How Conor McGregor's Nutritionists Help Him Cut Weight | The Assist | GQ Sports


Nutritionists George Lockhart and Dan Leith work with some of the top MMA fighters in the world. Learn how they helped Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier and Daniel Cormier cut weight before fights, from 24 hour fasts to hydration.
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How Conor McGregor's Nutritionists Help Him Cut Weight | The Assist | GQ Sports


  • Robert Dimitrelis
    Robert Dimitrelis27 dager siden

    Im so bored during quarantine, I cut weight everyday for fun.

  • Nolan First
    Nolan FirstMåned siden

    Food labels already take into account the thermogenic effect of the food

  • stuart smith
    stuart smith2 måneder siden

    Credible guys, But why are you both Overweight?? Great VID though! Glad you mentioned the fact that Calories are not equal. You know you can do more with yourselves..... Keep the info flo.

    EASTA KING2 måneder siden

    This coach sound like steeve o

  • Eoghan Higgins
    Eoghan Higgins3 måneder siden

    Mike Dolce is laughing

  • Unworthy
    Unworthy3 måneder siden

    I thought the guy on the thumbnail is johnny sins :/

  • Nicholas Heard
    Nicholas Heard3 måneder siden

    these two dudes are complete gems man, omg!!!

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith3 måneder siden

    Did he show him how to get choked out by a vegan?

  • sharky blub
    sharky blub3 måneder siden

    when did ty quit dudeperfect?

  • Victor Alcantara
    Victor Alcantara4 måneder siden

    This guy sounds like Denise Rodman

  • Nuno Moniz
    Nuno Moniz4 måneder siden

    Wow I didnt know it would be as complicated as this lol

  • VMike86
    VMike864 måneder siden

    9:52 WRONG. a Calorie is still a calorie.. Its like saying 10 yards isnt 10 yards because you walk it or drive it. A calorie is a specific and set measurement. He is also wrong about the thermogenic effect of protein. 40%!?? depending on the food source its 15 to 30% MAX..

  • Candace Mayes
    Candace Mayes4 måneder siden

    lockhart is buff tj miller

  • Rajat Sinha
    Rajat Sinha4 måneder siden


  • qwerty
    qwerty4 måneder siden

    This guy is Erlich Bachman if he started working out

  • David Baillie
    David Baillie4 måneder siden

    Not that it's mentioned in the video but it's dropping stupid amounts of water weight before the weigh in, hitting the weight, just about collapsing on stage and then pumping litres of fluid back into the body and weighing about 15lbs more on fight night. Also before the UFC drug testing ramped up using an iv drip to replenish fluids was a great way to hide performance enhancing drugs.

  • Hooked Toronto Fishing
    Hooked Toronto Fishing4 måneder siden

    how connor mcgregor lost weight turned into a how we met story real quick eh

  • Peter Podolsky
    Peter Podolsky4 måneder siden

    somebody knows the background music?

  • A poli
    A poli4 måneder siden

    This dude sounds like TJ Miller

  • Life Is Good
    Life Is Good4 måneder siden

    A quicker way to cut weight quickly and safely and having even more energy is going 100% Vegan. I know Carnivores don't want to hear it but it's the truth. Vegans recover way quicker after being pummeled.

  • Ahmed Alkhonji
    Ahmed Alkhonji4 måneder siden


  • Phil Gilbert
    Phil Gilbert4 måneder siden

    Dr Greg review coming soon

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee4 måneder siden

    Clickbait title, useless video.

  • Joel Doxtator
    Joel Doxtator4 måneder siden

    1:17 guy looks like a poster boy for steroid abuse. How much is nutrition and how much is pushing T3, T4 down the athletes throats? yeah, if you use thyroid hormones, you need a LOT more calories just to not bonk while cutting.

  • MATT Damon
    MATT Damon4 måneder siden

    1 smart guy and 1 guy is STEVO LUL

  • Travis VanderLaan
    Travis VanderLaan4 måneder siden

    Where do you find the certificate?

