How Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin Spent Their First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


Twin brothers Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin have been playing football together for a long time. Their move from amateur college athletes to professional NFL players meant that they started making some serious money. From the $97K spent buying their dad's 1972 Caprice Coupe to the $100K spent on a BMW i8, find out everything they spent their first million dollars on.
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How Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin Spent Their First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


  • sam hawkz
    sam hawkz14 timer siden

    Not possible to save 80 percent but 30 percent will do

  • AClass
    AClass17 timer siden

    He was being politically correct he brought his dad Donk 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Don Strong
    Don Strong18 timer siden

    This is a good example right here what's wrong with black America! This is who Claud Anderson, Boyce Watkins, and honorable Farrakhan were talking about... They squandered over $1000000 giving it back to the white man, and never once considered opening up a black business that would benefit their community... The money this simple-minded idiot spent on his teeth could have benefited 10 or 20 black families... These two, and people like Floyd Mayweather, are good examples on how not to be as a people!!!

  • RastaMeBasta
    RastaMeBasta20 timer siden

    Buying their mom an LC?! Instant respect 🤘🏻

  • YoungDrippy_ Rob
    YoungDrippy_ Rob22 timer siden

    Do they share the Cars ??

  • Julius Torres
    Julius TorresDag siden

    Florida man

  • Gavin Tibor
    Gavin TiborDag siden

    Shaquem is underused by are trash d coordinator

    VINASIDag siden

    Like to see what investment they made in the community. Im sure they've done alot.

  • Patrick Edwards
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  • Eric Glenn

    Eric Glenn

    3 timer siden

    Lotta hate comin of that couch...Bro

  • Roy McCoy
    Roy McCoyDag siden

    Glad they saved most their $$ bc what they spent it on beside their family was horrible lol

  • Tuck Tower
    Tuck Tower2 dager siden

    the way he said unfortunately

  • Ricardo Mena
    Ricardo Mena2 dager siden

    Man I love shaquiem he’s inspiring asf

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown2 dager siden

    Too much jurry

  • Adnane Belfaquir
    Adnane Belfaquir4 dager siden

    They are looking like rappers

  • d trump
    d trump4 dager siden

    And yet they are opressed

  • Latoya Jackson
    Latoya Jackson5 dager siden

    Yessir 727

  • Big J Production
    Big J Production5 dager siden

    I was born rich , I just ain’t got my payment yet- Pooh Shiesty

  • Erik Godinez
    Erik Godinez5 dager siden

    That jewelry thoo 🥶

  • Jason Medina
    Jason Medina5 dager siden

    not one donation to a worthy cause, dont idolize fools like this because they can play football.

  • Catherine Lemmons
    Catherine Lemmons6 dager siden


  • Excel
    Excel6 dager siden

    I really hope they sign them both again because the last time i checked only one of them is starting, the other one is practice squad because seahawks had a lower budget.

  • Excel


    Dag siden

    @Wendy Weaver thank you I didn't see any news about him so thanks.

  • Wendy Weaver

    Wendy Weaver

    Dag siden

    Excel - Shaquem was promoted back to the active roster around week 3-4 and is playing well on special teams and as backup on defense (primarily as an edge pass rusher).

  • Scott LeClair
    Scott LeClair6 dager siden

    Way ta go fellas, it’s all good, especially takin’ care of mom and dad. Loved watching you both in college and now in Seattle! Mad respect

  • YouAre TheTruth
    YouAre TheTruth6 dager siden

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  • YahBoiHammy
    YahBoiHammy6 dager siden

    Tyler Perry helped 5,000 families this Thanksgiving by donating food and gift cards to his community in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

  • Rad Raad
    Rad Raad7 dager siden

    He looks fat but he’s the fastest line backer of all time which is crazy

  • Eduarda Del Giudice
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  • Zach Thompson
    Zach Thompson7 dager siden

    So happy for these two!!!

