How Bryson DeChambeau Gained 50 lbs to Break Tiger Woods' Driving Record | The Assist | GQ Sports


Golfer Bryson DeChambeau approached trainer Greg Roskopf and told him he wanted to be the longest driver on the PGA tour. A year and a half later, he's hitting golf balls like he's Happy Gilmore. Join Greg as he breaks down how he developed the weight training regiment that helped Bryson DeChambeau break Tiger Woods' record for longest average drive on the tour.
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How Bryson DeChambeau Gained 50 lbs to Break Tiger Woods' Driving Record | The Assist | GQ Sports


  • 902nick
    902nickDag siden

    Tear muscle fiber down eat lots there's no secret lol

  • Diogenes' Lantern
    Diogenes' Lantern21 dag siden

    Wilco Nienaber averages 1 yard less than Bryson and he is a pencil. He has a far more elegant swing too. Alas, I like them both.

  • william elliott
    william elliott29 dager siden

    great video--really good job...

  • Obed Luyilama-Nvuala
    Obed Luyilama-NvualaMåned siden

    Soccer next

  • Mike Stocklosa
    Mike Stocklosa2 måneder siden

    How do you gain 50lbs

  • Andrew Gibbs
    Andrew Gibbs2 måneder siden

    Tiger Woods - longest average drive record? Surely not. Surely it must have been John Daly!!

  • todd smith
    todd smith2 måneder siden

    50 pounds of "muscle" in a year and a half? Either he's taking PEDS or he did not gain 50 pounds of pure muscle, which one is it?

  • elr
    elr3 måneder siden

    First: it is impossible to gain 40 pounds of muscle without taking steroids. Second: if one calculates a driving distance to weight ratio of tour players then there are other players who are longer! Dustin, Rory, Tony Justin, etc....are more efficient because they have better swings.Pga should test for steroids and related stuff. But is the Pga really interested to find foulplay?

  • Rapsheets
    Rapsheets3 måneder siden

    Cool. He took PEDs

    WOOF WOLF3 måneder siden

    it's not 50lbs in muscle... lets say he took 20 lbs of fluid away... another 10-20lbs of his actual muscle would go to... So he may have put on 15-20lb of actual muscle. That is incredible. I'd rather see Bryson take away some of his fluid. Play it smarter - be healthier...Still going to hit it long...Golf is an ART. Step back a bit Bryson-take a breath in... Not a huff n a buff like he's doing... But heh i haven't got a Major... i just can't see how gaining more access bodyweight is going to be his best option. I wish somebody could tell him to to be smarter with his body weight....

  • Jake Wagner
    Jake Wagner3 måneder siden

    Did anyone else just watch GM golf do this routine with Bryson

  • Richard H
    Richard H4 måneder siden

    No even watching the video he trains hard and knows what to eat, the people who say steroids are probably butthurt they're skinny and think you need steroids.

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre4 måneder siden

    Can I use these exercises for baseball

  • R S

    R S

    Måned siden

    Yes. MAT is for anybody, athlete or non-athlete. Find a certified MAT Specialist near you, though. It wasn't just lifting weights for Bryson. It was the combined process of MAT + weight regimen (+ nutrition, of course).

  • Thomas Lahr
    Thomas Lahr4 måneder siden

    At 270 he is going to be obese.

  • Carmen Caliente
    Carmen Caliente4 måneder siden


  • The IceMan
    The IceMan4 måneder siden

    *50+ lbs.

  • Richard D
    Richard D4 måneder siden

    Innovation in club design and swing is the key takeaway for me!

  • p b
    p b4 måneder siden

    very puzzling, how does he naturally assimilate all those proteins he takes without excreting the excess? Naturally, a young man can assimilate a maximum of 1/2 gram of protein per Lbs of bodyweight no matter how much he works out, unless....

  • M V
    M V4 måneder siden

    It’s called PED

  • Rick Hattersley
    Rick Hattersley4 måneder siden

    15 lbs of muscle and 35 lbs of water weight.

  • Play Vintage Golf
    Play Vintage Golf4 måneder siden

    What driving distance record are they even talking about?

  • Jackbbb17
    Jackbbb174 måneder siden

    Man steroids do wonders!

