How PJ Washington Spent His First $1M in the NBA | My First Million | GQ Sports


Charlotte Hornets rookie PJ Washington was off to a productive start before the NBA season was suspended suddenly. His move from amateur college athlete to professional NBA player meant that PJ started making some serious money. From $60K for his apartment rent to $384K on a Porsche and other cars, find out everything he spent his first million dollars on.
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How PJ Washington Spent His First $1M in the NBA | My First Million | GQ Sports


  • Garrett Gmoney
    Garrett GmoneyDag siden

    I love pj bro

  • Mark Howard
    Mark HowardDag siden

    And NBA players are fighting for racial justice and he blew $1MIL in this manner?

  • F.A. Heiss
    F.A. Heiss3 dager siden

    I was out when he said 5000.00 for his dog.

  • A
    A7 dager siden

    How WNBA players spend their first 5K 😀

  • lexbogie1


    7 dager siden


  • Joshua Macas
    Joshua Macas10 dager siden

    We need more of these

  • TruuMike
    TruuMike12 dager siden

    Everybody do the same savings ik what imma do

  • Rickey Vinluan
    Rickey Vinluan12 dager siden

    > help the cat escape by getting the 🔑 to the □ (door) | move as if your were in 1st person point of view. ••••••••••••••••••••••• 🐱 | ••••••••••••• •••••• 🔑 | | ••••• •••••• •••••• | | •••••••□••••••••

  • Ty Weezy
    Ty Weezy13 dager siden

    Dude has a 17m$ guaranteed contract and talking bout saving for the right house. Respect

  • Isak Kim
    Isak Kim19 dager siden

    His financial advisor didn’t tell him to buy a house? Instead of renting two?

  • isaiah king
    isaiah king29 dager siden

    Co-MVP’s. #4THANGS ft. @Big Sean & @Hit-Boy Tonight @ 9PM PT/12AM ET. 🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • It’s yo boy Smooth22_
    It’s yo boy Smooth22_Måned siden

    Shih tux mixed with chihuahua right now

  • It’s yo boy Smooth22_

    It’s yo boy Smooth22_

    Måned siden


  • Aaron YT
    Aaron YTMåned siden

    He lets his brother drive the Tesla over the range

  • Ya Boy Jahnai
    Ya Boy JahnaiMåned siden


  • D B
    D BMåned siden

    So you need a financial advisor to tell you to put 20% in checking and 80% in savings?? That's banking 101.

  • J A Y
    J A YMåned siden

    Have Kelly oubre on please

  • charisma pappi
    charisma pappiMåned siden

    Do all rookies in the NBA like zion

  • Flyhighphilly
    FlyhighphillyMåned siden

    Dudes are really doing reaction videos critiquing how they spent their money...Get a life TF

  • Adam Ray
    Adam RayMåned siden

    That Xbox One S in the background tho

  • Redeth RL
    Redeth RLMåned siden

    We need some soccer players

  • jordaine Nembhard
    jordaine Nembhard2 måneder siden

    He going broke.. Rents, but spends 400k on cars and says he is saving for a house. The frig u doing?? u could literally spend ur house Money on a car and his car money on 2 houses.. He needs help, fast

  • George Cuevas
    George Cuevas2 måneder siden

    makes all that money and still got the wire showing behind his tv. Keep it real

  • Joshua Macas

    Joshua Macas

    10 dager siden

    The painting on the side is fire tho

  • Kenneth Watkins
    Kenneth Watkins2 måneder siden

    This man didn’t buy a house but spend 300k on cars 🥴🥴

  • Chris Cahill
    Chris Cahill2 måneder siden

    How to blow a million dollars lol

  • chris23 mello
    chris23 mello2 måneder siden


  • Guelo Nice
    Guelo Nice2 måneder siden

    Overrated player...🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Andrew Felton
    Andrew Felton2 måneder siden

    His voice is so deep it doesn’t even sound real lol

  • Realin Wags
    Realin Wags2 måneder siden

    Do Romeo Langford

  • Exqzt
    Exqzt2 måneder siden

    this dudes a dumbass lmfaoooo everything he bought are depreciating assets lmaoooo

