How Marshon Lattimore Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


Because of injuries, cornerback Marshon Lattimore was really only able to play one full year at Ohio State. That may have ended many players' NFL ambitions, but Marshon is something special. In 2017, he was drafted eleventh overall by the New Orleans Saints and was signed to a $15.35M rookie contract with a $9.31M signing bonus. From $25K on a Rolex watch to $120K on chains and bracelets, find out everything Marshon Lattimore spent the first million dollars in the NFL on.

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How Marshon Lattimore Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


  • Pamal Mangat
    Pamal Mangat2 dager siden

    9.3 million just in signing bonus... woww that’s like an nhl players entire contract lol

  • Ashley Oxley
    Ashley Oxley5 dager siden


  • Porter Herron
    Porter Herron5 dager siden

    Now he a felon

  • Seney Srey
    Seney Srey8 dager siden

    Why care about what another man spends on his money? GQ?

  • Fallon Edra
    Fallon Edra9 dager siden

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  • Floor Gen
    Floor Gen14 dager siden

    Watching these motivate me

  • Rodney Brown
    Rodney Brown14 dager siden

    I'm confused he got 9 million as a signing bonus and he rents his friend's car for 10k am I missing something here? he leased a range rover for 60k, why not just buy a used one for that price! He should fire his Advisor.

  • Khaliq King
    Khaliq King15 dager siden

    Cleveland boy 🤙🏿

  • Frank Ng
    Frank Ng15 dager siden

    shouldve spent it getting a gun license and a lawfully registered firearm...

  • Jimmie Williams
    Jimmie Williams16 dager siden

    The title of this video should be, "How NOT to spend your hard earned money".

  • AlwaysRipped
    AlwaysRipped18 dager siden

    Something Marshon doesnt do is he doesn't buy guns 🙌... he steals them🤣

  • Cisneros Reik
    Cisneros Reik19 dager siden

    POV:u here after he got arrested

  • ChrisSoSilly


    19 dager siden

    I hope this was a simple misunderstanding and not something that he does often

  • Nowell clay
    Nowell clay19 dager siden

    Who is here after the arrest!

  • Cisneros Reik

    Cisneros Reik

    19 dager siden

    @ChrisSoSilly fr

  • ChrisSoSilly


    19 dager siden

    I hope this is a simple misunderstanding and not something that he does all the time

  • Cisneros Reik

    Cisneros Reik

    19 dager siden


  • 24kSupreme
    24kSupreme20 dager siden

    He also pays child support for mike evans

  • Moe Greengrass
    Moe Greengrass25 dager siden

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  • David S
    David S27 dager siden

    145k on chains and watches, and they wonder why they go broke

  • Bill Leonard
    Bill Leonard27 dager siden

    “Hookers & Coke” Is what my first million spent for my NFL contract would be!

  • Allen Chan
    Allen Chan28 dager siden

    am i the only one that thinks he looks like an athletic version of tyga

  • da biz
    da biz28 dager siden

    dang. that must feel great to earn that kinda money man

  • Gustavo Arredondo
    Gustavo ArredondoMåned siden

    Maybe put some caption in next time

  • Graham Gaskins
    Graham GaskinsMåned siden

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    doinon thunhaMåned siden

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  • jalen carroll
    jalen carrollMåned siden

    Mann is a good cat His interview made me like him more

  • Lukas CF
    Lukas CFMåned siden

    He sounds like if a rapper talked normal

  • T Mars
    T MarsMåned siden

    Do one on Tony romo

  • Tee Tee
    Tee TeeMåned siden

    He fine fine

  • Ggg Cvf
    Ggg CvfMåned siden

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  • Schaden Christopher
    Schaden ChristopherMåned siden

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  • Eli Zunun
    Eli ZununMåned siden

    Dickie outfit tuff!

