden

    k dubs 🤣🤣🤣 You think Jamie Moyer is a d2 player in today’s era. You are ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS. So in 2010, MLB hitters were as good as today’s college D2 hitters. I’m literally choking

  • Noah McDaniel

    Noah McDaniel

    3 måneder siden

    He became a biomechanical expert after he played, and the results speak for themselves. What a clown you are.

  • residentgomez
    residentgomez3 måneder siden

    Any one else remember seeing his videos for sale on tv. about 25 years ago? I thought if my dad ordered'em I'd be sling'n it . Yeah right.

  • Fastball Films
    Fastball Films3 måneder siden

    Worked with Tom at valley view highschool my 8th grade year on a broken big toe on my drag foot...good times

  • Pequod Express

    Pequod Express

    Måned siden

    What year was this?

  • Mikey Starr

    Mikey Starr

    3 måneder siden

    Valley view California, Arkansas..??

  • Peyton Wallace
    Peyton Wallace3 måneder siden

    He was my pitching coach... such a great guy.

  • pullt
    pullt3 måneder siden

    Three no-hitters with Rangers? Eh....two

  • Brandon Mills
    Brandon Mills3 måneder siden

    Would be cool to see bb blow up in India.

  • tspawn35
    tspawn353 måneder siden

    India being a former British Colony are fanatics of Cricket not Baseball.

  • Carsen Sayler
    Carsen Sayler3 måneder siden

    Awesome video!

  • tankthefrank100
    tankthefrank1003 måneder siden

    I grew up with this guys pitching bible when i was a little kid in the 90s.

  • Pequod Express

    Pequod Express

    Måned siden

    @Steve Heggem I've been playing tennis with my son since he was six. It is the sport I would have focused on more at an earlier age had my Southern California high school encouraged more interest. A few months ago, we were horsing around on the tennis court playing an improvised game of baseball with tennis balls and a tennis racket. I was surprised at how well my son took up the concept of the game. One thing led to another, and now we're firing up the tennis ball machine for batting practice with baseball bats. Ordering new baseball gloves brought back a lot of memories.

  • Steve Heggem

    Steve Heggem

    Måned siden

    @Pequod Express I played through my mid- twenties and was lucky enough to have two sons of my own that played this great sport. All the best to you and your son.

  • Pequod Express

    Pequod Express

    Måned siden

    @Steve Heggem Nineteen ninety-four was a year after I had hung up the cleats and pulled out the tennis rackets. My nine-year-old son is now showing interest in baseball, so now we're geared up again with gloves, bats, and balls, and the itch is back.

  • Steve Heggem

    Steve Heggem

    Måned siden

    @Pequod Express " The Pitching Edge" by Tom House 1994

  • Pequod Express

    Pequod Express

    Måned siden

    @Steve Heggem I was not even aware of his books in the 90s.

  • C D
    C D3 måneder siden

    15-20 players on a college team making the big leagues is insane!! Wow.

  • Cam Brown

    Cam Brown

    3 måneder siden

    The PAC 10 back then was steady stacked, especially the Cali schools

  • Capt. Awesome
    Capt. Awesome3 måneder siden

    Please help Kershaw. Dont want to see his career end in 2 years.

  • Colt 45
    Colt 453 måneder siden

    he got a pitching clinic and it was great!

  • MrLucasArias4
    MrLucasArias43 måneder siden

    Someone tag Shohei Ohtani in this

  • Noah McDaniel

    Noah McDaniel

    3 måneder siden

    Fun fact: House thinks Ohtani looks even better in 2020 than in 2018. Check his Twitter.

  • brotherdandy
    brotherdandy3 måneder siden

    Hey GQ Sports get Ichiro for this series.

  • TheVidzgamez73
    TheVidzgamez733 måneder siden

    Tom House is a living legend

  • Notch Johnson
    Notch Johnson3 måneder siden

    I knew Nolan helped Randy with his delivery but I had no clue who Nolan's coach was and I literally stumbled onto this video. Pretty neat! Go M's!

  • Skeezix


    3 måneder siden

    It was something small like landing on the toes instead of the heel for placement accuracy. Had a coach tell me this back in the late 80’s, it takes some getting used to if you’ve always landed on your heel but worth the try

  • dkroll92


    3 måneder siden

    I believe Nolan credited Tom personally in his HoF induction speech

  • Nyx Hypnos
    Nyx Hypnos3 måneder siden

    Why does he look like tom hanks playing some baseball movie

  • Omar Moncayo
    Omar Moncayo3 måneder siden

    Tom House is the man! ‘Cream of the crop rises to the top... but some times lil turds do too’ when describing his rise to the show love the guy

  • D F
    D F3 måneder siden

    Could listen to this guy talk all day

  • Memestiff


    2 måneder siden

    Honestly, he's a really interesting guy with a lot of stories to tell

  • Edan D
    Edan D3 måneder siden

    Please do more videos on him he is a god in the training world

  • Mark Heerens
    Mark Heerens3 måneder siden

    That into is how this man gets a job

  • seabrook1976
    seabrook19763 måneder siden

    He threw two no-hitters with the Rangers, not three.

