How Darius Leonard Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


Presented By McDonald's | Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard's first job was at a car wash when he was 13-years-old. Now he's on a cool four-year, $7.24M contract with the Colts, and that doesn't include the $$$ he brings in from endorsements. From $100K on his wedding to $280K on classic cars, find out everything Darius Leonard spent the first million dollars in the NFL on.

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How Darius Leonard Spent His First $1M in the NFL | My First Million | GQ Sports


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  • Ace Carinal
    Ace Carinal16 dager siden

    He spent like this with a financial advisor??? I guess he wasn't listening. His first 1 million dollars didn't include a single serious investment.

  • Arafat Sajja
    Arafat Sajja16 dager siden

    Black dudes ; I bought for mama a house, car etc. no mention of papa

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    8 cars his first year with his 1 mil.. Wow. Well at least he invested in 50 acres at a good deal.

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    Please do big Q next

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    Let Me Love U Please U Don't Love Me20 dager siden

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    Alexander Burt21 dag siden

    These should be titled, “how a black sports athletes goes poor!”

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    Keshav Dhamija

    11 dager siden

    Watch "Bill Burr 30 for 30 broke"

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    Jasir Samuel23 dager siden

    It'd be cool and amazing to see if hey could do Justin Jefferson How I spent my first million

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson23 dager siden

    If I was him I'd be too embarrassed about wasting all my money and wouldn't want anyone to know about it, this guy's a fool and if he isn't careful he's gonna be broke quick.

  • teehbobbbbyyy
    teehbobbbbyyy23 dager siden

    $100k wedding.. woah

  • New Life Goals LLC. McKnight
    New Life Goals LLC. McKnight24 dager siden

    Bruh you don't need to pay on student loan over time to build your credit. Don't be that guy paying student loans and spending $100K on cars. Your credit will be fine.

  • Hardy Alcala
    Hardy Alcala26 dager siden

    his statement on his brother on his chain is so painful yet heartwarming

  • Will Brench

    Will Brench

    25 dager siden

    Bro change ur pfp

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    This dude bouta get paiddddddd

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    i absolutely love this dude! glad he's with us!

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    Jahavan28 dager siden

    Love Darius as a colts fan

  • Bennett Shearin
    Bennett Shearin29 dager siden

    One of the smartest players in the nfl financially 💵. Even though he spends a lot, the way he invests his money and builds his credit is smart.

    JAXTWIN29 dager siden

    This dude is so down to earth, bro.

  • Cali Atl
    Cali Atl29 dager siden

    He know millionaires don’t need credit right?

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    He’s a beast!

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    G. Mendo29 dager siden

    Love how he did those parties for his community and the kids

  • Porker Pete

    Porker Pete

    Time siden

    They dont cate after its over. Stupid purchase.

  • Rigsby Gullett
    Rigsby Gullett29 dager siden

    Darius seems like such a big fish in a small pond guy

  • TheDoXiZ
    TheDoXiZ29 dager siden

    10:00 GLE 43 and they show a c43 XD

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell29 dager siden

    South Carolina cost of living being not much helped him out.

  • matussalvador21
    matussalvador21Måned siden

    Within the next year his salary will multiply by 10 is the crazy part

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    Dereck ClemonsMåned siden

    He seems chill and is very humble and never forgot about his family

  • O Koeppen
    O KoeppenMåned siden

    Man I would love to spend the 4th of July hanging with him !! Cool Dude

  • Raesyam
    RaesyamMåned siden

    I thought he was ROMELU LUKAKU .lol

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    Less talked about $500k taxes.

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    dude got cool cars and balls holes in his jeans. Milli

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    Can y’all get Lamar Jackson

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    Please do soccer players too like Pulic and them European superstars

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    out the mud sc state made😤

  • Late Notice
    Late NoticeMåned siden

    His girl went ham on that wedding. Jesus...the minute he gets drafted, she starts thinking about an extravagant wedding? "I ain't saying she a gold digger..."

