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Most UFC champions are about 36 or 37-years-old, so if you want to win, you need longevity, and if you want longevity, you need perfect nutrition. Surprisingly, most boxers don't have nutritionists, but that's not the case for world champion boxer Badou Jack, whose nutritionists, George Lockhart and James Lockwood, have designed a strict nutritional regimen for him to follow in the weeks before a fight.
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How Boxer Badou Jack’s Nutritionists Prep His Meals | The Assist | GQ Sports


  • Q
    QDag siden

    Him and Blake was so well conditioned yesterday . This inspiration for upcoming fighters

  • Wil Jet
    Wil Jet5 dager siden

    Who is these guys? I want to follow their social media accounta

  • Joseph Bennion
    Joseph Bennion9 dager siden

    The bald trainer sounds like the bald version of Duncan trussel lol.

  • Courtney Gillespie
    Courtney Gillespie9 dager siden

    What if you don't have the money to be picky?

  • Marco Baek
    Marco Baek11 dager siden

    didnt he come on JRE????

  • don oyster
    don oyster19 dager siden

    George the white dmx nutritionist, wouldn't sound out of place barking lol

  • Ha080
    Ha08021 dag siden

    When you’re Anaerobic your body uses carbs ?? You sure? I thought it was fats. 3:20

  • Sinan Gman
    Sinan GmanMåned siden

    Rocky didn’t need someone to cook for him.

  • Jay Charles
    Jay CharlesMåned siden

    The bald dude talked more about Conor then he did badou jack

  • Boxtime 848
    Boxtime 8482 måneder siden

    "Can we add onion?" 😂😂😂

  • Lazar0
    Lazar02 måneder siden

    Badou Jack has to be one of the dopest names I’ve heard in my life

  • V:B :
    V:B :2 måneder siden

    Wow, I wish I had someone like James by my side 🙏🏻

  • Muhammad Aaqib
    Muhammad Aaqib2 måneder siden

    My diet has no proper timing .

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow2 måneder siden

    Genuinely scares me that I cannot live longer based on my income. Imagine having a dietitian of this calibre providing every single thing you put into your body. One of the first things I’ll invest in if I ever make money

  • 12 Cooper
    12 Cooper2 måneder siden

    I'd go pro with this chef any day, don't care being beaten up with fine meals like these

  • Philip Hahn
    Philip Hahn2 måneder siden

    Hes way off on the ufc champions age, the average age i believe is 32

  • james kitchen
    james kitchen2 måneder siden

    White dmx

  • Jenson Rajkumar
    Jenson Rajkumar2 måneder siden

    Wait a minute! Daniel Cormier has a nutritionist? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Taylor Williams
    Taylor Williams2 måneder siden

    I made that smoothie he made. It does not look the same.

  • WayPoet
    WayPoet2 måneder siden

    Badou Jacks the quiet scary , very unpredictable

  • Jamie Finn
    Jamie Finn2 måneder siden

    2-3L of blood is likely an overstatent.

  • Don Beni
    Don Beni2 måneder siden

    What can’t Johnny sins do.

  • Mubashir Mahi
    Mubashir Mahi3 måneder siden

    You know what else makes you feel young? Praising the lord and staying off the thots. Hallelujah motherfuckers!

  • Matt G
    Matt G3 måneder siden

    Lost 2-3 litres of blood lmao sure Jack

  • Thomas Muller 7-1
    Thomas Muller 7-13 måneder siden

    2-3 liters? No way. You'll die. On average people have like 5-6 liters of blood in their system. Lose half your blood you're done.

  • Lil 21 vert savage Polo vert

    Lil 21 vert savage Polo vert

    19 dager siden

    Think he meant pints or quarts

  • Ost Bert
    Ost Bert3 måneder siden

    These guys are TOP professionals

  • Lazar0
    Lazar03 måneder siden

    I’m not very familiar with this boxer but his name is so fuckin dope

  • B T
    B T4 måneder siden

    Obviously boxers know how to eat right, look at their bodies and how many rounds they fight at with that pace, also boxing has more than four punches lol

  • matija dzajevic
    matija dzajevic4 måneder siden

    You know you can say mma ufc isnt the only promotion company

  • Deepanshu Singh
    Deepanshu Singh4 måneder siden

    Just show the food bro show the food

  • christian ruvalcaba
    christian ruvalcaba4 måneder siden

    4:10 so you burn more fat jogging? I always thought you burn more fat lifting weights

