How Miles Bridges Spent His First $1M in the NBA | My First Million | GQ Sports


Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges hasn't been in the NBA long, but he's already made an impact. His move from amateur college athlete to professional NBA player meant that Miles started making some serious money. From a $30K Rolex watch to a $100K Range Rover, find out everything he spent his first million dollars on.
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How Miles Bridges Spent His First $1M in the NBA | My First Million | GQ Sports


  • Qundray Gray
    Qundray Gray22 minutter siden

    Never buying my GF nothing like that. She won’r be your girl forever my guy. She going to pack her stuff in the car you bought & go about her business... TRIPPING

  • Mark Howard
    Mark HowardDag siden

    And NBA players are fighting for racial justice and he blew $1MIL in this manner?

  • Randy Parlor
    Randy Parlor4 dager siden

    Very happy for the brother! He should do great if he's only spending 20% of his pay and saving & investing 80% of it in reputable investments guided by reputable financial advisors. Sounds like people are looking out for him and he's acting with sense.

  • ..o
    ..o4 dager siden


  • Emmanuel Joseph
    Emmanuel Joseph6 dager siden

    $50 an hour in construction sign me up 😳

  • J S
    J S6 dager siden

    Imagine wasting $100,000 on jewelry...

  • Deannukc8 Carlsonwje94
    Deannukc8 Carlsonwje948 dager siden

    So we're just gonna ignore that he made 50 an hour in construction?

  • Annette Wailes
    Annette Wailes8 dager siden

    Get De’aaron Fox, Trae Young and Ja Morant.

  • Ngũgĩ Ngũgĩ
    Ngũgĩ Ngũgĩ8 dager siden

    I like his decisions, but should be careful with the gambling

  • David Conov
    David Conov12 dager siden


  • isaiah king
    isaiah king29 dager siden

    Maybe I'm just cheap but not sure if I would buy my GF a $50k car lol - unless if she's a keeper

  • It’sAiden 2Cool
    It’sAiden 2CoolMåned siden

    6:31 why Cody 😂😂😂😂😂

  • A S T R O
    A S T R OMåned siden

    The best part of these videos is all the bands on the table

  • Seth Pierce Beats
    Seth Pierce BeatsMåned siden

    Still stuck on $50 an hour

  • Caripelau
    CaripelauMåned siden

    Did we just ignore that he gain like 5k a month

  • Goon10ajz
    Goon10ajzMåned siden

    Is it just me or is this guy likeable?

  • Joey Maker
    Joey MakerMåned siden

    Some of his older teammates need to teach him when it comes to spending on women, gotta get that prenup

  • Trevor Timmermans
    Trevor TimmermansMåned siden

    He seems chill. I wish he was my friend

  • Adam Jellani
    Adam JellaniMåned siden

    60k on chains and 200k on a house??? Tf???

  • Anon 100
    Anon 100Måned siden

    Wtf is 200k? Here in Toronto, that gets you a shed lmaooo.

  • Carson Arellano
    Carson ArellanoMåned siden

    Luka doncic first million

  • Darius Dinero
    Darius DineroMåned siden

    30k on fashion his first two years isnt bad at all considering how much hes worth. Dude is smart

  • Jayden Dhaliwal

    Jayden Dhaliwal

    Måned siden

    I mean it’s still a lot but if I had that kind of money I think I’d have spent 50k at least lol

  • Carter Hiclu
    Carter HicluMåned siden

    dude would be more successful in construction than the nba wtf😂

  • Rich Cuatro
    Rich CuatroMåned siden

    Look up Yn Jay x Miles Bridges 1st quarter for the real Miles.

  • Macgruber
    MacgruberMåned siden

    He gone be broke lol

  • joe smith
    joe smithMåned siden

    gotta make 2 million to have that 1 million.

  • Yt Ace
    Yt AceMåned siden

    Do darius garland next

  • Erixk Gonzalez
    Erixk GonzalezMåned siden

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  • afk9handler
    afk9handlerMåned siden

    Buying your GF a financial advice...

  • Jaylon Schmelzle
    Jaylon SchmelzleMåned siden

    jiedel wass up

    BLAKE DA GREAT2 måneder siden

    Houses are good investment but the land it sits on is worth a whole lot more.... if he’s smart he can build his next house

    BLAKE DA GREAT2 måneder siden

    Out of all these vids GQ did on athletes purchases all of them bought houses which is good but they didn’t buy any LAND

  • devon trahan
    devon trahan2 måneder siden


  • Jonny
    Jonny2 måneder siden

    CeeDee Lamb next?

