How Dwyane Wade's Chef Created His NBA Diet | The Assist | GQ Sports


Richard Ingraham has been the personal chef to former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union since 2004. An athlete's diet is an important piece of the puzzle that has to fit perfectly with other essentials like training, practice and mental health. Learn how Richard took every aspect of Dwyane Wade's training into consideration and crafted the perfect diet to help elevate him to the upper echelons of the NBA.
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How Dwyane Wade's Chef Created His NBA Diet | The Assist | GQ Sports


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    More of these please helps out young athletes

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    Lucky Jackson 2020Måned siden

    Sleepy Brown 🤔

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    Tommy actually had a job the whole time? Who knew. RIP

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    My man getting paid nice with those glasses and chains!

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    basketlockerball2 måneder siden

    8:22 "I definitely feel that you can always continue to learn." Wise words

  • De'Ron Walker
    De'Ron Walker2 måneder siden

    That’s what happed started putting glitter in the food

    COURTNEY2 måneder siden

    This was so informative tbh

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    Alirog Sar2 måneder siden

    Is this Zaya Wade?

  • rr
    rr2 måneder siden

    Inflammation is caused by sugars and carbohydrates, not by fat and fatty meats......

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    Dam sleepy brown a cheif too.

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    lmao underrated comment 😂

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    love his attitude and ability to adapt

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    Hope it’s not the same salad that his kids tossing because I’ll stick to PIZZA, a slice a day will keep the

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    troiyt2 måneder siden

    Do this dude got on a ruff ryder chain?

  • tongonwilson
    tongonwilson2 måneder siden

    kinda look like jason terry lol

  • George Finley
    George Finley2 måneder siden

    Respect to D Wade and his chef I wonder if LeBron has had a chef along with him as long

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    Cunnik K2 måneder siden

    The drip is real 🤩 people really disliking his glasses 👓

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    Ken Nyce2 måneder siden

    life is for learning and this guy solidifies that saying. just can't take his glasses seriously though lol

  • octaviakf
    octaviakf2 måneder siden

    And we could see he was a fat boy during some of the runs after a while

  • Klay Anthony Clarke
    Klay Anthony Clarke2 måneder siden

    He got the Grant goggles on

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    Andre Ellington2 måneder siden

    Let me save y’all some time. Those are Gucci glasses.... easily over $800 dollars

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    Golden Kamuy

    2 måneder siden

    Andre Ellington They are 450

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee2 måneder siden

    "I'm a serious chef so let me wear the most ridiculous pair of glasses on earth"

  • Grammar Police -
    Grammar Police -2 måneder siden

    Worst first husband in history of black celebrities EVER!

  • JackJack Thompson
    JackJack Thompson2 måneder siden

    So this guy basically has the NBA star lifestyle without the job! 😂 i wonder if he keeps Mrs Wade “safe” too.. 🙄🙄

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    Chamberlain Achilihu2 måneder siden

    This dude really understand the science of body nutrient n diet

  • Chamberlain Achilihu
    Chamberlain Achilihu2 måneder siden

    Bro ur food look amazing, so yo my n meyom. I wish ur in texas so u can make me some I pay

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    Post-basketball migraines hit different 😖

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    I wonder what Oliver Miller's personal chef prepared for him.

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    James Ber2 måneder siden

    His glasses also don't contain any gluten.

  • littleclay
    littleclay2 måneder siden

    ... old saying, "you are what you eat" wanna be a double jelly roll ?? drink as much water as possible

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    VinCentral - Brawl Stars2 måneder siden

    i like this guy a lot

  • VinCentral - Brawl Stars
    VinCentral - Brawl Stars2 måneder siden

    "when i first started with dwyane"

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    dwayne malloy2 måneder siden

    What’s chef name

  • Thanos D'great
    Thanos D'great2 måneder siden

    After retirement Gabrielle Union says Dwyane Wade thought gallon of milk cost $20

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    Theo Irving2 måneder siden

    Nice glasses

  • Theo Irving
    Theo Irving2 måneder siden

    We need Lebron and Brady’s chef.

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    Gary Vincent Dela Cruz2 måneder siden

    I wonder how much he got payed. $$$ looks like he getting big time bucks!

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    Zion needs to hit up a chef lol

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    This didn’t age well...