  • AK49 VT14
    AK49 VT144 måneder siden

    He ran a Sarms cycle Why do you think he was showing off his abs. Sorry it is physically impossible to put on that much Weight in that little time without getting fat. Especially the way he was eating. And for us who know firsthand he is obviously off cycle and is getting fat cause he thought he could just keep eating like he was while he was on. You can see his belly getting bigger 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jimmy Vespe Golf
    Jimmy Vespe Golf4 måneder siden

    Let's be 100% clear mr clickbait. Bryson probably gained about 15 - 20 lbs of muscle and the rest was fat. I believe he was 200 before this journey, and is around 235 now, and trust me there are zero abs on that body showing. I'll take DJs basketball player build any day of the week for distance and golfing longevity.

  • S7ete Racing
    S7ete Racing4 måneder siden

    He got fat

  • John Lee
    John Lee4 måneder siden

    Bryson definitely did not take steroids. If he did take steroids while on this bulk, he would have this 3D looking shoulders, and his arms would have bicep peaks. It's funny how the title of this video says "gained 50lbs.." 50 lbs of what? lol It is easy to go on a caloric surplus, lift weights, and gained weight. It's one thing to gain fat, one thing to gain muscle. Professional bodybuilders that take steroids and compete for a living know how hard it is to gain 50 lbs of pure muscle in a year. If you stay injury free, take steroids, always getting sufficient amount of rest/sleep, strict diet, always training hard consistently all year round, stay stress free, then yeah its possible to gain maybe 30-40 lbs of pure muscle. Bryson did not gained 50 lbs of pure muscle, if anything he maybe gained at the most 15 lbs of muscle, and that's a big if. The rest was definitely fat.

  • Dougie Barnard
    Dougie Barnard4 måneder siden

    Bryson is the only golfer willing to take the enormous risk of injury or risk of ruining his swing by gaining 40+ lbs and rebuilding his swing entirely. It paid off at the U.S. Open but it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.

  • Kim Wieslaw
    Kim Wieslaw4 måneder siden

    I like watching Bryson ..but you can’t beat a touch player 🏌️‍♀️ Seve 😀

  • johndim11
    johndim114 måneder siden

    Bet he would have gotten better results if he had squatted, deadlifted, and pressed!

  • raha1277
    raha12774 måneder siden

    Let me save you 15 mins, HGH

  • Massey Family Fun
    Massey Family Fun4 måneder siden

    I only came here to see what Dr. Greg has to say

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis4 måneder siden

    Its impossible to gain that much muscle naturally! Diminishing returns. He's gonna F up and screw his game. He's not that smart apparently...

  • Peter Lougheed
    Peter Lougheed4 måneder siden


  • Daniel Lin
    Daniel Lin4 måneder siden

    lots of haters still hate him after watching this.

  • Kristin W.
    Kristin W.4 måneder siden

    Great video - amazing golf-driving-record & milestone - Go Bryson&Greg!

  • Steven Elliott,Jr.
    Steven Elliott,Jr.5 måneder siden

    Greg doucette is going to make one on this

  • #skillsets
    #skillsets5 måneder siden

    He’s gained predominantly body fat. Not that I’m saying that it’s a bad thing and it has worked for him, but look at his chest and waist. It’s not 50lbs of muscle, it’s probably more 40lbs of fat, 7lbs of muscle and 3lbs water weight

  • RC
    RC5 måneder siden

    u people r on crack if u think that is what being sauced to the gills looks like after 2-3 years.🤣

  • Kent Hanna
    Kent Hanna5 måneder siden

    His strength gain wouldn't be uncharacteristic if he was on gear.

  • andrew cobb

    andrew cobb

    4 måneder siden

    Correct. I rather doubt he's on gear. He is obsessive, good lad, though that back may crumble, in due course. Old uk duffer here, just saying :)

  • jonny daly
    jonny daly5 måneder siden

    I didn't think he was taking steroids until this guy denied Bryson was taking steroids out of nowhere.

  • gripitandripit
    gripitandripit5 måneder siden

    For those wondering about what record this guy is talking about Bryson beating Tiger, here it is. “Over the four rounds at Detroit Golf Club, Bryson DeChambeau set a new driving distance record for a winner by averaging an incredible 350.6 yards off the tee. The previous record was set by Tiger at The Open Championship at St. Andrews in 2005, where he averaged 341.5.”

  • Daniel Stimpson

    Daniel Stimpson

    4 måneder siden

    and saint andrews is like a parking lot.. ball rolls forever...

  • Chopper 9166
    Chopper 91665 måneder siden

    He juiced!

  • Liam’s Baker
    Liam’s Baker5 måneder siden

    Well still can’t hit the ball straight. Muscle is great but consistency is better.