  • Drake Carlos
    Drake CarlosMåned siden

    I surely love watching him play in New Orleans

  • Jesse Warshak
    Jesse WarshakMåned siden

    Browns gotta trade for marshon

  • Mr Moopster

    Mr Moopster

    Måned siden

    if they did, then the browns would be stacked. But i don't see any reason the saints would train a young star studded cornerback like him.

  • Jon Recinos
    Jon Recinos2 måneder siden

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  • Issac Rod
    Issac Rod2 måneder siden

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    cupid2 måneder siden

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  • matt olson
    matt olson2 måneder siden

    I like this guy he seems like a humble and genuine guy

  • Dvzzz06
    Dvzzz062 måneder siden

    He’s illiterate

  • Jeremiah KJV
    Jeremiah KJV2 måneder siden

    120 K on chains and bracelets....Most guys in their thirties look back and say they were stupid lol. Im not sure why so many of these athletes spend so much on chains but it's their money so they have earned it

  • Mister Pineapple _
    Mister Pineapple _2 måneder siden

    He just like kawhi lol. He lock everybody down then just don’t talk. Maybe he’ll blow a really bad playoff game just like the clippers!

  • yrjgciliezar1
    yrjgciliezar12 måneder siden

    Saints 100 million over the cap time for Cleveland to go pick up this dude and partner him up with Denzel Ward 😎

  • keaton johnson
    keaton johnson2 måneder siden

    does anybody knows how i can get my new era cap desigen like his? like i wanna put my name on it

  • keaton johnson

    keaton johnson

    Måned siden

    @Jose Indacut can i do it online or i gotta go in the store and do it?

  • Jose Indacut

    Jose Indacut

    2 måneder siden

    Any Lids in ya city

  • Christina Georgakopoulos
    Christina Georgakopoulos2 måneder siden

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  • Ali Khaled
    Ali Khaled2 måneder siden


  • Christopher Gresco
    Christopher Gresco2 måneder siden

    How much on the teeth? 😁

  • T so fresh
    T so fresh2 måneder siden

    I like him a lot even tho I’m a hawks fan, and he spent it great in my opinion! 👏🏼💪🏼🤘🏼

  • Bdawg02
    Bdawg022 måneder siden

    Honestly that wasn't bad at contract...$50M easy

  • Alison Parker
    Alison Parker2 måneder siden

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  • skiii weee anthony
    skiii weee anthony2 måneder siden

    i pray to god i go into the nfl or mlb and get an opportunity to go on these typa shows

  • Yavar Bates
    Yavar Bates2 måneder siden

    Get you the wraith big dawg

  • michael tubman
    michael tubman2 måneder siden

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  • One-Eye
    One-Eye2 måneder siden

    Rookie dinners are a classic part of hazing for the 'lottery winner on the team. But if you're able to get a few hours of uninterrupted time to talk to the veterans than that should be worth the bill you get. Make the most of every opportunity.

  • YE Boi
    YE Boi2 måneder siden

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  • Nick L
    Nick L2 måneder siden

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  • phillypa70
    phillypa702 måneder siden

    I never knew what he looked liked or even heard him talk until now.

  • Michael Harwood Jr.
    Michael Harwood Jr.2 måneder siden

    I’m sorry but how u gon say u don’t wanna buy a car till you buy a Royce because players sayin it’s gon be expensive but then go out and spend 70k on leases😂

  • Rationalist
    Rationalist2 måneder siden

    Imagine spending over 6 figures for some chains...

  • One-Eye


    2 måneder siden

    I can't imagine ever spending more than about $20,000 on a car. Either for myself or anyone else. Just buy a decent Toyota. It'll last you ten years of you look after it.

  • wahova
    wahova2 måneder siden


  • Phiology
    Phiology2 måneder siden

    I would invest all that into real estate or stocks just in case of career ending injuries

  • Rationalist


    2 måneder siden

    Smart man

  • TheBestMovieAlive
    TheBestMovieAlive2 måneder siden

    He talked about buying rolls royce but people kept talking him out of it, but they didn't talk him out of spending $145k on a watch and chains?