  • Nehemiah Brooks
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  • Live Star
    Live Star7 dager siden

    They seem genuine I got some real laughs out of this 🙂

  • Jeff
    Jeff7 dager siden

    The G wagon money hurt to look at...$200k??? I mean they’re cool but why not just buy a Tahoe for 60k lol

  • Glass_Bro
    Glass_Bro7 dager siden

    1 mill and no real estate investments, yuck

  • Joan Young
    Joan Young7 dager siden

    He plays in the NFL with one hand that’s crazy

  • Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs
    Dollar Sign H to the O 2 Dubbs7 dager siden

    Man this is great. Best thing I seen today. Thanks GQ 💯 #FLA #UCF Yezzir

  • Viking6
    Viking68 dager siden

    now do Johnny Manziel first million

  • djbhe
    djbhe8 dager siden

    Cars are the worst investment. They lose value every mile you drive. You should lease cars. Anytime you customize a car or jewelry the value go's down. Jewelry has very little value if you try to resale it.

  • Antonio Smith
    Antonio Smith8 dager siden

    I need they rookie card asap

  • Arick Faumuina
    Arick Faumuina8 dager siden

    I wish I had money to save

  • SeaHawks reign
    SeaHawks reign8 dager siden

    Shaq hurry back on the field we need you 😁

  • I’m from the future
    I’m from the future8 dager siden

    I thought he’d buy a million dollar hand but I guess I’m wrong

  • brian puente
    brian puente8 dager siden

    R they still playing??

  • Wendy Weaver

    Wendy Weaver

    Dag siden

    brian puente - Yes. Shaquill was on the injured list for several weeks and is returning this Monday, November 30. Shaquem was demoted to the practice team at the start of the season but was brought back up (and is playing well) about week 3-4.

  • Gcool243
    Gcool2438 dager siden

    Love dudes that know how to manage their money. Too many athletes end up losing it all

  • Fred Short
    Fred Short8 dager siden

    Great to read about your tremendous achievements. Thanks for being such an inspiration for others. Just finished reading your book and was most impressed with the achievements of you two boys and how hard you worked to reach your goals. Hope you have a long and successful career. I had a young gale in my class that had one hand missing and played on the elementary volley ball team. What a great person she was. Fred

  • Flag Bearer
    Flag Bearer9 dager siden

    Two Cool

  • TherealMonstaa
    TherealMonstaa9 dager siden

    Y’all gotta do Isaiah Simmons his contract was crazy bro

  • Al Haida
    Al Haida9 dager siden

    Shaquill over rated. Gives up so many plays and gets praised when a qb overthrows a wide open receiver.

  • Deannukc8 Carlsonwje94
    Deannukc8 Carlsonwje949 dager siden

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  • hangming zheng
    hangming zheng9 dager siden

    All i see is T-pain asking for a drink... a drink we drunke'mmmm got drunk

  • Samuel Sheff
    Samuel Sheff9 dager siden

    Cool dudes!

  • Annette Wailes
    Annette Wailes9 dager siden

    You can tell how much they love their family and each other.

  • Misfitofdaprojx
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  • Old Hickory
    Old Hickory9 dager siden

    Look at all that oppression.

  • TheJuanNonly
    TheJuanNonly9 dager siden

    Never heard of them

  • Makenna Newberry
    Makenna Newberry9 dager siden

    This might be smart but they could buy a prosetic are

  • crimator slick
    crimator slick9 dager siden

    They look African but they speak English

  • M O
    M O9 dager siden

    I Never understood why many young Black dudes in sports or the rap game spend their first pay check / $$$ on gold chains,rings,gold teeth,fancy cars or items that tends to depreciate with time.???? Not many talk about investing,saving etc.Just curious. Thank goodness these two have some $$$ sense.

    ZUES VLOGS9 dager siden

    Buying what they buying they going broke

  • Darren Ridgeway
    Darren Ridgeway9 dager siden

    I would of changed my name. That's just me now.

  • kesha Williams
    kesha Williams9 dager siden

    St.pete yes

  • Four Side
    Four Side9 dager siden

    Saint Pete 💯

  • Simmons Simmons
    Simmons Simmons9 dager siden

    727 baby!!!!!

  • John Braun
    John Braun10 dager siden

    The question is will Shaquem get another NFL contract?

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas10 dager siden

    Rolly and the grill drip 💧. That first job sounds just like my first job

  • Ben Pattavina
    Ben Pattavina10 dager siden

    I like how he forgets he’s wearing a $10k earring, like cool that’s a semesters worth of my tuition right there

  • gabriel hernandez
    gabriel hernandez10 dager siden

    1 Timothy 6:17

  • Chute Kadestin
    Chute Kadestin10 dager siden

    Now compare them to 2 successful white nfl brothers see what they spend their money on.