  • Yann Bada
    Yann Bada2 måneder siden

    Came to like Jiedel comment

  • Khxn-
    Khxn-2 måneder siden

    whos here for jiedels comment

  • Matteo DeStefano
    Matteo DeStefano2 måneder siden

    Video idea-how wnba players spent their first $0.01 in the wnba

  • TGpug
    TGpug2 måneder siden

    "Im on a budget" Earns 4 mill a year

  • Never lose sleep over the small stuff

    Never lose sleep over the small stuff

    14 timer siden

    Thats poor in the NBA. Look at those contracts

  • big Al
    big Al2 måneder siden

    He said “I bought my girl an Audi “ and the wrote “ gfs Mercedes “ 😂😂

  • Christopher Forbes
    Christopher Forbes2 måneder siden

    when he said 50 did he mean 15, I mean dang

  • Chris Browning
    Chris Browning2 måneder siden

    I'm not really a jewelry guy but I went ahead and spent $90k on it....WTF?

  • Tim Williams
    Tim Williams2 måneder siden

    Off Clothing 🤔 Reminds Me Of Flights Jumper 🤣

  • Cole Palmer
    Cole Palmer2 måneder siden

    Dude looks like Russell Westbrook and Jayson Tatum had a baby

  • your butler
    your butler2 måneder siden

    I wish i could meet my cousin

  • T M
    T M2 måneder siden

    should of slammed that milly into the stock markets

  • Koolaidjammerz
    Koolaidjammerz2 måneder siden

    Miles a dawg man. So inspirational

  • Realin Wags
    Realin Wags2 måneder siden

    Do Romeo Langford

  • Adam Zan
    Adam Zan2 måneder siden

    dude is gonna go broke lmao

  • John A
    John A2 måneder siden

    He spent $600k on a house. That’s not necessary.

  • Robert Eramian
    Robert Eramian2 måneder siden

    50k for girlfriends car really a fool and his money are easily parted

  • Tristin Kozub

    Tristin Kozub

    2 måneder siden

    Compared to an upper middle class man that's like buying your girl a Gucci wallet. Still pricey but he not hurting

  • Masterpsflood
    Masterpsflood2 måneder siden

    200k for a house... I wish

  • King Kellar
    King Kellar2 måneder siden

    Do Derwin James next nfl

  • 133M
    133M2 måneder siden

    audi or mercedes

  • Jiedel
    Jiedel2 måneder siden

    Can we talk about how at 5:00 it says he bought her a mercedes but then he said it was an audi. What the heck

  • Jace Jerrad Askey

    Jace Jerrad Askey

    Måned siden

    I just finished them reviewing this vid

  • J_ 2k

    J_ 2k

    Måned siden

    Jiedel Shut up Ommpa Loompa Chewbacca lookin hairy white man lookin self

  • Isaac Phillips

    Isaac Phillips

    Måned siden

    James sent me

  • Orb1tort1on


    Måned siden


  • Francisco Ribeiro

    Francisco Ribeiro

    Måned siden

    It's an Audi AMG

  • Jimmy Still
    Jimmy Still2 måneder siden

    yeah don't get ahead of yourself , save that money kid cause we know you aint gonna be in the NBA much longer, the way your playing.

  • Chuck Lee
    Chuck Lee2 måneder siden

    Those chains and watch cost as much as her mom’s house

  • Chuck Lee
    Chuck Lee2 måneder siden

    A 30k watch to look professional?

  • Never lose sleep over the small stuff

    Never lose sleep over the small stuff

    14 timer siden

    Yep. Most spend more on a wrist strap

  • Laser Law
    Laser Law2 måneder siden

    sounds like he got his financials figured out...

  • Puffburrrs Parmesan
    Puffburrrs Parmesan2 måneder siden

    50 buck in construction and made money in casino. Ma man wut in the world?

  • Chahal 99
    Chahal 992 måneder siden

    5: 31 watch u mean u wasn’t into fashion my mans wearing off white dunks 😂

  • Jason Septimo
    Jason Septimo2 måneder siden


  • GoodOleBoy
    GoodOleBoy2 måneder siden

    Wonder why these blacks go broke this is how

  • quantae06
    quantae062 måneder siden

    My boy Miles Bridges representing. Hornets Nation!! Budget your money right man. No need to overspend on anything else as you have all the material possessions you need already. Save your money man.

  • Cêpê ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
    Cêpê ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )2 måneder siden

    Mercedes and Audi aint the same maaaan xD

  • Tj Fast
    Tj Fast2 måneder siden


  • Why I Follow God
    Why I Follow God2 måneder siden


  • Justin Jay
    Justin Jay2 måneder siden

    I’m tryna get outta flint like him🤦🏻‍♂️

  • John Berry
    John Berry2 måneder siden

    Did anyone else think that his girl gon mess around and leave him? 2 kids before your 2nd contract? Another statistic waiting to happen. I so hope I'm wrong

  • King Adams
    King Adams2 måneder siden

    So inspirational man😭

  • Ernest M
    Ernest M2 måneder siden

    Of course Kemba would say something getting that super max deal. Just saying.

