How Michael Jordan's Trainer Helped Him Become the GOAT | The Assist | GQ Sports


Sport enhancement specialist Tim Grover has trained some of the NBA's biggest stars ever, including Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, Dwyane Wade and, of course, Michael Jordan. From reinforcing the fundamentals to creating the early morning workout 'breakfast club,' Tim explains how he helped Michael Jordan on his journey to greatness.
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How Michael Jordan's Trainer Helped Him Become the GOAT | The Assist | GQ Sports


  • Ben C
    Ben CDag siden

    Tom Brady needs this. He is slowing down but not physically. 13:45

  • Joshua Macas
    Joshua MacasDag siden

    Imagine offering everybody but MJ your services, then getting declined by everyone and MJ being the one who wanted your services. Guess MJ took it personal

  • Roy McCoy
    Roy McCoy3 dager siden

    Jordan, Kobe, Dwade.. top 3 SG’s.. lets get Devin Booker this man!

  • Blake Alexander
    Blake Alexander3 dager siden

    Lol it’s so much harder today, not back then Stop ‘Illegal zone defense’ back then 😂

  • Blake Alexander
    Blake Alexander3 dager siden

    The infamous lying try hard lol

  • just dont
    just dont5 dager siden

    Every client he mentioned is a hall of famer, that is all the validation a trainer needs.

  • Harold Denver
    Harold Denver5 dager siden

    MJ is probably the greatest case study in, at least, sports psychology.

  • Dhruv2456
    Dhruv24566 dager siden

    Imagine this man with LeBron 👀

  • Ralph Dabadie
    Ralph Dabadie7 dager siden

    Jordan got the Jordan of trainers

  • Tammera Power
    Tammera Power7 dager siden

    wow.. he’s just as insane as MJ when it comes to perfecting his craft.

  • Event Horizon Productions
    Event Horizon Productions9 dager siden

    So crazy that this guy isn't as well known as Phil Jackson or something, but instead is basically unknown.

    URBANLEGEND54311 dager siden

    Tim is my man. But I guess Barkley didn’t follow his diet plan.

  • juan muza
    juan muza13 dager siden

    This dude is a genius

  • Corey B
    Corey B16 dager siden

    How much are these trainers making lol gotta be making at least 7 figures

  • Rune Master
    Rune Master17 dager siden

    When you can get the best PED's then blood money for the best facility you are Tim Grover. I salute you Tim.

  • Rune Master
    Rune Master17 dager siden

    There is no goat in a team sport. Michael Jordan is the most over hyped player in the history of sports. I'm not a LeBron fan so clear your mind and accept it. Follow the money. That's all this is. Take off the goggles...or as rowdy popper said in " they live" ---" put the glasses on"

  • Lynsey Mcmullan
    Lynsey Mcmullan19 dager siden

    This guys a true professional, counting all his steps. I gotta respect that

  • nikita rupa
    nikita rupa21 dag siden

    "I never lost a game; I just ran out of time." Dang, with that mentality, those game-ending shots are not seen as miracles to Jordan but merely improvements to his game.

  • Ίon
    Ίon21 dag siden

    When I think of Jordan vs modern basketball players, the analogy that comes in mind.. is that between a bowling ball, and plastic pins....

  • Favor Oceanloy
    Favor Oceanloy22 dager siden

    I went to UIC! Graduated 2019!

  • Dare David
    Dare David23 dager siden

    I watched 6ads for this video. Of course it was worth it.

  • kweli05
    kweli0524 dager siden

    Very interesting and detailed. I wonder if Tim had any recommendations on diet. Didn't hear a word about that.

  • Chuy X
    Chuy X25 dager siden

    "He didn't trash talk to get into his opponent's head - he did to get into his own head." What a great comment! 18:34

  • Self Elements
    Self Elements28 dager siden

    11:57 Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Zinedine Zidane.

  • Joanie Walen
    Joanie Walen29 dager siden

    Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals was RIDICULOUS! Relive the wild finish 👉

  • Kid Poker
    Kid PokerMåned siden proof bulls chips were rigged what a joke

  • Naseeb Abdellatif
    Naseeb AbdellatifMåned siden

    I see what they did, 23 minute video

  • Zé Zé
    Zé ZéMåned siden

    I didn't realize how much science goes into an NBA game

  • Williem Iman Wijaya
    Williem Iman WijayaMåned siden

    Hollywood should make an individual movie about this guy, he's crazy

  • cherub cortiguerra
    cherub cortiguerraMåned siden

    play basketball, just like going to a performance... :)) cheers @mj

  • Ndamulelo Ndou
    Ndamulelo NdouMåned siden

    Tim is a beast

  • Marina Paller
    Marina PallerMåned siden

    Luckily no one challenged him to score more than a hundred

  • Sydney Austin
    Sydney AustinMåned siden

    Nu-breed jus aint gona do that.. (Everyones gona be a billionair)

    HĀ5Ê WØLFMåned siden

    The goat of basketball had as a trainer the goat of trainers 😂

  • Grantil Dismantil
    Grantil DismantilMåned siden

    Will this workout help you take it personally?