  • ltcavelier5
    ltcavelier54 måneder siden

    George Lockhart is TJ Miller without hair and a beard.

  • hirawstra8edge
    hirawstra8edge4 måneder siden

    you looked at the WHO oh dear, never a place you want to look at regarding health, they're one of the most corrupt organizations in the planet, well ell we all make mistakes.

  • WhiteIsTheWolf
    WhiteIsTheWolf4 måneder siden

    This guy sounding like if dmx was a nutritionist

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty4 måneder siden

    years of inbreeding

  • Julian's Mode
    Julian's Mode4 måneder siden

    George low carb

  • RacerInTraining
    RacerInTraining4 måneder siden

    So this was just an advertisement for them and their company. There was absolutely no value added information to the viewer, just self promotion..

  • Event Horizon Productions

    Event Horizon Productions

    7 dager siden

    Lmao - you're not an especially smart human are you?

  • First Last

    First Last

    3 måneder siden

    There was info may not be what you wanted but to say there wasn't is false

  • Stefan Hermann

    Stefan Hermann

    4 måneder siden

    thanks for letting me know before i watched!

  • BxbbIy


    4 måneder siden


  • bat speling
    bat speling4 måneder siden

    lotta who, little how :/

  • Palash Shukla
    Palash Shukla5 måneder siden

    The bald guy reminds me of T.J. Miller for some reason.

  • yuuup
    yuuup5 måneder siden

    They don't really talk that much about what they're actually doing, just dropping names lol

  • AnsonYT


    2 måneder siden

    Theyve already all been fired and exposed as frauds

  • First Last

    First Last

    3 måneder siden

    Huh?? They are talking about what they're doing enough lol

  • Stefan Wolf

    Stefan Wolf

    4 måneder siden

    You don't give away your secrets. Specially when it's your competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Timmy
    Timmy5 måneder siden

    He sounds like steevo

  • BloopinBlopin
    BloopinBlopin5 måneder siden

    God I can't listen to the guy on the left talk for 11 minutes without my brain cutting weight

  • Rion Shikder
    Rion Shikder5 måneder siden

    Guys, I think we found one of Dennis Rodman's siblings

  • MarLone
    MarLone5 måneder siden

    8:09 Conor Mcgregor

  • HIVE777
    HIVE7775 måneder siden

    I like how they are not using the word “keto”................ not fooling me

  • Theorist
    Theorist5 måneder siden

    Before nutrition, George Lockhart owned Lickity Splitz near Lake of the Ozarks

  • nickgen123
    nickgen1235 måneder siden

    ever heard of a calorie deficit?

  • Lil_brohammad
    Lil_brohammad5 måneder siden

    Does it also helps him retire??

  • Yowel
    Yowel5 måneder siden

    This dude has no nutritional background. Take what he says with a grain of salt

  • Vivien Dina
    Vivien Dina5 måneder siden

    I love how you can tell they're bestfriends by the way they talk- that's a powerful duo rightful

  • Tyler Miles
    Tyler Miles5 måneder siden

    Calories in and calories out - there’s no magic to it. Burn more calories than you consume = weight loss. Everything else is marketing bs

  • Andradé
    Andradé5 måneder siden

    these guys dropped gems here

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez5 måneder siden

    When look at Lockhart you do not expect the amount of knowledge he spits out.

  • Jaroslaw Sztaba
    Jaroslaw Sztaba5 måneder siden

    dude sounds like stevo

  • Joe Craft
    Joe Craft5 måneder siden

    i kind of find it funny that i have been doing some of things i hear you guys do for your weight cutting programs, but i have been doing mine personally for a few years shorter. people do not listen to me though, as they do not get it. also, i am poor at explaining in great detail.

  • Damn Son
    Damn Son5 måneder siden

    Why do MMA nutritionists look like they need a nutritionist.