  • Balls Mahoney
    Balls Mahoney10 dager siden

    Thanks for reminding us that sports players are paid too much.

  • Meat Mann
    Meat Mann10 dager siden

    Bradenton???? Thats is where i am at now

  • Tamari Hargrove
    Tamari Hargrove10 dager siden

    They put their money together to buy stuff thats smart

  • Eddie Johnson
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  • Randy Wheeler
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  • New Life Goals LLC. McKnight
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  • dis pater
    dis pater10 dager siden

    Two brothers living the dream together..never better than that 💯

  • Chiarra Dumond
    Chiarra Dumond10 dager siden

    The gave first, before they spent on themselves. That's dope. Glad they're being smart with the doe but having fun too

  • Cali Raider
    Cali Raider10 dager siden

    No Cap but I would of bought me a top notch Gold or Diamond prostheic hand or club.

  • Steve Currie
    Steve Currie10 dager siden

    All cars so far lol

  • Eduardo Valdez
    Eduardo Valdez10 dager siden

    No cap there chains sound hollow

  • lowkey_fla
    lowkey_fla10 dager siden

    I wish I had family like these guys😎

  • Aj Morris
    Aj Morris11 dager siden

    What happened to his left hand?

  • Wendy Weaver

    Wendy Weaver

    Dag siden

    Aj Morris - Shaquem had amniotic band syndrome which basically stymied the growth of his hand in the womb. Because of severe, constant pain, he took a knife, when he was about four, and tried to cut off the hand. His mother intervened and his parents had the hand amputated a couple of days later.

  • Corey B
    Corey B11 dager siden

    Not sure the math works on that one. $1M spent and $500K invested? Doesn't sound like 80/20.

  • J Bizzle
    J Bizzle11 dager siden

    The best moment ever in there career is when they both sacked Aaron Rodgers at the same time in the playoffs last year but they still lost but that will ever be a good moment for them 🙏🏾💯

  • Demorian Williams
    Demorian Williams11 dager siden

    With tht much money on tht caprice tht better be the fastest one for $96! Bands

  • Swatkins1800
    Swatkins180011 dager siden

    These are good kids 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾

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  • Epic scratcher Fl
    Epic scratcher Fl11 dager siden

    I grew up with this guys awesome men right here

  • Dark Phantom 2248
    Dark Phantom 224811 dager siden

    Who else is watching this when he got his madden card

    007 CRUSHINDO11 dager siden

    Now everybody know they got money .. "Found shot dead".

  • Kendal White
    Kendal White11 dager siden

    they a beast on the field

  • blaze jennifer
    blaze jennifer11 dager siden

    All i see is T-pain asking for a drink... a drink we drunke'mmmm got drunk

  • Vell Ebk
    Vell Ebk11 dager siden

    Went to Lakewood high school with them and Dante Fowler 💯

  • KuntryBoyTy144
    KuntryBoyTy14411 dager siden

    You can tell they were close growing up!

  • cquick 3
    cquick 312 dager siden

    Jesus Saves ✝️✝️✝️✝️🥰🥰❤️ Love God

  • Edgar Alvarez
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    GQ needs to bring in Kawhi

    UNGA BUNGA12 dager siden

    I wish I had nice hair like that. 😊

  • WURSTnightmare6
    WURSTnightmare612 dager siden

    that really cost him an arm and a leg

  • K9 Blue Boi 206
    K9 Blue Boi 20612 dager siden

    Marshawn Lynch taught them how to save money.. GO HAWKS💪💪

  • Redman147
    Redman14712 dager siden

    I love Seattle. They get REAL people who just happen to be players too. Not just a bunch of high draft picks.

  • The Boul Nate
    The Boul Nate12 dager siden

    These bros are dope! Just seem so easy going! I also did a reaction of this video on my channel as well!

  • Yeti Walker
    Yeti Walker12 dager siden

    Anybody else notice all that is prop money

  • AlanaRaihn TV
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    Literally to the 1% who’s reading this,God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day❤️(my dream is to become a famous NOlocalr) thanks .

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