  • Stephon_plugs
    Stephon_plugs2 måneder siden

    Please don’t let him go🔥🔥

  • Ashy Ankles
    Ashy Ankles2 måneder siden

    Anyone wanna play among us

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia2 måneder siden

    Wow I didn't know who the NBA player was. But he really taught me something about money

  • Stonechild Kashis
    Stonechild Kashis2 måneder siden


  • Kerwens Losius
    Kerwens Losius2 måneder siden

    You Should not buy your girlfriend a car man wait when she your wife that when you can buy her stuff

  • B Hodges06
    B Hodges062 måneder siden

    Yeah my girl was gone wait 😈

  • Uğur John
    Uğur John2 måneder siden

    i would buy houses and save rest of the money.

  • kvbaby
    kvbaby2 måneder siden

    All this money and still cant get a proper mic

  • Master
    Master2 måneder siden

    You spent 100k on your car, 50k on your girl's car and 600k on your house but you get your monther a 200k house? He wasted so much money on stupid stuff but he cheaped out on his mom's crib.

  • Chow Legend

    Chow Legend

    5 timer siden

    @Justin Burgess Maybe for people who live above their means or stay in Cali.

  • Justin Burgess

    Justin Burgess

    5 timer siden

    @Chow Legend 200k in most of the us gives you a rundown bungalow at best

  • Chow Legend

    Chow Legend

    2 måneder siden

    Since when is 200k being cheap?

  • J Yunginnn
    J Yunginnn2 måneder siden

    Who else here after his song with YN Jay?

  • Rod Long
    Rod Long2 måneder siden

    $50 hours as first job in construction sounds like some privilege to me

  • Shmoney Doe

    Shmoney Doe

    2 måneder siden

    Make $50a hour in the trap🏠

  • Brother James

    Brother James

    2 måneder siden

    It probably was. That's a way colleges can pay athletes without paying them. If you get my drift. Plus he was only working 4 hours so not as much as it seems.

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas2 måneder siden

    Big B

  • David Jone
    David Jone2 måneder siden

    He said my teammates told me get my Fashion up got to naming all the players i quickly thought.... awww the trash mfs told you that 😂😂

  • Ian Dickey
    Ian Dickey2 måneder siden

    50 bucks an hour is like 250 a day, which is like 1400 a week😱

  • Ant Reacts
    Ant Reacts2 måneder siden

    Honestly is it really necessary to have a Finical Advsior. Is it really challenging to manage your own money ?

  • ulee58
    ulee582 måneder siden

    couldn't buy a good mic?

  • Lilliam Pumpernickle
    Lilliam Pumpernickle2 måneder siden

    Range rovers are highly unreliable, I would've got a Porsche instead

  • vPure Killa
    vPure Killa2 måneder siden

    No taxes?

  • flickxdd
    flickxdd2 måneder siden

    I think that his spendings were pretty smart, he only spent 120k on his image, then he pleased the two most important people in his life, he got a nice car and a house which is more of an investment since he can always sell it for 80% of the price, pretty smart.

  • Adrixn
    Adrixn2 måneder siden

    Does no one ever thing in investing not everyone is guaranteed a spot in the nba

  • Mathew Chacko
    Mathew Chacko2 måneder siden


  • S3713k1998
    S3713k19982 måneder siden

    750k on cars and housing but his moms house was only 200k wow

  • S3713k1998
    S3713k19982 måneder siden

    His chains are for sure fake this fool said his jeweler doesn’t like to be shouted out??

  • C crazy5675
    C crazy56752 måneder siden

    I like how no one talking about how NBA players get paid too much. Smh

  • Fluke Explanations
    Fluke Explanations2 måneder siden

    What is an NBA/NFL Draft? fyi, im not American

  • Markelle Rey
    Markelle Rey2 måneder siden

  • Yobel Gaim
    Yobel Gaim2 måneder siden

    "My sister gave a great idea to buy myself my own house" mans couldnt even think of that himself smh

  • Kenji Hayes

    Kenji Hayes

    2 måneder siden

    He might get traded.

  • DaFuzzBearYT


    2 måneder siden

    @Master nah most just get an apartment with friends.

  • Master


    2 måneder siden

    Most of these rookies aren't the smartest haha

  • Brother James

    Brother James

    2 måneder siden


  • J Boogz
    J Boogz2 måneder siden

    Girlfriend finessing him 😂

  • Natalie Rosales
    Natalie Rosales2 måneder siden

    Do my first million with joe burrow

  • Charles Weber
    Charles Weber2 måneder siden

    I am not into jewelry but people said to buy a watch, so i bought a watch... $30K later.... THIS AIN'T IT MILES!