  • John Jacob
    John Jacob5 måneder siden

    “I certainly dont love this ugly f... guy”

  • Risling Podium Performance
    Risling Podium Performance5 måneder siden

    Conor did far better under Eoin Lacey and the Irish Strength Institute team when doing his weight cuts. Listen to the Rogan podcast and you see how little he knows on nutrition, its all "you know what i mean", its all bro hype

  • Chris Crespo
    Chris Crespo5 måneder siden

    DMX voice

  • Larkey Larke
    Larkey Larke5 måneder siden

    His voice makes me tired of talking.

  • bovis
    bovis5 måneder siden

    song names?

  • Can Hamaloglu
    Can Hamaloglu5 måneder siden

    the guy on the left is dubbed by Erlich Bachman on HBO series, Silicon Valley

  • John Doe
    John Doe5 måneder siden

    Maybe just give props to these guys without using Conor as click bait

  • d4 wtvr
    d4 wtvr5 måneder siden


  • Tavion Parrish
    Tavion Parrish5 måneder siden

    This who Tank needs

  • DontCallMeZilla
    DontCallMeZilla6 måneder siden

    Wow those #’s and those deadlines are pretty drastic, but really impressive. Just a genuine question - the methods fighters use to cut weight to make a fight (diet/fast/exercise wise), are they okay for someone (not a fighter, just trying to get in shape) trying to lose weight/cut body fat in general?

  • Drewb18c1
    Drewb18c16 måneder siden

    True story I lost 6 lbs in 12 hrs. It's super easy. Just run for 12 hours. For real though it was actually fascinating observing myself try to put the weight back on. That was way harder than I expected and it gave me an interesting insight into what fighters go though between weigh in and their fight. Obviously they don't water cut by running an ultramarathon, so maybe that makes it easier to rehydrate? I was still underweight and not firing on all cylinders 48 hours later lol

  • Common Knowledge
    Common Knowledge6 måneder siden

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to cut weight to fight liver failure

  • griffin klautky
    griffin klautky6 måneder siden

    cutting is different for everyone, just need to put that out there for people who think they can replicate this exact routine

  • griffin klautky

    griffin klautky

    6 måneder siden

    David Witt yea but not everyone can use the same deficit

  • David Witt

    David Witt

    6 måneder siden

    A calorie deficit can be used by everyone.

  • Rohanjeet Das
    Rohanjeet Das6 måneder siden

    The background score sounds like Coffin Dance meme song.

  • Phillip Christensen
    Phillip Christensen6 måneder siden

    These guys are namedropping like there is no tomorrow

  • Noah
    Noah6 måneder siden

    Great video. I love UFC and glad to see it getting some love.

  • x SpinDrift
    x SpinDrift6 måneder siden

    How to put a fighters name in a video to assist in getting payed. Our products and methods are scientifically talked about and includes real flannel, so you know it's good.

  • Baha Qadi
    Baha Qadi6 måneder siden

    George Lockhart looks and sounds like Tj Miller if he was in shape

  • July Stylez
    July Stylez6 måneder siden

    This guy does not know what is he doing lol. Conor was out of shape and gassed in all his fights.

  • Naldo
    Naldo6 måneder siden

    demi lovato?????????

  • The greatest of All time
    The greatest of All time6 måneder siden

    I need this I have a huge weight cut and don’t know what to do

  • The greatest of All time

    The greatest of All time

    6 måneder siden

    Stephen constantinou ok thanks

  • Stephen constantinou

    Stephen constantinou

    6 måneder siden

    Last Tkd fast food and only drink water with aminos after working out. Drink 120oz of water per day with small meals then the last day do a dry fast and don’t drink water or food for 24hrs make sure you are active during this day do some minimal bike riding or some swimming or basket ball or light sparring. It’s intense but you will make weight