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    Lee’s Ollie 😂😂😂😂😂

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    The Snoëy Lifestyle2 måneder siden

    This is kinda outta the way... but, is the sunglasses one with his nose like Mr. Potato? @2:55

  • Yuan Yao
    Yuan Yao2 måneder siden

    these in-depth interviews r gold. keep it up!

  • Anton Slizzardhands
    Anton Slizzardhands2 måneder siden

    Considering that Dwyane Wade is the greatest professional athlete to play in Florida, this chef knows what he is doing.

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    B G2 måneder siden

    So he's the one who robbed Kim Kardashian

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    Lebron got a female as a chef lol

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    Sam Martin - Peak Performance2 måneder siden

    man's eyes aren't gettin hurt by chopping onions with those glasses

  • james blackburn
    james blackburn2 måneder siden

    Joe Burrow said the first thing he was doing with his money is getting a Chef. Pretty much the sign that you've made it life

  • Kobe Lewis
    Kobe Lewis2 måneder siden

    Do Tim Grover training with D Wade

  • Abe McGee
    Abe McGee2 måneder siden

    very dedicated chef. I wonder how much Wade pays the man?

  • Somebody
    Somebody2 måneder siden

    These type of videos are fire. (also wtf are those glasses)

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    This dude is more than a chef he's an intellectual and a natural protector, so dope

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    Do shaq

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    Idc what brand or how much those glasses cost u couldn’t catch me w those on ever

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    There's nothing more embarrassing than an idiot trying to sound intelligent 🤦🏻‍♂️.

  • Alex Bedolla
    Alex Bedolla2 måneder siden

    This guy hurt his career. I hate how he thinks he helped him. Bosh and Bron said it best, "his whole career all he ate was chicken. He needs to add more for his health"

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    Oh, snap! Tommy doesn't have a job.

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    I don't know how he gets through such oppression. So strong.

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    kobe better not even close

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    @Krabby Krabby i'm your father, boy

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    Are you 9

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    that is amazing !

  • Daniil J. McDonald
    Daniil J. McDonald2 måneder siden

    A chef without a ego. I’m flabbergasted

  • Mike Turns

    Mike Turns

    2 måneder siden

    There are a ton of chefs and cooks without ego... it’s just that a lot celebrity chefs come off as assholes because of their massive egos. We aren’t all the same 🧑🏿‍🍳

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    Krabby Krabby

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    @Daniil J. McDonald ngl I read your msg wrong

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    Krabby Krabby just stfu

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    That 08-09 dwade

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    I wonder how much he charge, could use his help on my journey🤔

  • Ollie Shapland
    Ollie Shapland2 måneder siden

    I want to see SHAQs chef. They must of been feeding him 8 meals a day😬

  • Edvards Freimanis

    Edvards Freimanis

    2 måneder siden

    Look up "What it takes to feed NBA giant Shaq" on youtube. Its a video about this exact topic.

  • Fayssal Saleh
    Fayssal Saleh2 måneder siden

    GQ please send him a mic next time so my ears aren’t getting pierced thanks

  • GYoloMac15
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    Chef Ingram was my favorite teacher man I'm glad to see him out here stuntin

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    His fuckin glasses tho lol

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    Krabby Krabby

    2 måneder siden

    Clean imo

  • Sincere living
    Sincere living2 måneder siden

    Of course in a “LARGER PORTION “ then a regular person would think of!! He literally burned so many calories that he DISHED out in sweat / cardio that he had taken in !!! Moral of the story this won’t EQUATE TO U

  • Harvey Harv23
    Harvey Harv232 måneder siden

    Haha, my high school culinary art teacher. The man can really cook for real for real! Shout out Mr. Ingram ✊🏼

  • Octopus 8

    Octopus 8

    2 måneder siden

    You sure it was your HS teacher? I mean you spelled his name wrong

  • Mingyuan Jing
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    Why do I feel like eating an orange so bad

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    Those glasses looks expensive

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    Chef needs his own NOlocal channel !

  • King Swish
    King Swish2 måneder siden

    There are athletes who really think that eating fried chicken and McDonald's gave them their contracts? That's ridiculous. Btw, there is a docu on Netflix I think it's name was "The Game changers". It's about a former UFC Fighter and sports nutrition. It blew my mind completely. Just watch it, you won't regret it

  • Elwood Augustin

    Elwood Augustin

    2 måneder siden

    He worded it wrong i think he was trying to say that athletes who make it in the league basically ate what they want fried food snacks junk food & still made it to the league with bad eating habits so why stop now? But then they realize it's better to eat more healthy in the long run 4 their career

  • Krabby Krabby

    Krabby Krabby

    2 måneder siden

    @Lie am 💯, take everything with a grain of salt and do your own research.