  • Reaux Knows

    Reaux Knows

    Måned siden

    100k ain’t that much on a wedding 🤷🏾‍♂️ 3 months salary is what you’re supposed to spend on a wedding. He makes well over 33k per month so he got off easy with that 100k

  • Shiyon Gilchrist

    Shiyon Gilchrist

    Måned siden

    He been with her since high school she’s definitely not a gold digger

    MARK MARKMåned siden

    Spencer Cornelia where ya at bro😂😂

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    Dominique JeffersonMåned siden

    Mighty 6th D Represent!!! RQQ

  • ZayVsThem
    ZayVsThemMåned siden

    Darius: we have zero stoplights, zero restaurants Also Darius: my second job was working at a restaurant 😂

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    He said it was in a different town

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    My SC Patna!! Salute big Homie!!!

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    So rich and yet his jeans got holes on his crotch area 🤣🤣🤣

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    Still has student loans? Come on man

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    who needs 15 acres?

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    S.C. STAND UP!!! #864

  • braydon sandoval
    braydon sandovalMåned siden

    look at Leonard man, so inspirational.

  • Kevin G
    Kevin GMåned siden

    He sounds like absolute moron when he talks

  • Will Brench

    Will Brench

    Måned siden

    Its called accent. You can't really call him a moron when he's more successful then you will ever be

  • steven allen
    steven allenMåned siden

    Moms car 35k wife’s car 110k 🤔

  • Joaquín Enríquez
    Joaquín EnríquezMåned siden

    First mistake was getting married. Idiot.

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    you know with Marty KauffmanMåned siden

    Hey Graham should do a video on this

  • James McGee
    James McGeeMåned siden

    I’m you spent a million on cars, jewelry, clothes, and tattoos but didn’t pay off your college education I’m the only one concern about that? We lost

  • James McGee

    James McGee

    Måned siden

    He needs to fire his adviser asap! Lol unbelievable

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    He wants to build credit, he literally said that lol.

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    Man when we gon’ learn it’s about guns not butter

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    He’s gonna reset the market for linebacker

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    Caleb FranklinMåned siden

    Already a South Carolina legend !

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    Levi KendrickMåned siden

    $1m in the NFL is a lot of money.

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    Tony MontanaMåned siden

    My guy Darius! 🤙

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    I live in myrtle beach

  • Ricky
    RickyMåned siden

    That was me that passed by in the FedEx van at 2:54. Fun fact, I was delivering and Darius answered the door and we chopped it up and he told me he was recording for GQ

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    That’s so cool

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    That's awesome!

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    Such a nice guy

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    My boy “The Maniac” 😈 Go Colts

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    ANTO MANOMåned siden

    A good mother's boy, taking care of his mom as he should. Should never have bought the Mercedes if he intended to get her ,the wifey, a different car. Wasted and lost 30 plus thousand dollars on the trade in. Wish you the best, stay Country in your heart and in your ways. A true hero for being a role model to them kids.

  • Cesar Toledano
    Cesar ToledanoMåned siden

    Off his personality alone I’m a fan

    JOSAMAROOMåned siden

    Dudes about to get paid big $ soon. He didn't even mention the charity he's done. He bought Turkey's at Thanksgiving and Bicycles for the kids at Christmas. This dude is the real deal and he's the face of the Indianapolis Colts after only a few years.

  • James Fitzgerald
    James FitzgeraldMåned siden

    You can tell he’s such a humble guy

  • Piloteering Overlander
    Piloteering OverlanderMåned siden

    100k on a wedding. Wtf? On a single day? Wow

  • Piloteering Overlander

    Piloteering Overlander

    26 dager siden

    @mike allen yea but come on he could have spent $30k. He clearly went way over the top lol

  • mike allen

    mike allen

    26 dager siden

    considering how much weddings cost that actually not all that surprising

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew BrownMåned siden

    Played high school ball against him, he was the biggest trash talker on the field but everyone respected him on it too... lol

  • Chef_ RG.2
    Chef_ RG.2Måned siden

    Wait, wait😂😂 A town with no restaurants.......... My first job was a restaurant.........🤔🤔 How Sway, How?!