  • David Vega
    David Vega6 måneder siden

    Where were you when Johnny Hendricks needed you 😤

  • Sushi Uchiha
    Sushi Uchiha6 måneder siden

    Why does Lockheart sound like DMX? Lol

  • Ibra020_
    Ibra020_6 måneder siden

    He looks like Cerrone

  • Rey_ 07
    Rey_ 076 måneder siden

    Bald guy sounds like tony robbins

  • Clyde Erwin Barretto
    Clyde Erwin Barretto6 måneder siden

    Lockhart has also had numerous fighters miss weight under his supervision and the guy has no educational background in nutrition. Sure, experience in MMA goes a long way. But on numerous podcasts he sounds like he's just selling snake oil rather than being able to actually talk about the science of nutrition.

  • not AKM
    not AKM6 måneder siden

    yall needa hit up DJ khaled and Rick Ross

  • marco veronese
    marco veronese6 måneder siden

    But they are not to skinny .. 🙈

  • no name
    no name6 måneder siden

    you both are uneducated ignorant fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol WOW~!

  • UrquiagaBro
    UrquiagaBro6 måneder siden

    George sounds like he has Drill Instructor syndrome. As far as his voice goes lol.

  • TypicallyUnique
    TypicallyUnique6 måneder siden

    This is very interesting to me

  • Drew Fleming
    Drew Fleming6 måneder siden

    I'm not a huge MMA fan(I love boxing), but this is really good, interesting stuff that obviously carries over to boxing as well. Good video.

  • Chaos Burrito
    Chaos Burrito6 måneder siden

    Good grief. The homophobia's deep! Get over yourselves. If you don't love your friends, there's something wrong with you!

  • Madafaka Benny
    Madafaka Benny6 måneder siden

    He sounds exactly like tj miller

  • Yo Adrian
    Yo Adrian6 måneder siden

    Andy Ruiz needs to call you ASAP lol cause that guy needs help his first fight that got him the championship he said he would lose weight be lighter the second fight but what happen he was heavier lol

  • Ben Gebo
    Ben Gebo6 måneder siden

    Engaging, informative, helpful. Thanks.

  • young Vegeta
    young Vegeta6 måneder siden

    Whats the instrumental at 8:06??

  • Pouya Esfahani
    Pouya Esfahani6 måneder siden

    George used to teach mma/kickboxing and some bjj at UFC veteran Brian Stann's gym, Warrior Legion, in Alpharetta, Ga which I attended before he blew up big, 2013. He's a cool guy and I remember he'd always play the same stupid Flo-rida song during kickboxing so when I complained he'd intentionally play it and say it's for me. Glad he's doing so good.

  • Melvin Collins
    Melvin Collins6 måneder siden

    So what not to do if you want stamina.

  • Connor Roberts
    Connor Roberts6 måneder siden

    this is just an advert

  • Jerm Stone
    Jerm Stone6 måneder siden

    I wish the MMA organizations would ALL get rid of weight cutting. Fighters shouldn't be walking around 15-30lbs heavier than their fight weight. They should be required to stay within 10 lbs of their fight weight on their contracts.

  • Sanket Badjate
    Sanket Badjate6 måneder siden

    He needs to put on some muscle because he looks weak and perform weak as well

  • KingB
    KingB6 måneder siden

    NOlocal begged me to watch this video.... it was in my feed every day.

  • Harold B.
    Harold B.6 måneder siden

    More videos of/about people in MMA!!!

  • The Best of Realm Royale
    The Best of Realm Royale6 måneder siden

    He has to be related to Steve-O like that voice is like pre Steve-O

  • Tom Gold
    Tom Gold6 måneder siden

    Also the roast of George Lockhart

  • Jord Lev
    Jord Lev6 måneder siden

    It’s called PEDs

  • Justin Cunningham
    Justin Cunningham6 måneder siden

    So glad the mentioned thermogenesis

  • Hanoi Tripper
    Hanoi Tripper6 måneder siden

    I can hear dolce whining “ zero integrity george”