  • Awe Dee.0

    Awe Dee.0

    3 måneder siden

    flight: it was three, the cameras just werent on

  • David Connor
    David Connor3 måneder siden

    Met him at a convention in Omaha back in 2007, during the CWS. SUPER nice guy.

  • J T
    J T3 måneder siden

    This is Trevor bauer in a different universe

  • Gabe Olson-Jensen

    Gabe Olson-Jensen

    3 måneder siden

    Trevor trains with driveline this is NPA

  • sam agario

    sam agario

    3 måneder siden

    he actually taught trevor though

  • Tuna On A Stick

    Tuna On A Stick

    3 måneder siden

    Probably him after he retires haha

  • qt-gavin-yt
    qt-gavin-yt3 måneder siden

    This is my pitching coaches coach

  • qt-gavin-yt


    3 måneder siden

    E Money#14 do you go to dan dwire

  • E Money#14

    E Money#14

    3 måneder siden

    Hold up, same

  • qt-gavin-yt


    3 måneder siden

    Goingham52 dan

  • qt-gavin-yt


    3 måneder siden

    Goingham52 do you go to San dwire

  • Goingham52


    3 måneder siden

    Woah same

  • Jackson Sundermeyer
    Jackson Sundermeyer3 måneder siden

    I've worked out at the place there filming

  • numberoneballer
    numberoneballer3 måneder siden

    Yeah, the eyes see way beyond 40 fps. That was some false information. They see around 1000 fps.

  • E Money#14

    E Money#14

    3 måneder siden

    @numberoneballer he’s just talking about what it has to be to be able to break it down and understand their motion.

  • Noah McDaniel

    Noah McDaniel

    3 måneder siden

    numberoneballer Noticing the difference is not the same as recognizing the difference between frames. That is the point.

  • numberoneballer


    3 måneder siden

    @Benjamin Alfveby my point is that the eyes see real life buttery smooth and 30 fps in a game isn't even buttery smooth, therefore life would look jittery under low fps especially 15 frames.

  • pullt


    3 måneder siden

    The eyes "see" an infinite number of "frames" per second. What is relevant is the brain's ability to discern and process the changes in the constanyly moving image per unit of time.

  • Benjamin Alfveby

    Benjamin Alfveby

    3 måneder siden

    @numberoneballer noticing a difference between large gaps of fps doesn't mean your seeing each individual frame.

  • TripleC
    TripleC3 måneder siden


  • J B
    J B3 måneder siden

    Tom house is a joke 😂

  • E Money#14

    E Money#14

    3 måneder siden

    @J B I’m going through the comments to find people like you, please explain..

  • Ben Sanders
    Ben Sanders3 måneder siden

    Known this guy for 6 years, dude is amazing

  • Ben Sanders

    Ben Sanders

    3 måneder siden

    No, sorry he does football, baseball, and golf.

  • Gary Remy
    Gary Remy3 måneder siden

    If you want the best instruction for pitching on the planet, go to Science led instruction.

  • Nathan Just
    Nathan Just3 måneder siden

    Hey Gq can you do that for soccer

  • Ben Trudgett

    Ben Trudgett

    3 måneder siden

    Doubt it, you don't have a pitcher in 'soccer'

  • Devon Messinger
    Devon Messinger3 måneder siden

    Wow, it's great to hear the behind the scenes stories!

  • x_drizzy18
    x_drizzy183 måneder siden

    I went to a pitching camp with Tom house

  • x_drizzy18


    3 måneder siden

    omberto ikr

  • Robert Watson

    Robert Watson

    3 måneder siden

    Thats crazy bro

  • Ghostofury
    Ghostofury3 måneder siden

    idk why but in the intro where he nonchalantly says ' yea i got fired in fall' somehow made me laugh

  • Noah Rothschild

    Noah Rothschild

    3 måneder siden

    I couldn't tell if he was joking or being serious... or both.

  • rattrap316


    3 måneder siden

    I got a chuckle too. But man... Just shows how good he is at training/teaching.

  • Carlos Montes
    Carlos Montes3 måneder siden

    loving these trainer videos helps give me insight as an athlete. Good content

  • Darren McKinnon
    Darren McKinnon3 måneder siden

    Do a great hitter

  • dayv 55
    dayv 553 måneder siden

    I'm early

  • Louis's Channel
    Louis's Channel3 måneder siden


  • Sliderz
    Sliderz3 måneder siden

    10 like

  • Gustavo Cruz
    Gustavo Cruz3 måneder siden

    First comment