  • alif ibrahim

    alif ibrahim

    4 måneder siden

    If you do steady state cardio, keeping your heart rate around 55-65% of your max (usually around 130), you will burn energy through fat as he said thru the aerobic method. Weight lifting as he says uses carbs as its source, but will also help you gain muscle which will make you look more muscular even if you keep the same weight in fat. But as they say in the video, what nutrients you eat and when matters too :)

  • Max Elfrink
    Max Elfrink4 måneder siden

    This is some next level content

  • A1dox
    A1dox4 måneder siden

    This dude should do a vegan diet

  • 1Th
    1Th4 måneder siden

    Man imagine being his son and getting 5 star food every day. On top of if you box too

  • Sam the Lad
    Sam the Lad4 måneder siden

    The chef seems so articulate, like he's on the ball and knows every exact detail of the food he makes and how it affects the body.

  • P T77
    P T774 måneder siden

    Sounds like DMX

  • Zlyte second
    Zlyte second4 måneder siden

    There is alot more than 4 punches

  • Andrew Docherty
    Andrew Docherty4 måneder siden

    '2-3 litres of blood... a regular person would pass out'... don't care if you aren't a regular person, you're dead if you lose that much buddy.

  • JoJosXKeto -bio
    JoJosXKeto -bio4 måneder siden

    This is like a mother and son relationships.

  • JoJosXKeto -bio

    JoJosXKeto -bio

    4 måneder siden

    @Mister Dead it's really cool though.

  • Mister Dead

    Mister Dead

    4 måneder siden

    Exactly what I was thinking of

  • Aaron
    Aaron4 måneder siden

    How can you eat food prepared by guys with all those tattoos?? Disgusting. It's like being fed Hepatitis C.

  • JonNotJohn
    JonNotJohn4 måneder siden

    George Lockwood looks like if Pete Davidson was bald and jacked

  • Surojit Pal
    Surojit Pal4 måneder siden

    This guy talks like dmx

  • Cika Proka
    Cika Proka4 måneder siden

    He said he lost 2-3 liters of blood, you pass out at 1,5 liters, so he lying.

  • Oscar Maidana
    Oscar Maidana4 måneder siden

    Gervonta Davis just gained 2 pounds watching this video.

  • Jammal Akhtar
    Jammal Akhtar4 måneder siden

    Badu is just a nice dude

  • FootOf Blut
    FootOf Blut5 måneder siden

    Andy Ruiz: the mc Donald’s menu will be fine enough

  • OzzyGoLive


    Måned siden

    Asada fries

  • Hayduh


    4 måneder siden

    Along with some snickers

  • WhiteIsTheWolf
    WhiteIsTheWolf5 måneder siden

    This guy sounding like dmx went nutritionist

  • Loonydudes
    Loonydudes5 måneder siden

    3:40... uhhhh, yes totally understood

  • Andrés Perez
    Andrés Perez5 måneder siden

    Yo a white person who can actually cook???? 👀👀

  • Hayden Davis
    Hayden Davis5 måneder siden

    This makes rice,broccoli, chicken look unhealthy

  • Sumting Wong
    Sumting Wong5 måneder siden

    "I lost 2-3 liters of blood" yeah naah you should check your facts on that buddy 😂

  • Jack Newman
    Jack Newman5 måneder siden

    Keto diet

  • abel cardenas
    abel cardenas5 måneder siden

    thats so true! one time after I made weight, I ate so much that I threw up lol. I still won but I wish I would've known better

  • Mathias Juul Larsen
    Mathias Juul Larsen5 måneder siden

    Didn’t know Johnny sins was a nutritionist

  • BeanDip
    BeanDip5 måneder siden

    George Lockhart sounds and looks like a fit Steve-O.

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez5 måneder siden

    Oatmeal chicken fish and salads thank me later amateurs

  • Daytimerocker
    Daytimerocker6 måneder siden

    whats for lunch and dinner?

  • awr
    awr6 måneder siden


  • Nicholas Gan
    Nicholas Gan6 måneder siden

    If there is a decrease in performance of there is dehydration then is there an effect on the body if there is over hydration ?

  • Turki
    Turki6 måneder siden

    "Most champions in the ufc are 36 37"? this dude doesn't watch the UFC

  • Efrain Gonzalez
    Efrain Gonzalez6 måneder siden

    Yea ufc fighters like to be weight bullies

  • Happy Larry
    Happy Larry6 måneder siden

    that was really interesting

  • AllDetected
    AllDetected6 måneder siden

    Its crazy how percise and to the T everything is when it comes to nutrition at the highest level

  • Drew M
    Drew M6 måneder siden

    I want to do this as a job for real 💯 just applied for the certification

  • PrisonCipher
    PrisonCipher6 måneder siden

    Piprin doesn't do anything to absorb nutrients at all, just don't cook your veggies....your body will do the rest. Also burning carbs and fats, is irrelevant, nothing has changed, its still about creating a caloric deficit. Do your research.