  • 21 Quice
    21 Quice2 måneder siden

    He forgot to add Brittany 😭😭

  • DogKing G7
    DogKing G72 måneder siden

  • Why I Follow God
    Why I Follow God2 måneder siden


  • Segbe Koukpo
    Segbe Koukpo2 måneder siden

    Why not start a business with that money smfh

  • Extreme Truth
    Extreme Truth2 måneder siden

    Why would you have a tattoo of the all seeing eye idiot. Do you even know what it means. People are just so misinformed with this fake life

  • Haisy Daisy
    Haisy Daisy2 måneder siden

    wow first nba player to have a dad

  • Isak Borup
    Isak Borup2 måneder siden

    plus dis guy clappin Brittney Renner. he livin life😂💀

  • Corey B.
    Corey B.2 måneder siden

    I'm trying to be smart with my money. Spends 60k on rent in a year.

  • Brother James

    Brother James

    16 timer siden

    @Westside ! it all depends on your circumstances. Paying a mortgage for 30 years isn't always the smartest option. Plus you have to look at their career. No need to buy a house when u can get traded at anytime. Plus the luxury housing market is a little different. You can easily lose money. Most athletes should wait until that second contract or later in they career to buy a house.

  • Westside !

    Westside !

    16 timer siden

    @Brother James why not get a house and get your class in return? Apartment renting is a scam. You stay there for multiples years paying a big rent just to get $250 back on move out day

  • Brother James

    Brother James

    2 måneder siden

    That is actually very smart. Rich people will tell you that leasing and renting is sometimes smarter than buying. Alot of rich folks lease luxury cars. Plus you can get traded anytime in the NBA, should always stay ready.

  • jeffreyli7
    jeffreyli72 måneder siden

    Is everything an emoji to kids now days?

  • Brandon Alvarez
    Brandon Alvarez2 måneder siden

    Bad financial decisions!!!!

  • IAmFinesse
    IAmFinesse2 måneder siden

    Boa cashed out on clothes

  • /Zuri Harris
    /Zuri Harris2 måneder siden


  • Noa
    Noa2 måneder siden

    Maybe start by shaving those pubic hairs of your chin

  • eMc
    eMc2 måneder siden

    imagine breeding dogs.........

  • hardheadhunter
    hardheadhunter2 måneder siden

    His voice don’t match him it’s like he’s on a cia show with his face blurred out 😂

  • alex jimenez
    alex jimenez2 måneder siden

    by a fuckin Camry

  • emmanuel krell
    emmanuel krell2 måneder siden

    Great vids

  • Alan Chan
    Alan Chan2 måneder siden

    Standout young man!

  • Graduated Money
    Graduated Money2 måneder siden

    So the sound editor just said, “Fxck an EQ,” huh?

  • Colby Campbell
    Colby Campbell2 måneder siden

    Yo PJ Washington the GOAT In 2k20 MyTeam

  • Garrett Dawson
    Garrett Dawson2 måneder siden

    lol 80k on clothes, I could never lol I was made to be poor

  • Jb berry
    Jb berry2 måneder siden

    I think some of the players if not all should donate a scholarship to their college to pay it back for the college helping them. Help the next generation. Help UK basketball brother.

  • Tahj
    Tahj2 måneder siden

    he selfish af the first thing i would have done is put my mother in the hills

  • Aquafeena
    Aquafeena2 måneder siden

    Came here after seeing him in my 2k neighborhood lol

    JAY2SPACEOUT2 måneder siden

    We need more first million videos

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia2 måneder siden

    He acts feminine

  • Mohamed hassan
    Mohamed hassan2 måneder siden

    I like the personal chef.

  • Ryan Atchley
    Ryan Atchley2 måneder siden

    I just realized how much a mil can get you

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa2 måneder siden

    i used to go to high school w him brazy

  • Jason
    Jason2 måneder siden

    He should of bought real estate.

  • SandStorm XII
    SandStorm XII2 måneder siden

    Let me borrow some money

  • javier meras
    javier meras2 måneder siden

    1 million after tax is a liitle more then 500k after tax this dude literally spent his whole salary

  • Benefit Lumberjacks
    Benefit Lumberjacks2 måneder siden

    Good Christ. Why not just buy a $20 fire pit and burn it?

  • Dirty Sauce
    Dirty Sauce2 måneder siden

    He dating that glizzy goblin Brittany Renner, so that’s another 200k gone too.