  • Jesus Christ is LORD
    Jesus Christ is LORDMåned siden

    Enough of praising men for goodness sakes, Jordan was good, but he's not God..these men praise men and not God. Folks let us take heed folks, let us have faith in Jesus Christ

  • Hamilton Massey II
    Hamilton Massey IIMåned siden

    He put his trust in this man.

  • David Johnson
    David JohnsonMåned siden

    Athletes with that type of motor and willpower come but only once in a lifetime! Even when competing himself, which was all the time, Mike refused to lose, and that's why he's the GOAT!

  • Beena Mathai
    Beena MathaiMåned siden

    6:20 - 6:45 thoo

  • Beena Mathai
    Beena MathaiMåned siden

    3:00 - 4:50 thoo

  • Jay Park
    Jay ParkMåned siden

    14:34 'Just touch my baby' - people really thought MJ was black Jesus haha

  • Christian Del Barrio
    Christian Del BarrioMåned siden


  • John Paul01
    John Paul01Måned siden

    I hope the people arguing that Jordan and the Bulls lost to the Magic after his retirement listen to this.

  • mrsjr78
    mrsjr78Måned siden

    This beat is dope

  • mrsjr78
    mrsjr78Måned siden

    What a resume, Grover has.

  • daveyork0
    daveyork0Måned siden

    Glorified caddy

  • Jerald Guevarra
    Jerald GuevarraMåned siden

    MJ is my personal client.... whatever we do we take it personal.

  • Daryl Alexander
    Daryl AlexanderMåned siden

    You got 1 more monster left.

  • Vignesh Subramanian
    Vignesh SubramanianMåned siden

    Why hasn't Lebron trained with him?

  • Chuma Mesatywa

    Chuma Mesatywa

    Måned siden

    Mike trains LeBron

  • Miguel Lacayo
    Miguel LacayoMåned siden

    No wonder Jordan was amazing! This is applied science into sports!

  • Tommy Pham
    Tommy PhamMåned siden

    This guy probably knows MJ better than his mom, wife and kids together.

  • Kid Poker
    Kid PokerMåned siden

    you dont see gretzky making a documenty because hes threatened by Ovi

  • Kid Poker
    Kid PokerMåned siden

    the last dance was clearly MJ being threatened by lebron

  • Todd Cannon
    Todd CannonMåned siden

    And that is why he is the Goat.!!! period. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐. Committment.

  • Luis Asterio Querubin
    Luis Asterio QuerubinMåned siden



    I am a competitive runner since 1994. I teach strength and conditioning. My first priority is to prolong one athletes career and become competitive injury free.


    Boston Celtics should hire this. There strength and conditioning program sucks!

  • ranji yu
    ranji yuMåned siden

    the video's length is same as MJ's number... 23

  • Plan Billionaire
    Plan BillionaireMåned siden

    I hope this guy don't get too old so he can training my unborn son 🏀

  • Pj Williams
    Pj WilliamsMåned siden

    Blissful solitude of legend competitive mind Jordan

  • eric maurer
    eric maurerMåned siden

    Your life savings are on the line.... prime Michael Jordan vs prime Kareem Prime Michael Jordan vs prime Wilt Chamberlain

  • sp123


    Måned siden

    Kareem beats Jordan. Wilt, is not surr

  • Carl Marc
    Carl MarcMåned siden

    Just touch my baby 😅😂🙅🏾‍♂️ that’s OD but aye it’s MJ 14:34

  • Robert Herrera
    Robert HerreraMåned siden

    11:12 greatest quote 😤😤

  • Paco Samson
    Paco SamsonMåned siden

    Wow Imagine if you had this mastermind in your sport

  • Alex Kanyima

    Alex Kanyima

    Måned siden

    Is nessecary for every player

  • Brendan
    BrendanMåned siden

    So basically Tim was Michael Jordan's computer for 15 years. Hope you made your millions Timmy, because the rumors go that Mike isn't exactly the most generous man in the world. Tim seems like a nice guy, I really hope he made his money while giving Michael all of those prime years of his own life. He really changed Michael Jordan's body to be able to use it for the second three-peat.

  • domifab101
    domifab101Måned siden

    He could have saved Derrick rose.