  • Ryan Cooper
    Ryan Cooper5 måneder siden

    There’s not enough respect on Bryson. Guy works like crazy to get better and improve his game. All the people saying “golf isn’t meant to be played this way” need to accept that things change.

  • Matthew J
    Matthew J5 måneder siden

    And Augusta National just put him back in his place. Golf wasn't made to be played this way. He should be in long drive championship.

  • Arthur Radley
    Arthur Radley5 måneder siden

    So he can drive it a mile. Impressive. But can he do this?

  • arvandero
    arvandero5 måneder siden


  • James fourseven
    James fourseven5 måneder siden

    Every single one of you who actually think he gained 50lbs of muscle your complete morons , That is impossible even for a Olympia level Body builder . If he gained 50lbs it's water and fat and maybe at most 5-10lbs of muscle . Your body gains muscle in ounces and grams not pounds , so the guy who made this video is equally a moron .

  • MX after 30
    MX after 305 måneder siden

    LoL, “No way he’s on steroids”.... Then he has the best genetics ever seen.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson5 måneder siden

    He's hitting bombs, but he learned the hard way at the Masters that distance isn't everything. There's no way he can get to 275lbs. without getting fat or taking steroids and both of those are bad ideas.

  • elr


    2 måneder siden

    First: gaining 40 pounds of MUSCLE without steroids is impossible ! ! ! Every athlete knows that. PGA should test but probably won't, its against their interest to find foul play, right?! Second: if one calculates a driving distance to player's weight ratio, Mr. DeChambeau is by far not first. There are plenty of others who can hit it a mile and weigh a lot less !

  • andrew cobb

    andrew cobb

    4 måneder siden

    Fatter, sure, not roids. Obsessive. Enjoy whilst you can, as he risks back crumble. Old uk duffer here, just saying :)

  • joeblowmha
    joeblowmha5 måneder siden

    Needs to squat!

  • joe john2
    joe john25 måneder siden

    50 lbs in 18 month is totally enhanced. This guy is fake news/ damage control. Its like he's reading a script. He is misleading the youth and making money while doing it. Only in America!

  • Kathy Sandow
    Kathy Sandow5 måneder siden

    Thank you Greg for sharing this information. What your doing is helping all people who are in pain or have physical limitations in life--golfers and non- golfers. What you're doing is so worthwhile it must be extremely satisfying for you, helping so many people!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Todd Sandow PGA

  • Joshua Bros
    Joshua Bros5 måneder siden

    Who??!? Cares

  • walid khan
    walid khan5 måneder siden

    "no way that he's taken steroids" 😂🤣😂

  • andrew cobb

    andrew cobb

    4 måneder siden

    If he was taking roids, his fat accumulation would be less. I'm guessing he's an obsessive, good luck to him. Old uk duffer here :)

  • Victor Merino
    Victor Merino5 måneder siden

    So he gained 45 pounds of fat

  • keaton burress
    keaton burress5 måneder siden

    What I’m still trying to understand and if someone could explain to me. How he gain such muscle mass and weight but still maintain and increase his flexibility and speed through the ball.

  • T Rex

    T Rex

    5 måneder siden

    Its 15 lbs of Muscle and 35 lbs of FAT!

  • dan fearon
    dan fearon5 måneder siden

    I gained fifty pounds as secret weapon you ask...potato chips

  • Stripe1
    Stripe15 måneder siden

    That’s hip flexion they’re showing, not extension

  • A B
    A B5 måneder siden

    Why do people keep bringing steroids? He gained a lot of muscle and fat. Guys who juice gain pure muscle and get shredded. He just bulked up. He works out hard and eats a ton of calories.

  • Kent Hanna

    Kent Hanna

    5 måneder siden

    Because 20lbs in 3 months is a lot.

  • R S

    R S

    5 måneder siden

    Exactly. Unfortunately, as is the youtube way, there are lots of children on here who have no idea what they're talking about who just spread hate. These are the class envy/participation trophy losers who, rather than take accountability for their own actions, engage in projection all day anonymously. Sad people.

  • T Rex
    T Rex5 måneder siden

    The fact is that it's NOT 50 lbs of Muscle! Without PED's 8 - 10 lbs of Muscle is possible a year. Unless Bryson has discovered a new way of training, food, and supplements that Natural Body Builders have not discovered. DeChambeau is now sporting a Ponch belly. I love to see DeChambeau's Hydrostatic weighing test results?

  • Charles Michael
    Charles Michael5 måneder siden

    Please explain the increase in hat size then guy? Maybe not roids but hgh at the least.....