  • M Hollins
    M Hollins2 måneder siden

    He’s alright better save that money if anything

  • Dhia Eddine Salah
    Dhia Eddine Salah3 måneder siden

    More of this type of videos pls

  • sam
    sam3 måneder siden

    why do all these dudes waste so much money on cars lol

  • powerful knowledge
    powerful knowledge3 måneder siden

    All seeing eye? Wtf

  • Tyso C.
    Tyso C.3 måneder siden

    POV: you looked him up cause he was in your park

  • Nhey CRz
    Nhey CRz3 måneder siden

    These people spending insane money while the rest of the working class our suffering. A lot of people are out of touch.

  • Enrique Gross
    Enrique Gross3 måneder siden

    THE KENNETS?!!! I love that team. They get buckets!!!

  • Trace DiNucci
    Trace DiNucci3 måneder siden

    I love pj

  • Gammer 3456
    Gammer 34563 måneder siden

    Apartments? Why not condos?

  • yz 李
    yz 李3 måneder siden


  • Daniel L.
    Daniel L.3 måneder siden

    This is an example of what not to do when you get your NBA. He over spent on depreciating assets.

  • Edward Clay
    Edward Clay3 måneder siden

    What's the music used in this video?

    TRISTONPLUS3 måneder siden

    omg his telsa is godly

  • Jonathan Kuminga
    Jonathan Kuminga3 måneder siden

    Bruhhhhh Zion earning more than Tyler herro and pj Washington combined!

  • Glass_Bro
    Glass_Bro3 måneder siden

    60k for 2 apartments? Just get a mortgage on a big house at that rate...

  • Timor_ Devil
    Timor_ Devil3 måneder siden

    Please make this a huge playlist gq plz

  • Hannah Merry
    Hannah Merry3 måneder siden

    'it's a Chinese emoji'

  • Claire Anne Investor
    Claire Anne Investor4 måneder siden

    Put it in assets that will make you MONEY...that’s why I made a NOlocal channel about real estate and finance because you should live off of passive income than active income...and you’re not going to save your way to wealth.

  • Mlr
    Mlr4 måneder siden

    8k on tattoos lol he got finessed

  • P Vice
    P Vice4 måneder siden

    How much did he spend on his girlfriend?

  • Tomy Reacts
    Tomy Reacts4 måneder siden

    This was a good vid! I had to do a reaction to this one 🤣

  • Reluctant Lawyer
    Reluctant Lawyer4 måneder siden

    What a cookie cutter, have fun being broke in 10 years

  • Cynthia Tubbs
    Cynthia Tubbs4 måneder siden

    him and graham are the only hope for the hornets

  • xNitrodan
    xNitrodan4 måneder siden

    Can’t wait till Graham Stephen reacts to this

  • Miguel Torres, Jr

    Miguel Torres, Jr

    4 måneder siden

    xNitrodan I agree!

  • 丘文刀
    丘文刀4 måneder siden

    可 is not acceptable, more like "can" very veired.

  • Michael Todd
    Michael Todd4 måneder siden

    PJ Washington One Of The Smartest NBA Rookies! (How he spent his first million reaction) Watch & subscribe today

  • Einer Brown
    Einer Brown4 måneder siden

    Do Ja morant next or Zion Williamson

  • Rafa From south
    Rafa From south4 måneder siden

    He rl smashing Britanny😔

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure4 måneder siden

    Can yall do how mahomes spent his first 500 million

  • AirKangLocker
    AirKangLocker4 måneder siden


  • jäír
    jäír4 måneder siden

    try to get Dk Metcalf on this

  • jäír
    jäír4 måneder siden

    try to get Dk Metcalf on this

  • Kyle J
    Kyle J4 måneder siden

    So you pissed away 1 million dollars. Cool

  • james a
    james a4 måneder siden

    Now he's spendin his next mil on a instathot lol brittany is fine though

  • J B
    J B4 måneder siden

    "itsa hard time financially for the nation, but let me tell you how I spent my first million" lol

  • Ricky G
    Ricky G4 måneder siden

    Spent a house on cars smh 😂

  • MM MM
    MM MM4 måneder siden

    Brittany renner guy

  • Eduardo Mercado
    Eduardo Mercado4 måneder siden

    Man would watch fortnite in class 😂