  • Beppe
    Beppe6 måneder siden

    I clicked on this to hear the chef, then in pops George Lockhart, who knows about as much of nutrition as my dog.

  • BLankspace
    BLankspace6 måneder siden

    thought they knew what they were doing until i saw avocado toast

  • Philip James
    Philip James6 måneder siden

    Hey GQ, what do the rest of Badou Jacks meals look like after Breakfast?

  • The Sexxyguru
    The Sexxyguru6 måneder siden

    When he said maca root in that smoothie I new he was a real one ... That gallon of water 💦 is serious for that ph balance and weight loss this a man who is literally living his dream job ..

  • maxi h
    maxi h6 måneder siden

    it looks like christian Bale

  • Jeremiah Guenther
    Jeremiah Guenther6 måneder siden

    I wanna touch his ear

  • Supernova12034
    Supernova120347 måneder siden

    I wanna know who fed B hop and how he ate.

  • Zimroh
    Zimroh7 måneder siden

    This vid is so underatted

  • Event Horizon Productions
    Event Horizon Productions7 måneder siden

    9:54 Eddie Hall. Has Entered. THE CHAT

  • Jared W
    Jared W7 måneder siden

    Explain to me why the Irish man is made to eat potatoes 3 times a day

  • Jerry Wang
    Jerry Wang7 måneder siden

    I want this

  • Neel J
    Neel J7 måneder siden

    Excellent video GQ, A+

  • Hdayy
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  • Walter Smith
    Walter Smith7 måneder siden

    Super educational. Good video GQ. Nice to see professionals explaining their profession. You can see their passion in all parties.

  • Mellenbergi.
    Mellenbergi.7 måneder siden

    whats with the raggeddy pushups lmao? video was very valuable tho

  • Carl Winter
    Carl Winter7 måneder siden

    potential pro fighter "so.... tell me what makes you a good nutritionist.... guy who once cooked egg "ppl weigh more when they has eeten fewds"

  • Yusef Rodgers
    Yusef Rodgers7 måneder siden

    this is dope!

  • Tawfeeq Ismail
    Tawfeeq Ismail7 måneder siden

    Lockhart sounds a lot like TJ Miller.

  • efilism is the answer
    efilism is the answer7 måneder siden

    This so called "nutrionalist" is talking so much bull.. Both of them.

  • Gg Notre
    Gg Notre7 måneder siden

    Badou jack looks just like I’d expect a person named badou jack to look like

  • Jon
    Jon7 måneder siden

    sure sounds expensive :/

  • Franz P
    Franz P7 måneder siden

    Bald tj miller in the haus

  • Adam Salvatore
    Adam Salvatore7 måneder siden

    This guy's better than my Mom! For real, James is the best! I see the passion and commitment. That's awesome, keep being the best!

  • Chuk Anyanwu
    Chuk Anyanwu7 måneder siden

    Jesus Christ this man knows his stuff .

  • adam beaudoin
    adam beaudoin7 måneder siden

    lmao 2-3 litres of blood loss equates to near death if not absolute death. The average human body contains 4-5 litres of blood. Good thing young Jack doesn't claim to be an academic. Keep being an average boxers bud.

  • mxamiss5
    mxamiss57 måneder siden

    How much does that guy weigh

  • Abu khalid
    Abu khalid7 måneder siden

    He lost 2-3litres of blood,i find that hard to belive.Thats literally half his bodys blood.

  • Hurd1199 Gold
    Hurd1199 Gold7 måneder siden

    Still giving CRACK to the black man I see

  • shivam gupta
    shivam gupta7 måneder siden

    Bald T. J. Miller talks so much sense

  • Ravi
    Ravi7 måneder siden

    Mike Dolce calls George Lockhart him Zero Integrity George

  • just sayin
    just sayin7 måneder siden

    Purified water system but drinking out of a plastic jug

  • rohit ashrith
    rohit ashrith7 måneder siden

    Whatever scenice brings in , if you have got no heart of a champ...useless.

  • Jackson Fung
    Jackson Fung7 måneder siden

    George Lockhart looks like the guy that owns the strip club in ozark

  • Flexgado24
    Flexgado248 måneder siden

    This guys stays getting Split decisions and draws smh he won against Pascal and Stevenson

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back8 måneder siden

    Nutrition clearly can't fix Connors 75% fight stamina.