  • Jon B
    Jon B5 måneder siden

    Just bc you put on 50lbs doesn't mean it's all muscle.

  • Diamond Geezer
    Diamond Geezer5 måneder siden

    More like 50 lbs of fat - annoys me all the commentators saying he’s gained 50lbs of muscle. In two years that’s laughable!!

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor5 måneder siden

    Fair play to him but he's gained 50lbs of weight, lets not get that mixed up with 50lb of muscle which after competing on various strongman tours i can assure you is not possible in 2 years let alone 6 months, 15 lbs of muscle tissue max

  • isaac alzate

    isaac alzate

    2 måneder siden

    Actually your wrong 25 pounds of muscle is possibly in 1 year but that is wuth perfect nutrtion,excercise,and plus recovery but after that only 10 and thats with the most elite genetics

  • Luke
    Luke5 måneder siden

    I bet he’s glad he can now hit the ball 300 metres into the bush

  • Tom Spencer

    Tom Spencer

    5 måneder siden

    You’re an idiot lol

  • Roland Sievers
    Roland Sievers5 måneder siden

    And what good does it do?! He is about to miss the cut at The Masters while a 63 year old German named Bernhard Langer made the cut at 3 Under Par shooting rounds of 68 and 73 respectively. 😂😂😂

  • elr


    2 måneder siden

    First: gaining 40 pounds of MUSCLE without steroids is impossible ! ! ! Every athlete knows that. PGA should test but probably won't, its against their interest to find foul play, right?! Second: if one calculates a driving distance to player's weight ratio, Mr. DeChambeau is by far not first. There are plenty of others who can hit it a mile and weigh a lot less !

  • Dick Beale

    Dick Beale

    5 måneder siden

    One bad tournament does not define him. I predict he will go on to win many more tournaments.

  • Dick Beale

    Dick Beale

    5 måneder siden

    Well he won the US Open missing more fairways than any winner in history. At some point length matters when every par 5 is a par 4, and you’re hitting wedges into par 4s. One tournament

  • Tom Spencer

    Tom Spencer

    5 måneder siden

    A US Open for starters....millions of dollars and all the potential in the world. But yeah...great comment 🙄

  • mrjamesgrimes
    mrjamesgrimes5 måneder siden

    Call it 20 of muscle and 30 lbs of fat..... dude is a chub

  • roger slater
    roger slater5 måneder siden

    I think you need to look to the body building world to find the real reason why he has got so much bigger 💉💉💉💊💊💊. Get real .

  • CJ Braunstein
    CJ Braunstein5 måneder siden

    Too bad all that “muscle” can’t equal good putting🤷‍♂️ guy is in danger of missing the cut at Augusta because he can’t keep the ball straight and he can’t putt. But good thing he can hit it far!

  • Kent Hanna

    Kent Hanna

    5 måneder siden

    His short game and putting are actually pretty good.

  • 104th_Maverick


    5 måneder siden

    He won the US open you fool, you don't become the first player to win at Winged Foot under par since 1955 without knowing how to put dumbass.

  • Mudd Whistle
    Mudd Whistle5 måneder siden

    I would say 25 lbs of muscle, max, the rest fat

  • Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    5 måneder siden

    No doubt

  • sean yore
    sean yore5 måneder siden

    What he has done is incredibly impressive! However to say that he has gained 50lbs of muscle is totally ridiculous he has gained a considerable amount of fat.

  • kyle frost

    kyle frost

    2 måneder siden

    @T Rex The average male can hope to gain about 40 pounds of actual muscle over a lifetime. Maybe 8-10 pounds a year for the first couple, but that slows down considerably after that.

  • elr


    3 måneder siden

    @T Rex I absolutely agree with you. Cannot be done without !

  • elr


    3 måneder siden

    @J Peterreins no way to gain 40 or even 50 pounds of muscle without steroids, impossible, not even 20 pounds in 3 months! But the PGA won't test anyway - its not in their interest to find foul play. And tests don't detect all available drugs! So you are save too !

  • Rapsheets


    3 måneder siden

    Plus he took PEDs

  • Kent Hanna

    Kent Hanna

    4 måneder siden

    @Christian Wallis a bit bigger? He hardly looks like the same guy. It's like Barry Bonds before and afters.

  • runningkirk wa
    runningkirk wa5 måneder siden

    I have my 75th full marathon this sunday. Bryson's fat but would probably fail after 2 miles

  • fidel jr rodriguez
    fidel jr rodriguez5 måneder siden

    Yeah he had to gain muscle just to break tigers record!!! Tiger was all natural!!!