  • chris Hunter
    chris HunterMåned siden

    Was he mentioned in the documentary?🤔

  • scotty boy

    scotty boy

    Måned siden

    He had some cameos yeah

  • Kent K
    Kent K2 måneder siden

    If D Rose had him, can only imagine the rings he couldve gotten

  • C.K-da-Kxng Here
    C.K-da-Kxng Here2 måneder siden

    This guy need to train Tyler herro or Aaron Gordon. Young athletic players with high potential

  • Babooy


    2 måneder siden

    He would make them superstars🤣🤣🤣

  • Maxoleo Ryncavage
    Maxoleo Ryncavage2 måneder siden

    I wonder what would’ve happened if Bron had him since the start of his career

    DAVID MALIK2 måneder siden

    Intense. He matched Jordan's intensity. Freakin Mad Scientist!

  • Aayush Sahgal
    Aayush Sahgal2 måneder siden

    dude can you dm zion plz

  • King Tut
    King Tut2 måneder siden

    .. got me at teaching how to stop. Check

  • Martin Remos
    Martin Remos2 måneder siden

    Tim Grover is not a trainer, he is a data scientist!

    OUUWEE2 måneder siden

    only a goat can birth a goat... think about it

  • Vol deMort
    Vol deMort2 måneder siden

    He's handled Jordan, Kobe and Wade.. Thats like the top 3 Shooting Guards ever..

  • Alex Kanyima

    Alex Kanyima

    Måned siden

    So well done

  • Sean McClure
    Sean McClure2 måneder siden

    When your client tells YOU to keep up.

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders2 måneder siden

    I love video being 23 minutes

  • Funpuns 08
    Funpuns 082 måneder siden

    This guy is an automatic quote maker

  • James Ozim
    James Ozim2 måneder siden

    Too bad D Rose didn't call this guy

  • iess2006
    iess20062 måneder siden

    Wow another "MJ is the GOAT" video filled with gushing MJ fanboy comments.

  • Andrew Blackop

    Andrew Blackop

    14 dager siden

    @iess2006 Wilt not even the best of his era. His own contemporary has a better GOAT argument than he does

  • iess2006


    14 dager siden

    @Andrew Blackop Uh...Wilt is the 🐐, try reading the NBA record book and put down the Nyke koolaid.

  • Andrew Blackop

    Andrew Blackop

    14 dager siden

    Cry Bronsexual

  • iona401 channel
    iona401 channel2 måneder siden

    when i see this i realize that lebron don't have the mentality to win championship no matter what

  • kngston20
    kngston202 måneder siden

    I give this guy some credit but Mr and Mrs Jordan..even Tinker Hatfield played more of a role making this man a GOAT. Dude giving off Vanessa Bryant vibes to me.

  • Sussex Records
    Sussex Records2 måneder siden

    Can you?

  • Askia Abdul-Amin
    Askia Abdul-Amin2 måneder siden

    I love Jordan for sure but what’s his thought’s on LeBron?

  • The awesome 9 year old
    The awesome 9 year old2 måneder siden

    If rose had him as a trainer he could have won 1-2 more mvps and maybe a chip

  • Monsta Fishing
    Monsta Fishing2 måneder siden

    Phone is at 23% by the end of the video lol

  • Gregory Mcgraw
    Gregory Mcgraw2 måneder siden

    Mike , Kobe , Barkley , Hakeem , wade this guy has to be the greatest basketball coach of all time

  • Shermarke Mohamed
    Shermarke Mohamed2 måneder siden

    Jordan’s kids: dad can I play outside Mj: (thinking his kids are trying to beat him in basically anything) and that’s when I took it personal

  • moonho kang
    moonho kang2 måneder siden

    3:26 Tom Thibodeau dislikes this

  • Venice C
    Venice C2 måneder siden

    A true elite caliber trainer. Its crazy how anybody involved with jordan had to have that same laser like focus Jordan did

    BSTOOPID TRAPPXN2 måneder siden

    BSTOOPID TRAPPXN2 måneder siden

  • snubbynoze38
    snubbynoze382 måneder siden

    Ya'll should have more subscribers.

  • elijah aywago
    elijah aywago2 måneder siden

    why is the video 23 minutes long? ehehehe

  • Adrian Gallyot
    Adrian Gallyot2 måneder siden

    I love this video . . the best quote was "Michael was going to be the greatest ever regardless . . I just kept him there a bit longer." . . That is the mindset of an innvator

  • Joen Vazquez
    Joen Vazquez2 måneder siden

    The beautiful content this is proven potential information. This is the game spoken in the best way. Develop the foundations ladies and gentlemen. Foundation.

  • Sabrije Emrullai
    Sabrije Emrullai2 måneder siden

    This man Tim Grover is a fuckin genious

  • Julio Melgar
    Julio Melgar2 måneder siden

    Tim Grover doesn't send a letter: Michael Jordan: It became personal

  • Joek1989
    Joek19892 måneder siden

    To bad D rose didn't go to him😔