How Kobe Bryant's Trainer Helped Him Become a Legend | The Assist | GQ Sports


Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi.

It was Michael Jordan who hooked Kobe Bryant up with his trainer and the rest is history. From 2007 to 2012, Sport enhancement specialist Tim Grover helped Kobe become one of the all time greats in the NBA. Join him as he breaks down his training regiments for the late, great Kobe Bryant.
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How Kobe Bryant's Trainer Helped Him Become a Legend | The Assist | GQ Sports


  • Carly Molinaro
    Carly Molinaro15 timer siden

    Imagine playing against Kobe and he’s calling plays in Spanish

  • bigboy s
    bigboy s2 dager siden

    He looks like gm garry

  • TheOldschoolkat03
    TheOldschoolkat032 dager siden

    This is soo dope and very inspirational to watch! Kobe was a very unique person not just a basketball player but a HUMAN BEING!!!! Miss that guy!!! One love Kobe!!! ✌🏽

  • Vino.
    Vino.3 dager siden

    This is awesome stuff

  • Nico Pacheco
    Nico Pacheco5 dager siden

    That Kobe Achilles story is legendary. Many metaphors to how he was. Rip legend.

  • Amy Jordan
    Amy Jordan7 dager siden

    GQ doing sports better than ESPN and FOX. The only unbiased media company out here.

  • Ibrahim Barri
    Ibrahim Barri9 dager siden

    Messi and Ousmane Dembele should hire this guy

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts9 dager siden

    Green tree mamba as well !! Black mambas are greyish with a black mouth

  • John Smith
    John Smith10 dager siden

    This guy needs to get with Zion Williamson

  • Philip Hart
    Philip Hart10 dager siden

    Tim Grover trains MJ, Kobe, D Wade.... This guy monopolizes 3 best SG of all time

  • DreamBeatsBakery
    DreamBeatsBakery11 dager siden

    There are tons of videos of this man talking about Kobe, none of Kobe talking about him. Kobe also didn't mention Grover in his book Mamba Mentality once. Kobe also didn't follow Grover on Instagram. I'd take this with a grain of salt.

  • Risheet Govardhanam
    Risheet Govardhanam11 dager siden

    Thank you Tim Grover

  • Chef Boyong
    Chef Boyong13 dager siden

    Rip kobe. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. Please check this out guys I made a very special pumpkin carving for the one and only black mamba

  • Axel Undin
    Axel Undin13 dager siden

    Kobe trainer got that mamba mentality too

  • Mason Samuels
    Mason Samuels15 dager siden

    *" That was black mamba"*

  • Paolo Guerrero
    Paolo Guerrero19 dager siden

    Cleaner mentality!

  • erik nansen
    erik nansen20 dager siden

    Kobe trainer got that mamba mentality too

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire20 dager siden

    He sounds like a mob leader Goat

  • Marie k
    Marie k24 dager siden

    Ion play bout my child tho 🎃💙

  • Thant
    Thant25 dager siden

    Guys, this guy came on 07 and Kobe went to 3 straight finals after that.

  • Last Boss Playa Standing
    Last Boss Playa Standing27 dager siden

    24k Likes Long Live The Mamba 🤴🏾

  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde28 dager siden

    15:12 Kobe has mentioned in interviews that he went and worked out after draft night because the GM of the Hornets drafted him and then immediately told him backstage, "It's a good thing we're trading you, we couldn't have used you anyway." And that pissed Kobe off so much that he went and worked out. Another legendary story. #MambaMentality

  • Isaac
    IsaacMåned siden

    kawhi leonard needs you tim grover

  • Self Elements
    Self ElementsMåned siden


  • castle
    castleMåned siden

    jacked jose mourinho

  • Edwin Fernandez
    Edwin FernandezMåned siden

    "The greats they show up early they stay late "🙏🔥🙏 10:11

  • Daniel HighD
    Daniel HighDMåned siden

    Wow. Wtf this guy is fuckn intelligent.

  • spaniardvids
    spaniardvidsMåned siden

    he really knows his stuff

  • Vik G
    Vik GMåned siden

    “You don’t lack the tools, you lack the creativity”

  • Mel Mel
    Mel MelMåned siden

    I needed to watch this

  • NBAZ3ntx
    NBAZ3ntxMåned siden

    I got his book Relentless. Great read. If you are serious about playing basketball like me, definitely read this every day.

  • muchacabesa
    muchacabesaMåned siden

    He's wrong. Injury rate about the same. Also, game is way faster. More muscle means more damage at high speed. Weights great for addressing critical weaknesses. Lifting weights to get stronger at basketball is stupid. Look at how sloppy Anthony Davis moves now with his massively built up upper body. Contrast with Lebron. Lebron does lightweight for reps and focuses on cardio. Weights are taking our players the wrong way.

  • Amadou Moustapha Dieng
    Amadou Moustapha DiengMåned siden

    Well said 5:26: When you play basketball, you play football, you play soccer, you play baseball. Senegal, West Africa.