  • sjb610
    sjb6105 måneder siden

    50 lbs of muscle lmaooooooo

  • Sean Jenkins
    Sean Jenkins5 måneder siden

    Check on his back in 5 years

  • Michael Tesmer
    Michael Tesmer5 måneder siden

    It's just chicken, rice, and broccoli guys

  • Janoy Cresva
    Janoy Cresva5 måneder siden

    "its not steroids....its my program" LOL sure bud.

  • Kent Hanna

    Kent Hanna

    5 måneder siden

    Right, if it was true then pro bodybuilders wouldn't need steroids. They could just use Bryson's program.

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson5 måneder siden

    “50 pounds of muscle” is laughable. 95% of that weight is fat. It’s not to say it doesn’t help you drive the ball further... but this guy became mildly obese lol

  • Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson

    4 måneder siden

    @andrew cobb You understand that 95% of his weight gain being fat would still leave +3 lb of muscle... which in 4-6 months is pretty impressive

  • andrew cobb

    andrew cobb

    4 måneder siden

    95% fat is inaccurate. Check out his lats. Old uk duffer here :)

  • Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson

    5 måneder siden

    @Oggygolfer 66 really informative vid actually speaking facts

  • Sam Johnson

    Sam Johnson

    5 måneder siden

    @Rob O'Sullivan Do you know what 50 lbs of muscle would look like on his frame?? Even 10 lbs would be crazy. The guy got "big" as in "fat" lol. Not saying it doesnt help your golf game...more weight (not more muscle) = more power.

  • Anton Benitez

    Anton Benitez

    5 måneder siden

    @Rob O'Sullivan u def never lifted weights

  • ad mobile4
    ad mobile45 måneder siden

    Muscles ☑️ Speed ☑️ Joints wear and tear?: time will tell the tale.

  • Stefan Pete

    Stefan Pete

    5 måneder siden

    Joints and muscle are stronger and better with the training.

  • Alex


    5 måneder siden

    @Pablo Montilla All that playing soldier he did wasn't helping either

  • Pablo Montilla

    Pablo Montilla

    5 måneder siden

    Ask tiger if golf was good to his spine

  • Jason Hawk
    Jason Hawk5 måneder siden


  • Gavin Cunningham
    Gavin Cunningham5 måneder siden

    50lbs of muscle... No chance... Even bodybuilders don't gaine half as much that in a year... Especially in muscle

  • Dennis Sparks
    Dennis Sparks5 måneder siden

    I have no idea if Bryson has used PEDS (most of these are not steroids!) or not BUT most of the weight gains happened in a 3-4 month period (reportedly 30 lbs). It looks suspicious to me and of course he wouldn’t admit it he was on PEDS.

  • Kent Hanna

    Kent Hanna

    5 måneder siden

    @Stefan Pete search youtube for 'bryson natty or not".

  • Dennis Sparks

    Dennis Sparks

    5 måneder siden

    @Stefan Pete , not necessarily...he could still be taking low dose SARMS.

  • Stefan Pete

    Stefan Pete

    5 måneder siden

    He is not on PEDs. It took him almost two years. And he didn’t gain that much muscle. And besides ... if he would be on PEDs...then by now he would have lost all his gains,

  • Patrick McGowan
    Patrick McGowan5 måneder siden

    he's about to enter snap city

  • Deedo Hopkins

    Deedo Hopkins

    Måned siden

    Why do you say that? I’m literally asking so I don’t enter snap city as well

  • Secret C
    Secret C5 måneder siden

    when he said "No squats, No Deadlifts, No bench press" that really appealed to me. Hate those lifts.

  • A N
    A N5 måneder siden

    Just watched a 63 year old Bernhard Langer shoot -3 at the Masters. That's the beauty of golf, all shapes, sizes and strategies can be competitive.

  • T Rex

    T Rex

    3 måneder siden

    Note Langer BEAT Tiger Woods!

  • Weston Giles

    Weston Giles

    4 måneder siden

    Pretty irrelevant really.

  • Dtyler171


    4 måneder siden

    And I bet you any amount of money that Bernhard was hoping to perform better. The level of skill he has retained into his senior years, is nothing short of incredible.

  • Carfalog


    4 måneder siden

    Absolutely. Also Justin Thomas is just 5’10” 160 lbs and a top 3 player in the world

  • John Ritchey
    John Ritchey5 måneder siden

    I'm pretty sure the only record that tiger cares about is 82 and 18.