  • Lie am

    Lie am

    2 måneder siden

    Watch it with some critical thinking in mind, some of the 'science' they show is anecdotal and questionable at best

  • Krabby Krabby

    Krabby Krabby

    2 måneder siden

    Thanks for the suggestion

  • Eusebius Conrad Cuevas
    Eusebius Conrad Cuevas2 måneder siden

    i like that he says he works with the team of trainers and coaches

  • Eusebius Conrad Cuevas
    Eusebius Conrad Cuevas2 måneder siden

    u throwing his gatorade ads under the bus chef. shhhh haha

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    Cant take my eyes of his glasses.

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    Gq is you are readin this comment. Pls make more the assist videos they are the best vids ever and they get tons of views

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    He look like sleepy brown

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    i like the way u move

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    More videos like this GQ!

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    Loved this videos but that audio was awful

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    obviously not good enough with all his injuries

  • Calvin de Leon

    Calvin de Leon

    2 måneder siden

    Wade's play style got more to do with his injuries than his food lmao... You see him constantly falling to the ground even as he got older.

  • Krabby Krabby

    Krabby Krabby

    2 måneder siden

    That's your takeaway 🤦‍♂️

  • Liam


    2 måneder siden

    Well you gotta remember he’s gotten all those injuries because he played pretty recklessly for most of the game

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    I love thiese videos

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    Lebron James without the hair

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    More of these please helps out young athletes

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    Easy Way2 måneder siden

    Great video. Nutrition is very important for athletes of all levels in any sport. Doesn’t matter if it’s high school or professional, your diet will determine your performance.

  • R S
    R S2 måneder siden

    Anyone else find it weird when he said he would stay late at D Wade's house to make sure the fam is safe? 🤣 Here's some entangled noodles Gabriella

  • R S
    R S2 måneder siden

    I wish I had a private chef 😅 I'm loving this content tho

  • Gary Vincent Dela Cruz

    Gary Vincent Dela Cruz

    2 måneder siden

    if you're getting 10 Million a year, why not? :-)

  • TC747
    TC7472 måneder siden

    The NBA are a "useful idiots" for communist causes. The BLM is a Marxist front hellbent on the overthrow of the USA: • Must watch -- America is not racist -- Heather Mac Donald breaks down BLM, Cancel culture and Wokeness:

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    What makes a person put that thing on their head 🤦

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    Took me the whole video to realize that’s not glare on the glasses 😂

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    Lower down the music

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    So much good details in this vid. Great watch. Seems like a nice guy

  • Ryan Vega
    Ryan Vega2 måneder siden

    When I was in culinary school he came and judged my food...he said my shrimp and grits were cold, I forgot to heat up the plate smh

  • Nick Bullock

    Nick Bullock

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    @Ryan Vega thanks

  • TheQsanity


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    @Ryan Vega I do the microwave my plate too haha. My mom uses the stove to keep the plate hot

  • Orvyx


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    @Ryan Vega 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Vega

    Ryan Vega

    2 måneder siden

    Nick Bullock if your plate is microwave safe you can microwave them 1-3 minutes on high, or you can run hot water over your plates, run them through the dish washer, or hold your plates in a plate warmer or oven on low.

  • Nick Bullock

    Nick Bullock

    2 måneder siden

    How do you heat a plate?

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    Love learning what goes on behind the scenes with athletes!

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    If you wants to be consistent do it healthy

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    Agreed, keep it coming. Really liked this video and the chef’s humility. Cool to see the chef has been with DWade throughout his career.

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  • Sufyaan Virani
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    Dwyane was known for eating opponents hearts as well

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    Always love to listen to people explain their process when so much thought and care goes into it. I don't know when GQ started these interviews, but it's by far their best content.

  • Kanye Westbrook
    Kanye Westbrook2 måneder siden

    D Wade a legend, but I ain't gon ever forget that he needed a wheelchair for a shoulder injury.

  • 2010raquan


    2 måneder siden

    when u walk, your shoulders also move as well. so it's understandable why he used a wheelchair.