  • ImTheLegend
    ImTheLegendMåned siden

    MJ: Coached by Phil Jackson. Kobe: Coached Phil by Jackson. MJ: Trained by Tim Grover. Kobe: Trained by Tim Grover.

  • Self Elements
    Self ElementsMåned siden


    SUPER_TaJMåned siden


  • Zairo Raul
    Zairo RaulMåned siden

    Mamba mentality

  • Cesar R
    Cesar RMåned siden

    This guy is the Bill Russell of trainers!

  • Christian Del Barrio
    Christian Del BarrioMåned siden

    also grover needs to come out with another book

  • Christian Del Barrio
    Christian Del BarrioMåned siden

    tim grover embodies obsession!

  • DC51
    DC51Måned siden

    Tim Grover didn’t choose them. They chose Tim Grover.

  • Kuda Mangwe
    Kuda MangweMåned siden

    Legends need legends

  • Kwame T
    Kwame TMåned siden

    999th comment

  • Litam
    LitamMåned siden

    Why do i feel like Kobe got Isekai'd

  • mrsjr78
    mrsjr78Måned siden

    ...After number 7. Dope...Peace out Kobe

  • Kurtis Chesser
    Kurtis ChesserMåned siden

    Asking to pull your Achilles and then tape it down to finish the game is simply legendary and i bet would have been extremely painful, but that was Kobe's mentality

  • forgotaboutbre
    forgotaboutbreMåned siden

    rip legend

  • Vignesh Subramanian
    Vignesh SubramanianMåned siden

    I think Tim Grover gave a fair criticism of Kobe as to why he had all those injuries and why he couldn't go for more championships. It is because of Kobe pushing himself too much that he didn't realize that sometimes less is more.

  • This Gun
    This GunMåned siden

    Some people say he’s overrated or he’s not top 10 this is what makes him top 3

  • OldTrafford King
    OldTrafford KingMåned siden

    I really wish LeBron James had Tim Grover as his trainer.

  • luis sanchez
    luis sanchezMåned siden

    Please send him to James harden !!!!

  • Ouane
    OuaneMåned siden

    They’ll do anything to insert some whitey in these successful athletes narratives 🤣

  • Adrian Vlogs
    Adrian VlogsMåned siden

    what nba team doesnt have a weight room

  • Dimitris Barbas
    Dimitris BarbasMåned siden

    Have anyone read his book??? Would you consider it outdated? The 2014 one

  • none ofyourbusiness
    none ofyourbusinessMåned siden

    RIP Kobe

  • daniel fugaban
    daniel fugabanMåned siden

    Jalen green needs to be trained by this guy

  • oscar bodker
    oscar bodkerMåned siden

    Zion should go to him

  • Eyton Shalom, L.Ac.
    Eyton Shalom, L.Ac.Måned siden

    he breaks down why the key to rehab is muscle lengthening, and how concentric training shortens, which is what you dont want. #dryneedling to stimulte #motorpoints causes muscles and fascia to legnthen.

  • putra9mulia
    putra9muliaMåned siden

    Oh my God! Finally a trainer that is doing the right thing!!! Didn't know trainer like this existed!!

  • Yinan Wang
    Yinan WangMåned siden

    Iron prevents injury better than the rubber band, really?

  • Kaushik Rajan
    Kaushik RajanMåned siden

    Tim Singh Grover!

  • Al Costello
    Al CostelloMåned siden

    Spanish and Italian are very similar. And are two of the easiest languages for English speaking people to learn. They’re not the most difficult by any means. Now mandarin is for sure top 3

  • Ian Castro
    Ian CastroMåned siden

    @4:11 should hear this before every Lifting Sessions

  • Isaiah Lopez
    Isaiah LopezMåned siden

    I heard Kobe talked Spanish, he spoke some, but he was not fluent. Don't exaggerate, tell the truth! I'm sure he spoke English and Italian fluent, but not the other 3, cmon now.

  • Tobias funke
    Tobias funkeMåned siden

    World class trainer, with a world class athlete, yet he has him on the leg press. This guy is full of alot of BS.

  • Matine Yang

    Matine Yang

    Måned siden

    I think this guy gets too much credit. He had Jordan and Kobe doing leg extensions. That's all I needed to see to know he's not a great trainer.

  • Vincent E Stone
    Vincent E StoneMåned siden

    He's full of $#IT. I DON'T understand why He's coming off as if He made JORDAN, KOBE & WADE. They were ALREADY established SUPERSTARS ! He must be trying to sell a 📖.

  • tsabee13
    tsabee132 måneder siden

    This video is as perfect as Jordan video. Frankly I love listening this guy how he tell about my favourit player (s). All of them are incredible and unrepeatable man!