  • Joel Driver
    Joel Driver5 måneder siden

    F=MA is not in any way related to what Bryson did. That has to do with explaining how much force an object has if it's traveling and how much the force increases if it's bigger and going faster. That's pretty funny though. All Bryson is really doing is swinging much harder and much faster. I really don't see how adding 50 pounds had anything to do with this. Tiger was much longer when he was skinny as a rail than when he gained weight. I'm not buying it.

  • John Thayer

    John Thayer

    5 måneder siden

    Really confusing you don't understand increased mass is what allows him to swing "harder and faster" it's not magic.

  • Colton Lohn
    Colton Lohn5 måneder siden

    My man clearly doesn’t understand Newton’s second law.

  • Danny O'Hare
    Danny O'Hare5 måneder siden

    I would do anything alive to be trained by this man

  • ZiPolishHammer
    ZiPolishHammer5 måneder siden

    Bryson simultaneously talking about wanting to get to 270 lbs AND wanting to live to 130. The big die young, pick one

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson5 måneder siden

    Spinal fusion surgery has entered the chat

  • Tom Spencer

    Tom Spencer

    4 måneder siden

    @A N no lol they are not at all. You go look because you’re clearly trolling and do not watch golf. Maybe 3 out of the top 10 in the owgr are jacked the rest are all lean.

  • A N

    A N

    5 måneder siden

    @Tom Spencer That's actually a true statement. Look at the top PGA tour players they are all jacked now. Even Rory Mcilroy is pretty strong. All the girly men can beat the big boys anymore.

  • Tom Spencer

    Tom Spencer

    5 måneder siden

    @A N That is such an ignorant statement lmao I mean wow....I hope you are trolling.

  • A N

    A N

    5 måneder siden

    More muscle = Less injury prone

  • William MacDonald
    William MacDonald5 måneder siden

    50 lbs of muscle in 1 1/2 many others in the recorded history of sports has anyone else done this without illegal supplements?

  • Adonis King

    Adonis King

    5 måneder siden

    15-20 muscle, which is good for noobie gains and perfect diet and training / time

  • Mark Mackenzie

    Mark Mackenzie

    5 måneder siden

    He didn't gain 50lbs of muscle, he gained 50lbs of weight!

  • Clinton van Zyl
    Clinton van Zyl5 måneder siden

    50lbs of muscle, BULLFUCKINGSHIT!!! Yes he has gained a lot of weight but expecting anyone to believe he packed on 50lbs of muscle in a year is ridiculous, even with MASSIVE amounts of steroids and P E. D's it'd be impossible.

  • Michael Bluth
    Michael Bluth5 måneder siden

    Hate that I am commenting on youtube but it has to be said...90% of his weight is adipose

  • Chino Don
    Chino Don5 måneder siden

    I’ll tell you how he gained it but y’all not gon like it , I mean he may look like the hulk but he still plays like his name is Bryson

  • Cole Stanfield
    Cole Stanfield5 måneder siden

    You guys realize he gained 10-15 lbs of muscle and 40 lbs of fat.

  • Andre Leite da Silva

    Andre Leite da Silva

    3 måneder siden

    I wold say that of the 50 lbs he gained, not more than 20 lbs are muscle mass! The rest if water and fat

  • rbgolfer2013


    4 måneder siden

    He wasn’t going for all muscle. He was going for more mass to create more force.

  • Cosmic Comedy

    Cosmic Comedy

    4 måneder siden

    Whatever percentage of fat or muscle doesn't matter. What matters is that its working.

  • Cole Stanfield

    Cole Stanfield

    5 måneder siden

    @PNW_Golf Look at his before pics.

  • PNW_Golf


    5 måneder siden

    That is absolutely not 10-15 pounds of muscle and 40 of fat, weighing 240 he would look a lot worse than that if it were true

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas5 måneder siden

    That ain’t 50lbs of muscles maybe 10-15lb of muscle at most

  • Alex Ziatek
    Alex Ziatek5 måneder siden

    What a physical specimen 🥴 get Kyle Berkshire in the tour

  • Alex
    Alex5 måneder siden

    50 pounds of muscle... smh

  • elr


    2 måneder siden

    gaining 40 pounds of MUSCLE without steroids is impossible ! ! ! Every athlete knows that. PGA should test but probably won't, its against their interest to find foul play, right?! Second: if one calculates a driving distance to player's weight ratio, Mr. DeChambeau is by far not first. There are plenty of others who can hit it a mile and weigh a lot less !