    Måned siden

    He spent it years later instead of the first check

  • Derrick Lawson

    Derrick Lawson

    2 måneder siden

    Exactly 😂

  • Bexly
    Bexly2 måneder siden

    one of my all time favorite Buckeyes!

  • Jerry Spikes
    Jerry Spikes2 måneder siden

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  • NPAMike
    NPAMike2 måneder siden

    60k lease for a range rover aren't they around like 100k? Why not just buy it? Also he shouldn't have to worry about money he gonna get 15mil a year+ on his next contract.

  • Leni De La Rosa
    Leni De La Rosa2 måneder siden


  • Ross Hoddinott
    Ross Hoddinott2 måneder siden

    Does OSU have academic requirements?

  • AlexanderThe Great
    AlexanderThe Great2 måneder siden

    Someone talked him out of the Rolls? Good people keep them around because most athletes/rappers, etc friends would've been like "yeah get it..... can I get 1 too?"

  • Kayla Hathorn
    Kayla Hathorn2 måneder siden

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  • Y.N.G Jeez!!
    Y.N.G Jeez!!2 måneder siden

    i knew rookies got paid but i ain’t think they would made dis much they first year mbn man

  • Aube Reitema
    Aube Reitema2 måneder siden

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  • Miguel Ramirez
    Miguel Ramirez2 måneder siden

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  • Off elijah
    Off elijah2 måneder siden

    It's just another game dude

  • Imre
    Imre2 måneder siden

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  • Marquis Turley
    Marquis Turley2 måneder siden


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    Hamilton Arraou2 måneder siden

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  • Kynx
    Kynx2 måneder siden

    I'm kinda shocked people still care about Marshon. All that hate, now you have 483k views. :o

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz2 måneder siden

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  • Deuante Kelly
    Deuante Kelly2 måneder siden

    Where his house at lol

  • Lil.hesse13
    Lil.hesse132 måneder siden

    Hope i can do this one day

  • swerv
    swerv2 måneder siden

    Does Lattimore look just like Cozz or is it just me??

  • Logan Ham
    Logan Ham2 måneder siden

    You should try football

  • jwil757
    jwil7572 måneder siden

    Dude is a certified baller!

  • Dominic Alegrete
    Dominic Alegrete2 måneder siden

    He took care of his family I like it

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T2 måneder siden

    Such a solid dude no kizzy

  • Taq
    Taq2 måneder siden

    They ain’t got the cap to resign the man now 😂

  • NFL Crash
    NFL Crash2 måneder siden

    Follow me

  • Antony Tome
    Antony Tome2 måneder siden

    Graham is gonna be pissed

  • Kaden Kastberg
    Kaden Kastberg2 måneder siden

    why did he spent double on his sisters car compared to his moms

  • Timothy Martins

    Timothy Martins

    Måned siden

    His sister had children so she probs need a big car to fit all of them in and his mom said he didn’t want to spend his money

  • C A
    C A2 måneder siden

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  • Mike The Casual
    Mike The Casual2 måneder siden

    Just as I thought this man was smart with the whole car thing, he then spent 100K on Jewelry 😱

  • Brand Liability
    Brand Liability2 måneder siden

    TheProfessorMrB is a better lockdown corner than Lattimore.

  • Rontrel Weatherbee
    Rontrel Weatherbee2 måneder siden

    He don’t shop at H&M but got a dickies outfit on 😒

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas2 måneder siden

    He really needs a new a new financial advisor... $120 K for Chains. They look they weight a few onces each and the stones are worse. He sould be warring 8 pounds of gold at that price....

  • yeezmanual bot time
    yeezmanual bot time2 måneder siden

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  • lamajol
    lamajol2 måneder siden

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  • Xiaodong Wang
    Xiaodong Wang2 måneder siden

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  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson2 måneder siden

    That's a good man good brother...💯💯💯

  • Daniel Dang
    Daniel Dang2 måneder siden

    Cleveland all day !