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    Real guy right there. never switched up

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    He’s a very likable dude.

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  • Mike
    MikeMåned siden

    He'll probably end up around or north of 15mil a year on his next contract considering he's an all pro.

  • Austin Jacks
    Austin JacksMåned siden

    Do Roquan Smith next

  • Samuel Poitier
    Samuel PoitierMåned siden

    One day I'm going to make a video on how I spend my first million

  • Sam Holder
    Sam HolderMåned siden

    seems like a nice dude - stays close to the roots. so many cars lol

  • ggsnubs
    ggsnubsMåned siden

    I wanna know how players with 2nd contracts and lots of endorsements spend their 20th million dollars

  • Joey Moyer
    Joey MoyerMåned siden

    He’s by far one of my favorite nfl players.... I’m a Jets fan

  • Alex Simmons
    Alex SimmonsMåned siden

    Almost everybody come back for these type of vids and the undercover ones do saquan

  • Jay Davis
    Jay DavisMåned siden

    That was a very good video! Darius is such a real downtown earth guy. Very well done Darius ! We all love you here in Indy Colts nation. Stay safe my friend ❤️

  • Brian D
    Brian DMåned siden

    Probably coke up his nose

  • Patrick Nettles

    Patrick Nettles

    Måned siden

    You are the coke head

    WHO ITSCALEB!!Måned siden

    South Carolina stand up

  • Clay McElyea
    Clay McElyeaMåned siden

    I’m not a colts fan but I love this guy

  • ClassicExampleBand
    ClassicExampleBandMåned siden

    That's how you end up broke, overspending for things that you should reign in the spending on...the money won't be coming in forever. The goal should be to be able to make all that money last the rest of your life. 78 percent of retired NFL players go broke, and most of them earn over a million dollars...a penny saved is a penny earned...hire an intelligent financial advisor with a track record of success, and a long list of clients who have protected their wealth, and not some family friend...there are people that do this professionally...

  • Will Brench

    Will Brench

    Måned siden

    @ClassicExampleBand hes a once in a generation lb talent i know he will

  • ClassicExampleBand


    Måned siden

    @Will Brench OK, I get your point and I hope he is smart enough to plan for the future...

  • Will Brench

    Will Brench

    Måned siden

    @ClassicExampleBand yeah but most of the money went to his mother in the video you dont see him spending most of his money on things like watches or jewelry. He spent it only for special occasions like his wedding and the car is essential for a guy like him. He would get bullied if he had a bad car

  • ClassicExampleBand


    Måned siden

    @Will Brench That is totally irrelevant. Allen Iverson lost $200 million, golfer John Daly lost 98 million, Antoine Walker lost 108 million, Mike Tyson lost over 300 million, Michael Vick lost 130 million, Scottie Pippen lost 120 million, Irish soccer player George Best lost 100 million, and the list goes on and on...

  • Will Brench

    Will Brench

    Måned siden

    Hes in line for a 6 year/100 million $ contract theres no way he goes broke

  • Leonel Franco
    Leonel FrancoMåned siden

    Darius and I have the same birthday 😁 who else can say they share their birthday with their FAVORITE NFL PLAYER??? Got my first NFL jersey last year and it was THE MANIAC 💯💯

  • Tyler Osso
    Tyler OssoMåned siden

    For a first million only 100k you could say wasn’t an investment, spent on family, or silly/fun stuff. Pretty respectable

  • Vinny DeVille
    Vinny DeVilleMåned siden

    75k I just can force myself to spend that much on jewelry

  • Vinny DeVille
    Vinny DeVilleMåned siden


  • Kenaichi Uchiha
    Kenaichi UchihaMåned siden

    No father

  • Kenaichi Uchiha

    Kenaichi Uchiha

    Måned siden

    @Rodney JENKINS its not an unjustified assumption. 8/10 african American children are in single mother households.

  • Rodney JENKINS

    Rodney JENKINS

    Måned siden

    Did you hear him say anything about father, he spoke on what he wanted us to know. Much respect...