  • Pedro Pikiewicz
    Pedro Pikiewicz2 måneder siden

    The pull up his achiles tendon is the most kobe thing ever

  • Hooligan Mainia
    Hooligan Mainia2 måneder siden

    Kobe bryant is the epiphany of what a 🐐 is

  • G S
    G S2 måneder siden

    After this guy became Kobe’s trainer, Kobe won a MVP and 2 more rings.

  • Alex Kanyima

    Alex Kanyima

    Måned siden


  • Brian Kent Cadiz
    Brian Kent Cadiz2 måneder siden

    This trainer is so genius!

  • Ian Castro
    Ian Castro2 måneder siden

    Now I'm crying.... Again 😭😭😭

  • idan Glazer
    idan Glazer2 måneder siden

    For any trainers in here, Is he saying TRX is bad for you if you’re a basketball player

  • Matine Yang

    Matine Yang

    Måned siden

    TRX is a gimmick. That being said this guy isn't that great of a trainer.

  • Valawaters
    Valawaters2 måneder siden

    Can you make him say "im batman"?

  • Skippy the Alien
    Skippy the Alien2 måneder siden

    this guy has Alpha Male written all over him in the way he describes things, the way he talks about strategy, the way he talks about success

  • MrNewmann
    MrNewmann2 måneder siden

    Look at Kobe man a so inspiratonal

  • Sara Cahn
    Sara Cahn2 måneder siden

    This guy is gooood...

  • Michael Jung
    Michael Jung2 måneder siden

    Love how much he talked about how important the eccentric phase of any exercise is, it increases the length potential of the muscles being worked and its a great way to bulletproof your joints. It's already interesting how they took out all the concentric aspect of his training, but it makes sense considering a typical basketball athlete is already constantly exploding and accelerating due to the general nature of the sport and practice. This is 100% golden information for anyone who wants to take their strength to another level.

  • Matine Yang

    Matine Yang

    Måned siden

    How do you take out a concentric phase of a muscle system? Especially while doing a leg press? Did they just have everyone push up the platform and then have Kobe step in to lower it? He's basically just changing the tempo of the movement. It's not a new concept. The guy just basically made Jordan and Kobe workout and get stronger so their joints could take the punishment.

  • Arturo Moreno
    Arturo Moreno2 måneder siden

    I can imagine Kobe in heaven after the crash telling God "Can you just put some tape so I can finish living my life? RIP Kobe.

  • Life Coach Jesse
    Life Coach Jesse2 måneder siden

    Makes me want to read his book again.

  • Lucy Aklar
    Lucy Aklar2 måneder siden

    "I don't get 5 championships here without him" - Kobe's comment about Michael Jordan 🐐 in the Last Dance documentary

  • Boz Bear
    Boz Bear2 måneder siden


  • Musterr Ethan Cerna
    Musterr Ethan Cerna2 måneder siden

    Kobes is like the real-life batman his training, discipline, obsession to succeed to be the best

  • alex d
    alex d2 måneder siden

    "more tech more resources less contact more injuries" so true

  • Jasper Laterveer
    Jasper Laterveer2 måneder siden

    Who photoshopped at the beginning😂

  • Adam G
    Adam G2 måneder siden


  • Popadot2428 •
    Popadot2428 •2 måneder siden


  • Patrice Lumumba
    Patrice Lumumba2 måneder siden

    Pascal siakam needs to hire this man in the off-season. I believe he needs to add 20 more pounds of muscle to reach next level.

  • Peter A
    Peter A2 måneder siden

    I miss the ABA.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel2 måneder siden

    Move iron, love it

  • Mrcabletwitch
    Mrcabletwitch2 måneder siden

    man i want to see a Charles Barkley one lol

  • terence w
    terence w2 måneder siden

    I had to turn the subs on as i don’t understand goat.

  • Enes ünver
    Enes ünver2 måneder siden

    Force Ja Morant to get this guy!

  • christian smith jr
    christian smith jr2 måneder siden

    no you didnt.

  • Leonardo Noguera
    Leonardo Noguera2 måneder siden

    Michael Porter Jr should hire this guy

  • Binu Samuel
    Binu Samuel2 måneder siden

    Folks Read Tim s book ‘Relentless,

  • avithemostill
    avithemostill2 måneder siden

    Still cant believe kobe gone man. RIP to the all time great

  • my millionaireclub
    my millionaireclub2 måneder siden

    Kobe is and will always be a legend not LeBron in fact he can't compare to kobe... RIP Kobe

  • Dexter Conley
    Dexter Conley2 måneder siden

    Enjoy this interview and I appreciate him a lot more. Don’t slack or you won’t last long. Glad he acknowledged the importance of weights, a snorkel for running. Got to make sure that you be smart, knowledgeable in training. Maximize your potential, have a drive, a purpose in life to be successful, gracious to others. Black Cat, Mamba Mentality forever! Great interview with the best trainer! How to handle knee pain is priceless!

  • Michael Moyna
    Michael Moyna2 måneder siden

    Tim Grover is an absolute genius